The most read erotic stories of the month

The fifteen erotic stories most read and popular of the month

Mummy's Moiste Cunt
genre: incest
I think I was only, just, hitting puberty when I first caught a glimpse of my moms Cunt. Before that, the idea of my 'Mother' as a sexual being was utterly ridiculous, I mean, that would be incest, wouldn't it? I had been at home alone and naturally, being at the beginning of puberty, I had snuck onto my parents pc to look at porn. We...
wrote on 2019-09-06 | by fuckallmothers
Mom pissed on me
genre: incest
I was 16 at the time. My mother was super hot and liked to drink as well. Well i came home after a night of partying and drinking...ALOT. When i stumbled in the door she was sitting on the couch watching tv. She saw i was really drunk and i couldnt even make it up the stairs. She was mad but in her drunk stage didnt bitch to much at me. ...
wrote on 2019-08-28 | by Luckyguy2
It's All About the Knot
genre: zoophilia
This is a story about sex between men and male dogs. If that offends you then leave now. If you are not of legal age to view pornography, then you need to leave too. This story is my intellectual property and may not be posted in any way or used for anything other than personal reading without my express permission. It's All About the Knot ...
wrote on 2019-08-31 | by Mikhail Conrad
My Aunt moved in.
genre: incest
I'm Jarrod 26 single self- employed average build and looks, I was not in a relationship at the time my aunt Jane 37 moved with me. I did okay with women but hadn't found the "one" yet. Anyway, Jane is a good looking woman and well built you could say. I own my own house due to a trust fund and buying a cheap but good condition 3 bedroom house...
wrote on 2019-09-04 | by Jarrod
Family Secret
genre: incest
I found out the family secret quite by accident, I came home from work early and found my mother Joanne in bed with her brother Ian. Ian had a heart attack or something had blacked out and was still on top of Joanne, she was distraught and I help get him off her. The ambulance took Ian to the hospital and he recovered fairly well but had to take...
wrote on 2019-09-02 | by George
Grandma moves in
genre: incest
I'm Alan 20 middle child of Wendy and Wayne, my older brother Gordon is in the navy and overseas. My sister Gwen 15 is into sports and regularly plays sport on the weekends. My mother's mother Ruth 60 moved in with us April after grandpa Gordon passed away in late March. Both my parents are busy with their business and I was alone most weekend...
wrote on 2019-09-09 | by Alan
Under The Bridge
genre: incest
My cousin Krystal and I had always been close. We could talk about anything. We did everything together. She was staying at my house one night when I was 14. We all had to sleep in the floor due to there not being enough room. We were talking all night. Our talk got a little "R" rated and we ended up playing a game of paper rock scissors where...
wrote on 2019-08-29 | by Brad
My Sister Ruth
genre: incest
I returned from living overseas early last year, I purchased a small farm to raise pigs and chickens and also got 3 horses. The farm is only forty acres and 8 miles from the closest town. Which I was born and raised in, at 35 divorced no children I just wanted a quiet life. My sister Ruth 32 widow is the closest of my family to me being only 4...
wrote on 2019-09-01 | by David
My Grandmother is a Gambler
genre: incest
My grandmother Michele 65 is a gambler and usually does okay, but early last year she had a losing streak and lost their holiday money. I'm Martin 27 single and have a great well paying job, I'm not in a relationship and find it, hard meeting women. I own my house, mainly due to my boss who helped me get it cheap. It was really run down in a...
wrote on 2019-08-30 | by Martin
The things I do
genre: cheating
I like to fuck. Alot. I mean I'm a forty-two year old house wife. I get bored. So to kill the boredom. I fuck. The first time I cheated I felt guilty as hell and almost narced myself out. It caused a few problems around the house. Mainly me filling guilty. But, after time things got back to normal. About six months later I was at the...
wrote on 2019-08-31 | by Helan
Is it incest if i dont know?
genre: incest
Is it incest if I didn’t know? Hello. I am Samantha. Sam for short. I am I am thirty-eight years old but I look much younger. I have lived a sheltered life and not really versed in the sexual practices of modern-day singles. I only had sex one time. It was a disaster. I had just turned eighteen, I was seduced by a twenty-nine-year-old man....
wrote on 2019-08-28 | by R.L.B.
My stepmom
genre: cheating
My name is Eric. I'm twenty-six old. 6'3" tall well built and 240 pounds. I'm confident and out going. I'm not a bully or anything like that. I won't wrong you and won't be wrong. But, I have a down fall. Woman. I find there weakness and prey on it till I bed them. I have never met a woman I didn't want to stick my big dick in. Married...
wrote on 2019-09-01 | by Eric
Start of my new life in the Country
genre: incest
I'm Andrew now 20 live my aunt Kate 43 and her 2 daughters Rachel and Emma (twins) 22. Five years ago last June I went to live with and family as my father died and Kate was my only living relative. My mother had died 8 years earlier, uncle Keith had passed away 3 years before my father. I wasn't great at school and doing a trade would be the...
wrote on 2019-08-30 | by Andrew
Drunk mother
genre: incest
When I was 13 my parents divorced and Mom started to drink a lot of scotch and water. She would only drink on the weekends. I really hated her when she was drunk because this wasn't the mother who raised me. She would always want me to dance with her in the kitchen late at night and I hated the smell of alcohol and she would be slurring her...
wrote on 2019-09-19 | by Carlospinzon
Ask and you shall receive
genre: incest
Ask and you shall receive is about all I can remember from Sunday School. Last July I was bored and horny, I live with my only sibling Susan 25 single little overweight like me. So I just asked her for a fuck expecting her to refuse, but she said okay I'm horny too. So we fucked and now have regular sex together, but we still date other people....
wrote on 2019-09-03 | by Arthur
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