Little Tie-up Games - part 2

Written by , on 2015-05-28, genre bondage

I found myself in a strange but happy situation with the 'game' that I played with one of my good friends and his wife. Things were simple, I wanted to be tied up. I really didn't have a need for sex because I was happy and faithful in my marriage. Andrew and Amy had found out about my fetish and offered a safe place for me to get my 'fix' as Andrew so commonly put it.

They would contact me with a time that they had made themselves available to play. Their kids were out somewhere else and I had to make time and get there to be put in ropes. I continued to be amazed with some of the complicated tie-ups that Amy came up with. Andrew sometimes watched, sometimes would go into another room and ignore us until we were done.

Amy, and I guess now I realize Andrew too, slowly started changing what would happen while I was tied up. Amy tied me up once with arms above my head in their hall closet. I was kneeling and enjoying myself with the two of them going about their buisness as they always did. This was part of the excitement for me. They put me to the side as a toy and ignored me. However, this particular time, Andrew was somewhere back the hall and I heard Amy get in the shower. Several minutes later Amy came down the hall to the open closet in a towel. She smiled down at me and opened her towel for just a second. Then wrapped herself back up and said 'Don't go anywhere and stay quiet.' A command I had heard often.

I was a little stunned. Our games had gone on for several months without anything sexual about it and now I had seen my friends wife nude. She's a heavy girl, as I told you before, but I was still amazed at the size of her breasts and the wide dark nipples. She didn't seem to notice and headed off down the hall, leaving me hanging. I heard her talking with Andrew in one of the back rooms but didn't make out the words. Things were very quiet for several minutes and then I began to hear... moans? Then the sounds got more and more obvious. I was listening to them fuck in the other room. Moans, slurps and then the rythmic slapping of flesh that was very graphic and obvious from my little closet.

They went at it in a handful of positions for about a half hour accompanied by bed squeaks, giggles and groans. I'd never been in audible range of someone having an orgasm that I wasn't involved in. It was an odd feeling, but somehow it enhanced the tingle I had in my pants. After a while they both came down the hall dressed and Amy started to release me.

Andrew stopped her. "Hey, let me ask you a few questions. You like the little show you got to hear?"

I looked up at him and paused, then nodded.

"I figured as much. You go home and jerk off thinking about this don't you? You don't need to answer, I can see it in your face turning red. Man I still think your little game is strange, John. Let him loose and send him home." He patted his wife's ample rear and walked away.

A few 'normal' sessions of play followed. Then they unfolded the next step of their plan. I was tied into a chair in their living room while Andrew was flipping channels on the couch. Once I was completely secure, Amy turned to Andrew and asked him if he was ready.

Andrew came over behind me and scooted the chair until it faced the couch and then he gave me the command instead of Amy. This was a first! "Stay there and be quiet."

Amy had moved over and stood in front of the couch. Andrew joined her and started kissing her. He quickly worked his way up and down a side of her neck and she giggled whispering something in his ear. The only word I caught was 'dirty'. She then knelt infront of him, and me and began undoing Andrew's jeans. I must have had wide eyes at that point. Andrew looked over with almost a scowl and said "Not a word!" I couldn't help but watch. I've seen my share of porn, but had never watched another couple have sex.

Amy pulled his jeans and shorts to his knees and proceeded to start sucking Andrew's cock. Andrew seemed to like it, a lot. He looked down at her and smiled and told her to look at him. I sat and watched as she continued to lick up and down his shaft, gently nibbling at his sack.

This went on for a while and then Andrew stood her up and told her to take off her clothes. They both then proceeded to strip. I can tell you that what you picture in your mind of porn stars skillfully removing clothing is not what I was witness to. These were two frumpy average people taking off their clothes. I saw the extra weight in her ass as the stepped out of her panties. No where near as smooth and perfect as a porn movie, but somehow more exciting because it was happening in front of me. Tan lines were obvious on both of them, skin blemishes that everyone has, but makeup covers up on a porn set.

I started to panic at this point. Amy began straightening up some of the kids toys that were lying about and Andrew walked over to me! He stopped a few feet short and Amy picked up a teddy bear that was on top of their TV and turned to watch what happened next.

Andrew started to explain. "Remember don't speak. This isn't a democracy. You're about to give me some vengance for something that happened a while back. Remember the poker game? Remember how you got me so embarrased?"

I honestly had no idea what he was talking about. Last week one of our other friends had been the big winner for the night. In fact I had fairly poor showings the last 3 or 4 times we had played. I started to answer but Andrew held up a finger.

"No, no talking. It was last year, you went to get something to drink and in the process of looking at bets, rubbed you crotch all over my shoulder. I mentioned it and you guys all had a good laugh about it. Well, Amy heard it to. That's what this is about."

I remembered what he was talking about. I had to think for a second while he talked but I remembered. There was a heated hand of poker, I had folded and was walking away when there was a big yell about the next flip of cards, I rushed back to the table and tried to squeeze around Andrew to see what was happening. Honestly, I didn't think I had pushed against him for more than a second before he yelled for me to 'Get my package off of him!' They guys all laughed and I turned as red faced as he did. It was joked about for a couple of games after that and forgotten. I even thought that I took more grief over it than he did because there was a common call of 'Watch out or John will try to rub his cock all over you if he folds!'. I honestly didn't think anything of it after that and couldn't believe that he still held onto resentment for it. I started to explain again.

"No, don't speak unless you are planning on using your safe word and being done with our little games for good. That's better. You seem to remember what happened. You made me look stupid in front of the guys and Amy was here that night too. Now, I am going to make you look stupid right back. You're lucky that this is just in front of her and not the guys too."

Amy stood with a grin watching things unfold as he continued. "It's really simple. You are wearing a tanktop and tied down. You utter the safe word and you are untied and sent home and the games are gone for good. OR you choose to sit there and watch as I put my cock on your shoulder like you did me. Then you are gonna sit there and watch us fuck right here on the couch. It still meets your rules of no sex. The difference is, it's just in front of my wife. So it's simple, you give me revenge and sit there and take it like a man, or I don't let you play little games with my wife anymore. Got it? You can speak now, but only yes or no. Gonna take your punnishment like a good boy?"

I was thinking at a million miles an hour. I found my eyes going between Andrew's cock bouncing a foot in front of me, his naked wife still clutching a stuffed animal and the floor. I'm not bi, not even interested. I hated that he still harbored ill feelings about a little incident from almost a year ago. But the thing that I kept thinking of the most was that I would have to give the safeword to get out of this, and that meant no more being tied-up. So let a friend take out some petty revenge to feel better in front of his wife or quit? On the other hand, I really didn't want someone's dick taking a rest on my shoulder either. I guess the lack of embarassment for me is what won out. I mean these two had tied me up in various positions for months now, how much would this really overshadow that? They both stood waiting patiently for a good 2 minutes until I eventually said "Ok."

Amy spoke first. "Are you sure? Once it's done, it's done. Then we go back to the couch."

"Yeah, let's do it. For how long?"

Andrew looked down at me. "You don't get any say. May be 10 seconds may be 10 minutes. All you do is sit there and cope with my cock on you. Are you ready?"

I noded. Andrew moved around to behind my right shoulder and flopped his cock and balls right onto my bare shoulder. They were burning hot! I flushed and didn't know what to do but look the other way. Amy laughed out loud and put the stuffed bear back down on the TV and started walking over watching the show.

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"What a good boy." She cooed, "Sitting there dealing with my husband's dick on you."

Andrew laughed and then told Amy, "Go ahead and suck it. He's not going anywhere and we aren't having sex with him."

Amy came close and leaned right over me. Her huge tits swayed around near my lap and my cock actually jumped in my pants. I couldn't get myself to look to my right as she breathed right up the side of my neck and took his dick into her mouth. Slowly she worked it in and out of her mouth. I could smell her breath, his crotch, even a faint whiff of her cunt but the only thing touching me was his crotch and occasionally her chin bumped my shoulder. I slowly found myself wanting to look. I caught glances out of the corner of my eye. Andrew wasn't anything special, in fact I was bigger. Amy was working things slowly, carefully. I suspected it was to keep my contact to a minimum.

After a few minutes, Amy stopped and wiped her mouth off, just inches from my face. They both moved towards the couch and proceded to fuck missionary for a good 15 minutes. I was revolted and turned on. I wanted to watch and didn't. They weren't the prettiest couple to put on a show for me, but they were a live one and I was still feverish from the encounter.

Then they switched to Andrew sitting on the couch and Amy straddled him facing me. Her ample breasts and belly began to jiggle as she rode up and down moaning. Soon Andrew built up and told her to get off and take it on her tits. She clambered down to the floor and Andrew shot quite a load all over her tits and face.

She left to towel off, Andrew dressed and they left me in the chair for a good half hour after that. Then they came in together and Amy let me loose. I started to protest about the way our game were going.

"Look Amy, not that I don't appreciate you guys letting me fufill a fantasy with the bondage, but I definately don't want to have it keep going in this direct..."

She interrupted me, "John, don't worry about it. Things are settled now, you fufilled a fantasy of mine to have us watched and Andrew feels vindicated for a something that he's kept to himself. Trust me, you'll enjoy next week and things will be great. Now get outta here and let me go pick up the kids from Mom's."

I didn't like it. I realized and told myself as I went home that if they tried to do something like that again, I'd safeword out and end our little games. I was a married man, and didn't want things to progress to the point where I felt like I was cheating. To be honest, I felt like I already had. As an afterthought, I realized that what had happened was 'sexual contact'. I went home and beat off to what had happened, blowing one of the largest loads I ever had. Then the guilt set in. I had determined that I was going to tell them I quit. This was the last time and our games were over. My marriage ment too much to me.

The next week, Amy called my cell from their house and told me I needed to come by and see them after work for a few hours. I told her that I didn't think we needed to do this any more. I explained my feelings about the last game and how it had up'd the stakes to something I wasn't there for. She told me that it was at least something the 3 of us should talk about in order for us to not ruin a friendship and I should come and talk. I honestly didn't know if the friendship could survive it, but relented and agreed to come over to 'just talk'.

The three of us sat down and they both sat with odd looks on their faces as I explained to them how I felt. They nodded, and as I talked Amy got up and fetched the remote to the TV. She turned and spoke, "Ok, that's fair John and we are listening, but I want you to see this."

She then played 'the tape'. It was grainy and shaking, and I was looking at myself in black and white tied to their chair. Then Andrew's naked body stepped into the picture standing over me. I started putting it all together. The camera was in the teddy bear. It must have been one of those you leave in the house to record a babysitter. They had filmed it all. By the time my head stopped swimming Amy's voice came over the TV, ""What a good boy. Sitting there dealing with my husband's dick on you." She paused the tape and things were silent.

"So you see why I insisted that you come over. There are a few things you need to think about. If you want to opt out of the games at this point we can't stop you. Fair enough. You can't stop us from telling your wife what you have been doing either. Up until that last little game, you'd likely get away with a few nights on the couch, but not with this."

Andrew had taken the remote and was fast forwarding. He then hit play and I realized how badly things looked. Amy's fat ass was bent over me and our faces were both somewhat facing Andrew's cock! With slurping noises and no way of seeing what was really happening. It didn't look good at all. My wife, Stacey, would leave me in a minute. I was trapped. My own friends. Betrayed.

"You fucking assholes, you planned this whole thing out. Played on me and... and..."

"Acutally, it was Amy's idea after your comments that night at the party. I had to think for a long time to get the right thing to talk you into our plan. You can be mad. You can walk away. But if you do I tell your wife. So before you burn that bridge hear us out."

Amy talked and Andrew sat back with a smug grin on his face. "We can keep the schedule that we have. You haven't found the amount of sessions or time too hard to keep up with. We can keep things among ourselves. Just the three of us. This tape has copies hidden away that stay that way. The key difference is that you no longer have a say on anything that happens period. Whatever goes, but keep in mind we aren't totally evil!"

Andrew took back over, "Look, you still get your bondage. You are too big a guy for me to not want bound so that you don't freak out at times. We aren't into pain, we aren't into hurting you. Just humilliation and using you as a tool. A sex tool. Only one rule that I've set up with Amy, and this is if you want to go this route instead of go public. One rule, you never get fucked, sucked or anything. Amy is my wife, and us using you is one thing."

There was another silence, and I was realizing that I had to make a choice. Either I had to own up to some damning footage of something that I didn't do and loose my wife, my friends, and who knows what else or I had to submit. it was blackmail, plain and simple. They sat and waited. Amy said that they were leaving the choice up to me. I realized I really didn't have a choice. They didn't ask too much of my time, it was easy to make excuses to go over and watch sports or help Andrew with a task. I told them that I would submit.

They both grinned and Andrew stood up by Amy on the couch. Amy spoke as she beckoned me over with a finger. "Okay, you have two simple, simple tasks today. We aren't monsters and we will slowly get you used to your role. Come over here. That's right kneel in front of Andrew. You don't have to call anyone master or take 10 strokes. You just obey like a good servant."

She smiled and pulled me down to my knees in front of her sitting on the couch and Andrew standing in right there, arms crossed. Then she started unbuttoning her blouse and pulled her bra down under her massive tits. They were hanging there a few inches from my face. She then reached up and unbuttoned Andrew's jeans and worked them and his boxers down to his knees. A cock that I was too familliar with sprung out at me about a foot from my face.

She grabbed his cock and began stroking it as she talked. "Simple task for you on your first day of a new job. Suck his dick, get him to the edge and then I will jerk him off on my tits. Then you are going to rub his wonderful load all over your face. Lick up just a little of it and I'll be happy. You don't have to eat it all. Then we can move on to your second task. Andrew, the cuffs lease?"

Andrew reached under a pillow on the couch and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. I hadn't seen those. We had always used ropes. He tossed them to me and told me to put them on myself. I did. I didn't really have a way to back out. They both sat there waiting, not telling me to do it anymore. They just waited. I slowly took his cock in my mouth. Trying to put my mind somewhere else, but the sensation was to obvious to ignore. An almost rubbery feeling to the warm flesh of his shaft going in and out of my mouth. The musky smell that wasn't wonderful but much less than the scent of a wet pussy. It didn't take long, maybe a minute or two before he pulled out of my mouth and turned to face his wife. She began stroking him hard as he grunted and shot a load all over her huge tits. I sat there watching as drool from the corner of my mouth ran down my face. I couldn't wipe it away. I could smell his cum on her chest as she turned to me and pulled my head closer. Fortunately, I sastified her with one slight lick at a drop of cum near a nipple.

Amy then pulled my face into her breasts and smeared the load all over her and me. My whole face was sticky as she moaned. By the time she let me out of her grasp, Andrew had pulled his jeans back on and taken a seat in a chair.

Amy smiled. She told me to go lay in the middle of the living room floor. I did so, still stunned with a raging hard-on. She left and came back with a towel that she placed under my head and shoulders. I layed there looking up at her. She took off her shoes, pants and underwear. I can only say that her weight was even that much more unatractive at this angle. I noticed that she had toweled her chest off, but my face was still slick and salty.

She then straddled my face, her ass touching my chin, neck and chest and said one word. "Eat." I smelled her strong scent and proceeded to probe with my mouth, licking, sucking and even biting gently. She came twice in a 20 minute period. I was covered in both of their juices. She got up, helped me to stand and then took the cuffs off. Andrew was zipping back up from what I can only assume was jerking off to the show.

She sent me to the bathroom with an order to clean up and then without any words was sent home. My new second job started. I went home ashamed, but somehow hornier than I'd ever been. The games continued to get more and more involved. But that is another story.... provided you want to hear it?

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