The most read erotic stories of the month

The fifteen erotic stories most read and popular of the month

My cuckold husband and step son
genre: incest
I am shahi.30yrs old with thick curvy body.36dd tits and a big round ass.blonde hair.i married dan who had a son named phil.15yrs old.very shy boy.dan is 45yrs old.a good person.but i was not satisfied in the sex he was giving.most of the days i had to masturbate to relief myself.i never wanted to cheat on dan.but something happened that i...
wrote on 2017-01-26 | by iya17
My hot mom
genre: incest
This is a Story how i became my mothers lover.i am steve 18yrs old.muscular.i had a cock that i was proud was 9inches when erected.i fuck a lot of girls my age.sometimes underage girls also.but can't fuck them properly cuz my cock is too big for most of them.i even had some bisexual relations also.i fuck guys ass and even let them fuck my...
wrote on 2017-02-10 | by iya17
My best friends hot mom
genre: incest
I am dani medium biult with a 7inch best friend is john.he lives with his single mom.his dad left them about 3yrs ago.after that his mom never married.went to dates once in a while but no relationships.her name is penny.38yrs old with a perfect athletic body.but with 36dd tits and a big round ass.she stays home but get enough money.she...
wrote on 2017-02-03 | by iya17
Sister in law
genre: voyeur
I have been married for about 6 years and have recently moved back to Colombia. My wife and I bought a flat and decided to refurbish it in order to move in. We came to stay here for a few years so my sister in law came to visit to spend christmas with us. We don't really get along too well, but we try our best so that my wife doesn't get upset...
wrote on 2017-02-06 | by davidw
The park
genre: fetish
I was newly divorced and horny and needed some fun so I got dressed and started to play with my ass and cock to try and get some relief but it was not what I needed. I had heard about a park that was a hangout for sex so I figured I would go check it out. I kept on my outfit and put a shirt and pants over it and drove over to the park. I drove...
wrote on 2017-01-31 | by crossdresser55
My husbands little brother
genre: incest
This story is about how i seduced my husbands little brother.i am shim 40yrs old.5ft.athletic body with 36dd tits with long nipples.huge round face.looks like a 30yr old.i married paul 45yrs old 2yrs ago still no kids.with us lives pauls little brother ryan 25yrs old.muscular.6ft tall.we have only 1 bathroom in the house.paul works...
wrote on 2017-02-18 | by iya17
The Taboo Sex Factor
genre: incest
All characters and terms including ‘boy’ ‘lad’ and ‘girl’ refer to people age 18 and over. A talent contest had come to town. It was called This Town’s Got Talent. It was an adult talent contest and that proper excited Alden. Nobody under the age of 18 was allowed to audition. Nobody under the age of 18 was allowed either on...
wrote on 2017-02-09 | by Tangela Tingles
Story for a woman
genre: straight
This is the fifth time we meet in this hotel. We already had some sex before, and it was really good, but last time i had the feeling that you expected more. Today, it's a bit special because you promised me a surprise. I am excited and also a bit afraid. Suprises are sometimes good, and sometimes...not so good! I take the key at the desk and...
wrote on 2017-02-08 | by marcdubois
Mr. Jerkface
genre: trans
Alex was a class “A” jerk and I was done! I deleted all his emails and texts. I removed his contact information from my phone and took all the Teddy Bears and fake jewelry you bought me, and clothes he had at my place; put them all in a black trash bag and prepared to toss it down the trash chute. The whole time I was storming around, my...
wrote on 2017-01-31 | by MatureBrownMan
Cousin Love a continuing story
genre: incest
Okay my story starts when I was eighteen and it encompasses the next 45 years of sexual encounters with a cousin. Her and my wife were first cousins and I was a part of the “family” seeing that there were intermarried aunts and uncles. It was a great relationship, my wife’s cousin always had a warm spot for me and I for her. We would...
wrote on 2017-02-12 | by Rebo
Enjoying some lingerie purchase
genre: lesbian
That afternoon I was home alone and then I decided I could go on shopping. I just needed sexy lingerie to receive the next night my loving Victor back home after his boring and stressing business trip. Then I went to the local mall and when I entered the lingerie store, a seductive and impressive business woman approached me. That lady greeted...
wrote on 2017-02-15 | by Anitaslut44
Cousin Love Part Two
genre: incest
Here we are on day two of our love tryst with my wife’s cousin…oh I have to tell you that my wife, not at the time but then was a prude…she wouldn’t talk about sex and thought it was dirty and anyone who partook of it was a pig…so you can just imagine what she would have thought of her cousin and I if she just knew….the younger...
wrote on 2017-02-12 | by Rebo
Cousin Love Part three
genre: incest
The love making continued that summer between her and I we would steal as much time as we could alone wherever and whenever to satisfy our desires. It got better she had an unsatisfiable love and lust for sex and she proved it every time we were together. She always wanted to try something new and exciting and after a while I was running out...
wrote on 2017-02-12 | by Rebo
genre: trans
In total bliss with the surrounding warm sand feeling its way along the contours of my body as I lay on my back, my bum sinking into it forcing the sand to give way and conforming to my feminine figure. Feeling the sand compress forcing my lady junk to the sides like jelly testing the strength of my bikini. The sand occasionally absorbing the...
wrote on 2017-02-06 | by dirtyjenna
White Daddy Gets Married On Valentines Night.
genre: gay
Valentines night has arrived, the most Special, Treasured, Cherished night for this 63 year old white daddy and his 44 year old black-stud-partner and best friend always forever. On Valentines day this 63 year old white daddy and my 44 year old black-stud-partner pledged and promised our love, faithfulness, trust and devotion to each other...
wrote on 2017-02-11 | by DadmarryzDad
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