After the play

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My wife returned home a changed person, for instance from the day she got back while in the house or the back yard she wouldn't wear any clothes. She started answering the door naked, and as you would expect some guys and a woman took a little advantage of that. It went from a quick feel to a grope, nipple twisting to sucking, to fingering, and some with the right attitude turned her around and bent her over and fucked her just inside the door, the female fingered her tasted her and then got my wife to eat her pussy, she squirted on my wife and left.
My wife liked the idea of being naked and letting others use her as they wanted, she said it was liberating and she was glad they made her do it at the farm. It wasn't without it's difficulties though, our friends thought she had a breakdown, but then when they could get around without their wives they thought it was great, at some point most of the people we knew had fucked my wife and she loved it.
She had been given a phone number to ring by her friend should she ever need to really cut loose, while I was at work she rang the number and spoke to a guy who said he understood and would text her directions. I got a text message from Wendy telling me she was going out for a while and may not return home before I was.
I was sitting on the lounge watching TV and having a beer when I got a message from Wendy, saying she would be home soon, and then she sent a video it was her laying naked on her back on a stool with a guy sliding a huge horse cock up inside her, I am only guessing here but it looked like 8-10 inches it was moving in and out and at one stage it moved the stool she was on, the video cut out at that point.
She walked in the front door and took her dress off and said I haven't had a shower, I am still covered in cum and I saved how I am for you. she took my hand and put it between her legs she really was soaking wet, she begged me to fuck her and put my cum inside her, so I did, and I fucked her up the arse later that night.

We had made some rules for the house for a good reason, and the main rule was that Wendy couldn't do anything more than let the dog lick her at home, I didn't like the idea of someone coming around and her with the knot still up inside her for another few minutes. So at least once a week she went with the dog to her friend's place and the dogs got to empty their balls in women, they swapped dogs between them and at times made videos of each other sucking and fucking and sucking and fucking each other as well.
I got my first look at the farm 3 months later when a package arrived and the courier got his cock sucked for his efforts, It was a video of Wendy at the farm, I watched it and saw her being taken by the Great Dane, it really did have a huge cock I was surprised she took it all, it really filled her fullof cum it came back out of her like a small river, I got to see a few different men taking conrtrol of her and getting her to do what they wanted, I saw another guest eat and finger Wendy's used pussy, I saw two guys using both ends of my wife, I saw the bulge in her throat as he fucked her, while the other guy held her legs up and out and just pounded her cunt for all he could, I saw both cocks hold her in place while they emptied their loads in her. It was the hottest porn video I had ever seen and my wife was the star.
It's time for a little confession, I was so fucking proud and something else of Wendy I very carefully chose a couple of close friends, one being our neighbour and showed them the video Wendy had sent to my phone, and he said, A horse, Wendy fucked a horse and sent you the video, fuck oh please let me fuck her, I laughed and said come over for a beer, Wendy of course was naked, he was rock hard and asked me to put it on the big screen tv, he grabbed Wendy and sat on the lounge and got her to suck his cock while he watched it again.My other friend was extremely laid back and very little ever got to him, he watched the video and sent Wendy a video of his 9-inch cock.

Because of the people we met through Wendy's adventures we got asked to host a party, this party would be for those who were like us, and a lot of the friends we had made. It turned out that even cutting the numbers down there was no way we could host the party there were over 60 couples alone. So Wendy said she would ring the guy who had the farm with the horse and see if we could rent it or lease it for the night, he refused both options instead saying we could use it if he could stay and have some fun as well, so it was agreed. Our neighbour was going as was my other friend, and a few very close friends we could trust.
A whole paddock had been set aside for parking, there was stacks of firewood, the food had been delivered earlier along with the seating and some tables and other items, including a box with dildos and vibrators. The beer was in these huge tubs filled with ice, and the spirits and wine had a couple of tables all to themselves. And of course as the drink flowed the inhabitions started to be less restrictive and more daring, I got to see one of our guests wife naked for the first time and she was very happy to be getting some attention, she was sitting in a chair and every now and then she would open her legs enough that you could see just how wet she was, and she was wet.
I did a bit later get to slide my fingers up her pussy and taste her she told me at least 8 different men had touched or findered her so far, she wanted to get fucked but not in front of her husband, she said she ached for a big cock, I told her to go and talk to Wendy about that and she may be able to help out, as it turns out she did talk to Wendy and it did help her out, so much so that she is now a part of their group, hubby is unaware of this.

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