Kiss Me Daddy


.....She was a slim girl, beautiful skin and face, small cute tits and cute little ass. I had never messed with her, but her body was blossoming fast. She had long black hair that she changed all the time. From long pigtails, to piled up on her head, to a long braid and to just left to flow naturally down her back. It was very sexy to me.
.....She didn't talk much, but her eyes told me she was wanting my attention. She liked to stand real close to me and almost whisper any talking we did. She liked to touch my chest and arms.

..... I started returning the touching. Her breathing increased every time. The touching increased. It was quiet affection, except for her panting breath. Slowly we were hugging and feeling a lot. My cock got hard quick now, and she pushed her pussy into it each time.

.....I gave her a piggy back ride to her bed late that night. The wife was fast asleep. I quietly lay down beside her. We didn't talk but just hugged each other as she pushed her pussy into me. That's as far as it went.

.....Then everything changed.....

......My now...'ex'-wife, took off with a guy and never came back. Jerri and I just continued to live normally. Now she had a job, her own car and life with her girlfriends and a boyfriend...but she had this 'thing' about me.

.....One evening she came out in her white night gown and pulled the drapes, shut the door and any shades. She said: "I like to be nude, do you mind?"

.....(To see her naked!, of course I said: ) "Jerri, do what ever you like." She stood in front of me and began to do a sexy strip. First she slowly undid her night gown, and tossed it on the couch. Next her bra, and I got to see her wonderful tits naked. Next she pulled her tiny thong slowly off. All the while looking me in the eyes. She put on quite a show of feeling her own tits and body. It was the hottest strip show I'd ever seen.... and with my own sexy daughter. I had a big tent in my robe. She delighted in turning me on as she looked at it and smiled.

..... She came over and put my legs together and sat on my lap facing me. My cock was now resting up against her pussy. She leaned over on me and started whispering in my ear. ("Daddy, I have a confession to make.
..... Well.... some of my girlfriends are having sex with their dads. I lied and said I was too, to fit in with them. I can't lie anymore. I want to make it real. If we only do it just once, I won't be lying anymore. Just once daddy please?")

.....No way could I turn her down. She was legal, and on the pill. I didn't answer her, just picked her up as I stood up. My rock hard cock was up against her warm pussy.

....We began the hottest night of our lives.

.....I carried her into the shower. I took off my robe as she kept herself clung to me. Her warm legs wrapped around my waist. Now we were both naked. The feeling of her naked warm tits against my chest was awesome. I could feel her patch of pubic hair on the underside of my cock. .....I turned on the warm water. She started kissing my neck and face as I got us wet and began with the soap. She love being washed by me and moaned with pleasure. Our slick bodies rubbed together as we squirmed and let the warm water excite us. I put her down and washed her hair.

.....She reached out and soaped up my cock and stroked it gently. This was our first time with all this and we took our time playing. I ran my fingers down her butt cheeks and up through her slit, over and over. She moaned with her eyes closed and got dizzy as she held on to me. It was her first time to have a man completely wash her whole body. The shower filled with steam and she gasp of breath. She kept holding on to my cock and slowly stroking it. I couldn't take anymore and began to lay her down right in the shower. I lifted her beautiful smooth and wet slick legs way up. There was her beautiful pink pussy, all wet and waiting. Her clit was bright pink as I rubbed the head of my cock on it....slowly I slid it in...

....Many thoughts ran through Jerri's mind....

.....I had new feelings everywhere. Daddy fingers feeling gently all around my back hole were sending new massive tingles to my pussy. His smooth slick body felt so sexy on my hands.

....Rubbing his skin against mine was off the pleasure scale. His wet kisses and warm breath on me were making me very dizzy. The waiting and wondering if I would ever have sex with him.... was over at last.

.....I belong to him right now and he was my man to bring me the sex I wanted. My voice just moaned by itself as I felt his warm cock start entering me. I held him tight as still more high feelings came to me. I felt his cock slide in deeper with each stroke. My two fingers found the spots on each side of my clit and joined in with the motion. I never felt even close to this with my boyfriend.

.....My other hand felt his butt cheek muscles tighten up with each stroke. His cock was so deep I gasp big, as he drove his cock to the bottom with each stroke. The noise of the water faded and all I heard was our heavy breathing and my moans. A new untapped climax was coming up, faster and faster. I held on tighter as my body feelings took over my mind. I started to yell with each cock stroke. He kissed my cheek as he began to moan. We both yelled as I felt it. Hot cum came pumping in me as he groaned loud. My pussy kept fucking but now squeezed down tight on his cock and held onto it tight. My whole body was shaking now as I fucked and fucked my way to another world.......

.....I got lost in the wonderful feeling being in her. Cum was flowing in her with shot after shot. Her body flopped around in ecstasy as my cock unloaded it biggest load I could ever remember. The warm water flowing over us made me weak with exhausted pleasure.....
.....A long time passed and the warm water faded away. I reached up with effort and turned it off. We just lay there as we seemed to melt together......
.....I woke up to my daddy drying me off, leaned up against the shower wall. I was in a daze as he picked me up and carried me to my bed. I wrapped my arms around his neck and we kissed a long and wonderful kiss. He whispered: (" don't have to lie now.")

....I couldn't wait to call Trina and brag that we just had glorious sex in the shower. I called her. She paused and said: "Will you be having sex tonight?" I said: "If I want to, I know he will." She said: "Let me do a sleep over, I want proof." I said: "Would you like to listen and watch Trina?...would that be proof enough?".....

.....That night Jerri had her beautiful girlfriend Trina over for a sleep-over. I wanted more private time with Jerri now, so I figured when Trina went to sleep, Jerri could come to my bedroom and we could have more sex.

..... I found out later that Trina said she didn't believe Jerri was having sex with invited her over to prove it.

.....("...I have way better sex with my dad, than with my boyfriend.") she had told Trina....

.....I've had a sexual crush Jerri's dad for a long time now. He was sexy and handsome. I got real hot thinking about Jerri having sex with him. I had to figure a way to have sex with him myself. Now I had it. The 'I don't believe you' ploy worked. I was finally at least going to watch her have sex with him. A little more talking and I might...get to fuck him myself.

.....I know he likes me, and I see him sneaking looks at my tits and body all the time. Now to just have Jerri...'move over' ..and let Trina have a turn on your dad.
....Damn, he can sure make me wet.
.....I told Jerri that after Trina was asleep to come to my bedroom. We both wanted to have more glorious sex. Late that night I hear my bedroom door slowly open. It's dark, but I barely see and feel...not one...but... two girls crawl into my bed....
.....I couldn't hardly believe that Jerri had brought Trina in the bed with her. I pretended to be asleep and dreaming....I hoped this 'wasn't' a dream with the two of them in bed with me.

.....I feel someone pulling down the covers. I feel my boxers being pulled down and off. I hear quiet giggles, and I began to feel 'four' wet lips, two wet tongues, and four hands on my erect cock. It was like a wet dream coming true.

..... Each girl took turns licking and sucking my cock. I can feel small hands feeling my body. I hear whispers and I feel a girl get on top of me. I feel her hand guide my cock in warm pussy and slowly surround my erect cock. There is movement up and down on me. I hear a girls heavy breathing and quiet moans.
.... It's not Jerri... as I smell Trina's perfume.

.... I feel Trina taking my hands and placing them on her firm tits, and moving them all around. I feel Jerri's small hands feeling my balls and cock as it goes in and out of Trina. Next I feel a warm wet pussy surrounding my face. It has to be Jerri. She starts rocking on my lips. I feel her pubic hair on my face and taste her pussy. My tongue feels her clit moving back and forth on it. I hear a lot of heavy breathing and tiny moans.

..... I have to cum... I hear Trina moan and feel her drive her bouncing pussy tight down against my cock. I push my cock up and shoot cum hard up in her. She moans while trying to catch her breath. Her pussy glides slowly up and down on me. I feel my cum running out of her pussy. Jerri begins to orgasm right in my face. My face becomes wet as her pussy digs into my mouth. I feel her fingers pushing my tongue against her clit and softly moaning....

....Later on in the night they both start jacking me and playing with my cock again. They keep going until I have to cum again. I feel both their tongues on my cock head as they jack me fast.
..... I have to cum again, they quick take turns to have me shoot my cum in their mouths. They make quiet humming sounds of pleasure as they lick me, over and over........

.... There is no description possible for the pleasure I feel.....

......I've had that same 'dream' many times now with many of Jerri's girlfriends. They're so real.... I can actually smell women's perfume

and pussy...

the next morning......
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