The most read erotic stories of the month

The fifteen erotic stories most read and popular of the month

Son impregnated his own mommy
genre: incest
Please please please please please please please someone please make a sexy incest story like this one of me Jake and my mo m are alone my mom in her room trying on her new clothing she just bought I Peak thought her door I see her taking off her white dress my mom has 34c boobs cubby litte around 195-220lbs fat ass i run on my while she by...
wrote on 2017-12-26 | by Bobby
Young fun never regret
genre: incest
I am secretly sexualy having as much fun as we can with my sister.we been helping out each other for many years am a naughty Mr.. Started just kissing then playing with her tight fanny having a taste of a fresh untouched fanny even more tasty as it's my sisters slit. She loves to have me giving her. A good licking for as long as we could I...
wrote on 2017-12-19 | by Lincolnshireincest
Aunt Peggy
genre: incest
I'm Dan now 23 and 5 years ago my Aunt Peggy was 34, divorced and a little overweight and 5'3". She is a lawyer by profession and had no children then, I had just turned 18. The family was altogether for Christmas and Peggy was staying at our house. We all were going to uncle Rob and aunt Juley's house for Christmas Dinner. They have 6 children...
wrote on 2017-12-27 | by Dan
Discovering the joys of the dog knot...
genre: zoophilia
My wife and I were in our mid 40s when we discovered the joys of the K9 knot. Our daughter and her BF had gone on a 5 day cruise out of Tampa,Florida and we agreed to keep her Bfs doberman, Baron. He was a big clumsy dog about 7-8 years old. It took him about a day to stop wondering around the house and finally settled down. The second...
wrote on 2018-01-02 | by Capnron48
genre: incest
I'm David 26 and after finishing my law degree a year ago. I started work with the family firm, I'm just a junior and don't get much in the way of court cases. Drink driving is most I get and some assisting on other cases. I'm the youngest of 2, my sister Clare is 29 and also a lawyer. So is both my parents and 3 of my grandparents, all except...
wrote on 2018-01-09 | by David
Yoga On Me: A lesson to remember
genre: fetish
It was Saturday morning and I couldn’t wait to hit the yoga mat to work out all of my sexual tension. Usually, Jaden would be off from work on Fridays to fulfill my needs. He would fuck me real good the night before and when morning arrived I felt relaxed to tape my yoga lesson. Sometimes I would even do a live stream show to upload for a...
wrote on 2017-12-27 | by rodrampage86
The dance teacher
genre: first times
Hello, my name is Anna I’m a 35 year old dance teacher, I’ve been teaching dance of all types since I was 28, I used to be a professional ballerina but various injuries put paid to my career and I was forced to retire, I have no regrets I had a long career spanning over 10 years and I travelled the world performing with Some of the greatest...
wrote on 2017-12-27 | by Richintights
genre: incest
I'm Kelvan 28 married to Joyce 26 and and have 2 children Rachel 3 and Paul 1. I'm the Manager at a local supermarket. It is a small part of a nationwide chain, but I started to manage it after finishing a University Business Degree. I am being promoted to Regional Manager early next year after hitting and passing all the targets set by head...
wrote on 2017-12-30 | by Kelvan
The Burden of woman
genre: incest
It was a strange and new time in my life. I was fifteen and all I could do was think about girls, women and my constantly hard acking cock! I had been cursed by some unknown force of nature to be thrown into a perpetual state of acking throbbing animal like sexual hunger. I guess doctor's call it puberty, I called it...
wrote on 2018-01-06 | by Ty Maximus
I just kept the women I already had.
genre: incest
To some people, my story my seem distasteful. I on the other hand, look back with only fond memories of my sexual Awakening. My name is Jim. I grew up in a upper middle class home in Michigan. My father was in advertising andy mother worked a a bank in town. I have a sister that is two years younger than me. She was born with a...
wrote on 2018-01-04 | by John Henry
Paramore fantasy
genre: group sex
I'm not the kind of guy who would have sex with just any girl. Even in the most debauched setting, it would require someone with whom I have at least a casual acquaintance. For the physical relationship to progress, so too would the connection between the two of us. In other words, I wouldn't bang a girl just because she is hot or...
wrote on 2017-12-27 | by hayleywilliamsfans
I just kept the women I already had... Part 2
genre: incest
....... So there I was watching the police take my mother away in hand cuffs and her yelling at me to call my father for her. I ran to the phone and call him, at first he thought it was a stupid joke I was trying to play on him. But after I got him straight, he hung up with me and called the police and then a lawyer for mom. This was not...
wrote on 2018-01-04 | by Hunter
Aunt Marie
genre: incest
I'm Edgar 27 single and of average build, I am plumber and enjoy alot of sport. Just average but I then I use it for keeping fit and not winning championships. I recently attend a family wedding. My cousin Carol got married, I went alone and entended to leave early,but my Mother 52 and her sister Robyn 48 wanted me take care of their other...
wrote on 2018-01-15 | by Egar
Fucked by a hot girl with a fleshlight
genre: masturbation
I met Camille at a music awards after party. Our eyes had met at the bar where both of us were trying to get the attention from one of the overworked bar staff who were trying get as many poorly assembled and much too expensive drinks into the hands of the waving and shouting customers in front of them. Poor and expensive drinks, and seemingly...
wrote on 2018-01-10 | by d_artagnan
A cigarette after sex
genre: group sex
My wife and I have been happily married for 22 years. Over the years we have experienced a very active sex life with each other and several exciting adventures with other playmates. We plan to share some of our more memorable encounters here. Our first adventurer happened about 15 years ago. We had been married for about 7 years, had become...
wrote on 2018-01-10 | by Americanxtacy
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