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The genre First Timers collects erotic stories that deal with new sexual experiences and / or sensations never felt before, because there's always a first time for everything and everyone. In this category there are adult stories that celebrate the joy of discovery, curiosity to new adventures and a taste for all that is yet unknown, or at least it was.

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His aunt's panties!
this ia a fictional story only, and there are no real names at all. way back, and a week after he turned 20, he'd got 2 new swimsuits, actually he, and his then 34yo aunt went clothes shopping, he got to try on both swimsuits in the fitting room, and ouh, wow! both bathing suits made his penis throb soo nice, and soo hard! so then, when he, and...
wrote on 2023-08-07 | by big panties fan
My wife's nite in adult theatre
Wife first time in adult theatre 1nite my wife and I went there as we walked in u could smell cum in the air my wife was a little apprehensive at first there was a film on of a woman getting gangbanged we sat down she snuggled up to me after about 10 minutes she said she was feeling very horsey and slid her hand down her panties she said I'm so...
wrote on 2023-08-06 | by Big dong
Alisa joins a dance team before her marriage
Alisa is a 23 year old beautiful girl. She is a Fashion Designer. She is engaged to Richard, a 27 year old Photographer. Three weeks before their marriage, Richard and Alisa begin visiting their friends to invite them for their marriage. One evening Richard takes Alisa to Patrick's house. At that time, Patrick and his dance team mates Franklin,...
wrote on 2023-08-04 | by LCMC
Wrong rest-stop ??
Young stupid naive n innocent.. In two unforgettable hours I became a Cocksucking Cumloving Slut for Everybody.. Now I’m Addicted Hypnotized in Love with Cocks
wrote on 2023-06-23 | by Alleykatt
My first porn movie
This is a real story with name changed. I am 45 years old and a housewife who is what one would say sexy. 5 feet 6 in height and from Punjab with perfect body. Name is Pinky. My friend always told me that I should do modeling and try acting in these web series. Ria convinced me and she took me to her friend Sam who does these things. He asked me...
wrote on 2023-06-11 | by Pinky ah7ja
Anal Obsessed
This may come as a shock. My time was when I was younger. My adopted uncle was also under age. I was 2 years younger. He was the top and I was the bottom. He never did me dry. Always with vasolene and I remember when he slipped it in, it didn't hurt. I just felt pressure and he would pump away as I was on my stomach. I felt a wet sensation going...
wrote on 2023-06-03 | by G.F.
The naughty doctor
The naughty doctor By Dina Petro I was at a special party that night, a short while after the party had started, I must have made a sudden, wrong move, that had caused my neck and shoulders to get real stiff with unbearable pain, I had only had a few drinks by then, I was tipsy a bit but not drunk. When the pain had increased, I had decided it...
wrote on 2023-05-06 | by Dina Petro
First time bottom
Never really thought I would entertain the thought of another guys cock inside me, but here is the story of how this happened. As I've got older, female company (which I much prefer) has been harder and harder to come by so like many men, have resorted to MM play. Quite low key really, mutual hand jobs and blow jobs and I have swallowed the...
wrote on 2023-03-31 | by Albiewhyte
Beach adventure
This was during the 1980's in southern California. I would often walk to the next town 3 miles away San Diego is hot even in the first few months of the year I lived half a block from the ocean it was early but it was heating up fast my cut off shorts were worn out from lots of walking I had removed the rear pockets weeks before the...
wrote on 2023-03-11 | by Curtis Sloan
My Brother Saved My Love Life
My Brother Helped Me Saving My Love Life. Hi, my name is simran. I just finished my teens and enters the twenties. Currently i am doing my second year graduation. I belong to a orthodox family so you can also clearly imagine that how i feel being to a orthodox family when i have no freedom at all. I have parents and one elder brother in my...
wrote on 2023-03-08 | by Priti Malhotra
My Misadventures with Mrs. Lasalle
A lot of strange things happened over the years involving my friend’s mother. I grew up six houses from the Lasalles, and I was friends with their sons Kevin and Harry (who we called Hulk). My sister was friends with their sister as well. I spent a lot of time at Mrs. Lasalle’s house. Mrs. Lasalle liked to party with friends. She had pool...
wrote on 2023-01-31 | by HenrySeldon
You never forget your first time, and in my case the first time was the best time. I was 19 years old and just out of Navy boot camp and radio school, and my first assignment was in San Miguel, Philippines. I had been there about a month when a bunch of guys in my unit decided to spend a few days in Baguio, a resort community in the mountains of...
wrote on 2023-01-19 | by Winter Falcon 1979
Asian wife and BBC
It all started so innocently, that’s when I suspected my wife’s nasty desires. That night we were at a school function and I noticed basketball coach flirting with my wife. I was intrigued as she laughed and smiled and constantly touched his chest. That dark night while driving back home thought of that black coach and my wife...
wrote on 2023-01-08 | by NYItalian69
The virgin and the sex doll
Matt's over protective Tim father buys him a top of the range sex doll for his birthday in a bid to "keep him out of trouble" with girls. Up to this point Matt had been concentrating on his studies at school to the exclusion of everything else including girls and sex but things were about to change, all thanks to his father’s gift . . . . Oh...
wrote on 2023-01-04 | by Ian Mason
Boys will be boys
After a great night of drugs great house music and plenty of dancing I left the dance floor to take a piss before I started home. I stepped up to head and pissed about 6 drinks. My homie walked up next to me and started to piss too. He started telling me how much he missed hanging out with my girl and myself. He used to smash her while we were...
wrote on 2022-12-14 | by James Keller
My friend satisfying my pantyhose fetish for a price
I had a friend that was married and I was dating her best friend at the time and just before I started dating her best friend she and I would hang out at the bar playing pool with her husband and after drinking and smoking all night until he passed out and the sun was up and I would go home and then one night at the bar he said he was going out...
wrote on 2022-12-12 | by Sheer bodystocking gloryholes
Donna's Good Deed
I lost my virginity when I was at a large high school in the East Midlands. There was a girl in my English class who had a rather sexy reputation, her name was Donna, she was a bit chubby and by no means the prettiest girl in the class but she was known rather unkindly I thought for being what my school mates called "easy". Donna lived just up...
wrote on 2022-12-10 | by Ian Mason
The first time the duchess was penetrated anally
you can call me Duchess, Princess, Countess or Queen if you want. There are different titles in royalty and many people find one of these names erotic, I was 22 years old, I had just finished university and I was thinking about what to do with my life, apart from appearing in gossip magazines and participating in my family's charitable acts . I...
wrote on 2022-12-06 | by io
Teen's first anal
Yes it's a true story Melanie was a sweet 18 year old who lived in the apartment next to mine with her aunt and uncle.(I was 45 at the time) Short, a mass of curly hair, bubble butt and perky B cups that stood straight out. She was always nice to me, flirted all the time but I never paid much attention to it. Just a young girl with a crush so I...
wrote on 2022-12-02 | by Ajt
Sneaky Sex
My parents are big drinkers and always going to parties or having parties. I'm not a big partyer and rarely drink to excess. I prefer to stay in my room during their parties and study as best I can with the noise of the party. I'm going to university and at 21 was still a virgin, but after seeing my parent's guests at their last Christmas party....
wrote on 2022-10-05 | by Sneaky Guy
A house cleaner surprise
By Dina Petro A house cleaning service for a few hours was requested from the service office, they called me and I said I would be there on time. I reached the given address, rang the doorbell, the door was opened for me by a good-looking middle-aged house wife, “Good evening Mrs. James, I am Julie, your cleaning lady” I said. Mrs. James...
wrote on 2022-09-20 | by Dina Petro
A businessman with a fetish
By Dina Petro Lili of 29 years old is a good-looking woman with a sexy, curvy body, nice big size set of tits, works as an executive secretary at a company, she happens to be an open-minded woman, being a bi-sexual woman who loves and enjoys lots of sex gave her rich sexual experiences. Richard, her boss called Lili to his office, holding a...
wrote on 2022-08-29 | by Dina Petro
An Older office client
An Older office client By Dina Petro I was working in the office, around an hour before closing time a client walked in, he needed his insurance papers processed internationally in his country, I smiled asking him to have a seat, I processed the papers on my PC, the answer came “it might take a little while, but we will get back to you...
wrote on 2022-08-21 | by Dina Petro
My Birthday surprise
I have fantasized about seeing my wife sexually interacting with another man for some time now, and I have expressed my interest to her many times. Of course, she has always made it clear that although it seems like it would be fun, she didn't feel that it would be right. I suppose I don't see it from the same perspective as her though. I guess...
wrote on 2022-07-21 | by Jeff the curious
In the late 1960’s, I was employed as an Office Boy in a shipyard, waiting to start an engineering apprenticeship. I had fashionable long hair and was small and slight. My job involved delivering internal mail and safety boots to the various engineering shops. In one of the shops, the Top Plater’s Shed, I was warned to ‘watch out’ for...
wrote on 2022-07-08 | by KayKink
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