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My sister Karen
genre: incest
My sister Karen 23 is a party girl and goes out partying every chance she gets, I find her passed out every now and then. Back in June, I arrived at her apartment get a suitcase she had said I could use for my trip. I had my own key and let myself in and I found her passed out lying on her bed where she crashed on getting home earlier. Her dress...
wrote on 2019-09-16 | by David
Aunt Betty update
genre: zoophilia
Last December I was called to come over by my aunt Betty and on arriving found her naked and pinned to a padded stool by her late dog Bundy who had passed away while fucking her. After that, we started having regular sex and although she got a new puppy she also called Bundy, I was her lover from then on I was her lover. I moved in with her and...
wrote on 2019-09-16 | by Gary 27
Our vacation
genre: zoophilia
My wife Lisa and I had been married for only a couple of years. Our sex life was great. She has a body that would make a great centerfold. On several occasions I have suggested submitting some photos of her but she won’t have any of it. Now to my tale, about the middle of June, Lisa’s boss informed her that she was going to Europe for a few...
wrote on 2019-09-16 | by V S
Baby Sister
genre: incest
I'm John 38 divorced 2 children who are with their mother, I lived alone till my sister Caroline 24 the youngest of 5 came to stay. I'm the oldest and live on a forty-acre block in the foothills near a national park, I have a dog, 5 horses, and 7 chickens and work for the local power company. My house is a ranch-style 3 bedroom 1 bath, I got it...
wrote on 2019-09-16 | by John
My First Time with Brutus
genre: zoophilia
Hi, my name is Sandra. I’m 40 years old, married and have two children. I’m 5’4 and pretty petite, with the exception of my 34 DD tits. My tiny figure makes them look even bigger than they are. For as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with horse cock. I’ve watched so many videos of girls getting to suck big horse cocks and it...
wrote on 2019-09-15 | by Bill R
I like my mom being fucked by strangers
genre: incest
I am 20 years old and I like to fantasize my mother being fucked by strangers. Let's call my mother Shalini. My mom, shalini is 39 years old with very big assets. Her boobs are very much bulky and filled with milk. Her ass is very big
wrote on 2019-09-14 | by Idontknowwho001
Buying back the Family Farm
genre: straight
I was 5 my father died and that when the family farm was sold and we moved to the city to live. I never could settle into city life, always restless and as I grew older the more restless I became. On finishing university which I studied veterinary sciences, I was determined to find a place in the country to live and work. But at first, there...
wrote on 2019-09-13 | by Gordon
Extreme cuckold
genre: S&M
I sensed my pretty young wife was getting fed-up with my addiction to total-enclosure bondage, although she knew about it before the marriage. To cut a long story short, she waited until she had me trussed up in a "mummy" style sleeping -bag, then broke it to me she wanted a divorce - unless - I was willing to let her take a lover, who would be...
wrote on 2019-09-13 | by Jan Donnellson
Chinese Neighbor Chapter 1
genre: romantic
She turned her head towards the door it was cracked open she could see Lan and Aimee peeking in at them. Both had their hands down in their panties. Chen said something in Chinese grinned and Lan answered back the girls then took off. I looked at Chen with a puzzled look, she smiled and said it was oaky. She sat up hugging me tight saying Luke I...
wrote on 2019-09-13 | by Joe Fisherman
Cousin Emma update
genre: incest
Recently I stopped Donald from hitting my cousin Emma and Donald ended up in prison, both for hitting Emma and a female judge at the police station. Emma returned home with me and we started sleeping together, only our mothers know about our sexual relationship so far. Last week Emma was confirmed as being pregnant and I couldn't happier, Emma...
wrote on 2019-09-13 | by Alex
Gemini Chapter 2: Blind Date
genre: incest
After that Night I Masturbated & my sister Violett saw everything, It was probably the breaking point for us as siblings. I was so Confused about the Dream about her comments. I was so frustrated having a thousand things on mind. "Why did she tease me about it & didn't do anything?!" If I was gonna be blackmailed by my sister I would have heard...
wrote on 2019-09-12 | by Uniboomer
My Sister update
genre: incest
I moved in with my sister Linda after my mother died and started sleeping with her and got her pregnant and she had a baby girl we called Karen after our mother and Karen is a very healthy child. Recently Linda said we should have another baby and we have started to try for one now Karen is 1 year old. Our brother Grant is still in the navy and...
wrote on 2019-09-12 | by George
Working Nights
genre: straight
I'm Karl 32 single work nights from 7 pm to 5 am Monday night to Saturday night. Not many people around in my work area and so I do my work checking the machines and pipes there. Most are computer-controlled and I'm just keeping an eye on them. But the pipes are pressurized and must keep them from leaking anything, last month the company started...
wrote on 2019-09-12 | by Karl
I didn't know I was so good!
genre: first times
I'm a girl, and my crushes name is Jacob, rumors say he has a really big you know what.I always wanted to get dominated by him though, and today I got lucky, he was in the same play as me.When he accidentally opened the door to the dressing room,I was changing,and then I saw a bulge in his pants!My pussy started to get really wet,I grabbed his...
wrote on 2019-09-12 | by Jennis Morcock
Gemini Chapter 1: My Twin Fantasy
genre: incest
My Name is Scarlett and I have a Twin Sister Violett. We as twins have always had a special bond with each other that a lot of siblings don't really have. For Instance I sometimes see siblings that eventually drift apart and talk to each other. It's Mainly Because of Age Difference. But because we are twins we've always been together. Throughout...
wrote on 2019-09-11 | by Uniboomer
My Sisters' Awakening, Part Four - The Visitor
genre: first times
The three weeks until Virginia would visit seemed like an eternity. I didn’t have a chance to have either of my sisters alone in the bed; but I did get the opportunity to see Rachel taking a bath. However, this time, instead of peeking through the door, I went into the bathroom and sat on the side of the tub where I had a unobstructed view...
wrote on 2019-09-10 | by Loving Brother 44
Sex v X Box 4.1
genre: incest
I woke urgently needing the toilet. I climbed out off the bed and ran to the bathroom. Just in time I thought. I walked back into the bedroom; Gaynor was lying on her stomach, legs wide open and her swollen pussy showing. I couldn't believe that we had sex last night. She must have had too much to drink because she wouldn't let a virgin...
wrote on 2019-09-10 | by GaynorBlue
Going Feral
genre: straight
At the ripe old age of 45, I decided I had enough of living in a house and the city, I decided to go feral. By feral, I mean living off the grid and living in a forest. I knew the forest I want to live in and head after selling off unwanted stuff I headed off. I walk from the closest train station into the forest, I had some basic foodstuffs and...
wrote on 2019-09-10 | by Gerald
Office Rampage
genre: gay
A regular day in a regular dead end office job. Sit at desk, log on, type type type, log off. But not today. As I sat at my desk at 9 am on a miserable London morning, I noticed a face looking up at me. A face that I knew. With his angel carved cheekbones, swept back golden locks with not a hair out of place, and piercing, blue, hypnotic...
wrote on 2019-09-09 | by Hdav
I didn't know
genre: lesbian
"You'll watch scary movies with me won't you Kelly." I said looking at my husband and daughter. "Sure Mrs. Johnson." Kelly smiled. Kelly is a petite little brunette that my daughter drug home from college her freshman year that has never left. My husband and I don't mind. It kinda works out good for everyone. Kelly gets a supervised place...
wrote on 2019-09-09 | by Helan
Grandma moves in
genre: incest
I'm Alan 20 middle child of Wendy and Wayne, my older brother Gordon is in the navy and overseas. My sister Gwen 15 is into sports and regularly plays sport on the weekends. My mother's mother Ruth 60 moved in with us April after grandpa Gordon passed away in late March. Both my parents are busy with their business and I was alone most weekend...
wrote on 2019-09-09 | by Alan
Nice girl turns Nasty
genre: first times
Zoe, 17 and soon to leave school and destined for university. Pretty, tall, golden blonde hair, blue eyes and a figure that could grace the cover of any magazine, extremely intelligent, you get the picture. All the boys and some of the girls at school had a crush on her. The way she held herself, the poise and the way she walked, not so much...
wrote on 2019-09-09 | by GaynorBlue
Filling the Home
genre: incest
I'm Ronald 24 up to 4 years ago only child of Susanne 39, I always lived with my mother and grandparents Ronald and Helen. My grandparents passed away in the forest fires of 5 years ago, they were caught on the road in their car when the fire engulfed their car. That left me and Susanne alone, as my father had cleared out long before I was born....
wrote on 2019-09-08 | by Ronald
Close Family
genre: incest
Our mother cleared out on us when I was 9 leaving my father Peter to look after us alone. My sister Kaye and I Alexander were left alone at night while Peter worked 2 jobs to keep us. When I was 19 and Kaye 17, Peter died in a work accident, a cable snapped and a heavy load fell on him. I was working as a plumbers assistant then and it was up to...
wrote on 2019-09-08 | by Alexander
My Sister's Awakening - Part 3
genre: incest
For the next two weeks, I avoided the girls’ room because, having had sex with both of them, and taking both their virginities, I didn’t know what I could do when they both were in the bed together. If I fondled one, and the other awoke, would she be angry? Would one be jealous enough of the other to warrant telling our parents? Assessing...
wrote on 2019-09-08 | by Loving Brother 44
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