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Nursing His Erection
genre: first times
Kate was working her night shift when around 3 AM a patient was brought in. A tall dark haired man with a slim lean body who was heavily intoxicated. The blood tests showed he had high amounts of marijuana and alcohol in his system. He was put under her care until he sobered up. The man seemed half conscious and was laying in the bed...
wrote on 2019-10-17 | by CuckFantasy69
An unusual addiction
genre: bondage
Long story short - childhood abuse has made me an addict of intense, extreme total-enclosure rubber bondage, coupled with extreme orgasm denial and cock-and-ball torture. along with breath-play and erotic asphyxia. Great, huh? Try that lot on some girl who thought you are good-looking enough to take a chance on, only to find she had a...
wrote on 2019-10-16 | by I B Donaldson
The Cave
genre: straight
My uncle Kevin passed away and left me a 380acre block of land, as I was the only relative left on his side of the family. Thru his only sibling my mother also deceased, I decided to live on the land. On arrival, I found an old cottage and I think the termites were holding hands was the only reason it hadn't fallen over. That was no problem as I...
wrote on 2019-10-16 | by John
Right Name wrong Person
genre: straight
In April I moved to another state to live and for work, I bought a house with 3 bedrooms 2 baths and just under an acre of land. I'm Darrel 29 and once I moved in and settled into a routine, I'm not a party guy I don't go out much. I got a letter addressed to me but didn't know the sender's name. But I replied and then received another asking to...
wrote on 2019-10-14 | by Darrel
My Aunt wanted me to get her Pregnant update
genre: straight
Last my aunt Paula asked me to get her pregnant as the sperm from her late husband Richard was lost in an accident that caused fire at the clinic. I agreed and after sleeping with Paula over several cycles he got pregnant and she had a daughter Mary Jane after her great grandmother. I'm still seeing Paula on a regular basis and sleep with her...
wrote on 2019-10-13 | by Jarrod
I guess im gay?
genre: gay
Ever since i saw porn for the first time i was hooked and couldnt wait till iwas old enought to have sex, in this porn movie the star was howard johnson and i would love how he would anal fuck the girls i mean his dick barely fit in those assholes but it looked so good, so im still a virgin and cant wait to see real ass infront of me so i get a...
wrote on 2019-10-13 | by Kiddo
Fucking my sister best friend
genre: romantic
It began around the holidays back in oregon when my sister and older nieces Invited this newly single friend they had she was just out of a relationship.she looked so hot wearing those tall black leather boots nice boday beautiful hair and georgus green eyes light skinned she was perfect,we're all drinking and laughing and i just start throwing...
wrote on 2019-10-13 | by Desire
Ella Cucks Her Patient Ch. 02
genre: exibitionism
***This is chapter 2 of my original story. I recommend you read the first chapter so you can get a better perspective.*** ***** It's been 3 days since Ella and Nathan had sex in front of me. I can't stop thinking about Ella's sexy body and Nathan's stellar cock that were in my face the entire time. Ella kept in touch with me via texts and...
wrote on 2019-10-13 | by CuckFantasy69
Caring for Mr Evans V
genre: straight
I looked down at him smiling telling him he was the greatest lover I had ever been with. Baby, I haven’t even been inside you yet. I laughed and told him I have only been with one other person and that was my ex… You are such a brat…then I told him I had never had my pussy ate before. He shook his head sat up against the pillows lifted me...
wrote on 2019-10-11 | by Beth R
Caring for Mr Evans IV
genre: straight
Sam was lying in the middle of the bed laying on top of the satin sheets and his massive cock on top of his firm stomach. He was asleep looked so sexy and hot I could feel my pussy getting excited. I had just come from the shower and gently crawled on the bed quietly next to him. I knelt beside his mid-section admiring his body he was so...
wrote on 2019-10-11 | by Beth R
Jen and The Twins - Part 2 - Introducing The Twins
genre: incest
A few months after our episode of spying on Claudette, our mother fired her. We didn’t know then, but found out later that she was fired because she was pregnant. For the next two years Jen and I would play sex games together whenever we could. I also found a book that had been discarded by the side of the road. The book described, in...
wrote on 2019-10-11 | by Loving Brother 44
Visiting Grandma
genre: zoophilia
I'm Graham 20 single, in April I went to visit my mother's mother Catherine 65 widow. Catherine lives by herself and runs a flower farm. She has 3 employees that work for her Monday to Friday and she does the weekends by herself. Mainly watering and some minor jobs. She sometimes packs flowers on Sunday but that's only for special clients. I...
wrote on 2019-10-10 | by Graham
Mother talking in her Sleep
genre: incest
I live in a 2-bed cottage with my mother Carol 42 divorced, my father Donald left her for his P A 3 years ago. I'm Evan 19 first year at university. Carol works at the university in the admin office, recently I was in bed reading stories on an erotic story web site. When I heard Carol mention my name and I went to see what she wanted, I entered...
wrote on 2019-10-10 | by Evan
Wed to a Pig
genre: zoophilia
In 2069, under the pressure of various extremely political movements, whether it was for the general good or just because they could, were voted laws that would forever change the moral landscape of society. What was now possible went outside the norms of standard sanity, and it would take many years in the future to fully disgest the abhorrent,...
wrote on 2019-10-10 | by CursedStories
New Start Update
genre: incest
Last year my sister Elizabeth came to my Ranch (her term) for a visit. I don't it's big enough to be called a Ranch, anyway we ended up fucking and she got pregnant. She again visited me in May and I could see straight away she was pregnant with me the father. Our widowed mother then arrived and got the truth about the baby from us. Elizabeth...
wrote on 2019-10-10 | by Daniel
Caring for Mr Evans 3
genre: straight
Aimee came into the kitchen and we began to chat about his condition. Things went fine and he was asleep. I confided in her that I had true feeling towards her Uncle. She smiled and told me she knew he felt the same way. She went on to say that when she was finding someone to go with him to the hospital, she was going to have her mom. He was the...
wrote on 2019-10-10 | by Beth R
Karen's Bondage lesson
genre: bondage
Smiling I watched as my gorgeous friend slid her dress from her shoulders,she was a little red faced but tipsy enough to not let it bother her. I walked around her and slid her wet panties off,her breasts heaved as I placed her in the frame,Julie watched licking her lips,I knew Julie wanted to watch she had very much enjoyed watching me,,, Karen...
wrote on 2019-10-10 | by Ginni11
Caring for Mr. Evans II
genre: straight
The nurse came in checked his incision and told him he could get dressed and go home. She closed the curtain as she left. He sat up and his legs over the edge of the bed. I handed his clothes to him and was going to step out. Mandy you might have to help me put my sweats on, I pulled them out and had him put a leg in then the other. He stood up...
wrote on 2019-10-09 | by Beth R
Jayne part 1
genre: first times
Jayne was 18 and had left school. She had a job working in an office typing pool, boring but it gave her some independence. Her taste in fashion was to put it mildly plain hence her nickname Plain Jayne. She didn't have any friends as such just people who went to the same school but not one of them was a buddy friend. She lived with her...
wrote on 2019-10-09 | by GaynorBlue
Caring for Mr. Evans I
genre: straight
Hi! My name is Mandy. I am 35, 4’9”, 93 pounds, long straight red hair down to the small of my back, green eyes, freckles, light skin, 32C, Senior VP at a bank, no children, divorced for 5 years, haven’t been with a man since, my ex was cheating on for over a year before I caught him. Lived next door to Mr. Evans for over 15 years moved...
wrote on 2019-10-09 | by Beth R
My life long crush
genre: cheating
I was 2 years into a marriage I never wanted, forced by my parents Into a marriage now I have to live with Manny. How I dreaded him! Sex with him was so lame for a lack of other words. Quick in and out. Of course I would get horny especially after watching porn... I would shower and once all was said and done I would lay down fully naked trying...
wrote on 2019-10-09 | by Lady D
My ex Mother in Law
genre: straight
I like to race cars, not professionally just an amateur. I'm Brian 32 divorced 2 children who live with mother Mary-Ann. Last year while racing around the track in a local derby I rolled my car, I hurt my back and nothing else. It wasn't all that serious except it would act up now and then. Just painful and restricted my movements when it was...
wrote on 2019-10-09 | by Brian
Jen and The Twins, Part 1
genre: incest
Hi, I’m Justin. I am 15 years old. There are three other kids in our family; my sister Jen who is 13, and the twins, Jack and Jill (hey, I didn’t name them,) who are 10. Jack is the oldest by about 10 minutes. Our dad is some kind of big executive for some company, and he is always traveling. Mom doesn’t work, but she is really big...
wrote on 2019-10-08 | by Loving Brother 44
Aunt Betty update
genre: incest
Last year I was called by aunt Betty saying she was caught and couldn't get up. On my arrival and letting myself in with the key had given me earlier in the year. I found Betty in her bedroom over a padded stool with her dog Bundy on top her, Bundy had died while fucking her. She couldn't get him off her and had managed to get her phone and...
wrote on 2019-10-08 | by Gary 27
My Sister Dorothy
genre: incest
I returned home from overseas and visited my parents at their retirement home on the coast and saw 2 of my siblings living nearby. Then I returned to my home town., there I saw my sister Dorothy 25 who owns a hair salon which has living quarters above it where she lives. I was to stay with her for a time until I found my own place. She had 2 bed...
wrote on 2019-10-08 | by Patrick Z

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