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Therapy for Mommy
genre: incest
I lived alone at home with my mother. Lately I had noticed that my mother had been incredibly stressed. I understood. She raised me all alone and that couldn’t be anything but a headache. She spent a lot of time drinking alone. I thought it was just stress but then I thought about it. She was obviously horny too. She hadn’t gotten fucked...
wrote on 2019-05-19 | by Knifer
Starting over
genre: straight
Early last year I moved to a small town to restart my life, after the passing of my wife of forty years. I have four grown children, who are married with families of there own. They don't see me all that much and only visited me when my wife was alive. So I moved out of the to this small town of 900 or so people. Leaving the past behind, I got a...
wrote on 2019-05-19 | by Gerald
Misguided Angel
genre: pulp
The Bohemian Groove space colony had been abandoned for more than eighty years. Because all the Left Behind could build new colonies in which to live their personal utopia, but it was not written anywhere that this should be able to stand up. Some colonies thrived and were enlarged, others remained depopulated, and Bohemian Groove was too far,...
wrote on 2019-05-19 | by Hermann Morr
genre: incest
Evelyn 39 is my mother's only sibling and is the older of them. My father Scott took off just before I was born and haven't seen or heard anything about him since. Mother Frances 37 was 18 at the time, she and my late grandparents raised me. They both passed away 4 years ago about 6 months apart. But they were well off and their estates were...
wrote on 2019-05-19 | by David
Oh daddy
genre: incest
Hi my name is Sharon and this story started way back in the early eighties when I was just a very young bride. Little back ground, then was a 18 5'7" 145 brown hair brown eyes 36c breast and a booty that I was told was one of my best assets!! Anyway my story begins shortly after I was married to the man of my dreams!! I was 16 he was 19 navy man...
wrote on 2019-05-18 | by Sharon
Discovery part 3
genre: gay
It has been a few weeks since the first time I penetrated my brother and almost every night since we were doing it even during the day if we were home alone. But at this point he has never penetrated me every once in a while he would fuck my ass checks the he would roll over and have me fuck him. Which was great however I wanted to know what it...
wrote on 2019-05-18 | by Jeff J
Dad's Ex Wife
genre: straight
My father Douglas 55 was married before he married my mother Rhonda 41. He didn't have any children with his first wife Elizabeth 47 and they were only married 6 years. I David 22 single and at university. Long story short Elizabeth never remarried or had any children, she and Douglas parted on good terms and she was welcome at our home, as far...
wrote on 2019-05-18 | by David
Discovery part 2
genre: gay
A few nights have went by since me and my brother first sucked eachother off and every night since then we would end up in eachothers bed. This night started the same as every night we laid down and I threw my underwear to the top bunk to let him know I was ready. He slipped down into my bed and we started stroking eachother slowly. Except...
wrote on 2019-05-18 | by Jeff J
My Sister
genre: incest
I'm Daryl 56 widower, 2 grown children who have move to the city and married. I lost my wife Cheryl 3 years ago to cancer. I lived alone, then my only sister Dianne 49 came to stay with for holiday. She got divorced and wanted to get away from things for a while, they had sold their house and split the money. Both were working in finance...
wrote on 2019-05-18 | by Daryl
Discovery part 1
genre: gay
I was 12 when I first starting getting curious of the same sex. I liked girls but I still wondered what feeling another guy would be like. About myself I was 5ft and athletic at the time 4" at the time. I had several brothers and sisters I shared a room with my younger brother in a old metal bunk bed. We've seen eachother naked 100s of times....
wrote on 2019-05-18 | by Jeff J
genre: incest
Although I have recently lost y mom unexpectedly this year, the many years or sexual encounters I will always chearish. Let mediocrity my mom , she is 5’5”tall auburn hair nice 36 c breast and very slender build and weighs about 115lbs.It all started back when I was thirteen, and my mom would when I was on the couch watching tv, she would...
wrote on 2019-05-17 | by Sqkid69
The Trip
genre: incest
I had just returned home from being overseas for 8 years, I had won a scholarship to a famous university in England and had got a honor degree in my chosen subject. I stayed an extra 2 years in post graduate studies. I got home late last year and went straight home to see my mother Grace 43. Grace had me when she was 17 and raised me with the...
wrote on 2019-05-17 | by Bill
Date gets over heated
genre: straight
Kate laid on the couch snuggled tight into Tim's strong young arms enjoying the feeling of there closeness. Tim lazily let his hand slide down over Kate's mature well defined hip to her nicely trimmed muff and slowly started strumming her it. "Mmmmmm." Kate moaned softly pushing her sexy ass Tim loved so dearly back into his engorged cock....
wrote on 2019-05-16 | by Janice Joe
My Aggressive sister
genre: incest
" Come on, admit it!" My sister Jenny said with her foot Directly on my face! " Jenny, get off!" I shouted, I tried to push her off me but nothing worked, no matter how much I hated to admit it, my younger sister was stronger than me. She had me pinned to our parent's bed with her right foot on my face and her left foot right above my crotch!...
wrote on 2019-05-16 | by Samson
My Quest for the Ultimate Sexual Goal
genre: incest
I have been trying for years to find my ultimate sexual experience. I am 23 and think about sex all the time. I was kicked out of my parent’s house for bringing people home for sex, both men and women. I did have sex with my dad when my mum had gone to bingo, I was 16. I thought it would be fun to tease him by wearing a short skirt and a...
wrote on 2019-05-16 | by GaynorBlue
Chennai Chronicle
genre: romantic
The statement widely known and acknowledged that every time you let your past into your present somethings are bound to erupt; I never believed in the statement until it happened to me. To escape from the city I have been living in since I was an infant, I moved to Madras. Except for the heat, I loved it here. Even the language barrier was gone...
wrote on 2019-05-15 | by Komorebi
Sex after Erotic Bus Travel
genre: bisexual
Sex after encounter in Bus Part-2 Well folks I want to share with you what happened after I got down from bus. Read Part-1 (Erotic Bus Travel) if you have not. Just to tell you in short what happened in Part-1. I met a lady with two kids in bus and we enjoyed touching each other while me sitting behind her. We got down and all started going...
wrote on 2019-05-15 | by Chitrasen Mohan
The Promise
genre: straight
I'm Gerald now 35 doing very well in my career, back when I was 13. My next door neighbor and friend Lacey then also 13 and hung out together a lot. Lacy had self esteem issues and was convinced that she would never marry. I told her that if she hadn't found a husband by the time she was 35 I would marry her if I could. I forgot it over time,...
wrote on 2019-05-15 | by Gerald
Bank Holiday - Romance is not Dead
genre: straight
Sally my daughter 20 informed me that she was having friends over for the May Day bank holiday. How many I asked? Don’t know just some she said in her off handish way. This was Saturday morning at 7:30 am. I know what you’re thinking 20 year old up before lunch but apparently she had been texting and phoning her friends all night to invite...
wrote on 2019-05-14 | by GaynorBlue
The chaperone
genre: cheating
Diana king was a thin, curvy built woman 5'5" tall 105 pounds with a very athletic 34DD-23-34 figure. Green eyes and wavy raven black hair that fell to her tight, sexy bubble butt in light curls. At 34 years old she knew she had all the answers. Diana was as smart as she was beautiful. She was a virgin on her wedding night at 22 years old....
wrote on 2019-05-13 | by Janice Joe
V - Tinder Find Finale
genre: straight
The day finally had dawned. I was anxious, excited everything at once for the dry spell was finally going to break. “Babygirl, you got this!”, I reminded myself. Letting a breath out I made sure everything was okay before leaving. Since it’d also be our first time meeting, I kept my make up light by doing just the brows and applying a nude...
wrote on 2019-05-12 | by Komorebi
I finally got to cum in the pussy i came out of
genre: incest
This is a true story that has happened since I was 15 years old. I am now 55 years old. It all started when I was living with my mother. After her and my father got divorced. She was working two jobs. Nursing my day. In bartending on the weekends. She would come home on Friday night and as most bartenders would have had a little too much to...
wrote on 2019-05-12 | by Luckyguy
V - Tinder Find part 2
genre: straight
I propped myself up, dressed to leave before reverting. My phone went off just as I stepped out of the house. “Hello?” “Why is it taking you so long? Come home soon”, said Amma. “I was locking the door Ma. You had kept the packet of milk in freezer. I had to defrost and then boil meanwhile I cleared the mess from bedroom.”...
wrote on 2019-05-11 | by Komorebi
V - Tinder Find
genre: masturbation
‘ In partnership with Tinder' the phrase popped up on every social media feed which tempted me into installing the app again. Swiping wasn’t an unfamiliar ground. In fact, I had lost the count of times I used this app. I was quite picky this time around. My bio didn’t read sapiosexual but I kind of was one. I was attracted to men who could...
wrote on 2019-05-10 | by Komorebi
Muff Shaver
genre: lesbian
Last night while my boyfriend was at work, I found myself craving my friend, Diana’s, hairy slit. I called her up immediately and lured her over with the thrill of a surprise. When Diana arrived, I positioned her on the edge of the bathtub and slid her panties to her ankles. With her legs spread out before me, I worked a rich, frothy lather...
wrote on 2019-05-09 | by Virginia
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