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Swingers is the category that collects those stories where couples exchange partners. Couple exchanging adventures is often very close-knit between stable couples in search of spicy experiences to be shared with one or more other couples. The stories for adults dealing with the exchange of couples border and intrude into other genres such as, betrayals, bisexuality and group sex.

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Turning my wife into a slut
My wife and I were always horny people. From day one sex was off the chain and always so hot. She is 5’7 tan, brunette with an hour glass shaped body. Perfectly pierced nipples and button ring. Her pussy is perfectly tucked in and always tastes amazing. I’m 5’7 athletic build, white with a 6” cut cock that has a fat head on it. When I...
wrote on 2019-03-03 | by Dick Johnson
My hot wife
I sat there watching my wife nude on her knees blindfolded kneeling on a foam filled pad waiting and there were 10 men also nude slowly stroking their cocks and the area was lighted by a spotlight above their heads. I could hear the murmur of the people around me as they softly talked wafting for the show to start. Lisa and I were beginners...
wrote on 2018-04-16 | by James
π’―π’½π“‡π‘’π‘’π“ˆπŸ’™π“‚π‘’ π’žπ“‡π’Ύπ“‚π‘’ π΅π“πŸ˜π“Œ
This Monsieur had this palatable threesome delicacy his eyes fixed upon the boob clock like a ticking time bomb.In his pocket with a watch, Her name was Charlotte she felt a crimson Chanel blush partying all over him like his whore she been trouble from the first day I met her. How she traveled all over the swingers continent Dispute her...
wrote on 2017-06-06 | by RobinRareGem I am a She
Snow Gain
I woke about noon. The sun was bright . . . no, wait. As I pulled open a curtain and stood naked at the bare window I nearly shouted, "It's not sunny, it's cloudy. The ground is covered in two feet of bright snow. Oh oh! Sue, come look at this. Where did this wide, white blanket come from? I hope you didn't order it." "Nope, not I. In fact,...
wrote on 2016-12-21 | by Elliso69
Renting out our guest room
It was a Sunday night as I watched my pretty wife Lisa groan and shutter for a least the dozenth time as Garland's huge black cock began to pump his third load of the evening into her. Watching the scene got my cock hard again and ready to feel her wet warmth around my cock, however Garland was still inside her and still fucking. I must have...
wrote on 2016-04-07 | by B master
I never thought I would be writing to your fine magazine about any adventure in my quiet life. My husband has been an avid reader of Penthouse Letters for over 15 years. I'm not positive but the annual wife watching issue is his favorite. He keeps every issue and I'm sure he jerks off reading them when I turn him down. We are both 46 and have...
wrote on 2015-10-26 | by Liked
Seduction of a wife
Were living in England and had made good friends with a couple about the same age with kids about the same age. He was a very tall guy with huge hands (his fingers were bigger than my cock) and as I learned when we bumped into each other at the men's room, an enormous cock (think tripod). After we had known them about a year he decided to have a...
wrote on 2015-10-08 | by Evase
Three feet of cock
It was a hot August afternoon. Cicadas buzzed lazily in the trees. The oppressive heat of summer was just beginning to give way to the brisk comfort of autumn, and to celebrate the end of the season, Tristan and Perrie were hosting a barbecue for their friends. Little did they suspect, though, what would happen before the sun set on that...
wrote on 2015-07-23 | by Jj
Sharing my wife with the neighbour
Melany and I have been swinging together for years even before we were married. We have attended many swinger parties and couples events. We have even gone as far as going to the adult theatre for some fun. Well our neighbour Derek moved in this past week and Melany had introduced herself and made it a point to tell me how cute she thought he...
wrote on 2015-05-28 | by Joseph
My wife enjoys the glory hole
My wife and I once in a while stop at an adult bookstore when we drive back from her parents. We are both 40 and we left the kids home and we drove the 2 hours to her parents for the day. On the way back my wife suggested we stop. As the kids now are getting older and gone a lot more, my wife has enjoyed watching a porno once in a while. So I...
wrote on 2015-05-03 | by Lonely husband
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