The marine studes

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I just love the common toilet and bath of the place I stay in this southern city.
The urinals have no separators that I've seen lots of dicks during my stays from locals to foreigners.
The toilet/bath even though with wall wall separators have almost 6 inches gap from the floor so that one can easily see the reflection of another bather esp when the lighting is good.
This alone makes me want to bathe all day.
It was such my lucky day that during my stay it coincided with the field trip of marine students that I had a field day of transferring from one stall to another looking at the reflections they made.
- One stude got up early morning, around 430am, to take a bath earlier than others so that he'll not line up for their call time is around 6am. Of course, I took the stall next to him and without surprise, he jacked off. I got horny watching him.
- One stude was taking a bath when i entered the stall next to him. Knowing that he also can see my reflection, I started jacking off. Then all of a sudden he also jacked off. i waited for him to come out, but not that obvious. He was short, stocky, but very macho.
- While the stude above was doing his thing, he was conversing with his classmate in another stall. When the coast was clear, I transferred to the stall next to his and saw him underneath. He was not jacking off but he got the biggest dick among those I've seen. (I think I saw around 25 dicks based on the reflection. A FEAST)
- one time it was obvious the my next stall neighbor saw me jacking off that he called out to his friend to share what he discovered. That made me hornier. He was another macho stude but interested in seeing these things
- At times, they had to share on stall due to time, so both of them watch me giving a show which makes me horneir and more inspired to give a better show.

But here' the finale. one stude was among the last to take a bath. so no one was aorund the toiler area. he chose the last stall, naturally i chose the 2nd to the last even though there were at least 3-4 stalls to choose from. So I took off my clothes and started my show watching his reflection.

But it seemed he had problems with the showerheads that he sort of asked for help. But i was the only one around. He opened the door and I opened mine asking what's the problem. he said something about the shower so I went out of my stall and went to his to check - with me naked holding my clothes but still exposing my wet naked body to him.

I told him to exchange stalls with mine - his eyes still glued to my naked body, which I gave my dick a shake. he closed the door and iwent to the next stall hoping he'd be seeing me underneath. But he opened again, I also opened mine, he went out saying something. I also met him still naked.

But it was cut short when the cleaning person arrived to which I ducked into the nearby toilet for cover.

As I was also late for my appointment i decided to stop that conquest but that scene is what my jacking off sessions are made of.

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