Breeding my Neigbor

Written by , on 2024-05-13, genre straight

I'm now 42 divorced 5 years ago and my 3 children live with their (career first) mother. No alimony paid at her request, but some children support paid. Not high on my children's favorite list if at all, so it's very rare for me to hear from them, 3 times in 5 years. So, as I live in the next state, I live my own lifestyle as I want. I live in an apartment building, kept to myself mostly for the first year. Then started to mingle with the others and started dating. I met my upstairs neighbor 38 (than) another career first woman like my ex-wife. I'm also career first minded, so it's not a complaint when I say career first. But my neighbor had really put her career first, finally realizing her bio-clock was ticking. But not wanting to marry and start a family, she just wanted a child of her own. That's how I got on her radar, she knew I wasn't interested in marrying again and wouldn't want to get involved with the raising of her child. So, she simply asked me about getting her pregnant and I accepted. We still sleep together every now and then but live our own lives dating whoever we want if we want. Friends is the closest label for our relationship status we could use. No romance relationship involved, but we do have daughter together just turn 1 last week. No support or alimony wanted, and I've looked after my daughter several times. But otherwise, I'm free and clear to do whatever I want.

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