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You never Know
genre: straight
I lost all my family to mad man with a gun, they were not known to him. He just killed them to break his boredom, along with the others gunned down. My wife lived for 2 days after beening shoot, but then just passed away. Some say if more people had guns then these shootings would stop. Well on the day my family was shoot, 2 people were shoot...
wrote on 2018-11-09 | by Raymond
A Walk in the Woods, Days Later Part 1
genre: domination
Recently, while I was alone in the woods or at least I thought I was at the time, I found myself at the mercy of a couple of girls from a few houses down the street. This was my own fault really, you see, I kind of enjoy the feeling of walking around in nature completely naked. Well, let’s not be silly, I prefer to keep my shoes on, but...
wrote on 2018-11-08 | by RdDog
The Birthday present
genre: group sex
She was blond, five foot seven, with a 34-22-34 figure. Her name was Kelly. The week before her 24th birthday, her husband Tyler told her he was going to take her out for a dinner at one of the big restaurants on the Saturday night. It would be a nice evening and she was rather excited about the prospect as the previous date they had been on...
wrote on 2018-11-07 | by JaneyR
Reparations for a white lesbian slave Pt 1
genre: domination
My name is Rochelle. And as a teenager life was easy for me,my Father worked away,my mother a store manager,I was half raised by our housekeeper,Maria. Maria was a Latino-African/American and beautiful inside and out! I loved her dearly and had a great relationship with her.one night I found out my mother also did to. One afternoon I had...
wrote on 2018-11-07 | by Rochellewhiteslut
My married sister
genre: incest
Hi I’m a indian guy aged 41 and been married to my wife for 15 years and have two kids. My sister who is 42 years old and also been married to her husband for 18 years and has three children. Anyway I got separated from my wife and my my sister came to stay with me to comfort me for a few days on her own. Because I not had sex for a few weeks...
wrote on 2018-11-06 | by Dylan
Mother knows best
genre: incest
I know people think the mother should be close to their children and I am well my one child any way I wanted more but unfortunately my husband died soon after my son was born, life was hard after my husband died but I didn't let that ever stopped me I worked three jobs, called in Many favors so that I could to get my son to a good school and I...
wrote on 2018-11-05 | by David goldburge
Next Generation Bonding
genre: incest
My thighs were sore coming back from work at the local mall in Atlanta. I was exhausted. The heat and humidity of the Georgia summer made it worse. Thank God it was Friday and the weekend was at hand. After my routine drive to the quiet outskirts of the city where we live, I was finally back home in the peace and quiet of the air-conditioned...
wrote on 2018-11-04 | by VA
Helping my Son
genre: incest
I'm Jane 38 divorced, I live with my only child David 20. We've been living together alone for 5 years. Ever since my ex left with woman from his workplace. He gave me the house and his old car, no money support. I had a job and our son David was employed and the house was all paid for. David and I were doing okay till David was injuried in an...
wrote on 2018-11-04 | by Jane
It never seemed like rape to me??
genre: incest
It just never seemed like rape to me? I never would have hurt her, I loved her. She was my mother after all, and I loved her with my whole heart. I was just horny and we'll, she was there. My name is Rob. I was 14 when this part of my life began. I was a average kid from an average single parent home in the suburbs of Michigan....
wrote on 2018-11-03 | by Ty Maximus
One Piece - Luffy finds a new treasure
genre: domination
(One Piece fans will understand better. Luffy is a young Boy 18-20 y.o wanting to be the greatest Pirates. Trafalgar Law is his friend while Kaido, their opponent, is known as the strongest being on eart) The straw hat pirates together with Trafalgar Law decided to try taking Kaido on. Luffy took the first attack, the second, the third and it...
wrote on 2018-11-02 | by Sissifier
Makeup Sex
genre: straight
I Gerald 46 and my wife is Judy 44, we have 2 grown children who are at university. We got into rut and started fighting a lot. When we were first alone together after the children had left for university. But after the fight we became very passionate and had great sex. Now we fight almost every week and have passionate sex after the fight. But...
wrote on 2018-11-02 | by Gerald
Cock for breakfast
genre: straight
Sometimes it's the little things that drive guys crazy. Mike and I had just fucked only a little while ago, and I got up to make coffee. The morning sunlight streamed into my kitchen and warmed my naked body as I filled the pot with water and took out the Instant Espresso House. Yes, that's right, instant coffee. I'm a business girl with a head...
wrote on 2018-10-31 | by Amy
A dream service call out
genre: straight
I work as a “Sparky”, that’s an electrician for those not familiar with the slang. Well, it was a late afternoon last week when I received a call from a woman asking for assistance with her broken sunbed. I was a bit reluctant to rush out to her place in the traffic as it was already a late afternoon and had been an extremely hot dry and...
wrote on 2018-10-31 | by NS
The Pastor's Wife
genre: zoophilia
I got a call from my friend, Sandra, inviting me down for a visit. It so happened that my husband was leaving for a hunting trip with friends and I'd already decided to let the kids go to their grandparents so I said, "Sure, love to!" We live in Oklahoma and I left early on that Saturday morning, eager to begin the five hour trip to Sandi's...
wrote on 2018-10-30 | by Phyllis
Bird Watching
genre: straight
I met a girl named Lucy 20 single, she lived with her mother Rachel 39 single never married. Lucy was slender and only 4'8" with glasses, Rachel was also slender and just over 5 feet tall. I'm David 24 self employed plumer solid build 6' 1", I had job at supermarket with blocked drains. That's where I met Lucy and after a couple of days I asked...
wrote on 2018-10-29 | by David
A Walk in the Woods... Part 4
genre: domination
“Oh Shit!” I say, “What was that?” Though I fear I know exactly what and who that is outside. “Quick, get in my closet.” Beth says to me, “And not a sound, till I say it’s clear.” “Oh Shit!” I say again, “Really?” “Now!” Tina says as she shoves me in that direction while the other girls head into the den,...
wrote on 2018-10-28 | by RdDog
A Walk in the Woods... Part 3
genre: domination
Could things get any worse? I am about as embarrassed as I think it’s possible to get. I am nearly naked, standing in the bedroom of my friend Wendell’s older sister. The only reason I am not naked is that she gave me something to wear. I have fantasized about this girl in the past but the circumstances are not even remotely like any...
wrote on 2018-10-28 | by RdDog
Snowed In the City
genre: incest
“Fuck!” Mom was in her red see-through negligee, without bra or underwear, so her pink nipples and her fuzzy pussy she had shaved smooth two weeks ago were visible. She was fuming with the idea of getting stuck for God knows how long at this hotel in New York City. She was looking out through the window behind the couch where she was on...
wrote on 2018-10-27 | by VA
My Mother is a cheap Drunk
genre: incest
I'm Kevin 23 single and work at a factory, my mother Wendy 48 is a shop assistant and divorced. My father divorced her 9 years ago and then married his assistant, he told my mother that she was holding him back in his career. She hasn't had a relationship since the divorce, my father didn't want to saddle his new wife with a teenager (his words)...
wrote on 2018-10-26 | by Kevin
Visit to my Aunt
genre: incest
Last June I went on holidays and as part of my holiday I visited my Aunt Joan 42 and her daughter Cheryl 22. They live on a small farm raising chickens for meat and eggs, Aunt Joan is a widow and has been for 5 years. Cheryl is her only child and is handicapped from birth with one arm not fully developed. She has an artificial arm that allows...
wrote on 2018-10-25 | by Bruce
Sex Addict
genre: incest
After I hit puberty, I became obessive about sex. I started spying on any female I could, my mother, grandmothers and sisters. As well as some neighbors, I was lucky I never got caught. I even found a place a school I could on the girls showers, but at 18 I was still a virgin. When I went off to university I didn't get lucky there either. On...
wrote on 2018-10-23 | by Brian
Reluctant wife turns wild
genre: threesome
Kamakshi as you know from my earlier stories is always on the backfoot as far as exploring the dark side of sexual liberation that i am very much inclined for,although i agree that it's dangerous sometimes but if you research enough and plan well in advance it turns out to be just the way you script it,after the two encounters with our massuer...
wrote on 2018-10-23 | by MONK72
Aunt Ruth
genre: incest
My Aunt Ruth 36 is a lawyer, single and little overweight. She is my father's youngest sister and has been too busy with her career to get married. So I was told by my mother, I was off to university and would staying with Aunt Ruth. I arrived the weekend before starting university and settled in. I didn't see mush of Ruth as she worked long...
wrote on 2018-10-22 | by David
My Sister is my Lover
genre: incest
I'm Ron 48 divorced 3 grown children, been divorced 2 years and live with my widowed sister Robyn 46. Her husband was killed in action 3 years ago, I moved in with Robyn after the divorce. She has 2 grown children also, who have moved out on their own. Robyn and I have always been very close as long as we can remember. As the 2 youngest children...
wrote on 2018-10-22 | by Ron
My Cousin
genre: incest
Early last year I was in a car accident and was left with 2 broken legs. I was in hospital for just over a month, on my release I returned home. But had to get around in a wheel chair, we are a well off family and my mother Grace decided to hire someone to look after me. She picked my cousin Jane 25 who was looking for work at the time, Jane is...
wrote on 2018-10-21 | by David
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