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The genre S&M collects erotic stories that deal with Sadomasochism, the set of erotic practices based on the imposition of physical suffering, even through objects that can cause pain, such as whips, ropes and other instruments to inflict pain on a partner.

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The girls gang
Melinda is 18 years, 165 cm tall and has shoulder-length blonde hair that snakes around her slender and well-shaped upper body. Melinda is in Grade 9 and is the leader of a dreaded girl gang who blackmailed other students and threatened them with violence. It can be said that their gang dominates the lower grades of the school, because Melinda...
wrote on 2018-07-16 | by The Tickler
𝒞𝓊𝓇𝓋𝒶𝒸𝑒❁𝓊𝓈 Raunchy 𝑅💍𝒸𝓀
He was mighty rock high these days he didn't care if it was there crystal Amethyst lips the first time or between a fuck and a stone that group sex on the camera heated up like the apex. She wouldn't want to face her husband in a rock battle.She saw him immediately as he toured down the rock hill hearing sounds that weren't bird and silence. ...
wrote on 2017-06-06 | by RobinRareGem
Atonement. This story is made in combination with the lady concerned, nothing has been changed, that’s why its longer than most I do. but it`s all perfectly true. enjoy she began "Oh… Yes I remember it well in fact its etched on my mind…" In my murky past I had something that I felt very guilty about, I am not going into detail, in fact...
wrote on 2017-02-27 | by alibodge eddy
Tabbi and her cum-loving sissy boy
It’s clear why you want to call me…you’re just another cum-loving sissy boy that is just dying to be humiliated by me. You sit there in your panties that you probably stole from your wife, calling me and begging to watch me fuck other men as you rub your tiny itty bitty thing you call a dick through those nice silk panties. You seriously...
wrote on 2015-12-30 | by Tabbi
Selena learns to enjoy the whip
Back in her room Selena took off her tight jeans and red top and took a look at herself in the mirror. Looking over her shoulder she admired the three pink-red stripes on the crowns of her butt cheeks. She traced the stripes with one finger and wondered why the slight burning sensation gave her so much pleasure. She decided to take a shower and...
wrote on 2015-07-18 | by whipping belt
Dentist appointment
I was due for a cleaning. I have always taken really great care of my teeth. After all a beautiful smile makes the world go round,right? Anyway, I went to a new dentist that was recomended to me by a friend. My dentist retired a couple of months earlier. I got the address and went on my way. I stepped inside this really huge and beautiful...
wrote on 2015-07-10 | by FiestyMomma
A latex girl thing
He saw her the moment she walked into the bondage club, and that was saying something given the amount of decadence in various forms of fetish and beauty: not all of it pretty in his lone opinion. Like many of the younger set of women, and a few of the chubbier ones, the thin, shapely creature wore skin tight black latex. She wore it from head...
wrote on 2015-05-20 | by Latex Conservative
Moonlight & submission
My bedroom is so hot tonight, even with the windows open wide, it’s so humid even the fan turned on full isn’t helping there’s just no air tonight. The moonlight shines through my window and highlights the sweat as it glistens on my silky soft skin. It’s so warm lying here naked on top of the covers; taking a drink of my cold ice water,...
wrote on 2015-05-06 | by Lillidress
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