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My sister got pregnant by a husky part 1
genre: zoophilia
The story began as my sister got eighteen. I thought it would be a good idea to get Mina (my sister) a husky so I did. She was really happy about the gift of her big brother (I was 22). So they became the best friends on the planet. At one night I heard Mina moaning and Blueeye gasping and crying. I did not think any thing and went away to see...
wrote on 2020-06-06 | by Arscham Afshar
You know you want it
genre: domination
On October 2, Shawnee K., a black 23-year-old mother, was visiting her cousin Annice, who lived in an apartment on Brookway Road, in Columbus. Also present at Annice's apartment were Shawnee's two minor children, Annice's boyfriend Shaway and his brother Deshawn, as well as Annice's female friends, Tanitia ("NeeNee"), and Marva Johnson. The...
wrote on 2020-06-06 | by cutyourhair
Our mom son ritual
genre: incest
When I was 20 and under the shower with my mom (because I am a cripple) she said she had to piss so she went to the toilette and I tried to not look but then automatically I started to rub my dick wich she saw and obviously got horny. Because the next moment still with her pants down she ran to me got on her knees and gave me a head. After that...
wrote on 2020-06-05 | by Arsham Afshar
genre: domination
In the evening of July 21, Albert Smith, also known as “Tojoe", was at his house in Memphis, Tennessee, with his friend Deana Taylor and his eight-year-old son. Joshua Jones, who also resided at the Smith house at the time, was outside the house working on his car radio. A man approached Jones and asked if “Tojoe” lived in the house. ...
wrote on 2020-06-05 | by cutyourhair
Mature Women
genre: straight
Last year I finally had enough of the local dating scene, no girl I liked was interested in me. I'm not what they wanted in a man, only 5'6" solid build not overweight thinning hair line. So I was thinking of moving away to try again somewhere else, then I was home one and overheard my mother and grandmother talking with their bridge club...
wrote on 2020-06-05 | by Alex
Catching my Sister
genre: incest
Early last month I caught my sister Robyn 23 masturbating and using a rubber dildo, This was a surprise to me as Robyn has always been the miss goody two shoes type of person. Never did anything that wasn't prim and proper, I on the other hand have always been the black sheep of our family. I'm David 27 carpenter single and was again living at...
wrote on 2020-06-04 | by David
Ryan's Ticklish Nightmare
genre: fetish
Name: Ryan Age: 12 Reason For Punishment: Not Picking Up Clothes Off Bedroom Floor Punishment: Tickle Chair Ryan was 12 and didn’t like being told what to do. His parents had gone out for the evening, leaving him with his 23 year old babysitter, Megan. He had started noticing girls more and couldn’t lie to himself, he thought...
wrote on 2020-06-04 | by Megan Shirley
The old Gal next door.
genre: straight
I'm Keith 32 divorced, 1 daughter Mary 4 who lives my ex wife Clare. I get her for half the holidays and every second celebration holiday Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving. I have my own home and live in a small country town and work from home a great deal. Last October I was installing a storage shed to make more room in my double garage. I...
wrote on 2020-06-03 | by Keith
I'm going to show what kind of mamma you have
genre: domination
On February 16, Julius Mzarteoeuseary, 68 years old, was alone in his apartment in Chicago. At approximately 9:30 p.m. he answered a knock at his door. Four or five men entered forcibly, knocking him to the floor. The intruders tied him up and struck him on the head several times with a pistol. They then robbed Mzarteoeuseary of his wristwatch,...
wrote on 2020-06-02 | by cutyourhair
Mom came to the wrong room
genre: incest
I am the only child and because of the type of work my parents were in, they travelled a lot. Which was terrible for me because I spent a lot of time in boarding schools and staying with family while they got the next place settled in. I was very close to my mom and dad despite the separations, I think they honestly brought us closer together....
wrote on 2020-06-01 | by blabloober
My Sister Megan
genre: incest
Megan 26 single and only 4'3" and works in a bank, I'm Gerald 23 carpenter. I was lucky 2 years ago and got an old house from the local government cheap, for removal or renovating. It wasn't on a large block and was really run down. Anyway I clean out all the rubbish and secured the property. Over time I done it up, first with the help of...
wrote on 2020-06-01 | by Gerald
My older friend's foot fetish with me, Tyler, Andre, and Jacob.
genre: fetish
I was super stoked about my friends coming over to the house today. My friends are Tyler, Andre, and Jacob. None of them drive or have licenses so my older friend has to pick them up. We arrived early, Andre's uncle dropped him off. He lives with his uncle and his uncle is kind of control freak. He was wearing Air Jordans without socks. His...
wrote on 2020-06-01 | by The Fox
Cock sucker
genre: first times
My first time sucking cock was not planned. I was on a date with a guy in college in my first year. We went to the movies. I went back to his room after the date. He was really hot with a great body nice 6 pack he was a swimmer. I just planned on making out with him. It was very intense. He was playing with my nipples which reall makes me wet....
wrote on 2020-06-01 | by Clarie
My Aunt Marie
genre: incest
I'm John 23 single and live with my aunt Marie 52 , I moved to the city for work and live with aunt Marie(father's sister) widow. She lived alone till I arrived as her children had grown up and moved away. I'm a quiet person and don't have a girlfriend or go out dating much at all. But I've had a couple girlfriends over the years and got some...
wrote on 2020-06-01 | by John
My Isolation
genre: zoophilia
I'm Catherine 47 divorced 2 grown children and live alone. Unable to go to work because of the coronavirus isolation orders. I was home alone except for dog Bobby a Great Dane, I was bored and horny and stated to masturbate myself. But after several times doing it also became boring and I started to get restless. I sitting naked on the lounge...
wrote on 2020-06-01 | by Catherine
You don’t have to rape me, I’ll give it to you
genre: domination
On the evening of September 22, a middle aged woman left work at Evanston Hospital where she was employed as a practical nurse and arrived at her high-rise apartment building shortly after midnight. She and a neighbor entered one of the building’s two elevators and rode to the seventh floor, where the neighbor disembarked. The woman continued...
wrote on 2020-05-31 | by cutyourhair
My Island
genre: incest
I'm Richard 38 divorced 2 children who live with their mother. I'm doing well career wise and that's isn't surprising as my family is very well off and well connected. I went on holiday with my family a year before my wife Elizabeth divorced. While on holiday staying at an island holiday rental, I started to get the idea of having my own island....
wrote on 2020-05-31 | by Richard
Couple robbed
genre: domination
On May 27, 1988, at approximately 9:30 p.m., a young man andh his girlfriend were standing by the guy's car outside the Tip Top Cafe in Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama. While standing there, three black males approached the couple and asked if they had a car. The male victim indicated that the car that they were standing beside was his. One...
wrote on 2020-05-30 | by cutyourhair
Since you were so good, I won't kill you
genre: domination
On August 21, at 10:23 p.m., Melissa Lynn K., a 21-year-old student at Youngstown State University, arrived for her night-shift job at a group home for mentally handicapped women. Upon arriving, she exited her vehicle and went to get her belongings out of the trunk of her car. On her way to the trunk, Ms. Klobchar noticed an older, black...
wrote on 2020-05-30 | by cutyourhair
My Aunts Diary
genre: incest
I'm Alfred 23 single and youngest of 3, my parent George 49 and Marianne 47 are both lawyers and are away a great deal on cases. My mother younger sister April 38 also a lawyer single average build and looks. I'm the only one not to go to university in my family and I work as a mechanic. Recently I was over at April's home fixing her car as it...
wrote on 2020-05-30 | by Alfred
Good Evening
genre: incest
I'm Ken 20 single live with my Joyce 42 widow, I've an older sister Katherine 23 who at university. Late last year I was home laying on my bed and just starting to masturbate, when Joyce entered my room bringing in my clean clothes she had washed that day and caught me masturbating. To my great surprise she put the washing aside and undressed...
wrote on 2020-05-30 | by Ken
Mom son marriage story
genre: incest
Me and my mother live together From my mom is a working women.she did not marry any other men after my father mom name is Kumari and she is dusky and 5'7 with big booty and boobs.she is a perfect wife material. It was my graduation day. I went to home after college and started to freshen up as me and my mom planned to go to...
wrote on 2020-05-29 | by Sugarmom
My Four legged heroes Part--3
genre: zoophilia
One day, Sophia and Stella the two close friends and colleagues were interestingly talking about the incident of being fucked by the ten dogs. Sophia talked about the tenth dog and how he pleaded her to give him permission to fuck her. This she told in action and both laughed loudly. Their professor Jenny asked them the reason and...
wrote on 2020-05-29 | by Devji 9
At the office
genre: cheating
Married for 33 years gets boring. I’m getting older and I’m still as horny as I was as a teenager. Being taken for granted and neglected sexually can hurt and yes my eyes wander at times. I have my own office with a nice view of the city but all my colleagues are older ugly women with attitude issues. Being a professional I have to...
wrote on 2020-05-28 | by Americanbob
genre: straight
When I was 38 there was a very beautiful sexy and quite pregnant 15 yr old that would hang out with my boys. Her name was Tina. She was sexy and illegal and yes I fantasized about her quite a bit and still do to this day. Now fast forward 17 years. Tina is now 32, Her child, Rachel, is now 16 her mom is 56 and I’m 55. And I’m...
wrote on 2020-05-28 | by Americanbob

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