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My Past
genre: straight
I'm Harry 33 just married in march to Susan 31 and expecting our first child in September. We were to marry earlier but Susan mother Corine 51 had a car accident and took two months to recover and Susan and me postponed the wedding 4 months to allow her time to fully recovered. Also to allow other family members from both side to attend due to...
wrote on 2019-05-26 | by Harry
Home alone
genre: zoophilia
"I know bud." Anna said in a soft tone patting Arthur her large bull mastiff as the thunder crashed down outside. "How about we go climb in bed and watch us a good scary movie." Anna smiled at the dog as he looked up at her with pleading eyes. Arthur set in the door way as watching Anna as she undressed with a curious look. "Why you looking...
wrote on 2019-05-26 | by Janice Joe
Aunt Irma
genre: incest
I was raised by my mother Victoria now 53 alone,as my father cleared out at the new she was pregnant. I've only met him once when I was 14 and he wasn't any good then either. I now 26 single still living with Victoria and even sleeping with her sometimes. We're a very close family, early last month aunt Irma 49 turned up to stay with us. Irma...
wrote on 2019-05-26 | by Harry
My wife finds her colleague sexy Pt 3
genre: bisexual
Since my last story my wife and I have enjoyed Adams company a few times. I love coming home from work and seeing his shoes on the mat at the front door. This happened pretty much once a week on any random day. I would come home from work and just seeing his shoes at the door would make my cock swell up. I knew that he was upstairs having his...
wrote on 2019-05-25 | by Destroyherforme
The Big House - part 1
genre: zoophilia
My name is Pam 35 and recently divorced. He pissed off with a 17 year old. We had a active sex life, nothing too racy, oral and intercourse. Sometimes a bit of anal play but just a finger or tongue. I wanted to go further but Jeff was far too prudish to even think about it. The house I live in is far too large for me alone so I decided to...
wrote on 2019-05-25 | by GaynorBlue
genre: zoophilia
Early last year I Jean 64 retired to a house on the edge of a small town. It was away from most houses there and in a peaceful area. I had worked in the city most of my life and having divorced 5 years ago and all my children grown up with families of their own. I was only an hour away from them and when they come to visit I had 3 spare bedrooms...
wrote on 2019-05-25 | by Jean
The Farm
genre: zoophilia
I'm Rachel 47 divorced, back in August last year. I went to farm sit, it's like house sitting just on a farm. No large animals, but a few chickens and ducks. Also a dog called Brutus a bull Mastiff. The owners were going away for a vacation and were going to be gone 2 months. I was to feed the chickens, ducks and Brutus and keep an eye on the...
wrote on 2019-05-25 | by Rachel
genre: incest
My Grandmother Samantha then 59 and a widow lived alone. I was 18 at the time and was single horny skinny and a bit of a nerd. My parents were going on trip aboard and I was to with Samantha. She was always happy to see me, as I was her only grandchild. She only had 1 child my mother Robyn. Robyn had me and due to problem in my birth couldn't...
wrote on 2019-05-24 | by Richard
genre: incest
I remember going camping with my parents as far back as I can remember. But when I was 15 my father died in a light plane crash, it was his passion flying. I'm a only child and my mother Barbara now 39 was left to raise me alone. I'm Alan 21 single and live with Barbara were left fairly well off, but didn't go camping for a few years. Last year...
wrote on 2019-05-24 | by Alan
Backseat Business
genre: straight
A road trip was due for a very long time now. We decided upon a day we’d set out after the arrival of my younger brother from his boarding school two months later. Although everything was fine, my dad was concerned about one thing; our tenant who lived with us. After rejecting a dozen, we finally found one decent one. Samar – he was the...
wrote on 2019-05-23 | by Komorebi
I seduced my Mother
genre: incest
I'm Gary 21 single and live with my mother Cathy 39 divorced and my sister Fiona 19. Fiona and me were always mucking around and dare each to do things. I had been fucking her since she was 17 and it started because of one our dares. But we like fucking each other and kept it up. Last year during Easter after having sex, Fiona asked me I would...
wrote on 2019-05-23 | by Gary
My Neighbor
genre: straight
I'm John 32 single, late last year I moved to a house on a large block of land ( almost 2 acres) on the fringe of the city. Only a few house in the area, as most of the land is used for warehousing and industrial buildings. So my closest neighbor is a woman Maureen 59 who lives alone and with large thick hedges all around her boundary. I have a...
wrote on 2019-05-23 | by John
My Sister Jane
genre: incest
I'm Max 29 own and run a roadside Gas Station, I start work there straight after leaving school at 15. Then when I was 26 the gas station owner died and his wife Ruth sold it to me and went to live with her sister. I had saved my money and only had to Ruth a small amount still out standing and had it all off by the time I was 27. I'm not a...
wrote on 2019-05-23 | by Max
The Debt
genre: incest
Long story short, I'm Mary 43 now divorced and have I child Richard 21 who works and lives interstate. My left after the divorce and I don't know or care where he. I was working at a bakery and the owner decided to sell up and retire. As I did almost all the baking I thought I could buy it, but didn't the money or a credit rating to get a loan....
wrote on 2019-05-22 | by Mary
My College Advisor
genre: fetish
“You know what?” Jenny said to me, “This is our last session!” “Really?” I said, in surprise. I had no idea. “Yeah, I know. I’m surprised too,” Jenny confirmed. “Three years goes by fast, doesn’t it?” It was true. This was it. Nearly every Friday morning for the past three years we had met in this small office of hers,...
wrote on 2019-05-22 | by HappeningToMe
The need to fuck my sister
genre: incest
After a few years of fucking my cousins, I really got into incest and started to focus on my sister who's 6 yrs older than me.  I was 15 years old and began my plan on how to fuck her. I started by leaving my bedroom door open just enough to see in. I'd get naked on my bed and start to jerk off . She would walk by and catch me working on my...
wrote on 2019-05-22 | by Tony G75
New Life
genre: zoophilia
I'm Marie 56 widow, for most of the last ten years I've was caring for my late Gordon and in late 2017 he past away. I decided to move out of the city to a small town, as there was to many memories of Gordon in the city. I bought a cottage on a two acre block and while it was renovated I visited family and return when was finished. I started to...
wrote on 2019-05-21 | by Marie
Beaver Babe
genre: lesbian
I was watching a really sexy movie with my girlfriend and starting to get wet down there. She must have noticed because she moved closer and held my hand. I always like the feel of her hands and the taste of her lips. My pussy was pulsing and she was getting fidgety herself, so I slid my hand up her leg. That was all the encouragement she needed...
wrote on 2019-05-21 | by Virginia
Petal -My Adventure part 1
genre: lesbian
My name is Daisy but my friends call me Petal for reasons that will become apparent later. Ever since I was young I have always been interested in motorcycles and dreamed of owning one and travelling around the US going to small towns. I hate big cities and all the noise and pollution. Why does everything have to be fast like yesterday? I am...
wrote on 2019-05-21 | by GaynorBlue
Please Don't Judge Me. I Just Can't Control Myself Around This Woman. Part 1.
genre: lesbian
I am 53year old skinny short 5ft3 tall wrinkled face thin lips green eyes grayhaired soft butch single lesbian woman. People call me ugly alot of the times, and also make jokes about my looks. Ever since I was *younger* people always call me names. I think I'm ugly and you can tell me I'm beautiful but I won't believe it. There are so many odds...
wrote on 2019-05-21 | by Gretchen 1966
Anything for Money
genre: incest
I'm Darren 34 single, only child of Ken (passed on) and Mary 70 and was 35 when she got pregnant with me. My parents were both well off when they met and done even better after they married. Mary told me that she wanted me to marry and settle down and to that end, she had a clause in her will that if I wasn't in a relationship with children or...
wrote on 2019-05-21 | by Darren
A day at the barh house
genre: gay
I woke up a bit hungover and very horny. The night before i met up wuth a T Girl friend and had a great time. She has a 9" cock and irs thick. I love sucking on it and taking her load. After some breakfast i decided to have a few "eye openers" ay a local bar and head over to the bath house. By rhe time i got to the bath house i was feeling...
wrote on 2019-05-20 | by Reddog
Big brother
genre: incest
I am writimg this sorry from memories of my younger childhood years, my older brother at the time was a junior in hight school and I was in eight grade. I am a very sound sleeper so I had no idea what has been happening to me up until I would say half way through my 8th school year. I would wake in the mornings and noticed that my panties where...
wrote on 2019-05-20 | by Sharon.9
genre: incest
My sister Isabel 21 is a hoarder of barbie dolls, she claims its a collection. But she has over a thousand of them. Recently a rare doll first release doll came up for sale, it was way out of her price range. She wanted it so bad, but there was no way she could get it. That were I came in I'm the oldest of 5 and Isabel is the youngest, I've made...
wrote on 2019-05-20 | by Harry
Best Friends Dog
genre: zoophilia
I promised to take care of my best friends dog Mikey, while she was away on a study course. Mikey is a large mixed breed dog and is very friendly. He was to stay with me for 4 weeks and as I had a 3 bedroom house with a big yard and a strong fence, I was sure he wouldn't be any trouble. Mikey was use to sleeping inside at night and I didn't see...
wrote on 2019-05-20 | by Jessie

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