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I truly love him
genre: zoophilia
She rested her head on the carpet whilst her huge boobs pressed flat on the floor, Freddy her two yrs old dalmatian dog was humping her tight pussy, she was feeling the huge knot opening further wide her vaginal channel, a fantastic sensation was growing within her inner flesh ... she knows it so well ... she was approaching to an amazing...
wrote on 2020-09-18 | by Juan Alberto
Two Louisiana English Teachers make threesome whopee with lucky student
genre: threesome
The fast and furious relationship between former Destrehan High School English teacher Shelley Dufresne, 34, and her then-16-year-old male student began with simple flirting, a prosecutor said as her trial began Tuesday (April 25) in Jefferson Parish. But the relationship quickly advanced to multiple sexual encounters inside her Honda Pilot SUV...
wrote on 2020-09-18 | by cutyourhair
Shila's birthday
genre: domination
Wife Shila (37 white, big boobs, curvey) For her birthday we put the kids at her parents for the weekend and went on vacation. I suggest we "re-live" our youth and go to a dance bar. When we arrive she is concerned that the place looks a little shady, I just tease her and say she is getting old. We dance, drink, have fun, drink some more. When...
wrote on 2020-09-18 | by BadHub
Teacher banged boy while other boy watched in classroom...
genre: straight
A sixth-grade schoolteacher accused of repeatedly having sex with one of her male students, also allegedly fondled him during class and had sex with him in her classroom while another student watched. Brittany Zamora, 28, allegedly had sex with the student on three occasions between Feb. 1, 2018 and March 8, 2018. The teacher also traded nude...
wrote on 2020-09-18 | by cutyourhair
The Dance
genre: fetish
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WARNING! This is ADULT oriented material of a strong sexual nature. It is also a work of FICTION. If you find yourself confusing fantasy with reality, then click your browser's back button now. The COPYRIGHT of this story remains with the author, Night Owl. This...
wrote on 2020-09-18 | by Night Owl
Spying on mom in shower
genre: incest
True story one day me and my mom was out mowing the yard after we was done we went inside to take a shower i took mine first but as i was there i decided to flim my mom in the shower i always wanted to but i was to afraid id get caught but thats the day i got brave enough to do it there was a shelf that was above the toliet pointing straight to...
wrote on 2020-09-17 | by Momfucker
Teacher 'partied in panties’ and ‘had threesome sex’ with teen in Snapchat vid
genre: group sex
A married high school teacher in California – arrested Sept. 20 and charged with unlawful sex and oral copulation with a minor – could face more felony charges. Samantha Lee Ciotta, 32, a mother of two, has been accused of having sex with one of her underage students. She was arrested after she allegedly appeared in a raunchy Snapchat video...
wrote on 2020-09-17 | by cutyourhair
"Teacher with benefits"
genre: group sex
A former Utah English teacher accused of having sex with two students is facing additional charges after a third alleged victim has come forward. Brianne Altice, 35, a former teaching assistant at Davis High School in Kaysville, was arrested in October 2013 on suspicion of having sex with a 16-year-old boy. In August of this year, a second...
wrote on 2020-09-16 | by cutyourhair
Texas High School teacher in orgies with teenage boys
genre: group sex
On the third day of an explosive Texas student-teacher sex trial, a former high-school student said the oral sex he got from Brittni Colleps made him “happy” to be at her family’s home. Colleps is accused of having group sex with four students while a fifth videotaped the scene. “Richard,” a pseudonym, testified that he doesn’t think...
wrote on 2020-09-16 | by cutyourhair
Horny Sara
genre: straight
"It's only a little blow job," Sara said to herself in the mirror the first time. It had been so long since she had given a blow job. It had also been so long since she had felt the touch of a man. Late in the evening with the lights down low. Sara laid her head in Mikes's lap. It was innocent enough at first. Sara is a woman on a mission...
wrote on 2020-09-16 | by Janice Joe
Teacher Of The Year Gave A Blowjob To A Student In Classroom
genre: straight
A Texas educator once lauded as her district’s “Teacher of the Year” allegedly performed oral sex on a student in a classroom, authorities said. Randi Chaverria, a 36-year-old family and consumer science teacher at Round Rock High School, was arrested Tuesday after a student told police she had performed oral on him twice in October,...
wrote on 2020-09-16 | by cutyourhair
Best teacher possible
genre: incest
At 18,I still had no real experience other than jerking my own cock of course,every chance I got.I live with my mom who until recently,I never really thought of in a sexual way.I don't know why,she is everything any guy would want.She still wears two piece bikinis'and she never got any stretch marks even though she gained about sixty pounds with...
wrote on 2020-09-16 | by Handjobaddict-Mike g smooth
I got pregnant
genre: straight
My husband woke up that morning with a broad smile, my hand was grabbing his shaft ... he said ... what's going on sweetheart? then I put my boobs on his chest and start to rub my nipples over the hairs ... he added ... you have to do more than this if you want to get me in the mood darling ... then I slide to his cock and start to make...
wrote on 2020-09-15 | by Juan Alberto
Sleeping mom
genre: incest
One day my mom had come home after working all day she took a bunch of xnax after a hour or so i went to check on her she was out of it i yelled mom no reply she had a button up shirt so i begagn to unbutton her shirt i then removed her bra reveling her big nice tits i started to play with them and started sucking her nipples til they were rock...
wrote on 2020-09-15 | by Unkown
How i became a brother and father. Part 1 of 2
genre: incest
It was a stormy night.My dad was gone on business. And my mom and me where home and the storm was getting bad. Me and my mom decided to make our beds in the living room by the fire place. Just in cast the lights went out. We sat watching the news the man on the tv said to stay in doors. Only to go out if need to. And bout an hour later the...
wrote on 2020-09-15 | by Bryan johnson
Pet woman for teen girls pt 1
genre: domination
It was my fault,I should have known better than to have made a bet with the teen daughter and her bestie as she was after all my bosses daughter,and like her mom,a force to be reckoned with.I winced as the ropes around my wrists and legs held me firm, trussed up my arms behind me,legs spreaderbar apart,the rope from my wrists through the ring in...
wrote on 2020-09-15 | by Ginnislut
The day I noticed Kim
genre: cheating
I work in a busy office which is full of nice looking women. We all sit in cubicles and work hard and occasionally we all meet up for drinks and some people find themselves hooking up with each other. I’m a married man so I would not want to cheat with anyone at work. I have cheated before and have no problem doing so again. So one day I was...
wrote on 2020-09-14 | by Jude78
genre: masturbation
I'm Katherine, since I have memory, I've been always horny, I remember I started to touch my bald kitty at the age of 9, by that time I liked to put my middle finger between my pussy lips and run it up and down till I start to tremble. Once whilst I was doing that my Mom came in and she saw me shaking then she took me to the doctor thinking I...
wrote on 2020-09-14 | by Juan Alberto
No help from loved one
genre: masturbation
It's almost 5 months, never thought i will stay up so long in this pandemic far from you, though missing those canteen stuffs, and meetings. This is ME , i cant use my name , so consider my girl as HER., due to this pandemic we dont have another chance other than to stay alone in our home’s . Its very much nice to have home foods, and staying...
wrote on 2020-09-14 | by Alonewritter
The girl at the grocery store
genre: cheating
As soon as I walked into the store I saw her. Dark skinned young woman in a blue dress. She was beautiful. When I got close to her I could see the panty line under her dress, and when she turned around I could see that she was wearing no bra and her breasts were full and youthful. We past each other a few times, and I caught her smiling at me...
wrote on 2020-09-13 | by Jude78
Three women
genre: domination
On January 6, 2012, Marilyn Early was celebrating her 50th birthday with friends. The group had dinner and then went to the Rivers Casino in downtown Pittsburgh to gamble. After the party broke up, Early returned to her townhouse in Hempfield Township, Beaver County at approximately 2:30 a.m. on January 7th. She was not ready to end her evening,...
wrote on 2020-09-13 | by cutyourhair
Danish man rapes his daughter on his wedding night 'after mistaking her for his wife'
genre: incest
A Danish man has been found guilty of raping his daughter on his own wedding night, after defending his actions by saying he thought she was his wife. The incident took place at a country estate near Kolding, southern Denmark, in August last year, where the 50-year-old was holding his wedding reception. The daughter, 20, had passed out drunk in...
wrote on 2020-09-13 | by cutyourhair
She didn't say no
genre: group sex
At approximately 12:30 a.m. on December 21, Jason Wassil and two friends, Josh Ely and Brandon Bailey, arrived at a bar known as "Slim and Jumbo's." Earlier in the evening, Mary Ann Anderson and a co-worker/friend, Melissa Cree, had met friends at the same establishment. Near closing time, Ely approached Anderson and asked her to dance....
wrote on 2020-09-13 | by cutyourhair
Sex with my Sister
genre: incest
It all Started one day when my mom and dad went away to Hawaii for there 20th Anniversary. Me and my sister Lexi were both home together and I was in my room playing video games. Lexi just turned 18 last week and I was 20. Me and Lexi were always close as brother and sister and we loved each other very much. I was playing my video game, when...
wrote on 2020-09-13 | by Rob T.
Junkyard dog
genre: zoophilia
I took a job working at a 24hr. junkyard,they wanted me to work the night shift,they said they had a watch dog that lived on the yard but he was a gentle giant, I love big dogs, so I was excited about meeting him,I came in early, it was hot!, so I wore cut off jeans and t shirt, the boss showed me what to do,he said lets meet Pete,we went out...
wrote on 2020-09-12 | by Dezzi

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