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Z Meeting
genre: straight
Z a Budapest Surprise. The Prelude Exciting day in Budapest as my business opportunity goes better than expected. Janos, a business associate and I had a fantastic meeting with members of the EU. Our project was approved! This was by far the biggest deal Janos had ever experienced before and he was walking on air. We left the meeting and in...
wrote on 2019-12-08 | by Greg Dickson
Symbiotic Pet: The beginning...
genre: zoophilia
The flea-bag had adopted my family and I, about a year ago. I had been out in the garden bucketing out a rain-filled bath of old water, leaves etc, tossing the buckets full of water onto the ground beside the bath when a flash of grey, in my peripheral vision, caught my attention. I had looked over see what it had been and spotted a tiny grey...
wrote on 2019-12-08 | by Mostly Harmless
Best sex quotes for her
genre: poems
If your tongue touch me once I feel orgasm twice. I want to wake up with your pussy juices instead of coffee You can stay But your panties must go away
wrote on 2019-12-08 | by Azizbek
Mixed wrestling competition
genre: fetish
I were those summer days we were on vacation my cousin was coming over for weeks i was quite excited she was beautiful and were good friends As soon as she came over my mom was in office during the days my dad left us when we were kids so i was only boy in my house with my sister a year younger than me I was 19 My cousin was 21 she went to...
wrote on 2019-12-08 | by Champlehmann
My Sister's Plaything
genre: incest
I'm Robert 35 single successful in career and work from my home, I've never been a ladies man and rarely date. I had paid for all the sex I had until late last year. Then my youngest sibling Linda then 23 came to stay with me, having failed at university and not wanting to return home for some manual job in one of the local mills. She decided to...
wrote on 2019-12-08 | by Robert
While on Holiday
genre: straight
Three years ago I was on a 3-month holiday driving around looking at points of interest to me. I drove up a remote road and found the perfect view and also the land was for sale. I went to the real estate and purchased the 485-acres block of land and started planning the house I wanted to be built on it. I'm Andrew now 34 and well off due to my...
wrote on 2019-12-08 | by Andrew
My story
genre: cheating
I laid on my belly grunting hard as Lucas held me down giving me a powerful fucking from behind. I knew he was gonna go awhile sense I teased him all afternoon and sucked him off till he nutted in my mouth before I let him start fucking me. But, damned was he on a marathon fuck. He has been screw my me for well over an hour and is showing no...
wrote on 2019-12-08 | by Hannah
First, I couldn't stop cumming inside of my lover
genre: first times
My name is Azizbek and this is a true story. We live in Central Asia and due to our traditions, sex is the dirtiest thing and our people usually don't have extramarital sex. So every girl keeps her virginity until she has been marriaged. When I studied at 11th grade, I was in love with a virgin girl who called Alicia. And she also loved me...
wrote on 2019-12-06 | by Azizbek
genre: first times
"Whats going on, XO? "Captain!, we have a situation! "What is it?? "Onboard scans detected an unauthorised item in the Weapons Bay, Sir, Security attempted to interdict it, but the situation is escalating rapidly... we have 4 deaths and 12 confirmed casulties, so far. "How did this happen, XO?... "Possibly sabotage, but more likely stupidity,...
wrote on 2019-12-05 | by Mostly Harmless
genre: incest
I'm John 27 and as far as I knew I had no family and was raised by foster parents from the age of 3. Henry and Mary were both in their late forties when they took me in and both have since passed away. Henry passed 3 years ago and Mary a year later, they had no children of their own and they took great care of me. Henry was a lawyer and a very...
wrote on 2019-12-05 | by John
Visit to my Aunt update
genre: incest
I'm Bruce and last I visited my Joan and cousin Cheryl and started having sex with them both and on my return home I arranged to transfer back to their home town. On my return, I found out I had gotten both of them pregnant and my mother Marie wasn't pleased about me getting her younger sister pregnant. She also moved in with us and joined in...
wrote on 2019-12-05 | by Bruce
Carly and Carl
genre: incest
I laid back in the couch and spred my legs wide with a lewd grin on my face as I wiggled my ass back and forth invitingly. "Damned woman!" Carl smiled at me. "I'm horny." I grinned sliding a thin finger down to my brown star fish and pushing it inside. "Come fuck me with that big cock." I cooed lewdly. "You want some of this?" Carl grinned...
wrote on 2019-12-02 | by Carly
My Submissive Husband
genre: domination
I am Velvet & I am married to Shane, my high school sweetheart. It has been two weeks since we returned from our honeymoon 'in Hawaii, Oahu. And since these two weeks my husband leaves for office even before I wake up just to make up for the days we were away, what could I say, he is a workaholic at heart. But one thing that he's been doing...
wrote on 2019-12-02 | by Inanna Ruiz
Me, Tommy and His Girl Ch. 03
genre: voyeur
I was woken up by Gianna sucking my morning glory. I rubbed my eyes still half asleep as I realised this horny slut did not even wait for her boyfriend to wake up beside us. But the sucking and slurping sounds woke him up eventually. Me: Good morning Tommy. Looks like your girl here has no manners, or maybe she's so hungry she wanted my...
wrote on 2019-12-02 | by CuckFantasy69
A cushion of comfort
genre: fetish
Nail polish on nails looks so attractive especially when a woman has pretty fingers and toes. Since I worked the night shift, I had the whole day after that to myself. I bought some bottles of nail polish including some shades of pink, light purple, metallic gray, etc. At a shoe store near my house, they had a sale of platform slippers. Just...
wrote on 2019-12-02 | by cutexie
Just sex
genre: incest
"Jesus Fuckkkk! You dirty fucking cock sucker!" Joe growled leaning against the kitchen sink as I deep throated him and licked his nuts as saliva ran down my chin and onto my fat 34G tits. "You know I'm am." I grinned yanking his rigid pole as I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. "But, you fucking love it." I grinned spitting on his...
wrote on 2019-12-01 | by Janice Joe
Lonely Guy
genre: straight
I'm Hamish 30 well off with money and legal career, but not in romance. I can't find a girlfriend or wife and I've tied dating sites and couldn't find a possible wife. I'm not a real good looking man, I look awkward and wear glasses. I'm told by females I know I'm a good-hearted person and any woman would happy to have. But not them as they are...
wrote on 2019-12-01 | by Hamish
The Pleasure Cruise
genre: swingers
It was a stunningly gorgeous day; the weather, in fact, had far exceeded everyone’s expectations that entire week. At the port, the Captain and several crew members greeted the excited guests as they boarded the cruise ship. Derek and Savannah, his wife of some 20 years, were about to embark on a journey they hadn’t experienced before; the...
wrote on 2019-12-01 | by PherBal
My Submissive Husband
genre: domination
my working hours I am Velvet & I am married to Shane, my high school sweetheart. It has been two weeks since we returned from our honeymoon in Hawaii, Oahu. And since these two weeks my husband leaves for office even before I wake up just to make up for the days we were away, what could I say, he is a workaholic at heart. But one thing that...
wrote on 2019-11-30 | by Inanna Ruiz
Crime and punishment
genre: bondage
Punishment can be very erotic and exciting for the person meting out the punishment. There is a thrill and a feeling of power and arousal in the person as he or she announces to the accused that they are going to be punished. Mistresses Asreena and Jameena lived together in a huge mansion. There were attractive girls in their early 20s and had...
wrote on 2019-11-30 | by cutexie
The pedicure
genre: domination
Eva was a beautiful and wealthy girl who lived in a mansion. She was rich and bored and kept a few slaves for her kinky pleasures. Apparently, she had gone shopping one day and bought herself a few pairs of sexy rubber flip flops, which she wanted to wear at the beach and in her mansion. She already owned a large wardrobe of high heels, platform...
wrote on 2019-11-29 | by cutexie
A splendid job
genre: domination
Joranna was trying to get herself a job as a teacher after her teacher's course but could not find a suitable one. One day, she met a friend who told her it would be better for her to give private tuition to students since she could not get a satisfying job and teaching in a school was not that lucrative. She was told that she could earn well by...
wrote on 2019-11-29 | by cutexie
The encounter
genre: romantic
John had a strong fancy for dainty toes and painted toenails of women. Being a single man, he was introduced to this young lady at a party. She was quietly sipping her drink in a corner and was looking in his direction when she caught his eye. His friend found him glancing at her and took him over to meet her. He was feeling excited seeing her....
wrote on 2019-11-29 | by cutexie
Being thankful
genre: incest
I stood in the doorway waving bye to my parents. It was good Thanksgiving dinner. I was glad to see all my aunts, uncles and cousins. But, what I was the most thankful for was the fucking I was about to get. I had made the arrangements and waited all day. Playfully flirting with and rubbing my big as against his big cock every chance I got...
wrote on 2019-11-29 | by Chubby Katy
genre: domination
There was a young man who had lost his family and everything he owned. In a pitiful state, he wandered around the place begging for food. Many days passed and one day, he was passing a beautiful villa in a big garden. He stopped to admire it and was looking at it when he began to feel faint because of the heat and fainted outside the gates. He...
wrote on 2019-11-28 | by cutexie

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