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Fuck on our private island
genre: incest
we were one of the wealthy family in India my dad brought a small island where we use to go for vacation ,after dad passed away I and mom took over everything we were the big boss at age 23, it was only me mom and my sister 3 yrs younger than me and we were having sex me and sis since 5 yrs mom knew she try to stop us but nothing could...
wrote on 2020-01-19 | by Marc
Married my widow aunt
genre: incest
Mom and dad died in a car accident since i was 10 and grandma my mom mother took care of me when i turn 16 one day grandma call me in her room throw my porn magazine on the bed ask me what was that i was scared looking at the floor without an answer ,she came to me hug me then ask if i want to see the real thing it not as young one on the...
wrote on 2020-01-19 | by Marc
Terry's secret
genre: trans
I grinned to myself as I read the message. "I WANT SOME CHUBBY MATURE ASS." It read. I looked around for my husband. He was no where in sight. So I headed up to my room locking the door as I entered. I went to the closet and dug into my secret hidy hole retrieving my favorite butt plug and some other needed necessities. After I made sure I...
wrote on 2020-01-19 | by Helan
How i met Shyryn
genre: incest
Hi my name is joe.i am 30yrs old.not married and didnt have a gf at that time.i was working at a resort.and one time i went to an island and thats when i 1st saw Shyryn.she was divorced but had a 14yr old daughter named Maya.Shyryn was 40yrs old.she had a fantastic body.with big boobs and a big butt.Maya was also curvy for a 14yr old.but her...
wrote on 2020-01-19 | by Iyaaa
Halloween party with mom
genre: incest
Mom and her best friend Andrea was in the living room having a chat about aunt Andrea Halloween party , once i was home mo run to me hug me tight then let go of me take my hand walk me to the couch make me sat between them fuck Andrea has a nice big ass i would like to shove my 9 half inch fat as a can of beer dick in it .So Andrea told me about...
wrote on 2020-01-19 | by Marc
Finding joy
genre: cheating
"That's it slut. Look me in the eye when suck my cock." Kyle said in a demanding voice as I looked up at him with pleading eyes from my hands and knees and I worked my mouth up and down his rigid shaft. I couldn't believe what a slut I had become over the last six months. I went from Suzy fucking home maker. To I'll done anything you want...
wrote on 2020-01-18 | by Jamie
Wife big dick whore
genre: cheating
I'm married to Jessica 24 yrs old short and chubby blond hair blue eyes she was a copy of Cameron Diaz i am 26 yrs old with a 8 half fat dick which she like a lot we known each other for a long time ,she like to take it in both holes we been having sex since a young age .After we got married we travel a lot for our holidays ,one day she came to...
wrote on 2020-01-18 | by Marc
genre: zoophilia
This is the story of me and my golden retriever goldie. Goldie was my first dog and the dog that made me go from loving human woman to loving male dogs. I was a normal guy who loved woman but when goldie turn three something that I now view as special happened. It was late one evening and I was lying on my bed after a brake up wondering why I...
wrote on 2020-01-17 | by Golden stud
Bitchy Sister gets blackmailed
genre: incest
This is a story about how i blackmailed and used my bitchy big sister as a sex slave.i am Negan.17yrs old skinny but had a 7 inch cock.i live with my parents and my bitchy big sister Rosita.22yrs old.curvy body with big boobs and a big round ass.i never liked her cuz she always makes me bad infront of our parents and get me in trouble.i was...
wrote on 2020-01-17 | by Iyaaa
My busty mother in law
genre: incest
My name is Kevin.i am 20yrs old.i married 19yr old Rose just a year ago.she was the best wife a man can get.she never gave me a chance to even think about any other woman.she was a very fine woman.she was tall.athletic body with 34c tits and a fine ass.she was so good in bed.everything was going just fine until my mother inlaw came to stay with...
wrote on 2020-01-16 | by Iyaaa
From dog to boyfriend
genre: zoophilia
I know this is strange and sick but this is a story of how I found love not only with the opposite sex but with another species. It all started when I was looking after my friends chihuahua when she was away on work. The chihuahua was called buddy and well to be blunt over the space of two years he went from being a “buddy” to being the one...
wrote on 2020-01-16 | by Doggie
How a dog became my boyfriend
genre: zoophilia
Work of fiction I know this is strange and sick but this is a story of how I found love not only with the opposite sex but with another species. It all started when I was looking after my friends chihuahua when she was away on work. The chihuahua was called buddy and well to be blunt over the space of two years he went from being a “buddy”...
wrote on 2020-01-16 | by Cjeebs
Teenage muscle girl having a bad day
genre: fetish
As 18 yr old Rohini walked through the lunch room of Nari Shishu Vidyarthi college, she felt her stomach rumble fiercely. She felt mice running in her stomach as she saw the other children eating delicious snacks that their mothers ha dpacke dor them: jalebis, fun sized snickers, caramel custards, samose, chicken wings. Her mouth was watering as...
wrote on 2020-01-16 | by Candu69
I have been sleeping with my daughter
genre: incest
A quick back story before we begin, I was an idiot when I was younger and in high school before even graduating I got a girl pregnant. Long story short, my parents forced me to move away so I wouldn't "fuck up my life". I lost all contact with the girl and my child before the child was even born so I had no idea if it was a boy or a girl. Now...
wrote on 2020-01-15 | by AshleysFather
My busty cousin
genre: incest
This is a story about how i got to fuck my hot busty cousin.I am dave.25yrs old.i was always so in love or should i say in lust with Mary.even when i was a kid i used to sneek peeks at her.i even spy in her room and even in the bathroom.she even change ckothes infront of me when i was around 9 or 10.she was 10yrs older than me that makes her...
wrote on 2020-01-15 | by Iyaaa
Science Project
genre: incest
I'm Keith 20 and studying science at university, I also was building a project for a competition. I thought it might win one of the prizes and give some extra cash. I had built it in our basement and had finished and delivered it to the competition committee for judging. I had an earlier version of my project partly built in the basement, I...
wrote on 2020-01-15 | by Keith
From Nurse to Lover
genre: incest
First a brief history, I married at 18 to Carol then 17 and pregnant. Divorced at 25 and traveled the world working and finally returned home after twenty years away. Carol had remarried a year after our divorce and she had custody of Janet our daughter. I hadn't married again and had been in a lot of relationships and no more children. Janet...
wrote on 2020-01-15 | by John
My Sexual Needs Awaken in Vegas
genre: straight
I thought I would tell how my sexual needs have now have become my life. Before this event, I was such an innocent naïve religious girl with few sexual encounters. I loved reading romance novels, while fantasizing it was me with the hunk. I was in sexual limbo. But first, let me give you a little background about myself. I always thought...
wrote on 2020-01-14 | by Kathryn
My wifes little niece (part 2)
genre: cheating
Wifes little niece part 2(Someone was watching me fuck thoo) i got up covered myself and went to see who it was but there was no i though it was just my imagination.then we cleaned up and began the work.we finished cleaning around 08:00 pm that mary offered to sleep there tonight and i we showered and mary made...
wrote on 2020-01-14 | by Iyaaa
Peter and me.
genre: bondage
Chapter one I have always known that I am turned on by bondage and humiliation and domination. I have been in a relationship with Peter for nearly three weeks now. We get on great and the sex is fantastic. I am the bottom in the relationship. Peter is six years younger than me. I am twenty five and he is nineteen. I had not told Peter about my...
wrote on 2020-01-14 | by Chrisdom
“All animals will rape you now” curse, part 1
genre: zoophilia
This is part of a longer series I’m writing about a woman who is bewitched to be raped by every species of animal. This piece takes place the day after the curse is first spoken. Tell me if you’d like to hear more! —————— I awoke, with a start, in my own bed. Birds were singing and sunlight was streaming through the windows. I...
wrote on 2020-01-13 | by Griffin Heart
Jayne part 4
genre: first times
He opened his eyes as soon as some water dripped onto his body off Jayne wet torso. His manhood immediately sprung into life, stretching the fabric covering it. Jayne dropped to her knees, pressing her virgin pussy against him. She grabbed his head and started kissing and licking his face. Alfie was struggling to breathe and tried to push her...
wrote on 2020-01-13 | by GaynorBlue
My wifes little niece (part 1)
genre: cheating
This is a story about how i fucked my wifes little name is rick.i have a muscular body.i have a thick 8 inch cock.i was always very fond of my wifes little niece.her name is thoo.she was 10yrs old when i married her aunt.but now she is 15yrs old.she had a very slim body.but her tits are 36d.her ass is not huge but very nice and...
wrote on 2020-01-13 | by Iyaaa
The deal
genre: straight
I'm Alan 25 single and live with my parents, I'm the youngest of 3 and my other siblings have moved out on their own. Both my parents are professionals and travel a lot. So I'm home alone quite a bit when I'm not at work, our neighbors on the righthand side are also away a lot. But we have a widowed neighbor on our lefthand side who is always...
wrote on 2020-01-13 | by Alan
Making rent
genre: straight
"I'll give you 50 to eat my pussy." Carla grinned as she sipped her drink giving a cat like look. "I'd give 50 to watch that." Tammy chuckled. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I just looked at them in shock. I knew Carla wasn't joking and neither was Tammy. But, they said it right in front of my husband and theres too. I looked at...
wrote on 2020-01-12 | by Betha

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