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Brother love's wearing pantyhose and wants sis to
genre: incest
When my sister was drunk telling me she would do anything for me and I mean anything no matter what you want I will do it and said it like 8 times so let's dress up in pantyhose and short skirts and sheer tops and heels and go to the crossdressing bar get drunk dance flirt and have fun and go to the adult bookstore and see you suck a cock and...
wrote on 2021-05-18 | by Crystal
Sexual Work Environment
genre: threesome
'What the hell, Sarah? Why do you just come walking into the office making out with your wife, Becky? You know I work here, right?' I thought, shooting them a dirty look. Neither of them even acknowledged me and went into Sarah's office a minute later. I sighed and tried to get my work done. "I swear every time I see them just going at it like...
wrote on 2021-05-17 | by kornslayer1
I saw his Penis!
genre: gay
I was just going in to the bathroom at the restaurant I had lunch at last week. As I walked in the young guy at the urinal turned sideways and he had a 10-12" fat dick and he was not hard. He said oh sorry I thought you were someone else. I said that's ok nice dick. He laughed and said t y. I bet the women love it. He said not to much but the...
wrote on 2021-05-17 | by Curious Man
She licked my dick in the middle of the night part 4
genre: incest
This happened about 3 years after the first time she played with my dick. We had went to bed right after our shower. We were asleep and I woke up around 3 in the morning to use the bathroom. The daughter walked in to the bathroom, I am just finishing peeing as she walked in with nothing on. As I finish she grabbed my dick and she started to suck...
wrote on 2021-05-17 | by Curious Man
Giving my aunt a baby
genre: straight
Long story short, 2years ago my uncle Scott died in a car accident and aunt Natasha 37 was left by herself. No Children and Natasha and Scott had been trying to have children and hadn't been lucky. Scott was my mother's only brother and she was also really upset over the death of Scott. Natasha and Wendy (my mom) kept really close after the...
wrote on 2021-05-17 | by Andrew J
Wife Hypnotricks the Twins
genre: voyeur
The twins were very polite young men. Toby and Oliver had just turned eighteen and had been doing our lawns for the last 3 years. My wife Cherry thought that they were angels and often commented on how well mannered they were. They were not identical, Toby had dark hair and was the more dominant of the two while Ollie had fair hair and pale skin...
wrote on 2021-05-17 | by Barefoot92
2133 The Cage
genre: zoophilia
The year is 2133 and it was three generations since the virus had changed the lives of the human race forever. The virus started in our domesticated animals and the havoc spread very quickly. Peoples family pet dogs were turned into savage beasts that mauled and devoured every other species. They had mutated into massive creatures and over the...
wrote on 2021-05-17 | by Barefoot92
I love my son's penis
genre: incest
My ex husband left me for a co worker and I became a little depressed. Then I walked in on my 20 year old son masturbating. David has always been shy around people and kept to himself. It was a shock seeing him cock in hand, but it soon passed as I registered the size of his penis. It was 11 inches long and a good 3 inches across, I couldn't...
wrote on 2021-05-16 | by Anne
Sherry and Earl pt 1
genre: zoophilia
Sherry and Earl pt 1 It was a warm, sunny afternoon that Saturday. My then girlfriend Sherry and I were going out to a friend’s place in the country. He was out of town and I was keeping an eye on the place. He also had a horse, and...
wrote on 2021-05-15 | by polarisgod
Getting stood up
genre: cheating
I need this night out, and I really need a drink Kelly was in a bad mood before she even got to the bar. Trying to wrangle her kids and get them sorted before she went out was hard enough. Then her husband had been a complete ass about it, making himself out to be a martyr for looking after them for a few hours. Kelly was having none of it and...
wrote on 2021-05-14 | by Daniel Donohoe
I lost my best friends because 3some .
genre: group sex
It’s really bad Experian and that really made me sad , that because I did 3some with a great couple. Long time ago I had 3some with a great couple 3 times ( husband & wife) but I think I went so far . And for reason they’re started fight each other because the husband getting more jealous and the problems started coming up till they get...
wrote on 2021-05-14 | by Leon
A Helping Hand
genre: romantic
“You’re too stressed,” my friend said. There was no surprise there. It was finals week, and I hadn’t even begun one of my papers. I rolled my eyes. I tried to keep conversations to a bare minimum when I was stressed out. Not that I was going to do work with all the extra time. I was going to procrastinate. I was going to freak out and...
wrote on 2021-05-14 | by Trish Maine
She licked my dick in the middle of the night part3
genre: incest
The weekend is finally here. I'm sleeping in and my wife is next to me and we are dozing in and out of sleep. I can feel movement on the bed and it sounds like dick sucking but no lips are on my dick. Now I hear my wife say I want some of it. So now I am waking up. The kid has the neighbor guy in bed with us and she said just let mom suck it and...
wrote on 2021-05-13 | by Curious Man
Caught by Lockdown
genre: incest
I'm Kevin 25 single and due to the lockdown I was caught away from home. I went to my aunt Paula's farm to help out after the death of uncle Keith early last year. Keith was older than Paula and had stroke and died. Paula 39 was left with the farm and only her daughter Emma 20 to help her. My mother Karen asked me could I go and help her younger...
wrote on 2021-05-13 | by Kevin H
She licked my dick in the middle of the night part 2
genre: incest
A week after she woke me up sucking my dick, I was in bed as usual and again I was in a sound sleep and I felt like I was in a mouth again. Then I thought I had a pussy rubbing my lips. I was lying there and enjoying the slick lips rubbing my lips. Then I started to wake up and I stuck my tongue out and that pussy lips was now sliding up and...
wrote on 2021-05-12 | by Curious Man
The Promotion
genre: swingers
"And the prize goes to Sam Clouston, congrats," the boss said, walking to him. "Sam, you're now the new manager of state sales," he said, shaking his hand too. "Thank you, Mr. Lanon," Sam added. I crossed my arms and scoffed. "And what did Sam do to deserve that promotion? I know I worked my ass off this year; I'm not seeing the boss give me...
wrote on 2021-05-11 | by kornslayer1
My wife cheats again
genre: cheating
So we went to pick up our RV rental for a week away. Adrian, the renter met us and had us go through the rules and all that stuff. A Latino in his 50’s, he took a special interest in my wife; white, 35, short with big tits. She flirted with him too. Very obvious. So we come back home and she insist on dropping the RV off herself. And I knew...
wrote on 2021-05-11 | by Jude2020
Grandma's Lessons
genre: incest
Long story short, I Jeff 20 and live with my parents 2 siblings and grandma on our farm. I've always been shy around strangers and when my parents went away for a week with my 2 younger siblings. I was left to take care of the farm and grandma Rachel 59 would cook the meals. I wasn't a good student and left school at 15 and worked full time on...
wrote on 2021-05-11 | by Jeff B
Sperm special
genre: gay
I had a chance to play with several men at one time. So I went in and I stripped nakid. I told the guys to strip as they walked in all were standing in line. I was sucking 3 dicks and I told them they needed to cum fast. And they did! On my face in my mouth on my head all over. Then one guy came on my dick. Then another guy squirted on my dick...
wrote on 2021-05-10 | by Curious Man
She licked my dick in the middle of the night.
genre: incest
When I was way younger my step daughter was young. My wife and I always slept nude. One light it was hot and we had been in bed and I was just starting to sleep deep. I thought I had my dick in A mouth after a little bit of tongue on my head I thought I would hold on to the head on my dick. After a while of stroking the hair I grabbed her head...
wrote on 2021-05-10 | by Curious Man
Forced to swallow
genre: first times
I went to a friend's place and he was telling me about the new things he was doing. I thought I needed to see him in action. So we went to the basement and he had chairs beds recliners and I sat in a chair and he asked if I was comfortable yes I am then he went to the back of the chair as he was talking about what he can do with it. Then I felt...
wrote on 2021-05-10 | by Curious Man
The Granny next door.
genre: zoophilia
I live in a quiet neighborhood and nothing much happens at all. A month ago I was hurt at training and was had to stay home to recover. Usually there is no one home at our place during the day even on weekends. I sat quietly looking out at neighborhood, I could see the street and out a side window I could see into our neighbors home. Grace 60...
wrote on 2021-05-10 | by Gordon G
My Ex Schoolteacher
genre: straight
I left school at 15 and started working for my uncle's plumbing business. By the time I was 21 I was a plumber and had purchased my own house. Nothing flash a run down 3 bedroom Ranch style, I started doing it up and built on an extra bathroom next to the master bedroom. My uncle Matt had helped with at cost building materials and once finished...
wrote on 2021-05-10 | by Bert M
Mothers day gift
genre: incest
My son gave me the best Mother's day gift today I have ever had. He seduced me and bang me like a screen door in a tornado. The little shit started it last night and sent me to bed all hot and bothered. I masturbated three times before I finally fell asleep and when I woke this morning I was still horny. Jason started off with breakfast...
wrote on 2021-05-10 | by Kendra
Rockstar Rapunzels Pt. 1
genre: fetish
As you might know from my last series I have a fetish for long, thick, silky hair. I have recently met some female friends who all have hair just like that. Their names are Christina, Melissa, Patricia, Dakota and Stephany. They have long hair that is all more than 5 ft long, 6 inches thick, super soft and silky and straight but a different...
wrote on 2021-05-10 | by mhzbaby

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