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Small Town
genre: incest
I'm Jeff now 23 builder, married and 2 children. I work with my father and grandfather in their building and home maintenance business. We work in our small town and other places near and far. Being in a small town has a lot of advantages and some disadvantages like your mother is a teacher and teaches you sex education at school. It was really...
wrote on 2018-05-26 | by Jeff
My uncle and I
genre: first times
I am 19 years old and a virgin. my uncle is 42 years old.i always had a thing for him..he was a hot gym trainer but he treated me like a kid and i saw him like a man. one day my uncle came home when my parents were not there. i was horny as fuck. i was touching myself and he entered my room. saw what i was doing. i din want to stop . i want him....
wrote on 2018-05-25 | by ANAMIKA LOVE
Cousin touches me while i sleep
genre: incest
It all started when i was about 11 or 12 and my cousin was about 10. I grew up with only older sisters and all boy cousins. It wasn’t unusual for me to sleep at my cousins house in the summer. But one night while i was sleeping on the couch i woke up to something tickling my little boobs. I got scared and i saw my cousin running back to his...
wrote on 2018-05-25 | by Erica smith
Mother in Law
genre: straight
I'm David 27 married to Linda and we have 2 children and I'm a work at home accountant. I have a home office as we live in a small town and have a large house. So no need for an office. Last year Linda's Mother Grace and Father divorced and she moved in with us. Grace 46 great looking body and face except for the sour look she always has. The ex...
wrote on 2018-05-25 | by David
The Boardroom
genre: straight
She had been walking around the office all day, scurrying from desk to photocopier and back, passing his desk many times. She was just finishing the last task of the day at the copier and almost everyone had already left for the day. The heat had been building up between her and him for awhile. At first it was just saying hello, then stopping...
wrote on 2018-05-24 | by OttawaGuy50s
Perfect Sister
genre: incest
I'm Martin 26 and work in construction, 2 years ago I had an accident at a job site and was laid up for 8 weeks at home after 3 weeks in hospital. As I'm live a long way from most of my family, I had to rely on my only sister Ruth now 29 single plain looking good shape with thick glasses and dresses like the an old librarian. Long sleeves and...
wrote on 2018-05-24 | by Martin
The New Neighbor
genre: straight
I'M Arch 54 widower and I work for the local power company. My wife died 6 years ago of cancer after 3 and a half battle. We have 3 children all grown up and far away, I live in a quite area of our town. Nothing much happens around here, my neighbors retired and moved away to be closer to their grandchildren. After a few weeks a sold sign went...
wrote on 2018-05-23 | by Arch
The Hotel
genre: first times
He had just left the office when his cell phone buzzed. He was expecting a text and there it was. It was from Holly, telling him she had checked in and she was in room 1112. He pulled into the hotel parking lot 10 mins later and he replied: "Parking. Be right up :)". He had a slight nervous feeling in his stomach and little did he know she was...
wrote on 2018-05-22 | by OttawaGuy50s
Feel like a Woman
genre: trans
I was only 6 or 7 when I started dressing up in some of my sisters clothes. I was a small boy named Oliver very thin but tall, my sister was 5 years older than me and had hit puberty and was wearing training bras and nylon knickers. I loved to try them on and looked in the mirror and wished I was really a girl instead of a boy. Fast forward 7...
wrote on 2018-05-21 | by Robby
Great Aunt Beth
genre: incest
I'm David 27 now, a high school drop out. Eight years ago I got in to trouble and my family got me out of it. But there was a condition attached, I had to go and work on Great aunt Beth's farm for 2 years. I hadn't seen Aunt Beth since I was 8 or 9 and she was a very formidable woman and was dreaded by the whole family. Great uncle Bert 70 had...
wrote on 2018-05-21 | by David
Granny be a witch!
genre: incest
Tom MacKlark was a boy, much like many other boys. He grew up in a North Eastern town much like many other towns of the time. He was well liked and the kind of boy that was always quick to lend a hand to a friend or stranger in need, though truth be told, he didn't meet many strangers in the town he grew up in. Tom was the only child...
wrote on 2018-05-20 | by Hunter Gage
The Caribbean - Part Twp
genre: exibitionism
He wandered back to the beach where he met her earlier this morning. It was more crowded now with a thousand cruise ship passengers but thinning as it was late afternoon. He walked along the paved path which was dusted with white sand, looking for a place to park himself for an hour or so. She wandered back to the beach where she met him...
wrote on 2018-05-19 | by OttawaGuy50s
Drop the towel!
genre: exibitionism
In the Washington town that I live was a small forest ( now home to a Costco) that I spent a fair amount of time in, making a couple of day camps then spending time at them often times nude enjoying a beer & chips or a great place to kick back & do my load of meth. For several months I’d been thinking how fun it would be to traverses the...
wrote on 2018-05-19 | by I’ll probably try it again
The Caribbean - Part One
genre: exibitionism
A perfect spring morning, although everyday in the Caribbean was perfect. 72 degrees, sun just coming up over the deserted beach and two miles of vacant sand for her to walk on. Wearing nothing but a flimsy white cover-up, she strolled along the crystal clear water's edge. As she neared the resort area, which would be inhabited by thousands...
wrote on 2018-05-18 | by OttawaGuy50s
So a chick asked me out
genre: cheating
I've been dating 2 of my cousins for a year now without each other knowing. I fuck both of them all the time. But, a girl asked me out today at school. I've been going to university for 3 years now. There's a cute chick that's been eyeballing me for a while. Now, I love fucking my cousins but realistically, I know I have to settle down with...
wrote on 2018-05-18 | by Cousinfuck
Hot sister-in-law
genre: cheating
I was 19 yr old my sister in-law was 28. One day we were alone watching TV she had just come out of the shower.she had on short shorts with no underwear. She sat across from me I could almost see her hot pussy. My cock started to grow I couldn't help myself so I was going to the bathroom to rub one out. As I got up to go she noticed my bulge I...
wrote on 2018-05-17 | by Brolaw
My hot wife
genre: first times
My wife Sarah and I have been married for 12 years with two children and have had a fairly good sexual relationship but after about 10 years our sex life dwindled with no more excitement anymore just about rive minutes wham bam thank you mam type of thing so we talked about ways of bringing sex back into our bedroom. We took to the internet...
wrote on 2018-05-17 | by lastmaninline
I've always wanted to fuck my Mother
genre: incest
Long story short. My father died when I was 7, two years later my mom married John. I didn't like John all that much, but he was good to her and they had 2 more children John jr and Henry together. I went to university and after I finished I moved out on my own and start my own business. I got married had 3 children and after ten years divorced,...
wrote on 2018-05-17 | by Allan
The Wndow
genre: voyeur
It was 11:30 pm. I had just parked in my spot at home at the end of a long day. Walking by the other small garden homes in the row, I happen to catch a glance of my neighbour walking past her window. With it being dark outside on this warm summer night, I guess the flash of blue from her TV screen is what caught my eye. I stopped briefly to...
wrote on 2018-05-17 | by OttawaGuy50s
Cheating again
genre: incest
I have 2 girlfriends now. I've been dating one of my cousins for a long time now. But she caught me fucking my other cousin, Gloria. I told her it'll never happen again. I lied. I've been enjoying both of their bodies for a while now. Carolina has a better ass but Gloria has better boobs. I feel more of a connection with Gloria. Before the...
wrote on 2018-05-17 | by Cousinfuck
The Bus
genre: exibitionism
She loved teasing him. It drives her crazy watching how aroused he gets when she does. Today would be no exception. There was a blues festival in town and they planned on spending the day there. Parking was ridiculous at the height of tourist season so taking the bus was the wise choice. She wore a short skirt and as usual, no panties. She...
wrote on 2018-05-16 | by OttawaGuy50s
The Buzz
genre: exibitionism
They finally arrived. A long flight and a long bus ride but they finally checked in at the resort. 1:00 in the afternoon they wasted no time getting in bathing suits and heading directly to the pool. They found two loungers pretty much in the middle of the vast resort pool. He set up their towels on the chair and finally they had their feet...
wrote on 2018-05-15 | by OttawaGuy50s
Home made Firewater.
genre: incest
I'm Abe 50 average for my age, I distill my own firewater, I've been making it for years and I don't sell it, only give it away sometimes. Mostly I use it for drinking, running an old generator and as rubbing alcohol. I recently went to a family, were I put some in the fruit punch they had for the abstainers. I wanted to see how it would affect...
wrote on 2018-05-15 | by Abe
The Balcony. Two early rises eat out to have some quiet, public and arousing masturbating fun. Turned out they did that, together
genre: masturbation
She woke up early on this beautiful spring morning. It was already warm at 7:00AM as she stepped out onto her mostly private balcony, wearing only her light cotton robe, and carrying her coffee. She sat in her chair and while adjusting her robe she accidentally grazed her breast with the back of her fingers. She looked around cautiously,...
wrote on 2018-05-14 | by OttawaGuy50s
Home Alone
genre: straight
I'm George 23 student, I live at home with my family. Mom, Dad and 2 younger brothers and go to the local University. My Dad is a international banker and travels a lot, my Mom is a socialite. My brothers are 4 and 6 years younger than me and are great at sports unlike me and are away most weekends playing sports. We have a live in maid Maria 48...
wrote on 2018-05-14 | by George
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