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The Fetish in ethnology is defined as a form of religiosity that involves the worship of fetishes believed to possess magical powers or even sacred. In the field of sexual fetishism is worship, with the same intensity, the partner or a part of it. Often fetishism regard the feet or hands, but every part of the body is potentially a subject possible for a fetishist.

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The Big Belly of Cassie [First Month]
Cain was lying on the couch with Cassie, slowly stroking the flatness of his pretty wife's stomach. Just yesterday, they had happily found out from her doctor she was miraculously blessed with triplets. They had been only married for a year and had finally decided to conceive. It was ironic in the fact that they had both wanted exactly three...
wrote on 2018-11-09 | by Blake McKenzie
Home Alone... Part 12
OMG! Susan and Kylie are guiding Miley from the room, as I sit here stunned. I have now been caught spanking it once again by what seems to be a teen aged dominatrix in training and both of my daughters! The aforementioned "Talk" cannot possibly end well for me. I find myself debating if I should intervene but what exactly can I offer up as...
wrote on 2018-09-25 | by RdDog
Home Alone... Part 12
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wrote on 2018-09-24 | by RdDogs
Convertible sex
Me and Anita took the convertible out last night for a cruise first time in a few years since the car has been on the road we take great care of it a 1966 Chevelle light metalic blue with white interior and white convertible top only has 53,000 original miles on it. Any how Anita and I had been getting it ready to go out on the road for a week...
wrote on 2018-08-03 | by here2meet
Pantyhose ,panties and mommy's high heels
My mom enjoyed cleaverly leaving her wet satin and lace panties, her real silk stockings and sometimes her all sheer pantyhose where they were easily found by her horny son who developed a incredible fetish for those erogenous items. My sister too left hers in the bath.My God!"The first scent of wet pussy was incredibly habit forming.I hoarded a...
wrote on 2018-07-03 | by Kim Cummings
Sister and her 2 friends feet
When i was 14 my sister had her 2 best friends sleep over. They kept bugging me all night. Then i got a text asking to come to my sisters room i opened the door and the 3 of them grabed me they were all wearing knee socks with boots. They held me down and made me smell their boots and socks one by one they turned their socks inside out and...
wrote on 2018-06-09 | by foot slave
Doctor's panty man
I'll not go in to how I developed a panty fetish. I'll just describe the pleasure I derived from it. My wife introduced me to my fetish. She would buy me the same kind of panties as she wore which was Vanity Fair. This was back in the early sixty's when they were still being made in the U.S. The nylon fabric was very sheer. So much so...
wrote on 2018-06-04 | by Shoemaker
Road Trip
Another workday traveling. Another boring anonymous hotel... though this one is a small improvement from the usual dumps where my company books me. It even has a bar! I figure I've earned a glass of wine and I head on down. I'm still wearing my work clothes - a blue dress, sensible heels, stockings. I sit down near the end of the bar, and there...
wrote on 2018-04-05 | by tracypanties
My house mate found out I have a foot fetish(fanasy)
So I live in a house me and my sister are renting with other people living here. there is this one girl that has the most beautiful feet. lets just call her sarah. whenever she goes barefoot around the house I cant help but to take a few glances I even snuck a video once. this is where my fantasy begins. It was me and sarah home alone I was...
wrote on 2018-03-15 | by thetaboohero
I'm that sort of girl
I turned over in bed and pulled the pillow down from under my head and thrust it hard into my crotch, crossed my thighs and humped it, feeling its rougher edges, where the sewing was, rubbing where my clitoris was and with each movement until I experienced that very nice feeling. My parent's divorce just before my eighth birthday, was,...
wrote on 2018-03-08 | by Fridagirl
The Slut Wife pt 1
My name is Ginni, I am a 49 yr old Married mother of 3 children, and I have a dirty secret, I am a Cheating Slut Wife. My husband of 20 + yrs has no idea. I was always naughty, from a young age i loved doing things with boys and girls,I was always sucking, fucking, fingering, licking. Anything, I can not say no, which leads me to my story. At...
wrote on 2018-02-08 | by Ginnibred
Yoga On Me: A lesson to remember
It was Saturday morning and I couldn’t wait to hit the yoga mat to work out all of my sexual tension. Usually, Jaden would be off from work on Fridays to fulfill my needs. He would fuck me real good the night before and when morning arrived I felt relaxed to tape my yoga lesson. Sometimes I would even do a live stream show to upload for a...
wrote on 2017-12-27 | by rodrampage86
Nipple obsession
I am a petite brunette 20 year old girl with a huge nipple play domination fetish, so I paid two guys from the internet to 'break' into my house and 'force' me to have a nipple orgasm. As per my instructions, they tied my arms tightly behind my back, cut holes in my vest to expose my nipples, took me in front of my mirror and started to pinch...
wrote on 2017-11-21 | by Fay
Complex kink
I dated my wife four years before we married. In all that time I never had a hint that she had a kinky side. I may never have discovered it not for what happened one day. What happened was I had gone over to a friend's house to help him on four wheel drive truck. I had called home to tell my wife where I was and that I'd be home around seven...
wrote on 2017-11-19 | by woreout
BBC Rave
Let me tell you a story about what I experienced at a rave in San Diego called LED USA. I was wearing a very skimpy outfit that day, dresses with bunny ears and a bunny tail, with a lacy black bra and tight ass-hugging underwear which exposed my butt for everyone to see. I was rolling HARD that day so I loved the feeling of being touched and...
wrote on 2017-11-04 | by evalynn
A night out with Monica
I stepped out of the station with my colleague Monica. The tagline under the town's name read: the birthplace of the industrial revolution. I felt like I was walking into a history lesson. Monica glanced at her smartphone then pointed down a desolate high street. It's fair to say I never like working away, especially in towns like this....
wrote on 2017-09-06 | by maxwellspanx
A slave fantasy
Here is a fantasy i wrote years ago. It's further than i've ever gone but fantasy is often a signpost to where this slave might go if the right Master were to come along... a slave fantasy by grovelslave my past has been wiped out and there is only the present. The future is something i never think about - it is enough that i am alive in the...
wrote on 2017-09-06 | by grovelslave
The new law
Good morning, this is Ken Hagan reporting. As of midnight prop 403b went in to affect. For those of you who don't know about this law we have with us today, Mr Eric Goodman. Thank you Mr Goodman for coming Please call me Eric Well Eric let's start from the beginning. What is this law and, how will it affect female's rights It will eliminate...
wrote on 2017-08-31 | by Billy No
A broken man
"Hello," a woman's voice, "Hypnotherapy Associates. This is Doctor Brown. Can I Help You?" "Yes. Hi. My Name is Amanda. I, uh, was told that you could maybe help me..." "Oh, yes! Terri's friend, right?" "Uh, yeah." "She filled me in just a little. She said you were having some intimacy issues with your boyfriend." "Well, sort of..." "Why...
wrote on 2017-06-24 | by damilklover
All dirty payments accepted here
I would say a little known fact about me is I would accept sexual favors for almost any personal payment a woman owes me. For that matter I would take another man's woman as payment for anything he might owe. Socially this obviously isn't a common way of doing business so only a few times in my life have I received reimbursement for my work this...
wrote on 2017-06-18 | by BtownMan
The joy of Windsurfing
I’ve always enjoyed wearing wetsuits. Always black and always slightly too tight, but the thought of combining my private fetish with an actual sexual encounter was just one fantasy too far. Until, that is, I met Susan and Paul. Both tall and very fit, I had met them windsurfing on our local lake. Their skill on the water was obvious to all....
wrote on 2017-06-06 | by latexi
Kinky KIKi Avocado
I was always thinking but in a fruitful lip way.I was going to work I passed so many fruits stands My heels got squashed on someone's fruit dropped near my ankles the smells were so cumming at me that was my fetish. Quite a piece this doesn’t come along every day ”He was tapped into her forever mores or heretofore reservoirs of passion.The...
wrote on 2017-05-28 | by RobinRareGem
She stood next to the window
She stood next to the window with a glass of white wine in her hand, lost in her thoughts. David came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her small waist. She smiled. “Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked in her ear. Tina nodded, and she was about to take one more sip of wine but David gently stopped her. “I don’t want...
wrote on 2017-05-14 | by GypsumRed
My new neighbor
This is a fantasy of mine, The old man next door has woman come care for him as a live in nurse.Hoping something similar will happen in near future.Every morning we sit on porch drinking our coffee and talking.One morning I walk over and my chair is missing. She says sorry it broke. So I stood and there leaning against the porch in front of her...
wrote on 2017-05-10 | by pusselycker
Car pick up leads to sex
I knew the blonde outside the supermarket by sight as she lived in our road and we exchanged greetings. She was queuing for the taxi at our supermarket. Three big bags were by her. I caught her eye. "Lift?" "Great. Thanks". "Dump your stuff on the back seat", I said getting in to the front. She did and threw in her coat too , opened the door,...
wrote on 2017-04-16 | by DirkDastardly
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