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Visit to my Aunt
genre: incest
Last June I went on holidays and as part of my holiday I visited my Aunt Joan 42 and her daughter Cheryl 22. They live on a small farm raising chickens for meat and eggs, Aunt Joan is a widow and has been for 5 years. Cheryl is her only child and is handicapped from birth with one arm not fully developed. She has an artificial arm that allows...
wrote on 2018-10-25 | by Bruce
Aunt Ruth
genre: incest
My Aunt Ruth 36 is a lawyer, single and little overweight. She is my father's youngest sister and has been too busy with her career to get married. So I was told by my mother, I was off to university and would staying with Aunt Ruth. I arrived the weekend before starting university and settled in. I didn't see mush of Ruth as she worked long...
wrote on 2018-10-22 | by David
My Great Aunt Maud
genre: incest
Im Robert now 65 and just retired, married 4 grown children and 6 grandchildren. Long time ago when I was a single 19yrs old, I went my grandmother Alice then to visit her sister Maud then 68 and was starting lose her memory and such things. Maud was the older of the 2 and had lost her husband Dennis the year before. I had been sent to take care...
wrote on 2018-10-04 | by Robert
My Aunt Lucy
genre: zoophilia
I'm Richard 30 architect and since I was promoted, I have to go out of town more often. I own a small cottage with a big yard. I have a large dog called Buster, he a gentle giant. But when people first see him, they back away. As I next door to my Aunt Lucy 56 widow, she earns extra money modelling swimsuits and things for the more mature woman....
wrote on 2018-10-03 | by Richard
Living with my Aunt Monica
genre: incest
Long story short, I lost my parents when I was 12 years old and went to live with mother's Sister Monica. Aunt Monica and Uncle Billy and their daughter Clare lived on the East Coast. I had a little trouble adjusting to the fact my parents were gone, but I got on well my Aunts family. When I was 17, Uncle Billy passed away from a heart attack,...
wrote on 2018-09-13 | by Richard
My Aunt wanted me to get her Pregnant.
genre: straight
I Jarrod 23 single in the army and am going to make it my career. My Aunt Paula lives near the base I'm stationed at, she's 36 widowed and a lawyer. She late husband Richard died last year in a car crash, he was my mothers only brother. He was born eleven years after my mother and was her only sibling. Paula wants me to get her pregnant, either...
wrote on 2018-08-29 | by Jarrod
My Aunt
genre: incest
My Aunt Rachel is 38 widowed and has 1 child Robert 19 and he's in the army and posted overseas. Rachel lives on a remote farm in a small valley among the foothills. I'm David 24 single youngest son of Rachel's brother Mike. I went to help Rachel on the farm in march this year. I am good with engines and other things, a sort of all round...
wrote on 2018-07-05 | by David
Aunt and Cousin keeping the Family Tradition Alive
genre: incest
I'm Todd 26 electrican and single, I moved to the City to start a job with a power company as shift electrican. When I got to the city where my job was, I moved in with my father's Sister Jane 43 widowed and her daughter Rachel 20. They live in a 4 bedroom 2 bath house about 3 miles from power plant. The room I had was at the back of the house...
wrote on 2018-06-27 | by Todd
My Kinky Aunt Jenny
genre: incest
Part 2: My sexy Aunt So the next day, Sunday I get a text message. It’s Aunt Jenny. It’s around 5 p.m. She wants to know what I’m up to. If I’m free and if I want to do something. She said she’s bored, been handing out at the hotel bar, had a few glasses of wine and just wants to get outta the hotel. So I text her back that I’m at...
wrote on 2018-06-06 | by Hard&horny
Great Aunt Beth
genre: incest
I'm David 27 now, a high school drop out. Eight years ago I got in to trouble and my family got me out of it. But there was a condition attached, I had to go and work on Great aunt Beth's farm for 2 years. I hadn't seen Aunt Beth since I was 8 or 9 and she was a very formidable woman and was dreaded by the whole family. Great uncle Bert 70 had...
wrote on 2018-05-21 | by David
My kinky aunt Jenny
genre: incest
Part 1: My sexy Aunt A dream of mine for years has happened. Two weeks ago my aunt came to visit. She was on a business trip and called my folks saying she would be in town and asked if she could spend a couple nights at their place. Of course they said yes. She is hot. To me at least. I’ve fantasized about her for years. Touched myself...
wrote on 2018-04-21 | by Hard&horny
Aunt Beth
genre: incest
I'm David now 28. Long Story short, when I was 11 my parents died in an accident. I came to live with Aunt Beth (Mom's younger Sister) and Uncle Ken. Beth was 27 at the time and couldn't have any children after a bad car accident 2 years before. I lived with them till I went to university. After finishing university I married and moved to the...
wrote on 2018-04-02 | by David
Aunt Marie
genre: incest
I'm Edgar 27 single and of average build, I am plumber and enjoy alot of sport. Just average but I then I use it for keeping fit and not winning championships. I recently attend a family wedding. My cousin Carol got married, I went alone and entended to leave early,but my Mother 52 and her sister Robyn 48 wanted me take care of their other...
wrote on 2018-01-15 | by Egar
Aunt Peggy
genre: incest
I'm Dan now 23 and 5 years ago my Aunt Peggy was 34, divorced and a little overweight and 5'3". She is a lawyer by profession and had no children then, I had just turned 18. The family was altogether for Christmas and Peggy was staying at our house. We all were going to uncle Rob and aunt Juley's house for Christmas Dinner. They have 6 children...
wrote on 2017-12-27 | by Dan
Aunt Nora Final Chapter
genre: incest
Ant Nora final chapter It was about to be my time, been away from my love for way too long, finally had everything together, college was going to start in 30 days, but I convinced mom and dad to let me go earlier so I can familiarize myself with bus schedule and the city. They were happy since I would be living in Aunt Nora's house and the knew...
wrote on 2017-11-07 | by Dragonpunk
Aunt Nora Chapter 6
genre: incest
Aunt Nora Chapter 6 Mom and Dad are back home, Nora and I looked exhausted. Mom suggests that she makes us both some soup and we both head to bed early today to rest it off so we can get better tomorrow. Mom caught up with Nora on her friend and what she is doing and how everything is turning out, I sat across them both and just kept gazing...
wrote on 2017-11-07 | by Dragonpunk
Aunt Nora Chapter 5
genre: incest
Aunt Nora chapter 5 By now Im exhausted, Ejaculated 4 times in less than 10 hours, I was spent, I needed to sleep, I was happy. After Nora left my room, few minutes went by and I finally fell asleep. I didn't set an alarm because I knew my parents and Nora were headed out to Flagstaff(city a few hours away from Phoenix where are staying) to...
wrote on 2017-11-07 | by Dragonpunk
Aunt Nora Chapter 4
genre: incest
Aunt Nora chapter 4 Here I am, lucky SOB, laying on top of my beautiful aunt, who I just had sex with, my dream girl, my crush, I finally had her. I just laid there on top of her, smelling her hair and her perfume and her sweat. After a few minutes, she wrapped her hands around me again and began running her fingers up and down my back....
wrote on 2017-11-07 | by Dragonpunk
Aunt Nora Chapter 3
genre: incest
Aunt Nora Chapter 3 Staring at my aunty with her dress hiked up exposing her dripping wet panties, I was living my fantasy dream. Here I am, young guy with the girl of my dreams sitting 3 feet from me, my penis is out and covered in my sperm, her panties are exposed drenched in hers, I knew this was my Aunt , I knew what we did was wrong...
wrote on 2017-11-07 | by Dragonpunk
Aunt Nora Chapter 2
genre: incest
Aunt nora chapter 2 18 year old just discovered Aunty's naked videos, I was excited that I stumbled across them, after I finished masturbating and cleaning up after myself, I made sure I saved all 8 of her videos and made sure I cleared browser and computer history. That memory card became my best friend. As I was fixing something to eat my...
wrote on 2017-11-07 | by Dragonpunk
Aunt Nora Chapter 1
genre: incest
Aunt Nora chapter 1 My family is really close to each other, we would spend most vacations with cousins and, Aunts and uncles from both side of the family. I had just learned the art and science of masturbation a year or 2 ago and was experimenting still. My cousins Andy, Ashley, Jordan, Jamal, Alissa, Audrey, Jacob and Sonya were all around...
wrote on 2017-11-07 | by dragonpunk
Aunt's bra
genre: voyeur
This story happened in my aunt's house during the summer. She's the wife of my uncle, and damn she's hot as hell. 5'7, athletic build, great ass and small but round tits (34b). She's blonde and works out a lot. Anyways I was 16 at the time, and my aunt was 30. My dad and my uncle decided to have a guys week out camping, so my aunt was home...
wrote on 2017-05-14 | by DandayVoyeur
Aunt and motherfucker
genre: incest
This is a story about how i seduced my married aunt Amber.i am james.16yrs old.muscular for a 16yr old.with an 8inch aunt is my moms little sister Amber.35yrs old.with 36dd tits and a huge bubble butt.she is married but her husband works out of town.he comes home once in a aunt always stays with us.goes home only when her...
wrote on 2017-01-16 | by Iya
Haunted house hook up
genre: funny
In well done, professional haunted house attractions, adreneline runs high, need to be with someone else becomes paramount and strangers are knit together in strange circumstances that otherwise would never happen!!! That's what happened the other night for me. I don't kiss and tell all... But I will tell you how the most fantastic weekend of...
wrote on 2016-09-16 | by imornery81
Sleeping with aunty in a sari
genre: incest
I fantasise a lot about touching; feeling and fondling big-breasted females and also beautiful, voluptuous bellies, deep holed navels. I love females wearing saris and revealing. I can give them lot of pleasure, fondling and pampering. I also love to keep my erection for a longer period and enjoy it. Sometimes I enjoy my erection for many...
wrote on 2015-06-18 | by Rahul
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