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TORTURE me Auntie
genre: incest
TORTURE me Auntie Spending the summer with my aunt excited me. On arrival my cock turned hard. She was a kinky slut pig that focused on cock torture. She offered me some of her piss iced tea which I had missed. I was now expected to be the urinal for her or friends. We were now naked so she slapped my cock for some time. I always enjoy that....
wrote on 2020-08-02 | by hurtmycock
Kathy’s dirty rules, part two
genre: incest
Kathy’s dirty rules, part two She was excited as Daddy was to drive her to town tonight. At 18 she figured she could get a driving permit if she needed it anytime. Besides, she wanted to show off for Daddy at the adult bookstore theater. Her three brothers had told her how to be a slut for all. Daddy was home at last & took off his clothes...
wrote on 2020-08-01 | by hurtmycock
My mom's hair pt. 3
genre: fetish
anyone who has read my first two stories already knows all about my mom's drop dead gorgeous locks. let me tell you how I first starting being aroused by her hair. Someone she knows told me all about it, saying, "dude, have you ever felt your mom's hair before?", I replied with a "no.", then they said, "dude, it's so long and thick, you should...
wrote on 2020-08-01 | by mhzbaby
Peace had an awesome hole.
genre: incest
Peace is my wifes young sister. She was 20 years then in 2017. I asked her to escort me to a tour on ssezibwa falls. She agreed i was making a research on tree species. Am 26 now peace is 23 she is still wanting my big cassava. So when we reached there we walked deep in the forest, i donot know what happened but i found my self horny. So i...
wrote on 2020-07-31 | by Samuel
How i got my ex back with Dr Adoda love spell.
genre: witness
Please visit ( ( i am here to give testimony on how this powerful spell caster called Dr Adoda helped me to fix my relationship. i was heartbroken when my fiancee told me he is no longer interested in marrying me because he was having an affair with the other woman where he work. I...
wrote on 2020-07-31 | by Cyril Vivian
Impregnated my sister inlaw
genre: incest
Hi My name is sammy 26 years, i have been with my wife astar since september 2014. We finished together high school. She is a nice loving woman with every thing i deserve. We stayed together until 2015 whe she introduced her sister Annet to me. My wife she is a toll woman small with small breasts and nice tight pussy. We have fucked over six...
wrote on 2020-07-31 | by Samuel
Birthday Gift : Part One
genre: bondage
I had decided to stay home, during the holidays, as mum and grandma went for a trip that week and I had some assignments to take care of, for college. It was a chilly winter morning, when I heard a knock on my door. I was in the midst of brewing some warm tea before I could watch some holiday flicks on Netflix. "Coming" I shouted, but it took me...
wrote on 2020-07-31 | by Devourer
I had sex with my neices that shouldn't ever happen
genre: incest
I'm Chris 63 years old living in Denver Colorado and I have a very high sex drive for my age that's to my neices My sex life started when I was eight years old my mother passed and my dad wanted to move to Michigan We stand with my half sister and she had two girls name Kim twelve Mary eleven and one boy named Rusty thirteen I was talking...
wrote on 2020-07-31 | by Chris Armstrong
Surprise Bondage
genre: bondage
I remember, when I came back home from work one day and it happened. I used to work as an air hostess back then, we had to be dolled up, in our most pristine attire. Tight skirts which made it difficult for any movements in the leg, especially above the thighs and a tight shirt which could hardly conceal my erect nipples as the cabin was always...
wrote on 2020-07-30 | by Devourer
My cousin (03)
genre: incest
Skylar is on top of me, facing the other direction while i fuck the living shit out of her. I cum and slap her ass. "Fuck. I'm not finished yet" she said. I nod and i pick her off the bed and put her on my face. Soon all of her juices explode all over me and then she lets out a loud moan. "Fuck.... that was so good. It's been a pretty good...
wrote on 2020-07-30 | by Cousinfuck
My cousin (02)
genre: incest
We started to clean up and we soon went back downstairs to the party. We decided it was best to go on our separate ways to avoid gossip. After about 8 minutes of wandering around, I sit on a chair at the corner of the yard and i pull out my phone to shoot Skylar a text. What does hooking up mean for us? Was it just sex? Or something else? I...
wrote on 2020-07-30 | by Cousinfuck
My makeover
genre: bisexual
I found an ad in the paper from a woman who would transform men into women with makeup and clothes.I called her,we talked for a bit,and she asked me what I was looking for.I told her,and we set up an appointment.She lived in Los Angeles,and I drove up there that afternoon.She was a very attractive woman in her 30's.Her name was Vickie,and she...
wrote on 2020-07-29 | by Nylon lover
My cousin (01)
genre: incest
I've been fantasizing about my cousin, Skylar for years. I beat off to her all the time. I couldn't stop thinking about her and I eventually decided to let it go. That changed last week I was at a family reunion and I was hanging out with Skylar. She and I were trying to watch Netflix, to get away from the loud music and the smell of beer. She...
wrote on 2020-07-29 | by Cousinfuck
The party
genre: bisexual
That evening,the party was in full swing.Everyone was drinking and having a good time.My sister introduced me to her gay friend Gary.We hit it off right away.We did some shots,and shotgunned some beers.The music was really loud,and it was hard to listen when someone was talking.I asked Gary if he wanted to go out to the garage.I had a nice set...
wrote on 2020-07-29 | by Nylon lover
Kathy's dirty rules
genre: incest
Kathy's dirty rules At last he was home! Tossing hls clothes aside. His naked family consisted of a very hot sex crazed daughter 18, and five older boys. When Mom passed Dad announced Kathy made the rules. She decided Friday was all on sex night, Every day the males were to jerk off into the cristal goblet placed on a table by the door. Dad...
wrote on 2020-07-29 | by hurtmycock
My lust
genre: incest
I set at the kitchen bar watching my son Jacob as he bustled in the kitchen fixing us dinner. I thought about how he had become such a man since his father walked out on us three years ago. I also didn't know how he did it. A full-time job. Night classes at the community college and still manage to keep up on things around the house. He...
wrote on 2020-07-29 | by Janice Joe
Romantic sex in the hospital with celebrity crush
genre: straight
You wake up in a hospital bed, with your parents say next to you. You where in a terrible car accident, but where only injured. It could have been much worse. You looked down at your leg in a cast and stitches on your stomach from where a glass shard sliced you, and feel the bandage on your head. You get up and remember the talk you and your...
wrote on 2020-07-28 | by Rosie D.
Fucking a gorgeous twink until anal orgasm
genre: bisexual
Well I’m a fit bisexual male in my early 30’s. I’m 225 solid muscle filled with tattoos and about 511. I enjoy woman more and like to date woman but occasionally I like me a nice gorgeous twink to fuck. So a few years back I was home alone having some drinks. I was extremely horny and when I get really horny I usually want some gay sex. I...
wrote on 2020-07-28 | by Thick hunk
My blind date was man's best friend
genre: zoophilia
I had lost my boyfriend in an accident two years now, I have not been dating or anything , so sad. But my friend in another state has lost her husband six months ago, so she invited me up, as to share how I have dealt with my loss, I have not. She told me she has been getting over hers and hope I will find someone too. But it's hard, as I feel a...
wrote on 2020-07-28 | by Plainpretty
My mom's hair pt. 2
genre: fetish
As I described in my last story my mom has very long thick soft silky curly light brown hair. A few years ago, we were at home and someone came for my little sister and the whole time they were there I stared at my mom's hair wishing I could play with it. They left and my mom had seen that I had been watching her hair, told me to go ahead and so...
wrote on 2020-07-28 | by mhzbaby
Hank online was my Uncle
genre: incest
After a year of talking with Hank online, I decided to meet him as I feel it was time to see all the fantastic stuff in living color, He was an older man and I was young with just one sexual experience. We have video fuck and it was so good, watching his big dick become huge as I stimulate my clit and all the wetness gushing out, when he sees my...
wrote on 2020-07-28 | by Plainpretty
A better life
genre: threesome
Up until my husband passed away. I was only with one man ever. We had a great life together and the sex was always great. I did about whatever he asked me to do. But, he would never ask me to do something I never wanted to do anyway. It wasn't till after his death I would find out the difference between good and great sex. Tyler showed me...
wrote on 2020-07-27 | by Janice Joe
Think I'm slutty or pussy just good?
genre: poems
You say I'm slutty But yet you think I'm pretty, You know that I'm good, Whenever I take your big wood, I make you screamed, As your dick burst out cream. You never know sweet nasty, As I suck in your big cocky, You never had such pleasure, As I sit on your treasure, You never had it so good, As it sees me at attention stood. Can...
wrote on 2020-07-26 | by Plainpretty
The vicar's daughter
genre: pulp
At midday on 6 March 1986, Jill Saward and her boyfriend, David Kerr, both 21, were watching a video recording of an episode of 'Dallas' at the Saward's vicarage home in West Ealing. Jill's father, the Reverend Michael Saward, vicar of St Mary's, was preparing his Sunday sermon along the corridor. While David and Jill watched the Improbable...
wrote on 2020-07-25 | by cutyourhair
My mom's hair
genre: fetish
I have a fetish for long thick silky hair. My mom has hair that is very long thick soft silky curly and light brown in color. her hair is about 3.5 ft long and go down to her butt. And because of how long and thick her hair is her curls are pulled extremely loose. A couple of years ago, we met with a real estate agent to go look at a house. we...
wrote on 2020-07-25 | by mhzbaby

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