A discords dream


Hi everyone. I'm a 35 year old male who lives in my mom's basement. I know I know what some of y'all are thinking, I'm nearly 40 and still cruising and modding on discord? Yeah I still talk to several people from middle school since we all still live in our parents homes. But that's besides the point. The point is, I got a female chicken last week too keep me busy if you know what I mean. My mom is single and has been since I was 10.

She told me she was tired of cleaning my cum socks. So she got me a chicken thinking it would solve the problem, but what she didn't know it added to the problem.

So the name of the chicken was Henny. She was thick and her puffy was tight as hell. So I went to pound town on her since she was the closest thing to me.

I grabbed her shoving my cock into her tight throat. This went on for 10 minutes before I came. She clucked for a bit before I put my cock into her tight brown pussy. My mother came down to see me pants down balls deep in the chicken. She just walked away. I started pounding her inflating her tiny belly with how much I was cumming. I pulled out leaving a fountain of semen pouring out from her before using it as lubrication. I accidentally hurt her with how much cum I let out.

My mother begged me to stop it she'll bust. I listened and moved into other animals. My mother seen it was becoming a big problem since she'd seen me bring in stray animals and leaving them pregnant and fatherless. I got 4 female dogs pregnant with 7-8 kids, 2 kids with 1 chicken. A monitor lizard is currently pregnant with my kid, found it I was gay by letting a train of 3 male zebras, 3 make dogs and got 4 horses pregnant. My mother was sad that I was a deadbeat father and want taking care of my responsibilities with just sticking my dick in everything. .

I just told her that it started with her getting me they damn chicken. Once I had all of my kids born I waited for when they where older before starting an incest ring with my kids and the animals I got pregnant.

My mother paid people to come try and stop me but I paid them more with her money to fuck her. Which they did with joy. My mother gave birth 9 months later to a girl.

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