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Aunt Irma
genre: incest
I was raised by my mother Victoria now 53 alone,as my father cleared out at the new she was pregnant. I've only met him once when I was 14 and he wasn't any good then either. I now 26 single still living with Victoria and even sleeping with her sometimes. We're a very close family, early last month aunt Irma 49 turned up to stay with us. Irma...
wrote on 2019-05-26 | by Harry
Aunt Jean
genre: incest
My fathers sister Jean is the youngest of his family and never married. At 45 she is 5'3" and runs a Rose nursery. Sell flowers to the florists around the state and interstate, Roses are her favorite flower and she has lot of different ones. But only sells 5 types, selling them according to the Color they produce. Long stemmed Red and White are...
wrote on 2019-04-23 | by Robert
Spinster Aunt
genre: incest
I Gordon 24 single and live with my divorced mother Carol 42, I'm her only child. My mother youngest sister Joanne 35 is single and a spinster according to Carol. Never been fucked or in any relationship with a man. She is a quiet person who works in a university library as a researcher. She tracks down any books or papers the professors want,...
wrote on 2019-04-16 | by Gordon
My Aunt Rachel
genre: incest
I'm Max 28 and work computer game programming, I doing very and making very good money. I decided to taking a holiday last November and went to the East Coast. While I was there I would up my favorite aunt. Rachel 36 single work as a editor for a magazine, she my mothers youngest sibling. We don't see her much as she is always busy, I went to...
wrote on 2019-04-08 | by Max
Aunt Joan
genre: first times
I'm Gary now 63 divorced and have 4 grown children, who have all moved out. Back when I was 18, I went off to college and was going to stay with aunt Joan. Joan was then 46 a widow and worked as a receptionist for the local bank manager. Aunt Joan had been married to Uncle Ron, my fathers younger brother. Ron had died 2 years before while in the...
wrote on 2019-02-20 | by Gary
Seduced by Aunt Mary (Beginning)
genre: first times
Hey! Today I am sharing my first ever experience of sex. All name of characters are changed. I am a teen boy with full of energy. Its were the days after my board exams. I was waiting of that Tuesday when my mom and sister were leaving for two week to my maternal uncle’s house for summer vacation. I had not masturbated from 2 weeks to do that...
wrote on 2019-02-03 | by Hacker_Smith
Spinster Great Aunt
genre: zoophilia
I'm Richard and I got back home from overseas in November 2018. On my return my father gave me a house, it was his aunts Caroline. She never married and passed away last august, my father was the only living close relative and inherited her estate. Which was her house and government bond and small but tidy sum of money. My father hadn't done...
wrote on 2019-01-10 | by Richard
My Aunt made me a Man
genre: incest
I'm Patrick now 80, born July 1938. I was a sickly child and was kept away from people till I was 11 and had grown out of the illnesses that had affected me when I was younger. I was shy around most people and kept to myself. When I was 20 and working in the family firm, my mother passed away. My father had died in the war, I had 2 older...
wrote on 2019-01-07 | by Patrick B G
Doing my aunt, and her daughter
genre: incest
I am 55 yrs old now, but something happened the other day that got me REAL excited! I grew up on a farm, and we we're taught to check in on some of the older members of our community at times. Years back, when I was in high school, there was a widow that lived on the road out to our farm. I would stop in at times to check on her. She was my...
wrote on 2019-01-05 | by Hayseed6977@
My Kinky Aunt Jenny
genre: incest
Aunt Jenny Part 3: I’m standing there in the bedroom holding my lingerie as Aunt Jenny is walking over to my box of toys. I can’t believe it, I’m holding a silk long sleeve black assless an crotchless bodysuit with another red fishnet crotchless an assless bodysuit an my black silk corset, laying on the bed is the lingerie I found for Aunt...
wrote on 2018-12-25 | by Hard&horny
Drunk Aunt
genre: incest
I'm Gary 25 single, last week I went to my cousins John's wedding. I went alone and met my parents there. As I was alone I was paired with Aunt Rosemarie 54 widowed 5 years ago, Rosemarie is my mother's older sister. John's father is there only brother and the youngest of them. So I was to keep Rosemarie company for the evening at the reception,...
wrote on 2018-12-08 | by Gary
Aunt Betty
genre: zoophilia
Aunt Betty is 58 widowed and lives alone with her old dog Bundy. I'm the only relative who live close. Last Saturday I received a call from her to come and help her as she caught and couldn't get up. I went straight over to her house and let myself in a key she had given me months before. On entering I called out to her to find out where she was...
wrote on 2018-12-06 | by Gary27
Aunt Grace
genre: incest
I'm David 42 divorced, I live with my mother Rachel 64 widow since my divorce. Recently my mother's sister Grace 57 came to live with us, her husband Grant had died in a car accident. She sold their home and moved to live us, as there were no family near her. Grace is good looking for her age and as I found out has a big sex drive. Rachel goes...
wrote on 2018-12-04 | by David
I got my Aunt pregnant
genre: incest
My mother's sister Grace 36 single lawyer, had just broken up with latest boyfriend. I've always had a crush on Grace and decided to cheer her up a bit. I'm David 23 single carpenter by trade. Grace was the youngest of 5 children in my mothers family, my mother being the second eldest. My mother was the only one of the siblings living close to...
wrote on 2018-11-25 | by David
Visit to my Aunt
genre: incest
Last June I went on holidays and as part of my holiday I visited my Aunt Joan 42 and her daughter Cheryl 22. They live on a small farm raising chickens for meat and eggs, Aunt Joan is a widow and has been for 5 years. Cheryl is her only child and is handicapped from birth with one arm not fully developed. She has an artificial arm that allows...
wrote on 2018-10-25 | by Bruce
Aunt Ruth
genre: incest
My Aunt Ruth 36 is a lawyer, single and little overweight. She is my father's youngest sister and has been too busy with her career to get married. So I was told by my mother, I was off to university and would staying with Aunt Ruth. I arrived the weekend before starting university and settled in. I didn't see mush of Ruth as she worked long...
wrote on 2018-10-22 | by David
My Great Aunt Maud
genre: incest
Im Robert now 65 and just retired, married 4 grown children and 6 grandchildren. Long time ago when I was a single 19yrs old, I went my grandmother Alice then to visit her sister Maud then 68 and was starting lose her memory and such things. Maud was the older of the 2 and had lost her husband Dennis the year before. I had been sent to take care...
wrote on 2018-10-04 | by Robert
My Aunt Lucy
genre: zoophilia
I'm Richard 30 architect and since I was promoted, I have to go out of town more often. I own a small cottage with a big yard. I have a large dog called Buster, he a gentle giant. But when people first see him, they back away. As I next door to my Aunt Lucy 56 widow, she earns extra money modelling swimsuits and things for the more mature woman....
wrote on 2018-10-03 | by Richard
Living with my Aunt Monica
genre: incest
Long story short, I lost my parents when I was 12 years old and went to live with mother's Sister Monica. Aunt Monica and Uncle Billy and their daughter Clare lived on the East Coast. I had a little trouble adjusting to the fact my parents were gone, but I got on well my Aunts family. When I was 17, Uncle Billy passed away from a heart attack,...
wrote on 2018-09-13 | by Richard
My Aunt wanted me to get her Pregnant.
genre: straight
I Jarrod 23 single in the army and am going to make it my career. My Aunt Paula lives near the base I'm stationed at, she's 36 widowed and a lawyer. She late husband Richard died last year in a car crash, he was my mothers only brother. He was born eleven years after my mother and was her only sibling. Paula wants me to get her pregnant, either...
wrote on 2018-08-29 | by Jarrod
My Aunt
genre: incest
My Aunt Rachel is 38 widowed and has 1 child Robert 19 and he's in the army and posted overseas. Rachel lives on a remote farm in a small valley among the foothills. I'm David 24 single youngest son of Rachel's brother Mike. I went to help Rachel on the farm in march this year. I am good with engines and other things, a sort of all round...
wrote on 2018-07-05 | by David
Aunt and Cousin keeping the Family Tradition Alive
genre: incest
I'm Todd 26 electrican and single, I moved to the City to start a job with a power company as shift electrican. When I got to the city where my job was, I moved in with my father's Sister Jane 43 widowed and her daughter Rachel 20. They live in a 4 bedroom 2 bath house about 3 miles from power plant. The room I had was at the back of the house...
wrote on 2018-06-27 | by Todd
My Kinky Aunt Jenny
genre: incest
Part 2: My sexy Aunt So the next day, Sunday I get a text message. It’s Aunt Jenny. It’s around 5 p.m. She wants to know what I’m up to. If I’m free and if I want to do something. She said she’s bored, been handing out at the hotel bar, had a few glasses of wine and just wants to get outta the hotel. So I text her back that I’m at...
wrote on 2018-06-06 | by Hard&horny
Great Aunt Beth
genre: incest
I'm David 27 now, a high school drop out. Eight years ago I got in to trouble and my family got me out of it. But there was a condition attached, I had to go and work on Great aunt Beth's farm for 2 years. I hadn't seen Aunt Beth since I was 8 or 9 and she was a very formidable woman and was dreaded by the whole family. Great uncle Bert 70 had...
wrote on 2018-05-21 | by David
My kinky aunt Jenny
genre: incest
Part 1: My sexy Aunt A dream of mine for years has happened. Two weeks ago my aunt came to visit. She was on a business trip and called my folks saying she would be in town and asked if she could spend a couple nights at their place. Of course they said yes. She is hot. To me at least. I’ve fantasized about her for years. Touched myself...
wrote on 2018-04-21 | by Hard&horny
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