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Best wedding ever
genre: incest
Mum asked to to go to my cousins wedding with her, i wasn't keen as it was a long way to go and i had plans for that weekend. Anyway i agreed to go with Mum. We got to the hotel where the reception was going to be and where we were going to be staying. We had a bit of trouble checking in, it seems that they didn't have the reservation for our...
wrote on 2017-10-20 | by harveydog
A Happy Accident
genre: incest
I am Rick 25 of a skinny build and wear glasses. I work in IT and work at the university I just graduated from with top honours. I'm very good with computers, but lousy with females. I am very shy with them, even my female cousins. I can talk to my Mother and Grandmothers, I can also talk to Aunt Ruth my Dad's sister. She lives near me about a...
wrote on 2017-10-15 | by Rick
My first taste
genre: bisexual
On Friday the thirteenth of all days one of my best friends came over to have a beer and talk for a while. As we talked he informed me that he was getting a divorce from his wife of eight years. It was easy to confide in me because too just recently got divorced. John my best friend was nice looking guy we had been friends for ten years. We...
wrote on 2017-10-15 | by davide3450
Miss Nude
genre: exibitionism
Before we get started let me introduce myself. I'm Raina , a 22 yr old girl from Pune . I was brought up in a normal family like most people. My mother is an occasional nudist and I never really got introduced to it by her. When I was 15 , I happened to be reading up on different beaches that my family and I were visiting in another country when...
wrote on 2017-10-14 | by NudeRaina
Loving My Grandmother
genre: incest
I lived in town with my parents since I was born. I was an only child so I didn't interact with other kids very well, even at school. My mom and dad's marriage seemed pretty good during the first twelve years of my life but then, they started arguing and fighting a lot. This became difficult to live with. I had a grandmother in the country. She...
wrote on 2017-10-14 | by Pianoman Rodney
My StepMom
genre: incest
When I was sixteen I got some lousy grades in a couple of my class's. As punishment my Dad wouldn't let me go rabbit hunting. Him and my two brothers were going to be gone for two weeks. I was pissed and thought I'm going to have a lousy time at home with Dallas (my stepMoms name). Little did I know that it was going to be the best two weeks of...
wrote on 2017-10-13 | by Walter
My Dear Mother and I
genre: incest
It all started a few years ago when i was 18. My dad had went out of town to Illinois for a week and it was just me and my mom in the house. Well, on a typical tuesday night, I was on my way to the kitchen to get something to eat, my mom was in there watching TV eating a banana. Now me, bieng a typical teenager going through puberty saw my mom...
wrote on 2017-10-12 | by deniadaniya
Our baby sitter wants more k9 sex,
genre: zoophilia
It had been a few weeks since we took Kim to the swingers club, but had met her a few times at our home for some more fun, each time we pushed her limits and she took it all, last time she nearly took all of my huge 12 dildo fully in her butt, this time she did, what a sight, after getting her used to the size I slipped my cock in her now very...
wrote on 2017-10-11 | by biguy
My brother
genre: bisexual
We are large family, I had 4 brothers and 3 sisters and I'm the second oldest of the boys. When I was teenager my younger brother and I sleep in same bed. One night I went to my bedroom ready to go to bed and younger brother was already in bed. As I was about to fall asleep I felt something on my shoulder and realized my brother was kissing and...
wrote on 2017-10-10 | by Jaries
The baby sitter really enjoys her sexual awaking
genre: zoophilia
We had taken Kim out a few times to the beach and continued her sex education with the guys and group fucks, by now she was willing to try any thing. After checking to make sure she was free to stay over Saturday night, for some fun, I rang a mate of mine who runs a kind of swingers club, but with a difference. I told him to make sure Ralph...
wrote on 2017-10-10 | by biguy
Caught Masturbating
genre: incest
I am Dan 32 divorced and now living with my Mothers Karen 63 also divorced. Mom is 5'11" tall 105 lbs medium size breasts. She a lawyer by profession, She is a partner in a large firm. I am by trade a denist and have my own small practice. My ex wife ran off with her boss and as we had no children, it was a simple divorce she got half of...
wrote on 2017-10-09 | by Dan
Sibling Love.
genre: incest
My mother had recently died, so I decided to live with my half brother and his dad. My brother Silas is amazingly good looking. 25, tanned, ripped, he looks like he was sculpted by God. I hadn't seen him since I was a little girl and I didn't recognise him when I went into the bar that night. I was sitting at a bar by the beach when he came up...
wrote on 2017-10-07 | by J. St James
Baby sitting a teenager
genre: group sex
As I enjoyed the ass fucking Sue was giving me with our 9-inch vibe, I though how lucky I am to have a beautiful wife that is a good fuck as well as a good fucker. I had taken my time giving her a good licking and fucked her pussy and ass to a good orgasmic finish, how she was taking her time to fuck my ass hard, I just love the way she works...
wrote on 2017-10-06 | by biguy
My Wife and the dog
genre: zoophilia
My brother had a dog named Rocky,he was a large rotweiller. Rocky weighed about a 110 pounds. My brother took his family on vacation and asked me to feed rocky. Me and my wife MJ had been fooling around and I took her while she was bent over the end of the couch. All she did was wash her pussy and we went to feed rocky. My brother lives out in...
wrote on 2017-10-06 | by Trainman86
Doing Gran
genre: incest
My name is Todd and I'm 23 and in 2001 I had just moved for work in the city from my home town. I'm a plumber by trade. I live with my Gran Karen 61 (Mom's Mom) a widow. Grandad was killed in Vietnam in 1970 and Gran never remarried. I was staying with Gran in her 2 bedroom 1 bath cottage. I was replacing Grans old rusted water pipe with new...
wrote on 2017-10-05 | by Todd
I got my Mom Pregnant by mistake
genre: incest
It was last christmas holidays I was home from college and I was staying in our guest room over the garage. As we had alot of relatives visiting. Guest room that stretching it. It was attic on top the garage used for storage. It had a old bed and a tap with a basin with a small window about 14 inches square. You got into it by an outside...
wrote on 2017-10-04 | by Fred
Me and Chanel
genre: straight
Hi, my name is Josh. This is a story/fantasy that gets me hard thinking about it. I hope you enjoy. This takes place in my highschool. All people are depicted as 18+. Me and this girl named Chanel were forced to go back to highschool on Saturday for getting paint all over the whole classroom in an art lesson. She wasn't the hottest girl in the...
wrote on 2017-10-04 | by Joshua's Stories
Cum loving Cousin
genre: incest
Long story short. Just over 3 years ago I was hit in the groin by a baseball. It hit me very hard and I was taken to hospital. A inch lower and I would not be here, but there was some nerve damage and lost of feeling. I live on the east coast and all my family live out west. Except for Rachel 33 my cousin, She single & works as a Manager at...
wrote on 2017-10-03 | by Mike
Mother & Sister
genre: incest
I'm now 34 and am still recovering from the Accident of 10 years ago. But I can now walk, even if it is with 2 canes. I was in an accident in the family's scrap steel yard. I standing near they were moving scrap and when it was dropped, part of it hit a piece rail and it catapulted a piece of scrap that hit my back. I was badly injured and was...
wrote on 2017-10-02 | by Mike
Get away, uninhibited sex
genre: straight
After finding out about my wife's affairs we had been separated for about 15 Months, I had started seeing an old friend. She had been our daycare provider for several years and we had always been flirtatious with each other but also respectful and had never crossed the line though the temptation was there for us both. She had gone through a...
wrote on 2017-09-27 | by Muskie
Cheating deal!
genre: voyeur
Married for 26 years I recently walked in to find my wife’s laptop sitting there open. Curiosity got the best of me so I looked at what she was doing, her Facebook page was open I expected nothing and was looking for nothing but then the messenger tab opened up and there it was. She had been talking to a guy she met some 20 years ago while on...
wrote on 2017-09-27 | by muskie
Cum loving dog
genre: zoophilia
As with most adolescent boys I was very curious about sex and of course very horny. My family had a large woods behind our home, I would often take long walks into the woods and sometimes masturbate in a nice quiet safe spot. we had a couple of dogs which would always be up for a long walk in the woods or down to the lake to fish. One day while...
wrote on 2017-09-25 | by Muskie
Horny Dog
genre: zoophilia
My brother had a female dog (labrador) she was horny...always humping everybody's leg. Few times she was so horny she came to me and turn her back and let her pussy available. I can see her wet pussy, I thought about trying and have sex with her but I couldn't. I was sooo turned on and kept looking her. One time I touch her with my finger and...
wrote on 2017-09-25 | by Jaries
New Desire
genre: straight
My wife and I have been separated for about 1 1/2 years, we still date go out and still spend time together. recently we were at our home and doing some yard work getting g it cleaned up for our sons graduation party. It was a hot day, she looked great in some little shorts and a tank top, both of us getting hot a sweaty. My wife offers to make...
wrote on 2017-09-22 | by Muskie
Thought I'd give it a try
genre: gay
Having been in a nearly sexless marriage for the last several years I had become well skilled at grabbing my cock and stroking myself to orgasm. I loved the feeling of my cock growing in my hand, the way my hand rubbed across my abs, the feeling of my hand on my own inner thigh, more than anything the way my cock swelled prior to climax and I...
wrote on 2017-09-22 | by muskie

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