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Holiday with family part 1
genre: swingers
My name is Dan and my wifes name is Bec. We have been married for about 28yrs, with 2 kids - one boy and one girl. Both are grown up and have left home so Bec and i are home by ourselves. Our sex life is ok and we can do it anywhere in the house we like Bec has a sister - Kelly and her husband is Ryan. Bec and her sister are very close and they...
wrote on 2024-04-16 | by Bec
They came to my farm
genre: incest
I inherited the family farm direct from grandfather in 2016 as he wanted not sold after his death. As I was the only one to agree to run the farm and not sell it, it became my farm, and the others got some cash ($7500 each). One thought he would challenge the will, but having accepted the cash couldn't without first paying it back. Having...
wrote on 2024-04-16 | by Very Happy Farmer
Married my cousin
genre: incest
Yes, I married my cousin it's legal here in my home state and I wanted to be married before moving overseas. I'd gotten a job after university, and it was aboard, and English was largely spoken there so no problem with language. My cousin several years younger than me, wasn't at university and jumped at the chance to travel aboard. I was already...
wrote on 2024-04-15 | by Married my Cousin
Breaking Lockhart Part 4
genre: bondage
Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy nor profit from it. This is a parody, protected under Fair Use in Section 107 of US Copyright Law. Breaking Lockhart Part 4 Synopsis: Used and degraded, a milky Tifa gets loaned to Shinra Co. to be made into an example. ----- Tifa hadn't expected to ever set foot in Shinra Headquarters, much less...
wrote on 2024-04-15 | by Nightkoschei
genre: straight
I had to start again after my divorce (2018), giving everything I had to my ex-wife in return for no continuing payments (alimony or child support). I'm highly qualified in my field and could support myself very well, so not wanting the ongoing payments I made the offer she accepted. Well, she had other choice, as I had said I wouldn't work to...
wrote on 2024-04-15 | by Bloody Minded and Divorced
Pool table
genre: first times
So at 14 years old and thinking i was so grown up and that i knew it all its fair to say i was abit of a rebel and a wild child.. Even though I was only 14 years old at 5ft 7 I was a tall sexy brunette and I easily looked 18.. Back in my day there was no need for identification. I used to go to my local pub with friends. In the back room we...
wrote on 2024-04-14 | by Not sure
I read about fucking Mature women and decided to give them a try.
genre: straight
I like to read sex stories and get ideas to try in my sexual relationships, 31 (at the time) unattached by choice and doing well career and in casual relationships. I was getting bored with my usual female pickups and wanted something new to spice everything up, so the idea of bedding a mature woman seemed to be the thing to do. Problem, I knew...
wrote on 2024-04-14 | by A Horny Guy
Runaway boy goes up and down the coast on the cock express
genre: gay
1990 early morning I made my way into Santa Monica pier and walked out their were people up moving around I was in my yoga pants which are very cheeky semi spandex my small pack and small bed roll I said hello to a tall bald black man who was friendly and knew I was a runaway he he asked if I dropped a dollar then rubbed my ass "need to...
wrote on 2024-04-13 | by Curtis Sloan
It started with a massage
genre: straight
At 40 (2018) I was recently divorced and starting over again in a new city and state. Not on my children's Christmas list or any of their lists for that matter. Great career and no alimony or child support, dropped by my ex-wife to get me to drop my custody and visitation requests. Both of us are well off career and financially, but she got the...
wrote on 2024-04-13 | by Divorced Massage Lover
Apne kutte ki kuttiya bni part 2
genre: domination
Fir kuch mahino bad mere sbhi bache bde ho gye aur Mera school exam the to me sex ni krti thi 20 days exam khatam hue aur fir 2 month chhutiya thi ab mere Ghar me jecky aur uske bache the wo ab kafi bde ho gye the sardiyo ka time tha dec.ka to kuttiya heat me thi me to bahut heat me thi to ab mere Ghar me pure 9 kutte the aur me akeli unki...
wrote on 2024-04-12 | by Raaj
New life for Ruth part three
genre: zoophilia
Ruth sat in the back seat of the car behind the young driver, she new she had more than an hours journey before her. She had almost run to the car so high was her sexual excitement plus the fact how would she explain to the neighbours the long raincoat on a hot August day. Underneath that long coat she wore the outfit delivered by Jacob Rees to...
wrote on 2024-04-10 | by Don.Green
New life for Ruth part two
genre: domination
Ruth was at the window watching as Donald left for his Sunday morning golf, only two days had passed since she had been spanked and fucked by Robert one of her bosses. Ruth had chastised herself for getting into such a position only young girls should be so silly, her problem was her mind kept drifting back as she remembered how much she had...
wrote on 2024-04-10 | by Don.Green
Dons mistake turns to fun part four the warehouse whore
genre: group sex
Don’s mistake turns to pleasure:- Chapter four:- the warehouse whore This is the fourth chapter in Amber's story, it is mainly fantasy on my behalf and I am enjoying every minute of it. I intend to turn my Amber into the filthiest whore I can, for us all to enjoy. Maybe then I can write some of her true stories milder but still...
wrote on 2024-04-10 | by Don.Green
Dons mistake turns to fun part three
genre: group sex
Amber stood at the top of the stairs, the noise from downstairs sounded loud and excited. She new what was going to happen, only that morning she had signed a contract, a contract originated by her husband Don and her sexual abuser Ray. She signed to say she agreed to be complicit in further adventures, sexual adventures. She and Don had talked...
wrote on 2024-04-10 | by Don.Green
Dons mistake turns to fun part two
genre: domination
Dons mistake turns to fun :- chapter two...please read chapter one, hope u enjoy Amber stood at the top of the stairs, the last twenty four hours were like a blur she blushed has she remembered all the filthy events. She had been given by her husband Don to a complete stranger, Ray a workmate of Don and a big man had used her like a slutty sex...
wrote on 2024-04-10 | by Don.Green
Dons mistake turns to fun
genre: domination
Amber stood at the top of the stairs, she'd done this many times in her twenty year marriage. It had become a part of there fantasy world. It had started about five years after they were married, Don had asked her to wear sexy outfits for him when they made love. Over the years this had moved on to Don taking a few naughty digital photographs,...
wrote on 2024-04-10 | by Don.Green
Long Motorcycle Trip With My Straight Best Friend Rob (True Story)
genre: gay
I was 22 years old, hanging out with my three friends who were all in great shape and good looking. We often met up at the park on sunny days to chill, smoke some grass, and catch a buzz. Among us, I was the tallest at 6 feet, six inches with brown hair. Rob, the shortest at 5 feet, 8 inches and 22 years old, caught my eye the most. Despite our...
wrote on 2024-04-10 | by SteveInNC
Made one mistake
genre: incest
I'm not great at dating but have had some success mainly with drunk women. I (31) came home from interstate (2022) to start a new job and was staying with my divorced sister (29). Neither of us had children and our parents were deceased (Covid 2020), didn't take care and believed the bullshit. My sister had recently divorced her husband, mainly...
wrote on 2024-04-09 | by Wrong Assumption
Betty filled by many
genre: group sex
It was late morning when she climbed out of bed, and headed for the shower. An hour later washed and fed and feeling fully refreshed her mind went to the photo shoot. It had been a while since she had even worn a swimming costume let alone model them, she went to the bedroom and pulled her costumes from her panties drawer. Three costumes, a...
wrote on 2024-04-08 | by Don.Green
genre: cheating
Lockdown The lockdown has changed everything for me and not just for the better. Hi I’m Meg Rawling born and bred in Hampshire England, as opposed to New Hampshire USA. I’m coming up to 60 years old in a couple of months, still feeling and looking good. Dark brown hair and a dark complexion, my boob size various 34c to 36b depends on bra...
wrote on 2024-04-08 | by Don.Green
The new posiyion
genre: domination
The new position Mary Johnstone, Mr Ford read through her description a second time this one sounded like she would fit the bill, she went on the small pile that would be coming for an interview. Andrew (Andy) Ford was 28 and had run his own business for the last two years, however Andy seemed on the outside his real demeanour was kept well...
wrote on 2024-04-08 | by Don.Green
Anal wife
genre: fetish
Kerry come through here I called to my wife, who at the time was clearing up after lunch. She came through an enquiring smile on her face, stand there I asked her pointing to a spot a metre in front of where I sat on the sofa. She did as asked wondering where I was heading, turn round, yes now lift your skirt up round your waist. Kerry looked at...
wrote on 2024-04-08 | by Don.Green
My uncle David was never mentioned
genre: straight
Growing up in a close nit family, I thought I knew every relative. But when my grandmother got very ill, she wanted to see David. David who I thought having never heard of David before and it then all came out. David was an uncle and oldest of my mother's siblings. I was told he was exiled from the family, for doing something really bad and not...
wrote on 2024-04-08 | by Jodie
Apne kutte ki kuttiya bani
genre: domination
Hii mera name soniya hai me apne maa baap ki ekloti santan hu abhi mere maa baap hai ni unki death ho gyi abhi me alone rehti hu ghar me jb me paida hui tbhi maa ki death ho gyi aur fir papa ne mujhe pala mere papa ek VETNAIRIY doctor hai aur mere pehle birthday me papa ne ek dogi gift kiya mujhe bahut cute pupy tha aur wo germen shepherd nasal...
wrote on 2024-04-08 | by Razz
I got my Doctor Pregnant
genre: straight
I (26) was out and came across my doctor (38) drinking in a bar, and she was sinking the drinks as fast as they were poured. I could say she's very attractive, but she is pretty plain looking, being married no need to dress up all the time. Her husband was divorcing her as he claimed she couldn't provide him with children. Hence the drinking I...
wrote on 2024-04-07 | by Happy patient/lover

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