The most read erotic stories of the month

The fifteen erotic stories most read and popular of the month

Somehow he knows when we are home alone and he takes advantage of it. My dog is so sneaky
genre: zoophilia
I have a 6yr old chocolate lab named blaze, I had hem ever since he was a puppy and as you can imagine we had A LOT of sex in those years, And we still do. We hadn’t done anything in about 4 months. Well that was until yesterday lol. I Had got out the hot tub and when I got out and took off my wet clothes, before I could put my dry ones on he...
wrote on 2018-05-03 | by J and blaze
Uncle and me
genre: incest
I know it’s wrong now, but just the thought of him coming into my room gets me so wet. For about a year I used to wake up with my uncles hard cock on me, either him jacking off watching me. Sometimes he’d take my pants off sometimes he’d take my shift off. But he would be stroking his penis for hours just wanting my sweet innocent pussy....
wrote on 2018-04-27 | by Jt
Mother's Addiction
genre: incest
I've done it!!! My God, I think I've finally done it!!! I've been working on it for so many years I didn't know if I could really get the formula right, but I think I've finally gotten right! Hold on, I guess I should clue you in on what I am going on about. Hello, my name is William, everyone just calls me Will. I hold Master degrees...
wrote on 2018-04-29 | by Ty Maximus
Travelling with my Mother.
genre: incest
I'm David 29 single average build, I've got my own online business that is not huge. But is a steady earner and I can travel and do all my business online. So when my Grandfather had an accident, I was able to go with my Mother Cheryl 48 to visit him. I'm a only child and mom is divorced and dad left years ago and remarried and doesn't want to...
wrote on 2018-05-10 | by David
Pregnant Sister
genre: incest
I'm 38 the oldest of 9 children, the youngest being 19. I have 3 sisters, now 32, 27 and 24. All were married till 2 years ago when Rachel (eldest) and her husband Donald split up. He had been sleeping with his business partner Pam and had got her pregnant and when it came to light. He chose to be with Pam, Rachel wanted a large settlement and...
wrote on 2018-05-08 | by Barry
I become addicted to my dogs ass.
genre: zoophilia
When I got transferred, for my job, to a different city, my wife was not able to go there with me. After being there a couple of weeks, on one of my weekly trips home, she suggested that I take one of our dogs back to where I was staying for work, for some companionship. Being that I am a nudist, it wasn't unusual for me to sit around the house...
wrote on 2018-05-11 | by Hayseed6977@
Too Much to Drink.
genre: incest
I'm Kevin 23 single the oldest of 3. Last year in May, me and the family went to a family wedding and while away stayed with relations. I was in a small room with a single bed. Room it's was a closet with a bed you had climb into bed over the bed end. Lucky the opened outward or the bed wouldn't have fitted. We were staying for a week after the...
wrote on 2018-04-29 | by Kevin
Rashidha- My first time
genre: incest
It`s been 6 years now and I remember it clearly: The day that changed it all. I`m Rashidha and this is how my life changed completely. At the time I was shy and of course sexually inactive; living with my parents (only child) It happened two days after my 18 year old birthday. I was still excited about becoming an adult by the eyes of the law...
wrote on 2018-05-01 | by Rashidha
I've always wanted to fuck my Mother
genre: incest
Long story short. My father died when I was 7, two years later my mom married John. I didn't like John all that much, but he was good to her and they had 2 more children John jr and Henry together. I went to university and after I finished I moved out on my own and start my own business. I got married had 3 children and after ten years divorced,...
wrote on 2018-05-17 | by Allan
Cousin John may have Caught Me
genre: incest
I watched television as my big cousin John hopped in the shower. I laughed as the movie kept playing, then realized the wine that I've been sipping on all day was beginning to kick in. My crazy and forbidden thoughts were not far behind that.. I love my cousin John. He's funny, and sweet. I remember being around him more often but the family...
wrote on 2018-05-04 | by Kittykinfolk
A late starter
genre: incest
This is a true story that started 29 years ago when I was 29, married and just had our first son. My wife and I had been given the opportunity to get a weekend away and leave our 3 month old son with my parents for the 3 days. At the time we did not realise that my wife was suffering from post natal depression and we were going through a very...
wrote on 2018-04-28 | by The undergrad
genre: incest
I'm Elroy 23 single handyman solid build, after I finished high school I started work as offsider to a carpenter and then a electrian and plumber. By the time I was 20 I had a good deal of experience in those areas. I wouldn't tackle any major jobs in them, but general jobs. I also done yard work, mowing, weeding and trimming hedges and minor...
wrote on 2018-05-05 | by Elroy
Hot sister-in-law
genre: cheating
I was 19 yr old my sister in-law was 28. One day we were alone watching TV she had just come out of the shower.she had on short shorts with no underwear. She sat across from me I could almost see her hot pussy. My cock started to grow I couldn't help myself so I was going to the bathroom to rub one out. As I got up to go she noticed my bulge I...
wrote on 2018-05-17 | by Brolaw
Marge the Office Cleaning Lady.
genre: straight
I work in a large Law firm and work late most nights, I'm on the short list to be made a partner of the firm. Nothing certain, but there's a good chance I'll make it. I take all the cases others don't want and do well with most of them. I'm a good money earner for the firm, I'm not attached and always available for call outs by clients of the...
wrote on 2018-04-28 | by Richard
Working Away
genre: incest
I'm Arnold 28 geologist, 6'3" skinny with glasses. After leaving university I got a job in the Volcanology field and it meant living on a remote Island for a year. Alone as I was not in a relationship at the time. I had radio contact, satellite phone and visits from a supply seaplane once a month. It didn't concern being alone as I was use to...
wrote on 2018-05-08 | by Arnold
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