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Vanilla frosting and Napolean
genre: gay
I stumbled going up the stairs and tripped over myself planting my face right in the stupid cake I had made for the man I was eager to see, being the clumsy dumb ass that I am. Vanilla frosting all over my face, my lips swelled up, being that I am allergic to frosting. I wasn't planning on eating the cake but I mean I hadn't really planned this...
wrote on 2020-10-21 | by Mr. Dafuq happened
Dominant bitch
genre: group sex
First. I'm a bitch. A mean and ruthless bitch when I want to be. Second. I'm a submissive. But, that's only half true. I'm submissive to men. Most of the time. I'll let my man fuck me however he wants if he is gonna fuck me and control me. But, he has to he man enough to do it. If I have to fuck him. He won't be around long. My lover is a...
wrote on 2020-10-20 | by Janice Joe
Voyeur Obsession Nu2
genre: voyeur
This true story is a true event just like my other true stories. This story is about my first time watching girls at night, and also my first while it is raining The stories I write are the success stories, there are many times I go to voyeur and it is a complete wasted day with no success. Sometimes the girl is out there in view but people keep...
wrote on 2020-10-20 | by steven jones
I want to buy a sex doll to be my gf
genre: masturbation
hi, im Owen. i'm 39 and i live in california. i have a thin 4 inch penis and haven't had sex in 15 years. i am also a premature ejaculator, and because of these things i am intimidated and nervous near women. i don't feel comfortable trying to date anyone so i am planning on buying a silicon love doll to be my girlfriend. i think i will feel...
wrote on 2020-10-19 | by Owen Johnston
Pub W all Part II
genre: cheating
The Pub Wall…Part II…we got started by Roger After that night on the pub wall I was afraid to go to work…afraid to look Johnnie in the eyes and with all the other girls on the verge of giggles…after all, they had warned me about Johnnie…how walking me home was just getting started with him…and I knew now what was “getting...
wrote on 2020-10-19 | by Rogermel
The pub wall
genre: cheating
The Pub Wall…what a surprise, Part I by Roger I was a sweet young thing, recently married and with a small child who mainly stayed with my Mom while I was at work…hubby often gone for weeks, sometimes a month, as he made a good living supporting  us…I was too young to have a child, in my mind…I was just barely 21, full of hormones,...
wrote on 2020-10-19 | by rogermel
Sand Angel
genre: straight
Mondays were the worst. All through the college, tales of the weekend's conquests and defeats, often lies but sometimes truths were swapped, traded and bandied about. Naturally, some of them were about me. I had schooled myself not to react, not to show the hurt that they caused. But through the hubbub of people talking, my ears focussed on...
wrote on 2020-10-19 | by Mostly Harmless
Tom's Nightmare
genre: domination
Yeah... I had been envious of Mark... He had Tina!... his trophy girlfriend that he wouldn't shut up about... Just looking at Tina made you salivate, stirred your imagination. Thoughts on how you could sex her up would bubble up when ever she was around. It didn't help that Marks descriptions were lurid and complete to the last detail... he...
wrote on 2020-10-18 | by Mostly Harmless
Laney' Tale
genre: first times
Romantic Memories of Laney R. (first in a series) By Roger MffBest    Winsome young Laney R. her best friend, her next door neighbor and his dog who she helps out; then He “helps” her out learning of joys in life! A true story. It was innocent enough, that is, in the beginning. Later I lost my innocence and...
wrote on 2020-10-17 | by Rogerlan
Auntie Jane First time
genre: first times
Auntie Jane First time sorry about the spelling I'm dyslexic so " just put up with the shit spelling" for security reasons, peoples names have been changed for there protection. I was probably about 13 years old the first time it happened. one afternoon I was asked to by my granddad to go down to auntie Janes. "auntie janes was not a blood...
wrote on 2020-10-16 | by x4carl
Jean the Artiste
genre: first times
Jean the Artiste (La Plan Diabolique!) By Roger with a nod to Nin and Mel ‘20 Chapter the First…A P L A Studio in Calais In the northeast section of the city of Calais and very near the channel waters was a small colony where there lived many painters, writers and sculptors, including a particular artiste, our young, innocent Jean. The...
wrote on 2020-10-15 | by Rogermel
Daddy may I?
genre: incest
Being alone now with just my dad was hard to adjust to at first. My mom left us six months ago to go be with her new man in Sourh Korea. Having her leave was an abrupt change for me, but dad says it was a long time coming. Mom and dad had never married and were having relationship problems for a long time dad says, she was trying to stay for me...
wrote on 2020-10-15 | by Ms Baumgarterner 🥰
genre: funny
They.. they do it, real, i swear ! Italians, you know, talking food, bitching each other about culinary correctness, even when writing and discussing porn ! Yeah, sure, i know what y'all are thinking. Stereotype. Bad joke. Exaggerating for comedy sake. Nah, wankers, i can prove what i say ! I explored their site, Erotici Racconti, and it was...
wrote on 2020-10-15 | by Hermann Morr
The lighthouse
genre: zoophilia
I and my wife Lucia were stationed at a lighthouse at the end of the world, we were newlyweds, so in this isolated place, where mother nature unchained all its ferocity, with abnormal waves and hurricane winds, we stay indoor playing cards or with our computer games, but most of the time fucking like rabbits, we were supposed to be there in the...
wrote on 2020-10-11 | by Juan Alberto
Orgasmic Torture
genre: bondage
Oh shit! "Please dohhohhnnnnnnghg, plsstommmmphhhpppoopo!" I just scream incoherently, can't even speak in words! My pelvis was pure fire, unbelievable comforting waves of pure tingling joy exploded in my pussy and flooded my body, my muscles clamped in endless waves of violent contractions. I have lost all sense of time, was it hours? No...
wrote on 2020-10-11 | by Lovingfama
My aunt n me
genre: incest
It all started at my high school graduation n all we’re drinking I wound up siting next to my aunt on bench n we were talking n some how it turned into sex talk n she told me how she thought wht it be like to touch my cock n she started to rub my croch through my pants n I got hard quick n decided to unzip n pull out my cock so she could ...
wrote on 2020-10-10 | by Hardblkcock
My Teacher
genre: group sex
I got into the action with Mrs. Smith pretty early on. I lived right down the street from her, and she taught me English in the 6 th grade at FK White middle school in Lake Charles. I wanted to bang her every day I was in her class or saw her. She was just over 5 feet tall, small body with little breasts and nice hips and a pretty face. Who...
wrote on 2020-10-10 | by cutyourhair
Voyeur Obsession Nu 1
genre: voyeur
After my accidental voyeur and masturbation event that I told in my first I decided to take my new found pleasure serious. I knew there needed to be ways to make it easier and even more pleasurable. It is late at night and three days after my accidental voyeur experience, so I am thinking how to improve the process. Number one you need to be...
wrote on 2020-10-10 | by steven jones
Coming back home
genre: masturbation
The Uber driver looked at me through his rear mirror, I know am a good looking woman at my 31 y.o. but I think that my look has a heavenly glow as if I was coming directly from heaven floating on a cloud, the young man could be driving that cloud. As the car glided down the coast road, I looked at the harbor lights shining in the distance,...
wrote on 2020-10-06 | by Juan Alberto
The Crawl
genre: bondage
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WARNING! This is adult oriented fiction of a strong sexual nature. If you are under 18 years of age or easily offended by such material, then click your browser's BACK button now. The copyright of this story remains with the author, Night Owl. This posting does not...
wrote on 2020-10-06 | by Night Owl
Ella gets owned
genre: cheating
So I wanted to fuck my stepson Owen. I'm not real sure how it all came about. But, the fact was I wanted to fuck him in the worst way. My name is Ellen. Thirty-eight years old, 5'3" 130 pounds with a lean, very athletic 38-26-38 figure. My 34 F tits stand proud and you can crack walnuts on my ass. Raven black hair, green eyes, and a little tan...
wrote on 2020-10-05 | by Janice Joe
The missionaries' wives
genre: domination
M M comes from Germany, lived at Rongai and served as a Missionary with the xxxxx Broadcasting, in the capacity of Director. He, his wife Martha and Victor Paul were, on 12th March 2006, invited by K K and U K for a picnic. They used M’s Land Rover Discovery KAP 955 W. They reached K’s residence, parked the car and walked to the picnic site....
wrote on 2020-10-05 | by cutyourhair
Hooray Canada !!!
genre: zoophilia
we lived for a few years in a fishing and hunting position, the nearest inhabited place was Red Lake, we hunted and fished between the mainland and Mackenzie Island, in northern parts of Canada. Spring and summer being the best seasons of the year to do our job, usually having long days doing what we like to do, besides, that we do it to...
wrote on 2020-10-04 | by Juan Alberto
Ella Cucks Her Patient Ch. 07
genre: exibitionism
I knocked on the door and used the waiting time to catch my breath as I jolted to Ella's place right after work. I waited for a minute and let myself in after I realised the door was open. I looked around but couldn't find anybody. Just when I was wondering what was going on Ella was behind me and said "Ah, you're here, good. I had a realisation...
wrote on 2020-10-04 | by CuckFantasy69
Trysting Teachers Caught In Act
genre: cheating
Two former Hillsborough County middle school teachers are facing a state inquiry after students said they saw them having sex in a classroom during school hours. Two students reported watching the Coleman Middle School teachers on May 22 through a hole in a paper used to cover a classroom window. One of the teachers later tried to get a student...
wrote on 2020-10-04 | by cutyourhair

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