Always ready to use people

Written by , on 2024-02-27, genre incest

I'm a user and don't care who I use, as long as I get what I want. My family is quite well off and I was bought up getting everything I wanted. So, I was used to getting what I wanted and got a shock at university, when I didn't get what I wanted. Especially from the girls. So, that started me being a user and seeing a girl having a problem, would help in return for sex. I finished university and joined the family firm and continued my using lifestyle. At 31 I found out my aunt 49 widow had money problems; her late husband had blown thru her money. Leaving her with debts, normally it wouldn't have a problem for her. But her parents still alive meant she had to get thru the problem without them knowing. They would cut her out of their will if they knew her money had been wasted as it was. They always said don't throw good money after bad, her 2 siblings would tell their parents. Especially my father the eldest of them, my aunt is a looker and was lucky her 2 children university fees were paid by her parents. I saw a chance to profit from her problem, as I had always thought of her as my dream woman. Masturbating while I was thinking of her growing up. First action, let her know I knew and await her responses. She of course wanted me to keep quiet and not tell anyone else, my response was what's in it for me. She had no choice but to agree to my demands, so she became my sex toy. But I'm not stupid, I realized I'd to keep her somewhat happy and not overdo it. It was easy to do as I paid the bills off and no bills no stress and a happier lover. I also help her restart her financial portfolio up again. I became her go to guy for help and most importantly sex. Needless to say, she's my favorite aunt and we get on very well. She has also repaid me, and she still is willing to sleep with me anytime. I'm also married in the 5 years since and have a sexy wife and 2 children, but my aunt is the icing on the cake. My wife knows I see my aunt often and thinks it's because she my favorite aunt and she also visits my aunt with and the children. But doesn't know of my sexual relationship with my aunt.

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