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Playing with my sister
genre: incest
I'm Robert now 28 and I live with my twin sister Carmen, since the age of 15 Carmen and me would play together. We are average looking and weight and started exploring each others bodies. Not fucking, but everything else we could thinks of at the time. Our parents were in their late thirties when we were born and we're their only children. They...
wrote on 2020-07-02 | by Robert
Got Jealous of my bestie 😍
genre: lesbian
Alaine keep talking about her new man, her lawyer dude , they become steady four months now and I keep hearing how thoughtful he was, how good the sex, the tongue etc. Before her man Kenneth we would be guy watching and flirting and talk about guys. She was always grabbing my hands when we crossing the streets, hinting that the cabbies or the...
wrote on 2020-07-02 | by Plainpretty
LGBTQ dating - what the religion says
genre: lesbian
LGBTQ dating - what the religion says Today a dating site will help us understand how the official Jewish views on same sex-relations have changed throughout history. In common with other religions, Judaism traditionally regarded homosexuality in negative and even hostile terms. But society has evolved, with Orthodox Jewish...
wrote on 2020-07-02 | by Amily Bronte
First time with a Grindr Daddy - Chapter 2
genre: gay
My heart thumped in my chest as the lift crept up towards the second floor and flat number 52. It had only been a 10 minute walk from my own flat to his but it felt like I’d arrived within seconds, despite the million thoughts buzzing around in my head on the way. How would it feel? Would I be good enough? Could I take it all? I’d have my...
wrote on 2020-06-30 | by London Cherry
My story
genre: cheating
I love being a stepmom. I love being a slutty stepmom better though. I love my husband and he's fun in bed. But, when I want a dirty whore I go to Carl, my stepson. I get nasty with my husband. But, Carl is better at it and a whole lot more fun. Plus Carl has a bigger cock, that stays harder longer with a lot more but juice in it. Carl...
wrote on 2020-06-30 | by Janice Joe
Gangbang by Rex & His Friends
genre: zoophilia
I was just receiving a good bye kiss from my new date Mark, when there was a growling sound from Rex, seems like He was upset. Rex is my neighbors dog, who I have been going steady with for more than a year. He comes over, sleep over and we make out all over my house , we have quite an understanding , we were telepathic, he knows when my pussy...
wrote on 2020-06-29 | by Plainpretty
First time with a Grindr Daddy - Chapter 1
genre: gay
I’d first seen him on a gay dating app a couple of months before. I must admit I didn’t find many men attractive, but he’d really stood out. The stereotypical classic - tall, dark and handsome. Finally I understood what women always went on about. His profile simply said “47. 1km away.” He was a little over two decades older than me,...
wrote on 2020-06-29 | by London Cherry
Naughty Wild Girl
genre: poems
My sexy lingerie flows as I sway Waiting for my bad boy to come out and play Strong hands running down my spine Kissing my neck is heavenly divine Pulling me up on his intoxicating cock Skin on skin as I slowly rock Gently back and forth – Up and down Slipping his fingers in and all around Biting my lip Begging for more Harder and harder –...
wrote on 2020-06-29 | by Trish Maine
My Aunt Sandra
genre: incest
I'm Andrew now 24 early 2018 my father John died in a car accident, a drunk came thru a red light and John died in the resulting impact. I was now alone as my mother Catherine had died in 2004, all I had left was my mother's younger sister Sandra now 37 and her three children. About 2 months after my father's death, I received a phone call from...
wrote on 2020-06-29 | by Andrew
Tried to blackmail DAD but we FUCK
genre: incest
I came home early from school and let myself in, only to hear sounds that makes me horny, it was Dad voice and that could not be mom, she left this morning to visit her parents in England Grampa wasn't doing well. Who was here with Dad, I was curious. The study door was opened and Dad dick was being suck by a pretty young girl, a little older...
wrote on 2020-06-27 | by Plainpretty
She did a good job
genre: domination
At around noon on October 16, Julie Weil, a 31 year old mother, was picking up her three-year old daughter, E.S.W., from the Little Disciples preschool at Old Cutler Presbyterian Church, Inc.. Julie was also accompanied by her eight-month old baby boy, P.W.. As she was securing her children in her mini-van, a man came up behind her and tackled...
wrote on 2020-06-27 | by cutyourhair
A Golfer’s Dream...The Perfect Foursome!
genre: bisexual
I am a 39 year old married man but I REALLY like to suck dick. I also LOVE golf. I like to play golf, watch golf, and I even work a golf course. One of my favorite things to do is look for eye candy while mowing the grass. One of the best to view is the drink cart girl. This girl is super hot! She is 18 and very skinny but tall. She can’t way...
wrote on 2020-06-27 | by Cockcraver
White trash didn't need their clothes on
genre: domination
At 3:30 a.m. on February 24, Mrs. Rita Eichor left her place of employment and drove to her home in Inglewood. A few blocks before she reached her residence she noticed a light colored car following her with headlights on. She parked her automobile in her driveway, walked toward her house and again noticed the car in the street from which she...
wrote on 2020-06-27 | by cutyourhair
Wedding anniversary
genre: domination
Mr. George L. Davis and his wife spent the evening of June 6, celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary at a restaurant on Olvera Street in Los Angeles. They left the restaurant shortly before 2 o'clock in the morning and drove toward their home in Long Beach in the family car. As they proceeded south on Alameda Boulevard, Mrs. Davis asked...
wrote on 2020-06-27 | by cutyourhair
genre: swingers
We have been married for 25years and our sex life has just about come to nil. My wife Jenny is a good looking person with small tits, about 5'6 and has a great shaved pussy. I have tries so hard to get our sex life back but keep getting nock backs. I was talking to one of my work mates and he told me about his sex life and it was getting his...
wrote on 2020-06-26 | by tied up and fucked
My sexy milf cousins bathing suit part 4
genre: incest
So Erica and I were hanging out on the couch listening to music and drinking. We passed the vodka back slowly and were sipping on beers just talking. I was still completely naked, she had given me one of the best blowjobs ever, and she was still in that sexy red bathing suit. She moved and placed her right leg over my left leg and got more...
wrote on 2020-06-25 | by Hard&horny
Daddy's Belt
genre: domination
     My body shook with each tick of clock hands. Perched on the edge of the couch, my hands rubbed my thighs. Oh I knew he'd be angry.  Those brown eyes dark and serious. I defied him and I knew I'd pay for it.      His truck pulled up the drive and I started to shake. I ran to my bedroom, and stripped hoping my readiness to please him...
wrote on 2020-06-25 | by Lola Lawrence
genre: domination
     My head snapped back at the slap on my cock. It throbbed and bobbed with a mixture of lust and pain. The lacings were tied tight so that hard cock was thrust forth, giving my mistress easy access. Hands bound, I flexed them in vain. There was no escaping, no running. That was part of the appeal. Things that should not be pleasurable, i...
wrote on 2020-06-25 | by Lola Lawrence
genre: incest
Gripping the carpet, I grunted hard, as Thomas held my broad hips tight and drove his large prick deep into my guts overfilling my asshole. I didn't say anything. I just laid there on the ottoman enjoying the rough fucking I was getting from my eighteen your old son. This was the fourth time this week he has been in my ass. That's not saying...
wrote on 2020-06-24 | by Janice Joe
genre: domination
On July 20, Mr. Edward C. Bexley was sitting on his porch at 2808 Shell Street in Mobile. A fourteen-year-old son was in the house watching television. The time was between 10:00 and 11:00 A.M. Two black men approached him and asked if he knew where some landscape work was going on in the area. Mr. Bexley told them some houses were under...
wrote on 2020-06-24 | by cutyourhair
Bump and rape
genre: domination
On December 7, at approximately 1:30 a.m., Mary Jo Budack, 25, was on her way home from a friend's house when she stopped for a red light at 165th Street and Parrish Avenue in Hammond. Another vehicle rear-ended her, and Mary Jo exited her automobile to assess the damage. The driver of the other vehicle got out of his car, approached Mary Jo,...
wrote on 2020-06-24 | by cutyourhair
Thinking big, huge, monster cock
genre: zoophilia
They say I'm crazy but I'm I am just a nymph. Sex sex sex sex sex. Just give me sex I love FUCK FUCKING FUCKER 🤣 With BIG MONSTER COCK, DICK,PENIS...or whatever name you called it. I wish I could call any dick towards my pussy and they'll come fucking me from all over the world.Yes, Africa, Europe, Caribbean, Asia (do they have...
wrote on 2020-06-24 | by Plainpretty
Catty lick my clit
genre: zoophilia
Have you ever had a cat lick your pussy? Well you need to try it, I just did!!...I'm always horny, masturbating is my thing, rubbing my silent clitoris until it is erect and allow the sensation to take me over as I burst my pussy fountain, panting and heaving. Well I wanted that experience of someone licking my pussy and make me come. I never...
wrote on 2020-06-24 | by Plainpretty
We fucked your bitch for like thirty-one dollars
genre: domination
On September 19, at approximately 9:30 p.m., Kelly M. and Christopher P. were sitting in Kelly's car. The four perpetrators drove up and approached Kelly's car. Claiming to be a policeman, Milbourne, who was wearing an orange T-shirt, opened Kelly's door, grabbed a cell phone from Kelly and passed it to his cohort who was wearing an Old Navy...
wrote on 2020-06-24 | by cutyourhair
Cheating and exhibition
genre: cheating
A lot of intense sexual events took place between my ex and I in the eighties.She was the sexiest woman anyone ever knew.On this particular occasion,it was after she had bought a couple new bikinis.During the hot summer days,she wore them almost every day and with her at 5'2",107 lbs,perfect but somewhat small breasts,brunette hair,big brown...
wrote on 2020-06-24 | by Mike G smooth-handjobaddict

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