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Family Friend update
genre: straight
Last week my mother caught us fucking, Amanda and I were at first shocked and were little ashamed getting caught at first. But Amanda recovered and told my mother we were both adults and enjoyed sex and my mother agreed we weren't hurting anyone and hasn't told anyone else and we're still fucking whenever we can.
wrote on 2023-09-14 | by Harry B...
My female best friend Ate my ass out
genre: lesbian
As to how it happend we were both a bit high and at my place just talking like we usually do, in my bed watching anime when she asked me how a felt about anal, we share pretty much everything so i told her that i only tried it once with my ex but did not like it, she then asked if someone ever ate my ass out to which i said no. After that we...
wrote on 2023-08-24 | by Nora Wilson
My boyfriends brother Steve
genre: cheating
My name is Tracy and I have been dating Ryan for several months. We were both 16 and at his parents' home. We were in his room when we started kissing. We quickly stripped our clothes off. I sucked his cock. He got hard and we got on his bed. He started fucking me missionary position. His face buried next to my neck. He kept kissing my neck and...
wrote on 2023-08-17 | by darrius1966
Aunty,friends and feet!
genre: fetish
Hi everyone! Summer evenings begin and Aunty often has her friends at home. One evening I went to my aunt's house not knowing there were 3 of her closest friends. I rang the intercom and my aunt opened it for me. A: "Hello, I didn't know you were passing. There are my friends, come.”I went in and my aunt continued "Stay here, they'll be...
wrote on 2023-08-16 | by Mat&Aunty
Special Friend
genre: straight
I bought my house from my parents; they were moving closer to my sister and her family. I was 29 and doing quite well in my career and had a great paying I T job, which enabled me to work from home. Awkward in social interactions, not really shy just got uncomfortable with people outside of work/school settings. Not a mixer at school or at work,...
wrote on 2023-08-16 | by Horny I T guy
Moms Boyfriend wanted my Young Pussy.
genre: straight
My mom started dating again after a few years without dad, they divorced after he cheated on her. Her new boyfriend was in his thirties even though mom was forty-plus. One day when I got home I heard the having sex Curious I crept upstairs and as the bedroom door wasn't closed fully I could see Mom getting banged hard from behind by her new...
wrote on 2023-08-08 | by Honey Windowcleaner
My mother's best friend
genre: incest
My mother 53 divorced and I 34 her only child live together and doing okay. My mother works and I'm employed as a security guard, working mainly nights. I'm home alone most days and usually sleeping after working 12 hours shifts. My mother has a friend I call Linda 49 widow and she has a daughter Karen 28 who is a quiet and shy girl. Anyway,...
wrote on 2023-07-30 | by Horny man
Old school friend
genre: straight
Friend might be a bit much of a stretch, I knew her at school because she was in my class. I was the class nerd, and she was one of the cool kids. But she was always considerate not running me down she stood out a bit more than the others. I went on to university and then a great career and was doing great, then by chance I saw my old classmate....
wrote on 2023-07-21 | by Better & Better
My ex-Boyfriend's best Buddy
genre: straight
I met my boyfriend at university, and we got on very well and I thought we had a future together. But that was shattered by him becoming violent towards me after we had become lovers. He tried to dominate me in what I wore or who I talked too and in just about everything other way. The last straw came when he went to strike for refusing his...
wrote on 2023-07-15 | by Very Satisfied Wife
I fucked my friends wife under hypnotic suggestion
genre: cheating
A guy I hung out with had a really cute, 18 year old wife I really wanted to fuck. One day when we were alone, I asked her about learning to relax, and she seemed eager to learn, so using a Chinese method I had learned in Singapore, I,put her in a deep trance. I began asking her questions like did she like being fucked, of course she said...
wrote on 2023-07-12 | by Annonymous13
My friend's Mother
genre: straight
Growing I was close friends with a girl, never more than friends. She went off to college and I started a trade (Electrician). She would meet someone and marry; I poked along as usual for me. While shopping on a Saturday morning 2022, I came across my friend's mother and she was having car trouble. I got it going and told it needed a little more...
wrote on 2023-07-11 | by Horny Electrician
Fucking my friends wives
genre: cheating
I guess I give the impression I only went after guys wives. Not really, but they were the ones I was around so….. these stories were from the time I lived on Oahu. The first was a girl I was living with. We were in bed and I noticed she had gone to sleep. I felt mischievous so slid my hand under her night shirt and began to slowly and...
wrote on 2023-07-06 | by Annonymous10
Family Friend
genre: straight
Amanda is a good friend of the family and was widowed last year and as a result I was asked by my mother to mow her lawn and help her as needed. I'm 22 and work in the building industry, I date girls regularly but don't do well sexually with them. Amanda is the same age my mother 51 and is like an aunt to me and my 2 sisters. The death of her...
wrote on 2023-07-05 | by Harry B...
My wife's best friend
genre: straight
No Names used to protect the horny. I didn't cheat on my wife with her best friend, she asked me to fuck her best friend to get her pregnant. I'm 38 and my wife is 34 and her best friend is 36 and a lesbian till before the request to fuck by my wife. Her friend was in a long-term relationship with a woman who decided she wanted pastures new....
wrote on 2023-07-03 | by Agreeable Husband
My Girlfriend 's Mom
genre: straight
wrote on 2023-07-02 | by Shaadmehr
Fucking my friends wives pt 2
genre: cheating
I had a friend from the gym, who had a very cute wife. She had short curly black hair and a boyish ass I so wanted to fuck. One night they came over and ate with me and I made a drink a bartender at a Traders Vic I used to hang out at had showed me called a Bahia, after Bahia in Rio in Brazil. It tasted like an ice cream soda if any of you...
wrote on 2023-06-29 | by Annonymous8
Fucking my friends wives
genre: cheating
These incidents are a bit different from other stories I have related. I was living in Copenhagen and my best friend had the sweetest wife. I really wanted to fuck her and I think she knew it. There was another girl, a long legged Swedish girl,who I totally wanted to fuck. The way I looked at her I know she knew it and when I was staring at...
wrote on 2023-06-28 | by Annonymous7
Fun with friends
genre: swingers
Many years ago, my wife had to go to the UK for many months, and I stayed here, at that time the company I worked at as a sales rep, with 2 other mates, we often had to visit country towns for work, so we all had excuses to get away for the night, if needed, Well Dave, a Scottish, and Neil was Welsh, and the women loved their accents, so I left...
wrote on 2023-06-25 | by biguy
Me and Vale: Aunty’s best friend!
genre: straight
Hi everyone. After about 6 months of having periodic fucks with aunty, a very pleasant thing happened for me. That is, aunt talked about our games with her best friend, as well as colleague Valentina. She enthusiastically told to aunty that she wanted to verify this thing on her skin. Valentina: 35 years old, a woman of medium-short stature,...
wrote on 2023-06-13 | by Mat&Aunty
My friend's hot mom - 2
genre: straight
wrote on 2023-06-10 | by Shaadmehr
My friend's hot mom - 1
genre: straight
wrote on 2023-06-10 | by Shaadmehr
I let my boyfriend fuck my sister
genre: threesome
I have a boyfriend who I’ve been dating 2 years now. He has met my family and both my parents and my sister loves him. When we sometimes argue, they will always take his side. And him and my sister have really hit it off. They would joke around and have no no problem hanging out alone. I catch him checking her out few times and sometimes my...
wrote on 2023-05-08 | by Nora Wilson
My friend's hot mom 2
genre: straight
I was sitting on the sofa in Narges's house, waiting for her and listening to the sexy music. I was wondering what she had planned, but was sure it would be some dirty stuff. She came back dancing, and wearing a robe, covering her body to a little above her knees. The collar was open enough to show some part of her sexy breasts and it was...
wrote on 2023-04-18 | by Shaaadmehr
My friend's hot mom
genre: straight
I'm Shaadmehr. I'm now 37 but when this story happened I was 25. I'm a relatively horny guy and have strong sexual desires and fantasies. At the time, I had had sexual affairs with one of my friends at high school. But upon moving to another city for university, I lost that hot milf and her sexy daughter. Of course, her daughter i.e.,my...
wrote on 2023-04-15 | by Shaaadmehr
AITA for raping my best friends dog over a short period of time and getting her pregnant?
genre: zoophilia
Today I might have fucked up. I was told to watch my friends dog. I've known this friend since we were in elementary school. recently this friend had asked me to watch her dog. Now I have been sexually attracted to this dog since she was she brought her home. Now I am a 27 male and would occasionally would come over and finger her when I got the...
wrote on 2023-04-12 | by Transfer
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