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Call me a Sex Worker, a Harlot, or a Whore
genre: straight
I was a harlot. Call me a “commercial sex worker” or a “remunerated intimate companion”, whatever makes you feel more modern and sensitive etc. We call them whores, prostitutes. This is not a judgement call it is just the way it is, what else can you call a spade? I needed to get some money for my 6 month old son having been knocked-up...
wrote on 2020-02-16 | by Nora Wilson
Memoirs of a Slut Part Two
genre: bisexual
So, where did it all begin? Well, my very first lover was a close school friend called Lucy. Lucy used to spend a lot of time at my house because her mother was ill and had to stay in hospital for long periods. Her parents were friends of my parents and she became as close as sister to me. I don't have a real sister. We shared a bedroom but...
wrote on 2020-02-15 | by Carol H.
Mother in law want my fat cock
genre: incest
Every Friday afternoon i was at my in law place to pick up my 2 yrs old son Ben ,my wife Gina got half day off she close her hair saloon early come home to do some house cleaning .I was always welcome by a sweet smile on the face of a beauty my mother in law Claire she look just like her daughter or her daughter look just like her, but Claire ...
wrote on 2020-02-15 | by Marc
Stood with my cousin Em for the weekend
genre: incest
I’m 20 my cousin is 24 me and my cousin em has been close then all my other cousins she was apart of the family when my uncle married her mom we always treated her as family we grew up together she was like a big sister to me My uncle and aunt would leave to the river for the weekend which is 5 hours away we grew up she didn’t like...
wrote on 2020-02-15 | by RD
My Best friend is going to be my stepson
genre: first times
I’m currently madly in love with my best frymom that I’ve known since grade school, I’m 38 she’s 58, we’ve been having the most amazing, passionate, wildest sex I’ve ever had, for the past 2 months, ive moved in with her a few weeks back, I super nervous because just yesterday I proposed, and gave her a ring, We haven’t told my...
wrote on 2020-02-15 | by Chris
Skipped school and fucked my best friend cat
genre: straight
Me and my friend cat have been friends since freshman year her bf at the time was my homie but we never talked I feel like my homie would get mad n shit but we all hung out around the same group of friends sophomore year my homie got kicked out went to another school I use to see her walk the same way home as me to the bus stop by my house we...
wrote on 2020-02-15 | by R
Finally my friend of 6 years let’s me fuck And we fucked at the beach
genre: romantic
We’re both in our 20s we been friends since sophomore year of high school me and Jas were good friends always there for eachother people thought we were a couple but we were just friends she would try to hook me up with other girls or she would ask me to Hook her up with some of my homies we never looked at eachother in a sexual way I would...
wrote on 2020-02-15 | by RDJ99
Staying with my lil cousin for the weekend taking her virginity
genre: incest
I was 20 my cousin she was 18 me and my cousin were close she was a lil sister to me she lived with my grand parents her mom and dad and brother lived in sd my grandparents would go to her moms house for the weekend sometimes she had to stay back because of school or work sometimes she would stay at my house or I would go over to my grandmas and...
wrote on 2020-02-15 | by rdj
Fucking my cousin sleepover
genre: incest
I was 14 and my female cousin was 18 since I was 13 I always thought my cousin was beautiful. Nice black hair nice dd size boobs nice ass. We always stood the night at my grandmas house for the weekend from Friday to Sunday and we would share a room and the bed we would order food watch Tv or YouTube my grandma would never come check on us her...
wrote on 2020-02-14 | by R
Better than her Daughter Part 2.
genre: incest
So, after that first taste of her gorgeous Mother, nothing else happened for the next couple of massages as Kaz came while I gave Mary her massage. Then when I thought it may only have been a one-off, Mary and me found ourselves alone as Kaz took the kids for a day out with her bestie and her kids. It was about six or seven weeks after my...
wrote on 2020-02-14 | by Jockit2
I met a pornstar
genre: trans
My name is steven.i am 30yrs old and live in my own apartment.i am a manager at car selling company and gets big paychecks and was living a wealthy happy life.i wasnt married or even had a steady girlfriend.but i do have loads of women running after me.but all i do is just fuck them with no strings attached.i do get invited to lots of vip...
wrote on 2020-02-14 | by Iyaaa
Stepmom the ex pornstar
genre: incest
My parents split a couple of years mom and dad had 2 kids.thats me victor 18yrs old and my sister Victoria 20yrs took Victoria with her and i stayed with dad.but i visit mom 2 or 3 days a and dad lived in the same married again and was living a happy life.and dad also just recently married a woman named...
wrote on 2020-02-14 | by Iyaaa
Seducing my hot mom
genre: incest
My name is Hernandez.18yrs old from Mexico.i work a part time job and get plenty of cash to run the house to help my widowed single dad died a couple of years ago leaving us just a fine this story is about the things i did to make love to my beautiful mother is a hot latina.her name is Rozie.she is 39yrs old.her skin...
wrote on 2020-02-14 | by Iyaaa
Aunty teach sex
genre: first times
Hello friend me ek 18 sal ka ladka hu or ye story meri kalpana se liki he agar koi galti ho jae to maf karna. Ab apka bina koi time pass karte hue story par ate he bat sardio ki he mere paper najdik the to me chat par betkar padtha tha. Ese hi me ek din chat par pad raha tha to mene meri samne vali chat par ak aunty deki kya batau dosto kya lag...
wrote on 2020-02-14 | by Tony2020268
genre: incest
Hi guys.. i am James.20yrs old.skinny but have a big 9 inch cock.since i started having feelings for women there was one particular woman that made me hard and i want to fuck.her name is Lexi.Lexi is 30yrs old.blonde with blue eyes.her tits are big and jiggles alot.she has a big bubble butt.i love Lexi so much but there was one problem.and the...
wrote on 2020-02-13 | by Iyaaa
Married baby sis
genre: incest
My name is Austin.i am 30yrs old but not married yet.i have girlfriends but not anyone i wanted to marry.i live in my own apartment which i bought.i have my own buisness.i have a baby sister who got married a year ago.she lived with me before she got married.her name is Marsha.she is 20yrs old.she is a brunette.she has big boobs and a big bubble...
wrote on 2020-02-13 | by Iyaaa
A Casualty of Chance
genre: cheating
If Kelli Zellers had a fault, it was the fact that she couldn't easily say the word, "No". It was a trait borne somewhat out of her DNA, her Mother was such a sweet woman that most who knew her thought she was a prime candidate for Sainthood. Between the selflessness Kelli showed with her Husband and two daughters over the years, not to mention...
wrote on 2020-02-12 | by Anonymous15057
First life in a bisexual threesome
genre: bisexual
Hello, This is a real story of my life im a man 28 years old i always had fantacies about been fucked by a husband while his wife watching or massage and suck husband dick and lick his wife pussy.... I live in a country in north africa so we have a lot of tourists in the city so i always had fantacie when im very horny i will go downtown...
wrote on 2020-02-12 | by Eagle
Bored Housewife Attacks The Neighbor Boy
genre: cheating
****************************** He is cute. Young and lives right next door. My husband being away on business for one thing or another made for some lonely nights. This college student home for summer vacation was a nice distraction. He sunned himself, having the luxury of time and no job to busy himself. Spoiled I’d say- his father said he...
wrote on 2020-02-12 | by Trish Maine
Girl who loves feet
genre: fetish
When I was 7 I lost my mother in an accident She was so pretty she always wore heels and pantyhose and took her shoes off a lot since I was 5 I would wear her hose and say look at me I have bare feet too I used to rub my mothers feet quite often when mom died I asked my dad for my moms pantyhose He said sure I used to put them on and get my...
wrote on 2020-02-12 | by Trina
For the hate of incest
genre: incest
True story. My name Antonio as I am known in Midland, Gauteng Province of South African. Names of characters twisted for their protection whatever that is. I am 174 CM tall,36 year old former soccer player. Working as a health professional. I was a loyal partner to my partner until one freaky accident that put me out of work for three months....
wrote on 2020-02-12 | by Antonio
Mom had a foot fetish
genre: incest
my family are the most unlikely people for incest and fetish but it happened it started with my aunt my mother sisters cousin and daughters It started at 5 when I was in church with my aunt Rose and my mom Rose took her heels off and crossed her legs in church i got down on my knees and started fondling her feet she whispered look at Billy he...
wrote on 2020-02-11 | by Bill00
Two Titties Part 2 of 2
genre: threesome
Part 1 of 2 is here: **************************** “Are you going to give me a titty-fuck?” Si asked with a twinkle in his eye. I nodded furiously and pulled Grant further into my bosom. By the time the taxi arrived at the flat Gemma was still straddling no-neck, but had swivelled...
wrote on 2020-02-11 | by Trish Maine
Micah Takes a Chance
genre: lesbian
Micah woke that morning with the warmth of the sun shining onto her through her bedroom window. She stretched her body to promote her wakefulness, and quickly realized that her dream the night before had left her as aroused as it had done for the past several nights. Moving her hand beneath the covers, she gently slid her middle finger inside...
wrote on 2020-02-10 | by PherBal
My teacher's kitchen
genre: first times
I was a junior in high school when Deliah started working there. She was a 22 yr blonde beauty who had the attention of every single guy with a dick in our school. Even the lesbian ones crushed hard on her. She was the perfect woman you could possibly dream of. A beautiful oval face with blonde locks falling over it in a sexy way,...
wrote on 2020-02-10 | by EroticMystery

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