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genre: incest
I'm Robert 25 single and at university, I live at home with my mother Gwen 44 and my only sibling Ellen-Anne 21 and grandma Ruth 58. At university, I joined a magician club and learned card tricks and got really good at them. I could almost deal myself the perfect hand anytime I wanted. It wasn't much of a career choice, but it helped me...
wrote on 2019-11-13 | by Robert
Pussy Kat
genre: zoophilia
Steve had just split up with his girlfriend of two years. Sex at first was fantastic but in recent months Amy was more and more reluctant to engage in any sexual activities. She had a perfect body but some how she had lost all interest in sex. Now a free man again, he was looking for casual sex until the right woman came along. He was...
wrote on 2019-11-13 | by GaynorBlue
Irish Connection 2
genre: zoophilia
I woke up to see that Thomas had his hands on his head. I kissed his chin and he stirred. Morning baby I whispered. Morning sweet he replied and pulled me onto his. I opened my legs and straddled his hips his morning glory pressing against my mons. He wrapped his arms around my waist and we kissed passionately for several minutes. Eventually...
wrote on 2019-11-13 | by GaynorBlue
genre: straight
I retired at the end of June and moved to my country property of 60 acres, I'm Andrew 60 widow 6 years ago and have 4 grown children who now run my business in the city. On my hobby farm, I've 5 horses, chickens, ducks, and geese. I had a caretaker looking after it for several years and he retired to the coast and that prompted my decision to...
wrote on 2019-11-13 | by Andrew
Aunt and Cousin keeping family tradition alive update.
genre: incest
I moved to the city to work at a power plant and stayed with my aunt Jane and cousin Rachel and started sleeping with both and my mother Linda came to live us after the death of my father. Linda has joined in having regular sex with me and the others. I've also fucked my grandmother Grace and have got my cousin Rachel pregnant, she has decided...
wrote on 2019-11-12 | by Todd
Taking Advantage
genre: straight
I'm John 29 single and from a very well off family, I'm not by any stretch of the imagination a ladies man. But I take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way for years. I have fucked our housekeeper Anita 52, I found out her papers were forged and my father would have sacked her straight away if he found that out. But I got tired of...
wrote on 2019-11-11 | by John
The Pond
genre: incest
I'm Greg 32 single, long story short. I inherited a farm from great uncle Johnas on my late father's side of the family I was his only relative left. My father Roger died 12 years ago and I was his only child and my mother Pamela remarried 9 years ago to Brendan and has a daughter Ariel 7. But as I inherited the 467-acre farm from Johnas and I...
wrote on 2019-11-11 | by Greg
Hotel bathroom
genre: incest
My mom and I were on a road trip together and we were staying at a hotel. I had been in the shower for a few minutes when she opened the door and announced she had to use the bathroom. Initially I didn't think much of it but I felt rather exposed. The steam cleared up a little bit and I saw my mom slide down her pants. She kept her panties on...
wrote on 2019-11-10 | by Matejames
Grandma tied me up
genre: incest
I had spent many evenings staying at my grandmas house when my dad went travelling for work. I would watch a lot of porn on the computer which was situated in the living room and my grandma caught me masturbating more than once. The first time she walked in on me I was jacking off into a pair of her socks and she made me cum on the floor so I...
wrote on 2019-11-10 | by Surgoboy
Fucking a tribe
genre: straight
I am Seth 20 this is a incident when I was 14 so around that time my father decided to go in papa guinea for summers so we explored almost all of the papa guinea islands and we wanted to go in trobrianders island because it was a tribal ispand we got a guide which can speak there language and help us explore there ahh u know girls there don’t...
wrote on 2019-11-10 | by Seth
Fourway relationship with cousins
genre: group sex
So the past couple of months, my 3 cousins (girls) and I have been trying a four way relationship. They're all bi-sexual and its been working ok so far. It has its ups and downs. I can never spend too much personal time with them but my god, the sex is amazing. Whether its with the 3 of them or just one of them. The thrill of fucking one is...
wrote on 2019-11-10 | by Cousinfuck
Sinnndy' s First Time
genre: first times
My first experience was when I with a friend of my fathers who was 35. I was a very horny girl, I had been playing with myself at an early age and had given blow jobs to my older brothers friends, but I was saving my cherry for a more experienced guy, I wasn't expecting him to be that much older, but I'm glad it was Jim. I was at home alone,...
wrote on 2019-11-10 | by sinnndy
genre: straight
I'm Aaron now 34 and back when I first started school I met Jane and we were best friends ever since. But never boyfriend and girlfriend. I went off to university and Jane stayed in our home town work in the local council offices. By the time I returned, she had married Mark and I was still best friends with Jane and got on with Mark. I started...
wrote on 2019-11-10 | by Aaron
A Girl Cucked
genre: group sex
A Girl Cucked Lily was excited as she and her boyfriend Logan walked down the long corridor to their waiting hotel room. Stealing away as they did was a rare occasion for them, and since Lily had been promised a memorable a night she wouldn’t soon forget, she couldn’t help but wonder exactly what surprise was in store. The door was...
wrote on 2019-11-09 | by PherBal
Haunted House
genre: incest
I'm Helm short for Helmut and I'm 30 a builder and now single. I always passed an old house going to and from work, its yard was overgrown and needed painting at least. So I found out who owned it and contacted them, asking if they might want to sell the house. They said they wanted to sell the house, but only had offers from people wanting to...
wrote on 2019-11-08 | by Helm
Fucking my aunt when she’s asleep
genre: incest
Hey I m Seth I m currently 20 this is a story about my aunt so let’s begin my aunt 40 and her son swaps 13 were very close friend since birth I was 14 at the time when this happened I was never attracted to my aunt before sexually before swaps called me for a sleepover we had a lot of sleepovers but this one special because when we were...
wrote on 2019-11-07 | by Seth
genre: bondage
Luckily I visited your company's sex product website I am a Sex Product Sale Manager. Main products:Sex toys.BDSM leather.BDSM Metal.Sex Glass.Sexy lingerie... We wholesale sex products. from China. Low price, good quality. Welcome to our website (Constantly updated products) Do you need to wholesale BDSM Sextoys...
wrote on 2019-11-07 | by s
Jayne part 2
genre: bisexual
Jayne arrived at the cafe which was just across the road from the park gates. She felt hungry so ordered a buttered muffin with four slices of crispy bacon and a fried egg, a large tea and feeling naughty a large cherry bakewell. She paid a stood near the window watching people hurry to work on such a sunny day. Jayne took her compact from her...
wrote on 2019-11-07 | by GaynorBlue
The Neighbors
genre: straight
I'm Gill 33 married 3 children, but separated my wife Carol 31 wants to have time apart. She has the children and has returned to her home town and I have to book appointments to see the children and only at her convenience. I'm expecting her to want a divorce and have now started to go out more by myself. I have 2 middle-aged sisters living...
wrote on 2019-11-07 | by Gill
Falling for my big brother
genre: incest
I always knew it was wrong. I tried so hard to hide my feelings for him but it was just too difficult. My names Emiline (Em or Emmi for short) I’m 16 and I live in Ashland, OR with my mom, my baby sister Katy (4), and my big brother Matthew (17). Ive never been really open about my feelings and I’ve always felt like I was different from...
wrote on 2019-11-06 | by Em
Jen and the Twins, Part 7: Epilogue
genre: incest
Two years have passed since Mom and Dad’s divorce. I’m 17 now, Jen is 15, her little toddler Scott is 4, and Jack and Jill are 11. After the divorce we moved into a really nice four bedroom condo with two master bedrooms suites. I have one, and, of course, Mom has the other, directly across the hall. The twins each have their own room. ...
wrote on 2019-11-06 | by Loving Brother 44
Mother in Law
genre: straight
I'm Grant 26 married 2 children 4 & 2, recently we moved closer to my inlaws as I had a new job. We bought a house just down the street from my wife's Georgina 24 parents Henry 48 and Kaye 42 and for the first week we were busy getting settled and Kaye was over at our house most of the time. She helped Kaye set up the house and I built a...
wrote on 2019-11-06 | by Grant
Loving sister
genre: incest
Well, this happened back in 2000. It was leading up to my mum's birthday. I'd gone to my sister's to help set up. She was 4 yrs older then me, and we've always had a close relationship. So close at times that we used to explore each other growing up. She'd given me blow jobs before, I'd gone down, licked her sweet pussy till she'd cum in my...
wrote on 2019-11-05 | by Deanj
Camping with the family
genre: incest
I'm Jarrod 23 single oldest of 3 and in August went camping with the extended family. I'm not a woodman and took along some books to read and games to pass the time. While most of the others were hiking, fishing and boating I stayed close to the camp and read my books or played my games. My aunt Dianne 37 divorced (mom's younger sister) stayed...
wrote on 2019-11-04 | by Jarrod
Ella Cucks Her Patient Ch. 05
genre: exibitionism
I highly recommend you read the previous chapters for the full erotic experience. *********************************************** My 4th week of chastity was complete as I arrived at Ella's apartment eager for release. As I was about to knock on the door Ella opened it and threw herself on me. She gave me a big hug saying "I've missed you so...
wrote on 2019-11-03 | by CuckFantasy69

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