The most read erotic stories of the month

The fifteen erotic stories most read and popular of the month

Daddy explores Jessica
genre: incest
Part 1 It was 7.30 in the evening. I was wiping the tops and cleaning up the last scraps from the small tea party I had staged for my daughter Jessica’s 18th birthday. There was only the two of us and although I knew she was off to celebrate with her friends tonight - I wanted to do a little something myself. I had organised a light spread...
wrote on 2017-03-04 | by Ricci Beebe
Helping a friend
genre: first times
Where do I start? Maybe with myself, and the truth is, I am Mrs Jones, Tina Jones, I am 48 and married with two grown up sons. Throughout my life I have never been highly sexed, just not important to me. As a teen and throughout my 20s I hardly ever masturbated and was a late starter in the sex department. I had a very sheltered upbringing, I...
wrote on 2017-02-23 | by tonibbw
Opening the wrong mail
genre: cheating
That Tuesday evening I was lucky enough to get back home early from my office. My loving Ana was not there, but I thought she would be out with her friend Helena. I poured a glass of my favorite scotch and sat down to check some mail deliveries… I picked up a manila envelope with no return address on it and as my curiosity got the best of me,...
wrote on 2017-03-10 | by Anitaslut44
Threesome with my girlfriends female boss
genre: group sex
My girlfriend was working as a receptionist and a special vet clinic for just over a year and she wasn't overly happy there, she enjoyed the people and the job but wasn't quite what she wanted to do. So I decided that on my day off I will go and surprise her. I took her flowers and a box of chocolate all her work friends said how cute it was I...
wrote on 2017-03-14 | by newomas
Listening and watching the neighbors
genre: voyeur
My divorced next door neighbour recently found himself a new partner, which I only discovered after being woken up at 2am by the sounds of them having what sounded like very satisfying sex. We’ve been in the house for 4 years now and while Mark was married to Elizabeth, we never heard a peep coming from their bedroom which is adjacent to ours....
wrote on 2017-03-02 | by marcowinter
New neighbors
genre: gay
The house next to us had been empty for a few months. A moving truck pulled up and the movers started unloading. As I watch through the window I hoped they had a boy my age to play with. I watched as they brought in the living room furniture and kitchen equipment, then it looked like furniture for an adult. They carried in boxes, then a dresser...
wrote on 2017-03-13 | by Ilikestroking
The Quickie
genre: gay
I was home alone for the weekend. I had recovered from being mouth fucked by a guy I hardly knew. I was super horny and willing to try it again. It was just after 7 pm when I got online. I met Brett in a local m4m chatroom. He was very direct and demanded I give him my phone number. I had always been wary of giving it out but I threw caution out...
wrote on 2017-03-02 | by Daleharris
My first date with Shelia
genre: straight
I met her and Bill at their home in NJ. Quite a nice little home...made me feel very welcome as soon as I got in...wish I could feel like that in my own house. We talked a bit on how my trip was coming out from Arizona. Said it was a bit tiring (I had driven) but seeing her in person more than made up for it. We had spent many hours on ICQ,...
wrote on 2017-03-10 | by the_shootist
genre: S&M
Atonement. This story is made in combination with the lady concerned, nothing has been changed, that’s why its longer than most I do. but it`s all perfectly true. enjoy she began "Oh… Yes I remember it well in fact its etched on my mind…" In my murky past I had something that I felt very guilty about, I am not going into detail, in fact...
wrote on 2017-02-27 | by alibodge eddy
Welcome to the Pleasure Dungeon
genre: bondage
The PD is slightly less dungeony than the Triple D, classier and a bit more burlesque. The walls are covered with tapestries and soft hangings. There are Silk ropes as well as chains on racks, stocks, x-frames and spanking horses. There are also couple of cages for display of the subs - somewhere to keep subs somewhere until doms are...
wrote on 2017-03-07 | by Dungeon-Master
genre: first times
We met at a party, I ask you to dance and we go out on the dance floor and the first couple of songs are fast, we are laughing and having a good time, then a slow song starts to play and I pull you close to me. We begin to move to the rhythm of the music, I let my hands caress your back, pulling you even closer to me. I whisper in your ear, how...
wrote on 2017-03-13 | by slamhard59
White man's wife, black man's toy
genre: straight
That evening was a lovely relaxing time. After we had both cleaned ourselves up me and Mike cuddled up and watched a film (yes you can still be romantic in a cuckold relationship) before eating and heading to bed. I couldn't sl**p again though, Marlon had told me to text him when Mike was asl**p so I waited. After half hour or so Mike was gone...
wrote on 2017-03-23 | by bbctoy
Sissy and the Lodger
genre: trans
My father worked a lot and when he was off work he preferred to unwind in his local resting hole rather than stay at home. As a result Ii had a lot of freetime at home. Nothing to be sad about it meant I had a lot of time to explore my burgoning crossdressing within the confines of ny own house. I could walk through every room wearing short...
wrote on 2017-03-23 | by emmadeevine
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