We told each other no love

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She was like a Venus Fly Trap. Complicated. Dangerous. She pulled me in. Her exterior was sheer beauty but her inner beauty? Deciphering that was like wading through molasses on a hot day.

Wait, you must excuse me, I need to pour another scotch.

You see, we told each other no love. That was the principal problem. I was jumping out of a marriage that had been wrecked by infidelity and booze. It was a painful release from my own personal jail. I didn’t think I wanted love. She had been hurt too. His name was Eric. They dated for 4 years and he never proposed anything but a sex-less marriage and his full control. As she always told me, she woke up one morning in their darkened room, his side of the bed an indented, empty canvas. She didn’t know where he had gone and she realized that she didn’t care anymore. Her hurt came from wasting all of that time with him.

We always joked about wanting a partial life do over.

Pardon me, my throat is a little dry. This is some good scotch right here. You ever have Johnny Walker Black Label? Shit doesn’t even burn going down.

Yeah, sorry, I’ll get back to things. It’s important that you know about Samantha and I. You seem to be the caring sort. Plus, it will help you understand things later.

Anyway, last time I saw her was a few weeks ago. She had come over unannounced. I love surprises. When she first walked into my bedroom, I could tell she was high. I didn’t mind. That body of hers. Tight jeans, her midriff exposed. I was sitting on the edge of my bed just looking up at her, drinking it all in. The bright glow from this lamp here behind me was all that illuminated the room. The whole scene was sexy. She was sexy. She pulled her pants down just below her ass so she could show me her new tattoo. It was a beautiful butterfly, its orange wings were stretched out wide. The area was still a little red and sore.

“I had my friend do it, Dennis. Isn’t it lovely?”

She was lovely. I ran my hand over it gently and could feel the raised marks. I traced the black wings softly with my fingertips. I freed the other side of her jeans over her waist and lowered them down slowly. The scotch blurred my thoughts and then there were no thoughts, just action. I rubbed my hands down her exposed thighs while drinking in the black thong she wore. My God you should have seen it.

Hang on, I need to pour a new glass. This sure is going down well tonight. The cure for depression they say. I know what you’re thinking by the way. I live in a crappy apartment. Here, I’ll flip on the floor lamp for you so you can see how small and crappy everything really is. Sparsely furnished too. I’ve got little money or cares to do anything about it. Hey, there’s some cheap vodka in a bottle on the floor over there, if you’re interested.

Where was I? Oh, yeah, it didn’t take me long to get her fully undressed. Nor her me. I sat at the edge of the bed with my hand pressing against the back of her head while she guided her sweet mouth down onto my hard cock. Heaven. I watched her mouth suction itself perfectly around my shaft, up and down, saw the little saliva trails drip from her mouth and fall gradually down my length. I could have sat there forever.

My tongue lapped at her clit and my finger worked its way into her heat furiously. She tasted like velvety ice cream. She worked the top of my head with her hand. Once I settled into the rhythm, she came hard and screamed loudly into my tiny apartment. You ever hear an orgasm echo?

Then I had her lying on her back, her legs dangling off the bed. Staring down at her, my length hard and still glistening some from her mouth tricks, I couldn’t help but be in awe of her beauty. Slowly, I sank my length in but didn’t pound like a porn star. This was love making and I massaged her breasts, rubbed my hands down her waist and played with her clit. Slowly. I savored her.

“I love you.” I blurted out. “You’re so beautiful.”

She was up and off the bed before I could react, my cock angry at its sudden ejection.

“What did you say? No. I said no love, Dennis. None.”

“But, I’m sorry, it just came out.” Literally.

“I need to go. Damn it!”

“Wait, what?”

She grabbed the bundle off the floor, located her panties and put them on.

“But, Samantha. Are you serious? Why are you leaving? Don’t leave.”

“I can’t do this Dennis. Not with you. You promised.”

She left and slammed the door behind her. I was dazed and confused.

Calls unanswered. Texts not returned. I never knew that love could break me so.

Oh gosh, I’m rambling again. I’ll blame the scotch. You have other places to be I’m sure. Here’s the money we agreed on. You’re beautiful too, don’t let anyone tell you differently.

You asked me earlier what I wanted. I want to do those things to you that I spoke of. If you don’t mind, can you wear this butterfly tattoo on that beautiful ass of yours?

Great. Now get on your knees and take this cock into your mouth, like she did…

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