Our First Gloryhole

Written by , on 2024-03-22, genre first times

My husband and I have always wanted to try a gloryhole. The problem is we had no idea where to locate such a thing.
We were told about some bookstores that had them in it. But we were nervous about these as we’ve heard about police raids and we definitely did not want to get in any kind of trouble.
Then one day we were in an xxx book store just looking for porn and a few toys. Why we were there we discovered that it had small growing booths. We investigated and found it obvious they were used for glory holes. So we decided to risk it and got inside one. We waited for several minutes before someone entered the booth adjacent. The next thing we saw was a penis coming through the hole. It was and average size erect white penis.
We smiled at each other, and my husband watched as I began, sucking the penis. It wasn’t long before I felt the first squirt of his jizz in my mouth.
We were both feeling thrilled and excited over what had just happened when another penis came through the hole. This time it was a black penis.
This added to our excitement as we both watched porn and often talked about the fantasy of my having sex with a black man.
I started sucking the black penis sticking out of the hole. My husband kneel down beside me getting a close look at the penis in my mouth as I slowly sucked up and down the shaft.
I paused only for an instant as I watched my husband pull out his cock and began stroking as he watched me.
I sucked the black cock slowly as I knew it excited my husband to watch me enjoy the black strangers cock. The black cock was so rigid and hard I was wishing I could have it in my pussy.
We could hear little moans of enjoyment coming from the stall as I sucked him. After a few minutes we heard his voice asking me to speed up my sucking. I did as he requested and after a couple of minutes of my fast pace sucking I felt the strong pulsing of his cock as he filled my mouth with his jizz.
I swallowed his cum and continued gently sucking his cock until he pulled it from my lips.
I turned to see my husband as he zipped up his pants. He had his own jizz on his shirt and pants as he was sitting on the floor jerking watching me sucking.
I heard the man leaving and I was curious to what the man looked like that was attached to such a nice penis. I opened the door and peeked out. To my surprise I saw it was actually one of our neighbors. I closed the booth door back before he saw me.
My looked back at my jizz covered husband. I took out some tissues from my purse and wiped him the best I could. He was ready to go and I was looking him over again. When another white cock came through the whole. I looked at my husband and he gave me the nod. So I knelt and sucked it. The person came quickly.
We waited to hear them leaving. I again peeked out to see them walking away. I didn’t recognize him.
We left the booth before another penis could come through the hole.
On the way home I told my husband about the black penis belonging to one of our neighbors.
We talked about my getting to know him better and possibly fucking him.
We still talk about it every time we fuck. I am sure one day soon I am going to find a way to get that beautiful extremely hard black cock in my pussy.

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