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The need to fuck my sister
genre: incest
After a few years of fucking my cousins, I really got into incest and started to focus on my sister who's 6 yrs older than me.  I was 15 years old and began my plan on how to fuck her. I started by leaving my bedroom door open just enough to see in. I'd get naked on my bed and start to jerk off . She would walk by and catch me working on my...
wrote on 2019-05-22 | by Tony G75
I fucked my Sister and made her pregnant.
genre: incest
My sister Clare 28 was really lonely in the City after she moved there. She hadn't made any friends yet and lived in an old building that gave the creeps. I'm her older brother, I've been in the City for years and I was doing very well. As children me and Clare didn't hang out much. So after there was a police on her apartment building she rang...
wrote on 2019-04-07 | by Reagan
Fuck machine
genre: masturbation
Before my daughter Christina got married as a bit of fun she sometimes hosted parties for a well known sex lingerie/toys firm and her close friends would attend and usually buy something to enhance their sex lives and the small amount of commission Chris got from sales helped a single girl sharing a rented house with three other career women. At...
wrote on 2019-03-19 | by expatriate
My dog fucked me(gay)
genre: zoophilia
Hi my name is Blake I’m 140 lbs and 5’7. I know I’m short. I had always had fantasy’s of being fucked by a dog but was to scared to actually try it. One day my dad left me alone with my dog and went to work. I didn’t really think about doing anything I was just watching YouTube. My dog rex had other ideas as he started to hump my leg....
wrote on 2019-03-17 | by Bottomboy
Fucking my mom
genre: incest
My names Dylan, true story... My dad and mom had gotten in a fight, he left to his friends house and was leaving us for a week or so. My mom was pissed, and stressed. I ignored it... Later that night, I heard my mom moaning, having a huge orgasm... I began jerking off, walking to her bedroom, she was so embarrassed and humiliated, she told me to...
wrote on 2019-03-11 | by Dylan...
Fucking my sister's friend
genre: cheating
I went to church on sunday with my family. I still haven't told them that im dating my cousin. Im planning to do it soon but not yet. I haven't been to church in a while and I haven't seen a lot of the people in a long time since I've been busy with my job, my complicated romantic relationship with my cousin, etc. I saw my group of old...
wrote on 2019-02-16 | by Cousinfuck
Caught my wife fucking our black neighbor Mr Jones and his friends
genre: cheating
Long story short I came home from work early last week to surprise my wife I walked in quietly and heard my wife moaning loudly upstairs as I came to our bedroom door I could hear men talking at first I thought about grabbing my gun and reacting to the situation but I didn't know how to react then I noticed Mr Jones and 5 of his friends taking...
wrote on 2019-02-01 | by Hubby
Wife sends her boyfriend to fuck my hot ass!
genre: bisexual
My wife Tammy and I had been swinging for several years but only with straight guys that would either tag team her with me or DP her and have a 3-sum where she was the center of attention. She had started playing with and then fucking my ass early in our relationship and over the years had confided that her ex husband liked for her to fuck his...
wrote on 2019-01-27 | by husband
Bully Fucks Your Mom
genre: fetish
You were always getting bullied by Carlos, your black bully. Since kindergarten, he always picked on you. He recently turned 18 and so did you. You were getting pretty tired about the constant bullying, so you told your father and your mother. Your mother is a fit lady with a nice ass and big titties, she cares about how she looks. Once you...
wrote on 2019-01-14 | by Anonymous
Drunken cousin fuck
genre: incest
So after 3.5 years of the event itself taking place, I’ve decided to finally share my story in case there’s anyone out there that enjoys the story as much as I like thinking about it. I have to emphasise that this story is absolutely 100% true and is still very vivid in my memory. The only thing I’ll do is change our names, you know,...
wrote on 2019-01-03 | by Pennerz
How I fucked my pretending sleeping mother
genre: incest
Hello, in this post I will tell you how I fucked my mom. Let's begin!!! I live in a 2 room apartment with my mom and my sister, I'am 17, mom 43 and my sister is 22. Dad divorced mom like 10 years ago. Because we have just 2 rooms I sleep with my mother in a big bed, and my sister in the other room because she is a little bit crazy and we can...
wrote on 2019-01-02 | by Steven Vandera
Christmas Fuck
genre: incest
I'm Janice 46 divorced and regular reader of Erotic Stories. Last November my only child moved in with me, after he ran foul of his new step mother. Gordon is 21 and at university, he takes after my side of the family 5'4" skinny and wears glasses and is what were called nerds at school in my school days. I walked in on him showering and was...
wrote on 2018-12-27 | by Janice
Mom needs fucked
genre: incest
So I seduced and screwed my son. So what. Ladys if you knew just how big your sons cocks where. You might screw them. It's not like I set out to find out that my son had a very large and very thick 9 inch cock. It just kinda happened one day. Well, after I saw his large cock head hanging from the flare I of his shorts leg I knew I was...
wrote on 2018-12-25 | by Janice Joe
Poirot watch's Captain Hastings and Miss Lemon Fuck
genre: voyeur
Poirot returned to his apartment after solving another case. He sat at his desk and thought about the afternoon the loose ends had been tied up. He as was his custom got all the suspects into the room then went around each in turn and explained why each one had a motive to do the murder. He smiled as he remembered the look on the inspector...
wrote on 2018-12-17 | by tiedtime
Fucking the cousin older than me
genre: incest
One weekend during my school holiday I went to spend the weekend at my cousin's house. She is 10 years older than me and ever since young I have enjoyed looking at her smoothly curved body, the perfect S lined body, with a pair of bouncy boobs and a juicy piece of ass. When she is at home she would always wear pants so short till the bottom part...
wrote on 2018-11-20 | by Lost
My First Dog Fuck
genre: zoophilia
Buster was always trying to put his head between my crutch, it was embarrassing to say the least. He was my neighbours dog, a lovely black Labrador who came upto my waist. I’m only 5’1,138bs a bit on the chubby side for my height. 45 and divorced No kids. My ex love my chubby ass, fat pussy and my 36DD’s and so it appears did buster....
wrote on 2018-10-11 | by Lucy Jane
Fucking problem
genre: zoophilia
I consider myself a different breed of woman. I love the act of sex,feeling powerful and knowing I have given someonelse that same feeling. Let me take you in to my world. Single, twenty two year old white female. You can call me Ashley. I love being a girlie girl in the lesbian world. 5 feet 7inches, long curly red hair with piercing...
wrote on 2018-10-04 | by Naps
Dream fuck
genre: group sex
"I would love to have sex with Jill!" I said out loud without thinking. Mr. Jennings stood there looking at me with a curious stare and then a smile came over his face. "Must be the beer talking." I said. Mr. Jennings lived across the street from me and I spent alot of time over there. I was like a son to them and they let me drink when I hit my...
wrote on 2018-09-21 | by zimabean
I fucked my 1st cousin samantha
genre: incest
My first cousin Samantha I went through a hard time with her husband because he had left her hanging with rent due so she had nowhere else to go so I let her come stay with me in my wife and our spare bedroom I'm disabled no longer can work due to a back injury my wife work for a fast food restaurant and I draw a disability check every month my...
wrote on 2018-09-01 | by Dr.feelgood
Fucking my cousin and my neighbor
genre: threesome
Today, Carolina, my cousingirlfriend came over and started watching a movie then 15 minutes later, I was doggyfucking her. Something about incest makes it so hot. I grabbed her boobs and i was about to lick her nipples then the door rang. I peeped through my door window and I saw Haiti, my neighbor who kinda is my side chick. Fuck She yelled...
wrote on 2018-07-11 | by Cousinfuck
I fucked my cousin
genre: first times
Im a very very horny girl what can i say im young i love giving blow jobs and just getting fucked so i knew what i was doing i was just waiting to fuck any one that comes my way. So One day my cousins invited me to a kick back at there house everyone was drinking but me on the other hand needed to get wasted so whenever i did something out of...
wrote on 2018-06-25 | by Hornysunshine
Fucking my neighbor in my pool
genre: cheating
I've been dating for 4 months now and I've also been cheating on my girlfriend with my hot neighbor. I invited my neighbor to go swim in my backyard pool over text and a few minutes later, she knocked on the door. I opened the door and she just kissed me and she closed the door behind her. She was wearing a blue one piece. We went to my...
wrote on 2018-06-21 | by Cousinfuck
Fucking my neighbor in my pool
genre: cheating
I've been dating for 4 months now and I've also been cheating on my girlfriend with my hot neighbor. I invited my neighbor to go swim in my backyard pool over text and a few minutes later, she knocked on the door. I opened the door and she just kissed me and she closed the door behind her. She was wearing a blue one piece. We went to my...
wrote on 2018-06-21 | by Cousinfuck
Fucking my friend's wife
genre: straight
Ever since I was little, I liked a woman at my church. I was 12 when I started to like her. She's 11 years older. She was a little shorter, black hair, a hell of a smile. She has a small but round ass and a face to die for. When I was 14, she invited us (with my sibling) to go to the pool with her and her adoptive daughter. She had a black...
wrote on 2018-06-04 | by Cousinfuck
I've always wanted to fuck my Mother
genre: incest
Long story short. My father died when I was 7, two years later my mom married John. I didn't like John all that much, but he was good to her and they had 2 more children John jr and Henry together. I went to university and after I finished I moved out on my own and start my own business. I got married had 3 children and after ten years divorced,...
wrote on 2018-05-17 | by Allan
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