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Twenty Years Later
genre: straight
I Kevin now 33, single and doing very well in my own business. Twenty years ago I had a big crush on my shoolteacher Miss G (Robyn) who was 29 at the time. I never forgot her and late last year I returned to my hometown to live. I bought the house I liked as a kid and settled down. I was asked by my sister Karen to pickup her children from...
wrote on 2018-08-19 | by Kevin
My true story
genre: group sex
My true story. I have to trust the automatic translator and I must therefore be brief. My true story. When I was a girl I had a nomination as a whore and it was the truth. At the age of twelve, the first blowjob I drank you cum, after a few months I get deflowered by pussy. In the village where I lived they all knew me as a whore. They...
wrote on 2018-08-19 | by new fantasticzoccola
Daddy Dearest pt. 2
genre: incest
Daddy got out of bed. “Fuck, fuck...FUCK!” He exclaimed. I looked at him but I already knew this must be the regret he mentioned earlier. Nevertheless, I feel great! “Missy, that was wrong, ok?” He asked. I watched him pace the room. “That was never supposed to happen, ok?” He asked. Only I continued to watch him. “I mean, no one...
wrote on 2018-08-19 | by Kittykinfolk
Listen cuck
genre: domination
Today I decided to post this new minivideo. It's only two minutes and forty-five seconds. Nothing extraordinary. If you're looking for porn star with the fucking featured, forget it. It's not for you. If you are looking for real sex, it is very different. In this video I recovered alone. At my home. In the bed where I sleep with the cuckold. In...
wrote on 2018-08-19 | by new fantasticzoccola
My life
genre: group sex
A kiss to everyone. I apologize if the translation is not good but I'm Italian. My name is Lorena although many know me as Marta or Anna. I am an absolutely unsuspecting wife in Italy so I turn to foreign sites. I like having sex with men I like. I love oral reports and triple penetrations but what excites me the most is doing this in front of...
wrote on 2018-08-19 | by new fantasticzoccola
Anna and me
genre: zoophilia
I grew up on a farm, every one went swimming at a swimming hole on our farm, the only girl lived about a quarter mile away, her name is Anna, she's always been a bomb shell as far as I can remember,as looks are concern,long jet black hair, big boobs as far back as elementary school,all the other girls were jealous of her, she was the women all...
wrote on 2018-08-18 | by dez01
The Cleaning Lady
genre: straight
I'm Donald was 45 Divorced, 2 grown children and work from home when this started. I divorced 4 years before, my ex wife a lawyer had an affair with her partner. I was hurt for a while and had only found out because the partners now ex wife caught them. Anyway she didn't fight the divorce and didn't want anything from me and she has married her...
wrote on 2018-08-17 | by Donald
Billie and Brutus's first time
genre: zoophilia
I met Billie on the enter net, his's a transgender who lives as a women, she asked me if I knew she was a man, I said of course I did, we emailed for awhile,then text and we decided to meet, I'm a big guy, smooth masculine shaved Pearced 8"dick 250lbs, she's Pettitte,long black hair, smooth, small breasts,average dick,tight manpussy,I fucked...
wrote on 2018-08-17 | by dez01
Having sex with my cousin
genre: domination
i like mu cousin sexually very much she is in 9th and iam + 1 one day she came home and there was none in my home she wore tight leggins i first pressed her ass then her breast she seemed warmed up and showed no signs of resistance i kissed her and she got runked up and she hold my dick. i removed her top and bra i kissed her nipples and after...
wrote on 2018-08-17 | by cousin abuser
Cuck and anal
genre: domination
I am aware that not everyone thinks like me but I think this unsuspected being is one of the most intriguing aspects. I'm not a porn star, I'm just a really unsuspecting housewife who loves having sex with me and I like to fuck my man. For those who like to analyze the video: “SEICENTO COLPI IN CULO” It is unmissable. My man at work is...
wrote on 2018-08-17 | by new fantasticzoccola
Daddy Dearest
genre: incest
Maybe it’s help I need. I thought to myself as I looked at photos of my dad. I came across one of him shirtless and my kitty did jumping jacks. Every time I look at daddy my clit begins to throb. My name is Tiffany, but everyone calls me Missy. I’ve been getting called Missy since I was a little girl. Come to think of it...daddy gave me the...
wrote on 2018-08-17 | by KittyKinfolk
The Tent - white cd party gurl
genre: trans
THE TENT I was trying to resist the mounting sexual energy I had been feeling from the combination of cocaine, smoking crack and the occasional hit of Meth. After months of resisting my feminine slutty side, I finally gave in one day when I agreed to meet a thug black meth dealer to pnp. I knew what that meant and craved it. I shaved my...
wrote on 2018-08-17 | by Stephi
genre: group sex
A warm kiss to everyone. In my everyday life I am a mother and a wife. As soon as I can, however, I become a big whore of cocks. They are unsuspicious. Very unsuspicious. I challenge anyone who knows me to think that I can be that way. When they see me together with my man, everyone thinks I'm dominated by him. Everyone thinks. Then I have...
wrote on 2018-08-17 | by new fantasticzoccola
Me and my 2 cousins that are sisters
genre: incest
It all started when I was 12. I lived next door to  my aunt and uncle who have two daughters. Lina who's 14and her sister Lana who's 10.We grow up very close and did everything together. My experience began with Lana. We started to play " I show you mine if you show me yours " this went on from what I remember about a year without Lina ever...
wrote on 2018-08-17 | by Tony G
Friends forever
genre: threesome
I have known this real cool friend for several years and we know that we only stay friends. She always mentioned that I wasn't her type. Typical response. Kate I will call her. Nice supple body. A good 185 lbs with 36DD. Always loved going swimming with her. I love how her one piece bathing suits show ample cleavage and show off her huge big...
wrote on 2018-08-16 | by G.F
Oh, those Saturday nights!
genre: incest
OH, those Saturday nights! by; Ty Maximus. It was fall time and the leaves had almost all fallen from the trees. I, John Henry, had just turned 40 years of age. At 40, I still had my Chestnut brown hair and at 6'1 and 225. I still carried my muscular body well. I was sitting on my back patio and...
wrote on 2018-08-16 | by Ty Maximus
Sex Addict
genre: incest
From when I hit puberty I have wanted to fuck. But I didn't get lucky for a while and only then because Aunt Harriet was so drunk and thought I was someone else. She was 48 at the time and divorced and I was the only one at home when the cab dropped home and I had to pay the cab driver as she didn't have any money. I used the money dad had put...
wrote on 2018-08-15 | by David
Final love affair
genre: incest
My final wrap up. It had been too long. A decade earlier my adopted mom was always into me. Yet a year after my fling, I broke the law one last time. I was to find myself back in the system for a good 9 years. Another property crime. My mom was angry and didn't talk to me for 3 years after my arrest. I broke her heart. Eventually we talked after...
wrote on 2018-08-15 | by G.F
I loved L, I lost her. P loves me, should I hold on to her or lose her too?
genre: romantic
Hi, I’m a 16 year old boy. High school student. So it was a few months ago, I was sitting by myself in the corner of the classroom in the breaktime and my sadness could be seen from outside. I was sad because I was thinking about how lonely I was. Boys my age weren’t like that. And there’s this girl, P****. She’s the most beautiful girl...
wrote on 2018-08-14 | by K
Blue raped me
genre: zoophilia
When I was younger,I'm 60yrs now,I was raped by our great dane, he was about 2yrs old when this happened. I was learning about my manpussy I had a small thin bottle that fit just right,I'd buttered my ass and put the bottle in. I was jacking off and couldn't come for some reason so I went to hind my bottle, I was on my hands and knees, Blue...
wrote on 2018-08-14 | by Dez01
A shy guest boy and a really nice girl: Friends or More?
genre: straight
Hi everyone, so there’s this girl that I met in Florida when we went to the house of a friend of my dad’s. Her name is O***. At first I was sitting in the balcony with the adults listening to the chat. I was kinda bored though. So I kindly asked the mother of O if I could join the girls inside who saluted us politely when we first entered....
wrote on 2018-08-14 | by K
Round 4 with the law.
genre: incest
With my first federal sentence finally behind me a month earlier, I was to be accused of another property related offence which netted me 2 years the first time. I just arrived back home from Toronto. My adopted mom was my alibi. I was in town when the fire broke out two houses down from me. I was home alone with my mom when we got a knock on...
wrote on 2018-08-13 | by G.F
My Brother Ronald
genre: incest
Ronald 63 retired international investment analysist, he made a lot of money and decided to retire from it early last year. He returned home and purchased a small farm of 350 acres and built a nice house on the land. 5 bedrooms with ensuites and a pool outback, he has a housekeeper that comes 3 days a week to keep it tidy. He likes riding...
wrote on 2018-08-13 | by Debbie 58
Into the wild
genre: zoophilia
I bought a cabin up in the mountains, it was run down, I decided to go and do some repairs. I was inside straightening things up when I heard a noise out side,I got my rifle and opened the door slightly to look out, it could be a bear, I didn't want to draw its attention. Instead there was a very large wolf on the porch, GOD he was big. His gray...
wrote on 2018-08-12 | by Dez
Letting Out Her Inner Slut
genre: cheating
As a bank manager and usually don’t get the opportunity to see too much action at work. From time to time, I’ve had to speak by phone with a woman, Nancy, from our loan dept that works in our main office about 3-4 hours away from where I live. Nancy was in her late 30’s with two kids. What started as a business relationship turned into a...
wrote on 2018-08-12 | by Joe Tyler

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