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Making the best of the Covid lockdown
genre: incest
I'm Gerard 21 unemployed due to the lockdown. I live with my mother Joyce 40 and gran Heather 60. My father cleared out years ago and haven't heard from him since. After several days of the lockdown, I was starting to climb the walls and hearing moaning coming from my mother's room. I went to see if she was okay and walked in on her masturbating...
wrote on 2020-11-28 | by Gerard Bu
Jack's Offshore
genre: trans
The blue and white Bell Jet Ranger helicopter was closing on the oil rig, eighty miles into the green choppy sea off Port Fourcon, Louisiana. Jack told himself he wasn't going back offshore again! Ever! Yet, here he finds himself, accepting another hitch -- not on the platform he's flying to, but on the one-hundred-forty foot supply boat tied up...
wrote on 2020-11-28 | by Lawrence Trybe
genre: incest
It's just me and dad, 5 years ago mom died of cancer. But last year i noticed my dad eyes would linger longer than normal. I caught him a couple of times. So today is a beautiful sunny day and spent some time in the pool. And going to seduce daddy with my really tiny bikini. I finished showering wearing my red tiny bikini with triangles that...
wrote on 2020-11-26 | by Shara
Removable Drive H:Kelly Brown #1:
genre: voyeur
I loved what technology could do! I turned on the computer. Plugged in my mobile phone. Downloaded my footage... taken at maximum resolution... Brought it up on the main monitor, the biggest one... large! almost life sized! I stood, pulled off my shorts and undies and sat back down on my gaming chair. Turned on the fan. Hit the Play...
wrote on 2020-11-25 | by Mostly Harmless
Slutty mommy seduces
genre: incest
"Mmmm damned that feels good!" I hissed as the large head of Kyle's big cock slid through the rubbery ring of my asshole and into my guts. "You like that!" Kyle moaned quietly. "God yessss, I do." I whimpered in pleasure as I stood bracing myself against the kitchen island. "Like this." Kyle moaned softly as he gently pushed his large prick...
wrote on 2020-11-22 | by Kendra
I've cheated on every flat chested ex-GF, one caught me and it gave me a 'cheat code' about the itty bitty titty committee
genre: cheating
I'm a hot guy, tall, big D, and have everything going for me, so I always believe I deserve the best. I've tried dating the itty bitty titty club (flat chested, small boobs, small tits, small breasts) a few times and I ended up CHEATING ON ALL OF THEM. One of them caught me cheating and ironically it made her want me MORE. I'll get back to that...
wrote on 2020-11-21 | by Mac
Claire joins the swim team
genre: bisexual
It was mid-afternoon on a Saturday when Claire remembered she had an appointment to tutor two guys from the swim team. Picking up her books she headed to their dorm. She was wearing jeans and a loose sweater. She looked fairly plain. Underneath her clothes she a pair of white bikini panties and a lacy white bra. I guess I look OK she...
wrote on 2020-11-21 | by anono
Melony the Futa chapter two
genre: romantic
Melony exited college late she was supposed to be getting a lift to her flat from Maddie, who she hoped had waited for her. She had; Melony could just about make out her friend's car in the still waiting in the congested car park. Students were standing or milling about between the cars and other vehicles, talking, laughing and arguing in a loud...
wrote on 2020-11-20 | by Will Dickinson
Melony the Futa chapter one
genre: romantic
Melony Thompson an eighteen-year-old college student, sat uncomfortably on her chair watching the clock on the wall of the classroom. In the background, she could hear the teacher, but she really could not concentrate. Idly she wondered which of the other students faced the same problem she faced. The bell went and Melony was out of the door...
wrote on 2020-11-20 | by Will Dickinson
Cousins massage turns sexual
genre: fetish
My cousin is 3 years younger than me and I watched her grow up and develop great tits and a nice ass. I know that’s taboo but I couldn’t help it as kids we would play truth or dare and the dares would turn dirty a bit like she’d dare me to let her see my dick or touch it and I’d dare her to show me her undeveloped small boobs and another...
wrote on 2020-11-20 | by Brayden
Claire gets Gang Banged
genre: group sex
What a week it had been. Claire was on her way out the door of her job at the store when she saw four guys in the warehouse. She heard them laughing and asked where they were headed. To a club they said. Claire asked if she could go too. And they said she probably would not like it. Oh it’s one of those places she said. I don’t know why...
wrote on 2020-11-20 | by Anono
genre: group sex
One day in August a month after she got married, the 24-y/o Astrid explained to Jonah, her dominant, white and 25-y/o husband, that she fantasized about simulated force. 'Really?' he inquired. 'Really, because I'm a masochist needing abuse.' 'That's for sure!' Jonah replied as he fiercely slapped her beautiful face under her long, red...
wrote on 2020-11-19 | by The Pig-Master
9 Minutes!
genre: zoophilia
It was still dark when I woke up. Aware that I was getting a hard on... but not sure why. Feeling myself swelling up, half erect already, the softest of touch's from my current girlfriend's hands rythmically pressing my dick back against myself. She had a great body... I pick the best looking women. I like them hard and fast! Tall, slim and...
wrote on 2020-11-19 | by Mostly Harmless
Secretary Sandwich, Pt. 4
genre: group sex
Having generated more attention around the office as of late, Abby was in a new situation tonight as she followed one of her new friends up to his apartment. Following several months of being shared between her boss and his business associate, Abby, unbeknownst to her at the time, had been caught in action with the two gentlemen, leading to some...
wrote on 2020-11-18 | by DoublePenetr8
Secretary Sandwich, Pt. 3
genre: group sex
Jason cleared his desk while Abby, his secretary, unbuttoned her top as she faced him. It was now customary for the two to celebrate the weekend with a session in his office before they hit the town. Behind Abby, Shane, Jason's business partner, sat down with his pants already undone and his cock out and rigid. He slowly stroked himself as the...
wrote on 2020-11-18 | by DoublePenetr8
Secretary Sandwich, Pt. 2
genre: group sex
A couple months had passed since business partners Jason and Shane began double-teaming Jason's secretary, Abby. The first couple weeks were a blur, during which the 25-year-old blonde was treated to about as much dick as she had in the rest of her life combined aided by the fact that she was almost always taking two simultaneously. None of the...
wrote on 2020-11-18 | by DoublePenetr8
Secretary Sandwich
genre: threesome
Jason walked from his new corner office on the fourth floor to the copier room just down the hall. He had been with this company for close to a decade, spending most of it in the same position. A few weeks ago, he finally got that promotion he had been working toward and moved into this new office a week later. At last he was doing work that was...
wrote on 2020-11-18 | by DoublePenetr8
A Delicious Jessie Sandwich
genre: threesome
No girl has impacted me like my friend Jessie, and no sexual experience has affected my life more than the one I shared with her on December 26, 2013. Yes, we did slip up earlier that year when I took her in during a snow storm. It wasn't our intention, but we ended up having sex that night, the result of nearly 10 years of unresolved sexual...
wrote on 2020-11-18 | by DoublePenetr8
Keeping Up with the Neighbors, Pt. 2
genre: group sex
Jason, Shane and Mel were three young people who had a least two things in common: they all lived in the same neighborhood, and they had all had group sex together during the past summer. Jason and Shane were in their early 30s, both around 6' tall with an athletic build. Mel was in her mid-30s, short, thin, toned with dark Italian skin, dark...
wrote on 2020-11-18 | by DoublePenetr8
Keeping Up with the Neighbors
genre: threesome
Melinda, or Mel, as her friends called her, is a mid-30s Italian girl who had lived in the same neighborhood for the past decade. She owned a modest home on a quiet street where she spent most of her time gardening and working out her tight, tan body. Most of her neighbors were older couples, so, beside friendly conversation, she didn't have...
wrote on 2020-11-18 | by DoublePenetr8
Mel... or Julie?
genre: bisexual
I gave my warmth to her... watched as she drifted away Pleasant dreams, Tina! Did I love her enough, I wondered... could I really accept all she was... and could she accept me, long term? Our lovemaking had been bittersweet... both of us crying at how good it was, how the other made us feel... loved, wanted... needed. But despite...
wrote on 2020-11-17 | by Mostly Harmless
Beginnings: Charlotte
genre: first times
This is the second installment of stories describing my early sexual encounters. Gemma was my first, Charlotte was my second, a very different girl and a very different experience. Charlotte and I went to the same private school together. Our parents knew each other so I knew her from a young age. When we had sex I was 18, and she had just...
wrote on 2020-11-16 | by Jude2020
Marrying my mom and sister
genre: incest
Hi guys so I'm akib (27yrs).i live with my family my mom sunaina (45yrs)..boobs of 38D and sister naziya(24yrs)..boobs of 34D.both of them are super hot.we belong to muslim in our culture we are suppose to marry our cousin sis. So my story begins... We lost our dad in a car accident 3years back. From then my mom used to be very sad...
wrote on 2020-11-16 | by barbie
I Can’t Wait For You To Touch Me
genre: romantic
I have been waiting for this moment for so long. Finally, I’m in bed with you. I know, at one point it didn’t seem possible. After all, we were both in committed relationships. You had a live-in girlfriend. I had a long-distance boyfriend. But in the office, the sparks were so sparky. They just wouldn’t die down. I thought if we just...
wrote on 2020-11-16 | by Trish Maine
Oh So Wet
genre: romantic
I grab his hand and direct it in between my legs. His fingers gently explore my wet folds. I feel him opening up my labia and sensing my readiness for him. His kissing is burning me up with desire. I feel how his arm holds me tight and pushes me to sit on top of him. This is going to get wild… It is a Netflix and chill kind of evening. It is...
wrote on 2020-11-16 | by Nora Wilson

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