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Betrayal: A Bondage Trap
genre: bondage
It’s a beautiful warm mid summers day in a quiet secluded parkland. Trees are providing shade and protection from the harsh sun rays. I look around only to see trees all around me, a drive path just ahead of me that passes me from left to right, a large shelter on the left side with park benches in it with a car park on it’s left side. The...
wrote on 2019-03-10 | by CrimsonCheeks
The Farm
genre: straight
A good few years ago when I was 20 and in the army, I was stationed near a small town. Not much to do in and around the place, most of us went to the city on our leave. Near the camp was an old farm and the lady that owned it was in her late fifties, she lived alone. Then one day a truck hit the old wooden water tower, causing it to collapse. As...
wrote on 2019-03-09 | by Rory
genre: masturbation
I was in a BAD car wreck a few years ago. As a result, my wife divorced me. Nice, huh? So I was in the rehab for a couple of years and of course got no action and my hormones were, and still are, RAGING. So what did I do? I fell back on masturbation and it really satisfied! I remember the first time I did it since the wreck. It had been a...
wrote on 2019-03-08 | by Brant
genre: incest
"I just don't get it Liz. Your still plenty young enough and there is no doubt that you have the looks." Sara said in a nagging voice. "I don't know. After Mark left I tried dating. But, the dating thing isn't what you might think it is." Liz said in dry tone. "But, Liz. Still" Sara started but was cut off by liz. "He's also got a very thick...
wrote on 2019-03-08 | by Janice Joe
First time squirting
genre: first times
I had been watching porn on my phone for several mornings. My boyfriend had been complaining about my sexual drive lately and I was trying to perk it up. I was totally Interested in videos about orgasms and squirting. This particular morning we woke up and started fooling around. My boyfriend has an alright size cock. It’s really thick around...
wrote on 2019-03-07 | by KP
Revenge - Who Killed Kenny?
genre: domination
Alice knew I was unhappy about our next task and tried to reassure me so I went looking for Kenny. I knew he went to the guy most days so I bought myself a white leotard that was purposely two sizes too small. It had press studs at the crotch for use when in the toilet. I paid and for a day pass and went to get changed. I wore trainer leg...
wrote on 2019-03-07 | by GaynorBlue
The sleepover
genre: first times
We were sleeping next to each other on the same bed as always. We slept in a spooning position without our bodies touching. She was in front of me. I slowly caressed her upper back all the way down to her ass.She seemed to enjoy my every touch but she kept silent as if she was asleep. I then grabbed the left side of her ass and squeezed it.At...
wrote on 2019-03-06 | by heavenlydik
Fruits and Vaggies
genre: incest
It was a beautiful summer Saturday in this Arkansas town we live in. A little bit on the hot and humid side, but nothing opening the windows and turning on the electric fan couldn’t handle. Our small apartment does have air conditioner that is only turned on at night or only if the heat and humidity get intolerable to conserve energy and...
wrote on 2019-03-05 | by VA
Sexual Awakening - A good Day for All
genre: zoophilia
I woke up did my toilet stuff and walked into the garden wearing panties and a crop top. Mum was there in a light blue swimming costume sunning her self. She was on a lounger with her feet on the floor on each side, her black pubic was sticking out of the crotch of her suit. Yuk I thought, why doesn’t she at least trim it? I knew she was...
wrote on 2019-03-05 | by GaynorBlue
Boarding House
genre: straight
When I was 19, I started work in a mining town a long way from home. I got a room at a boarding house. The owner Col was an ex miner and drank himself unconscious everyday it seemed. I can't recall him not drinking, his wife Rebecca 45 was quiet and kept to herself. The other boarders were single miners and were out drinking when not working. My...
wrote on 2019-03-05 | by Dan
Revenge - Messy Mick
genre: domination
I waited a week until my period started. The first few days I am in pain and I bleed a lot. I text Alice and put our plan in action. At lunch time I walked to the pub wearing and short button front dress and sandals. Mick was sat on a chair near the pool table in white shorts and a vest top. I bought myself a pint of strong lager and a bottle of...
wrote on 2019-03-04 | by GaynorBlue
Forbidden Love
genre: incest
Part 1 – The Visit It was fall at the time I decided to travel and visit my aunt. I had been saving up leave for a vacation all year and I saved up enough to take off a week from work. I decided that the first part of my vacation would be to visit my aunt. I had not visited her in a while and I know that was because work was full time and I...
wrote on 2019-03-03 | by JMilton251
Incest Stories Part 3: Mommy Lessons Part 1
genre: incest
I walked to my room after my shower and went to bed. It was still pretty early but three straight rounds can make you tired. I layed down imagining my Mom’s body sitting nude in front of me. Her legs were spread and her pussy was exposed. She was rubbing herself repeating my name over and over. I pulled down my pants at the thought and started...
wrote on 2019-03-03 | by Knifer
Fateful Encounter
genre: first times
We have all had encounters that we remember and those we want to forget, Our first experience of having sex is one that we remember, but when it’s your first time having sex and it happens to be a gay sexual experience, it tends to stay with a person forever, and this particular one has stuck in my mind, even though I have for so long tried to...
wrote on 2019-03-03 | by Ima Friend
Excitement marriage fillip
genre: straight
Stephanie and I have been married for about 12 years now and lead what you’d call a pretty average life. We don’t go out much, but from time to time enjoy the odd party with friends. A couple of weeks back a girl who works with Stephanie was leaving to go live in the United States, so a farewell party was set up in the local sports club. My...
wrote on 2019-03-03 | by JSA
Turning my wife into a slut
genre: swingers
My wife and I were always horny people. From day one sex was off the chain and always so hot. She is 5’7 tan, brunette with an hour glass shaped body. Perfectly pierced nipples and button ring. Her pussy is perfectly tucked in and always tastes amazing. I’m 5’7 athletic build, white with a 6” cut cock that has a fat head on it. When I...
wrote on 2019-03-03 | by Dick Johnson
Filled, thrilled, spilled over
genre: group sex
Having been out with guys who were into spanking and S&M and stuff like that, I’ve got really into it over the years. Then I started seeing my current boyfriend and he proved the complete opposite. Rob was just so normal it was frightening, and every time I suggested something kinky, he always refused. I was just starting to get so bored of...
wrote on 2019-03-03 | by SophieR
Incest Stories Part 2: Human Biology
genre: incest
I walked into the hall and started a walk towards the bathroom. I was going to go take a shower and wash off and go back to bed when I saw an open door. I peeked in to see my mom laying down. The moonlight seemed to spotlight her and make her body glow. She was wearing some lingerie and was covered by a blanket. I walked over and shut the door....
wrote on 2019-03-02 | by Knifer
Daddy online
genre: incest
I woke up with a soring headache half dead, flash backs of last night came in and out and I tried to gather myself together. I look around to find a couple strangers and a couple of friends thank god im fully clothed. Even thought I’m 17 I party hard, I fix myself up and walk home hoping I’d make it in time before my parents come home. I get...
wrote on 2019-03-02 | by Karen
Two boys in the back of a shop
genre: gay
Two boys in the back of a shop One takes a step closer One leanes back against the desk Both of their thoughts far away On nights like these I wander Through my minds deepest pools I never thought in the end I’d spend the night like a fool Sweet nothings you whispered to me Holding me captive with your arms The way you said...
wrote on 2019-03-02 | by Sherly M
Incest Stories Part 1: Homecumming
genre: incest
I walked toward my house for the first time in four years. I had just graduated from college and was looking for a job and a house. I looked and found a job easily but a house was a bit expensive for me. I decided to give my mom a call. I was embarrassed but I asked if I could come live at home. My mom being the nicest woman in the world said...
wrote on 2019-03-02 | by Knifer
Angel showed me sex heaven
genre: straight
There’s nothing I like more than getting my gorgeous girlfriend to dress up for me and then fucking her senseless. At least four times a week I make my horny bitch Angel dress for me and show me all of what she has to offer. One Saturday last month it was my birthday and I went out into town and bought an outfit for us both. I dressed my...
wrote on 2019-03-01 | by RegB
Revenge - Pete loves to Pee
genre: domination
A few days later I saw Pete out shopping. Hello Pete I said what’s on the menu for tonight? I don’t know I’m not a good cook he replied. What if I take you out for a meal to show there are no hard feelings between us? I don’t know he said, I think it was bad what we did to you. Oh that’s all forgotten. It was just a moment in our...
wrote on 2019-03-01 | by GaynorBlue
Revenge- Gaz's Day
genre: domination
We had 5 weeks to complete the job. Mick and Co didn’t do much work in the summer which I thought was strange for a builder but Alice said he was a lazy bastard and just sat in the pub most days getting pissed. I have planned my order in which each guy would be punished, Gaz, Pete, Mick then poor Kenny. Alice said we couldn’t make exceptions...
wrote on 2019-02-28 | by GaynorBlue
Gay For Pay & Crossdressed
genre: trans
Gay For Pay & Crossdressed There was a great guy I knew who was about 10 years older then me. We had worked together for many years for a major department store in a major city. Let's call him John. One day he told me he was gay but I already had figured that out. This takes place about 25 years ago when a time came that I became separated...
wrote on 2019-02-28 | by Anonymous-Prefered
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