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The genre First Timers collects erotic stories that deal with new sexual experiences and / or sensations never felt before, because there's always a first time for everything and everyone. In this category there are adult stories that celebrate the joy of discovery, curiosity to new adventures and a taste for all that is yet unknown, or at least it was.

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Discovering Sex
Part 1. Today was my birthday. I just turned 17 We had a great birthday party and I got a lot of presents, including a new two piece swim suit. I loved the way all the boys at the party looked at me when we were swimming. I think they like my long, smooth legs. Before going to bed tonight I took a long hot shower. After drying off I stand in...
wrote on 2024-06-26 | by Kiara Nancy Funn
My Young Lover
“My right hand started to slowly and gently caress the inside of her left thigh. My hand could feel the heat flowing from her skin. I then moved it to the inside of her right knee. I gently pulled her knee towards me pressing the outside of her leg firmer against my bulging hard on. I was again going over the edge! As I started to slowly move...
wrote on 2024-06-23 | by Morning Glory Of My Loins
Teaching Mary
PART 1 My new neighbors moved in a couple of months ago. Two nice folks with a cute sexy daughter, Mary, an only child. They're just starting over and don't have a lot, so Mary likes to spend time at my house, playing video games and doing things on my computer. Her parents don't mind. I've even girl-sat for them on occasion. Mary's actually a...
wrote on 2024-06-22 | by itsmashrub
Alice Learn
It was a new school, and I was apprehensive and wondered how different it would be from the city, I mean, it was so odd seeing only corn and soybean fields, alongside pastures filled with cows and horses on the bus ride to school. Unlike the city with buildings and businesses, one after another, streets lined with traffic and people, the...
wrote on 2024-06-17 | by JuicyPussy
Aunt honey/stepmother beautiful hairy redhead bush
First time eating getting head and sticking in the sweetest pussy I had ever ate?? I was around 9 and already I guess that I was hanging 6 to 7 inches? According to her aunt honeys almanac!! I woke up because I had to pee dreaming I was standing in front of the toilet but in fact I was still on my bed on the floor started to pee but woke up in...
wrote on 2024-06-08 | by Injun john
The Night Nathan Became Aykroydian.
The Night Nathan Became Aykroydian. Nathan to Dan Aykroyd tf/were-theme. NOTE: This is a dark Were-aykroyd tf story, basically what would happen if the Were-Aykroyd side began to take over him and warp his body and mind, as such there is some mind changes but this is a darker take on the usual Were-aykroyd material I...
wrote on 2024-05-27 | by MM1302
Pool table
So at 14 years old and thinking i was so grown up and that i knew it all its fair to say i was abit of a rebel and a wild child.. Even though I was only 14 years old at 5ft 7 I was a tall sexy brunette and I easily looked 18.. Back in my day there was no need for identification. I used to go to my local pub with friends. In the back room we...
wrote on 2024-04-14 | by Not sure
The Deflowering of Rebecca
"Another birthday," Rebecca St. James thought to herself. It was nice to spend it at home. She had spent too many birthdays on tour. She had spent eight months touring once and thirteen months another time. Finally, after several years of touring, it was nice not to be performing on her birthday. She was happy just to celebrate with her family...
wrote on 2024-03-28 | by SkyBubble
Dorothy Surrenders
I must admit, the lady surprised me. Dorothy was one of those hard nuts -- lovely, sweet, and perhaps a little bit repressed. Although she was thirty, just getting her to hold hands or kiss me (other than a peck on the cheek) took repeated effort. She could be a lot of fun, except for her apparent fear of anything even slightly sexual. But...
wrote on 2024-03-26 | by SkyBubble
Our First Gloryhole
My husband and I have always wanted to try a gloryhole. The problem is we had no idea where to locate such a thing. We were told about some bookstores that had them in it. But we were nervous about these as we’ve heard about police raids and we definitely did not want to get in any kind of trouble. Then one day we were in an xxx book store...
wrote on 2024-03-22 | by Gennygurl
My First Time
I was a freshman at Point Loma High School when I met Tomas. We both worked at the Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego. I worked part time at J.C. Penney's. Tomas worked full time at this music store called the Wherehouse Records and tapes. You can all see it was a while ago. I would always go in there to hear the latest music. When I first laid my...
wrote on 2024-03-19 | by Point Loma High
If I only knew how she would take it
I’m a 40 year old man and the story is from when I was 17. So in February 2023 my dad passed away and my wife and I flew back home for the funeral. The uber dropped us off at moms house and it was snowing very hard and very cold. So I tipped the driver and we ran to the door. I knocked on the door and no one answered my mom wasn’t home. I...
wrote on 2024-01-26 | by Loves old fat man dick
Confessing Relieved My Stress
I was under a lot of stress from my work and financial situation. My girlfriend Susan and I split up about a year earlier. We texted often and even met a couple of times for a quick fuck. She had a new boyfriend yet somehow we seemed closer than ever. She openly talked about their sex life and I even shared that I secretly wanted to suck a...
wrote on 2023-12-30 | by Gennygurl
First time fucking my yet to be wife
This is a true story about my first time sex with my wife. Of course that time she was my office colleague and would often hang out together. I had this crush on her not only because she is nice, but she is also attractive to me - tall, slim and nice breasts. She would carpool to work ever since i moved to leave with my sister as ahe was staying...
wrote on 2023-12-26 | by Annon
Dressed for Cock pt 1
I have been living on my own for a couple of months. I wanted to take some time to find myself before starting college. I was always told that I looked rather pretty and feminine for being a male. I do not know if this contributed to the fact that I remained a virgin. Since I was staying by myself, I watched a lot of Internet porn and found...
wrote on 2023-12-23 | by Gennygurl
Something on the Side
Something on the Side By TS Stag Prelude Thanksgiving was a busy time for the Family, Holly had outdone herself as usual, with not only the kids, but her friend from church, Caroline, and Darron’s coworker Henry had been invited, this was the first family gathering since her divorce. It had been a great success, everyone had a great time,...
wrote on 2023-12-19 | by TS Stag again
Servicing old black neighbor
Mr. William was an older black neighbor that lived about a half mile away. Ever since our family moved into our house Mr. William began visiting and often just hung out around our family farm. We did not farm, but there was always some work to be done in the garden or around the barn. But on occasions that we actually were doing something he...
wrote on 2023-11-24 | by Gennygurl
His aunt's panties!
this ia a fictional story only, and there are no real names at all. way back, and a week after he turned 20, he'd got 2 new swimsuits, actually he, and his then 34yo aunt went clothes shopping, he got to try on both swimsuits in the fitting room, and ouh, wow! both bathing suits made his penis throb soo nice, and soo hard! so then, when he, and...
wrote on 2023-08-07 | by big panties fan
My wife's nite in adult theatre
Wife first time in adult theatre 1nite my wife and I went there as we walked in u could smell cum in the air my wife was a little apprehensive at first there was a film on of a woman getting gangbanged we sat down she snuggled up to me after about 10 minutes she said she was feeling very horsey and slid her hand down her panties she said I'm so...
wrote on 2023-08-06 | by Big dong
Alisa joins a dance team before her marriage
Alisa is a 23 year old beautiful girl. She is a Fashion Designer. She is engaged to Richard, a 27 year old Photographer. Three weeks before their marriage, Richard and Alisa begin visiting their friends to invite them for their marriage. One evening Richard takes Alisa to Patrick's house. At that time, Patrick and his dance team mates Franklin,...
wrote on 2023-08-04 | by LCMC
Wrong rest-stop ??
Young stupid naive n innocent.. In two unforgettable hours I became a Cocksucking Cumloving Slut for Everybody.. Now I’m Addicted Hypnotized in Love with Cocks
wrote on 2023-06-23 | by Alleykatt
My first porn movie
This is a real story with name changed. I am 45 years old and a housewife who is what one would say sexy. 5 feet 6 in height and from Punjab with perfect body. Name is Pinky. My friend always told me that I should do modeling and try acting in these web series. Ria convinced me and she took me to her friend Sam who does these things. He asked me...
wrote on 2023-06-11 | by Pinky ah7ja
Anal Obsessed
This may come as a shock. My time was when I was younger. My adopted uncle was also under age. I was 2 years younger. He was the top and I was the bottom. He never did me dry. Always with vasolene and I remember when he slipped it in, it didn't hurt. I just felt pressure and he would pump away as I was on my stomach. I felt a wet sensation going...
wrote on 2023-06-03 | by G.F.
The naughty doctor
The naughty doctor By Dina Petro I was at a special party that night, a short while after the party had started, I must have made a sudden, wrong move, that had caused my neck and shoulders to get real stiff with unbearable pain, I had only had a few drinks by then, I was tipsy a bit but not drunk. When the pain had increased, I had decided it...
wrote on 2023-05-06 | by Dina Petro
First time bottom
Never really thought I would entertain the thought of another guys cock inside me, but here is the story of how this happened. As I've got older, female company (which I much prefer) has been harder and harder to come by so like many men, have resorted to MM play. Quite low key really, mutual hand jobs and blow jobs and I have swallowed the...
wrote on 2023-03-31 | by Albiewhyte
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