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My weekend fuck man
genre: swingers
I just blurt out after another chore sex, "I hate fucking you"t y husband of twenty years, pretending to enjoy some thing, I don't. Just to tolerate is boring sex, I imagine myself with different guys. When I made that utterance, he was shocked. Ok he said, if you can get better fuck go ahead, I wanna see if they can make you cum and make those...
wrote on 2020-04-06 | by Plainpretty
Big Dick Stuck in my Little Ass Hole😮
genre: gay
I am not gay or homosexual, and I’m certainly not homophobic, but I do like a hard dick up my ass from time to time. I know whatcha thinking, but I’m not in denial. You can like dick (up your ass) and still not be homosexual, at least that how I sees it. When I was in high school, there was this homosexual dude who always came on to me. I...
wrote on 2020-04-06 | by Jippjo-39
Remote living
genre: incest
I live in a remote area doing research on endangered animals for a university, I'm Simon 32 single and not very successful in my love life. I return home for a few days to a week once a month, get supplies and see family and friends and then return to my observation point. It's a small cabin with solar power and batteries and a small wind...
wrote on 2020-04-05 | by Simon
Cumsluts part 2
genre: cheating
Joy and I had been dating and fucking for a couple of months at this point. Then Joy and her mom had to go out of town. It was a playoff weekend and I had a party at my apartment. Hanna, My ex girlfriend had been a big sports fan, when I had known her. So I did invite her but was surprised when Hanna showed up. She was drinking a bit, during...
wrote on 2020-04-05 | by Carrieandray1999
Mom past sexual life
genre: incest
I've been fucking my red hair mom for years now even i'm married ,i start fucking mom since i was 18 yrs old one night after uncle bill left it was me and mom naked on thee bed cum leaking form both of her hole after she just have a DP from me and my dad boss, he had been my mom lover and master for a few yrs now .I ask her how she met uncle she...
wrote on 2020-04-05 | by Marc
genre: first times
Cumsluts, that what someone called Joy, my wife and me once, for some stupid reason we liked it. This is how we earned that title. I met Joy just before her seventeen birthday, she was by the apartment pool, in a barely there bikini. I was twenty at the time. I watched from my balcony looking down at the pool, Joy rubbed sun screen all over...
wrote on 2020-04-05 | by Carrieandray1999
High as a Kite
genre: straight
I'm John 26 single and live a boarding house, I'm one of 6 boarders living there. The house is owned and run Glenda 61 and she is slender and looks okay for her age. I'm the only boarder who works shifts and that was how I found out Glenda used drugs and would out cold for hours. She would get whatever she needed from the shops and then would...
wrote on 2020-04-05 | by John
genre: incest
I'm Donald 38 divorced and a prepper, my wife divorced me 4 years ago and go got our 2 children. Since then I started prepping and being able to work from anywhere with an internet connection. I purchased a remote 55 acres property and left its old house mainly untouched. I bought 2 survival bunkers and buried them on my land, also burying a...
wrote on 2020-04-05 | by Donald
High School Reunion
genre: cheating
Twenty-five years. Has it really been that long? The email made him feel old. It can't be that long since graduation. But there it was on the screen in front of him. 'Graduates of EDSS Class of '93! Join all your classmates in catching up on all that has happened over the past quarter century.' Steve hadn't kept in touch really with any of...
wrote on 2020-04-04 | by Smoeman8
Sister in Law Vacation
genre: incest
Things in life can quickly spiral out of control. It all started with my wife's family taking their annual pilgrimage to Canadas Wonderland. It is like Canada's version of Disneyland. Every year the whole family gets together for a week of roller coasters, water park, and over priced food. We packed up the SUV and headed out in the wee hours...
wrote on 2020-04-04 | by Smoeman8
genre: zoophilia
I knew something was wrong when Josh came in the house yelling and swearing, “That fuckin’ dog” he yelled as I saw him run past my room. I jumped from my chair and followed him to the bathroom when I saw the bottom of his leg bleeding so bad it was pouring onto the floor. “GOD, WHAT HAPPENED” I said to him as he tried to stop the...
wrote on 2020-04-03 | by Incestlover 59
Bro's Weird Dick
genre: incest
My names Paula and here is the story of me and my brother and how I found out where he got his strange penis from. “Come on Tim, just show it to me already. What's the big deal, here I'll show you mine” I said to my brother as I yanked my shorts and panties down to my knees showing him my pussy with a small amount of hair on it. “Oh...
wrote on 2020-04-03 | by Incestlover 59
The Beach
genre: incest
Caroline was getting her thing together for the beach, today the family was going out to the ocean for a nice relaxing day together. “JAY COME ON, DAD'S WAITING” she yelled for her twelve year old son, “COMIN' MOM” he yelled back, suddenly she heard his little feet slapping the hard wood floor as he ran from his room to the back door,...
wrote on 2020-04-03 | by Incestlover 59
Battling Siblings
genre: incest
Ever since they were able to talk Derek and Virginia did not like each other. They fought all the time for the dumbest things even when they were threatened by they're parents. It soon came to head, but things changed for them both. “Your such a dick” Virginia said as she picked up her books and paper off her floor that her brother...
wrote on 2020-04-03 | by Incestlover 59
A Kiss will make it Better
genre: incest
Jessica had just come home from school and was in her room reading a school book when she heard a yelp then some curse words. “SHIT, OH DAMN, COME ON STOP BLEEDING” she heard several times before she realized it was her dad. Now being only fourteen she never wanted to invade his privacy in any way because he always made sure that hers...
wrote on 2020-04-03 | by Incestlover 59
Fun fetish with my aunt rita
genre: fetish
So my name is Matt,I've had a foot fetish sinces my teen years,I have had girlfriend that didn't mind it but they was never as good as my aunt rita,now back when I was 18 and it was fourth of July and we have family that comes in out of this day was amazing,so all of us are outside in the pool some playing Cornhole and I'm swimming and...
wrote on 2020-04-03 | by Matthew
Wifes sister makes a deal
genre: incest
Hi my name is Salah.i am 35yrs old and well built.i work at a decent company which pays me good pay checks.i married Shanaya about a year ago and we still arent planning to have kids yet.we were living a very happy life.Shanaya was a very good wife.loving and caring.Shanaya is 32yrs old.skinny with small tits but with a beautiful round ass which...
wrote on 2020-04-03 | by Iyaaa
Getting to know my mature Neighbor
genre: straight
I'm Alan 30 work in computer programming and currently work from home, being single and having coveralls and a filtered mask I use when paintballing I can go to the local markets and get fresh bread, milk, and other items. I also do clouding on my return, which is spraying antiseptic spray over my head and letting it drift down over me. I have a...
wrote on 2020-04-03 | by Alan
My fucker mom
genre: incest
My name is Ryan I was 15 when this happened I day I was masturbating in my room when my sister entered without notice She was shocked to see what I was doing so she called mom When my mom came she told my sister to go to her room My sister went to her room and as soon as she went my mother locked my rooms door and told me to get naked I was...
wrote on 2020-04-03 | by James Fernandez
Mom a whore
genre: incest
I'm Raju at this time i was 14 smart enough to know about sex ,i spy on my parent while they fuck i drill a hole in the wall so i know a lot .We me and my mom Sujatha 30 yrs old was on our way to my grandparent place my dad Shakti 17 yrs older than mom was already in the village looking after his sick mom .it was an arrange marriage and about...
wrote on 2020-04-03 | by Marc
Why is Sex so Fucking Powerful?
genre: funny
My innocence could not contain the devious and derelict thoughts I had as a child. I often wondered why the thought of sex consumed me as I maneuvered through the stages of life. To be honest, sex fucked me up both mentally and physically. Even now, I want to fuck 99.9% of every bitch I see. It doesn’t matter what her background entails; I...
wrote on 2020-04-02 | by Jippjo-39
daughter in law is mine
genre: incest
Hi everybody I'm Mohunlall known as Mohun 64 yrs old the story i'm gonna tell you is true but name changed .It start when i was 60 with my son Ramesh 39 his wife Diya 35 and their daughter Kavya 16 yrs old very cute just like her mom ,i lost my wife few years ago since then i have sex only when Mrs Mehra hubby will go to city they are my...
wrote on 2020-04-01 | by Marc
Jerk that thing
genre: incest
I don't really remember when I started having erections,just seemed like something I hoped everybody else dealt with too.I heard in the circle of friends,how you were supposed to "jerk them off".I wasn't even sure what that meant.A couple of buddies had remarked how my "bulge"in my pants looked huge.They said if I didn't want to walk around like...
wrote on 2020-04-01 | by handjobaddict/mike g smooth
genre: incest
I'm Greg 23 live at home with my mother Joyce 45 divorced and sister Kaye 25 single, being in self-isolation due to the coronavirus. After a week of isolation, I was almost climbing the walls and while playing cards with Joyce and Kaye, they could see I wasn't paying attention and was bored. Kaye suggested we spice up the game and play strip...
wrote on 2020-04-01 | by Greg
genre: incest
I'm Walter 29 and I've had cancer and my immune system isn't at full capacity yet and was advised to self-quarantine for at least a month. I live with my mother Katherine 48 and sister Amy 26, my only family as our father Donald left us just after Amy was born and haven't seen or heard from him since. Amy is an asthmatic and was also told to...
wrote on 2020-04-01 | by Walter V

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