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The Farm
genre: zoophilia
I am 32 years old and happily married to my farmer husband for 15 years. His name is Jon and I am Rose. OK I was 17 but don't judge me. It was love at first sight. He is 12 months older than me and we met when I went to the farm he worked on with a trip from school. He was all muscular and fit. I gave him my house phone number and we would chat...
wrote on 2019-04-24 | by GaynorBlue
Feeling Lonely
genre: straight
I'm single and went on a holiday bus tour, I had heard how the girls out number the boys on these tours. I booked and paid on line, I didn't check out the tour all that much. I got a shock when I turned up for the tour. All the other passengers were in their fifties or older. At 33 I was the youngest by far, even the bus crew were in there...
wrote on 2019-04-24 | by Lester
Birthday Sex
genre: incest
Where do I begin? I’m the mother of this girl who in a few months will be graduating high school then move on to college when the fall starts. It also happens to be her birthday today. So, I picked her up at school planning do a little bit of shopping with her before we went back home. Cindy’s classmates call her “hot.” Personally, she...
wrote on 2019-04-23 | by VA
Penile Rectal Stimulation
genre: gay
Being a doctor is great on most days. What I dislike the most is having to teach lectures to kids. When I say kids, I mean medical students who have the mental capacity of 5 year olds. Do you think I'm being harsh? Then what would you say when you're taking a class on Penile cancer and your students start giggling every time you say the...
wrote on 2019-04-23 | by Vmusings
Aunt Jean
genre: incest
My fathers sister Jean is the youngest of his family and never married. At 45 she is 5'3" and runs a Rose nursery. Sell flowers to the florists around the state and interstate, Roses are her favorite flower and she has lot of different ones. But only sells 5 types, selling them according to the Color they produce. Long stemmed Red and White are...
wrote on 2019-04-23 | by Robert
Life's Pathways- Good Clyde Bad Humans
genre: zoophilia
The next morning I showered and dressed in a white T-shirt white cotton panties and light blue jeans. Dad was sat in the kitchen drinking coffee so I put my arms around him and said morning babe and kissed the top of his head. After you have eaten report to Jack, he will show you the ropes and get you some work wear. I don't want breakfast...
wrote on 2019-04-22 | by GaynorBlue
My Family
genre: incest
I'm Augustus, not a usual name these days. My father was into roman history, hence the name. My father was 49 when he married my mother Susan who was 19 at the time and they had me a year later. My father passed away at 70 and I was twenty, he had left Susan very well off and I had a large trust fund. We lived together and later on her older...
wrote on 2019-04-22 | by Augustus
genre: incest
As long as can remember I was bullied by my family. As the youngest I smaller than the rest and when fully grown was only 5'1" and skinny as a rake handle. My father wasn't interested in me and my mother had cleared out when I was 10. I was packed off to relatives as my father couldn't raise all 6 of us. I went to university and on finishing my...
wrote on 2019-04-21 | by Nigel F
Sexy Family Christmas Part 1
genre: incest
For the first time since graduating high school I was returning home for Christmas. Christmas break had just started and I was eager to head home to see my family. I hadn’t seen my mother and sister in forever. My sister was 20 just a year older. She was built similarly to my mother. She had long blonde hair with light blue eyes. Her skin was...
wrote on 2019-04-21 | by Knifer
Mature Women
genre: straight
I'm Nathaniel 25 self employed, single average build and looks. I had a fling with my former landlady last year, she was lonely and her husband John was away working, it started with a few drinks and ended up with sex. It's over now and I quite enjoyed it, any I had the chance to buy my own apartment and so I did and moved last October. But...
wrote on 2019-04-21 | by Nathaniel
genre: poems
I want to study every corner Of your body, All of which that makes you whole. I want to find ever key For every secret You keep behind closed doors. I want to memorize The variety of your expressions Just as if they were my own. I want to read your eyes And know when your pupils dilate, I want to know you inside out To the point I become the...
wrote on 2019-04-21 | by MikaeL
genre: gay
Kyle and I were dating for almost a year now. We met early in our sophomore year in college, and when we entered our junior year together, we decided to rent an apartment together and see how things went. So far, it was going great. We had a lot in common - we were the same age (21), we both liked going to the gym and the movies, we had a...
wrote on 2019-04-20 | by Shawn
My wife finds her colleague sexy Part 2
genre: bisexual
It’s necessary to read Part 1 so that Part 2 makes sense. After the BBQ in part 1 when my wife fucked her sexy, big dicked colleague it triggered many discussions between us about fantasies and what we would like to make reality. I confessed to her that I had always been curious about what it would be like to have a nice, big, hard dick in...
wrote on 2019-04-20 | by Bicuckold
Country Life
genre: incest
Ever since I can remember I wanted to live on a farm, but I was born in the city. My family is very well off, my life was mapped out for me before I could walk. At university I took extra subjects, that I could use when I got my own farm. Veterinary sciences I done the best of all my subjects, my father wasn't happy with me showing no interest...
wrote on 2019-04-19 | by Ansel
Fun time with a Stranger
genre: romantic
I am a 23 year old architect. Last month I got a restoration work of an old haveli in the outskirts of the city. As the project was going to take few months to complete I decided to shift near to the site location. The house was very close to the main road but was the only house within 5kms of radius. One evening, after long working hours I was...
wrote on 2019-04-18 | by Maya
My wife finds her colleague sexy part 1
genre: bisexual
My wife is the most beautiful woman, 5’ 1” 110 lbs with the tightest body you can imagine. Great D cup breasts. Me, I’m 5’ 9” athletic build and my circumsized cock is about 6” long. My wife was married before her and I started dating. The man she was married to had a very small uncut cock. She never told me how small but I remember...
wrote on 2019-04-18 | by Destroyher4me
My Boss
genre: straight
I'm Jim 36 single, last year had transferred to a rural office to do more hands on work. As at the head office it is just the same almost everyday. The much smaller office gave me more scope to follow a project thru to completion. The office manager was Rhonda 47 divorced no children, she looked great for a woman of her age. Slim figure and...
wrote on 2019-04-18 | by Jim
Life's Pathways - Bonnie meets Clyde
genre: zoophilia
As Jenny walked back to the house she called into the farm office. In the back office she found Jack looking at charts and schedules for the next few month. She knocked on the door and went in. Hi Jack she said and Jack stood up and gave her a light kiss on the cheek. How’s my favourite girl he asked? Getting there Jenny replied. He raised...
wrote on 2019-04-17 | by GaynorBlue
Linda- her first time.
genre: incest
Linda was just your average girl. She was 20 and lived at home with her brother and mother after her father passed away. She mostly kept to herself as she had naughty thoughts. Most days, Linda thought of her Brother Kyle in ways that were in her mind unnatural. She often thought of Kyle as her lover and not her brother. Every night, she would...
wrote on 2019-04-17 | by Bibibi
Reuniting with my Family
genre: incest
I'm Karl widow now 67 retired, have 5 grown children and all have left home. At the age of 5 I was fostered out. For 12 years I was away from my mother Joan and my twin sisters Kelly and Jodie. My father had died when I was 5 and that was the main reason I fostered away from my mother and sisters. The family I placed with moved away and my...
wrote on 2019-04-17 | by Karl
Spinster Aunt
genre: incest
I Gordon 24 single and live with my divorced mother Carol 42, I'm her only child. My mother youngest sister Joanne 35 is single and a spinster according to Carol. Never been fucked or in any relationship with a man. She is a quiet person who works in a university library as a researcher. She tracks down any books or papers the professors want,...
wrote on 2019-04-16 | by Gordon
My Gran
genre: incest
Long Story Short. I had to live with my Gran Beryl, mainly because I was at university. But also my grandfather had passed away last year and she was alone. Gran is in her middle sixties and is an active woman. She is 5'7" and a little overweight and I'm 5'9" little overweight with glasses. At 21 I was still a virgin and shy around girls, my...
wrote on 2019-04-16 | by Lionel
Returned Home
genre: straight
I left home and went overseas after my divorced. My wife Ellen had an affair and flatly told that I had to accept it. I worked for her family's business and I wouldn't be were I am except for her family. But she hadn't reckon on the fact that I ran the business for them. I resigned and we divorced. My 2 children were grown an stayed with their...
wrote on 2019-04-16 | by Ian
Chelsea The Pet Sitter
genre: zoophilia
Mrs. Baxter who lives down the street from asked if I could mind Dexter her Doberman because she was going to hospital for a minor operation. It would only be for a few hours and I will pay you. Mrs. Baxter or Grace is a sweet old lady. She very rarely see her family but is always cheerful. I said I would gladly do it. Dexter is a huge beast but...
wrote on 2019-04-15 | by GaynorBlue
Mountain Holiday
genre: straight
I Graham 22 single, last month I went to the mountains for a holiday. I wanted to get away after breaking up with my girlfriend. I like mountain bike riding and walking so I went for 2 weeks. I had hired a cabin, nothing fancy just the basics. First day I went bike riding and got my bearings and next I went for a 5 hour walk. I stopped at the...
wrote on 2019-04-15 | by Graham

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