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This all started at a party and a drunken display of lust. We had some friends over for a BBQ dinner the evening went as expected, food was slightly burnt and the alcohol flowed, towards the end of the night most of the guests had gone home and there were two other friends and my wife left, after a clean up we went inside and had another drink in the lounge room, Wendy my wife said good night she was tired and had way to much to drink, and off to bed she went, the other two friends finished their drinks and left.
I put the bottles away and went to the bedroom, my wife was naked laying on her side and I was feeling horny, I squeezed my wifes bum and rubbed it, nothing, I got a bit gamer and slid my hand between her cheeks and rubbed, still nothing, I touched her pussy she moved slightly but didn't object, so I rubbed her pussy, still nothing, so I slid a finger up inside her and fingered her for a while, she was wet and I tasted her, I decided to stroke myself off and blow over her arse and pussy, eventually I managed to empty my balls.

The next morning I got up went to the loo and then to the kitchen Wendy was sitting in the sun enjoying tea. I made myself a coffee and went out and stood beside her in the sun, she good morning, I grunted and sat down, she said the party was great and she had a good time, then she said but I don't remember having a good a time as you did, I knew what she was talking about but before I knew it I said yeah the party was great and I did enjoy myself, but I had a little to much and passed out on the lounge for a while, I said Nic must have seen himself out at some stage.
She turned and looked at me and said what time did you get to bed, I said I didn't have a clue, I remember waking up on the lounge and going to the loo then I went to bed. She looked at me strange and then said you went straight to bed, you didn't decide to have some fun, I was digging this hole much deeper than I wanted, I asked her what she was talking about, and to my surprise she looked at me and smiled and said it's nothing.

She sat around the house all day in her two-piece bikini, she was quiet, and every now and then I would see her hand resting between her thighs, she seemed distant and preoccupied, it was later in the afternoon the penny dropped and I began to understand, she knew she had cum on her arse and pussy and I had said I didn't have any fun, she must be working out whose it was, and not saying anything.
That night after dinner she said she was going to have a bath, I was watching TV, she called out and asked if I could bring her a drink, a big one, I poured her a huge Vodka and Coke and took it in, she still had a fucking hot body, nice size tits, big brown nipples, a hot bald pussy, big lips and a swollen clit, she looked puffy and swollen even through the water. She thanked me for the drink and I returned to the lounge room.
I sat there with a hard dick and feeling very horny, my wife was feeling all hot and wet over what she thought was someone else's cum on her, I was fucking turned on by this, I was deciding whether to tell her or not when she called out from the bathroom, last night after I went to bed who was with you, I said Nic was still here, and so was Peter, and she asked so you passed out and they were still here, yes. Why are you asking, no reason I was just interested. A couple of minutes later I heard the bath water rhythmically sloshing around, and I knew she was so excited about having some other guys cum on her she was rubbing her pussy.

A couple of weeks later my wife said we should have another BBQ party, I had an idea why, she hadn't stopped being horny since I lied. I decided it was Nic who did the deed and I needed to talk to him, he was a good friend who had mentioned on more than one occasion what he thought of Wendy in her Bikini. I arranged the BBQ and the talk with Nic at the same time, we met after work at the pub, and I bought him a beer and started telling him the story from the beginning, he listened in silence and when I had finished and explained I needed him to play along his response was, fuck me I wish I had of blown on her. The idea had crossed my mind as well, it excited me.

The morning of the party I walked up behind Wendy and put my arm around her cupping her tit, and ran my hand down the back of her panties straight to her bald pussy, she was wet already so I slipped a finger into her and kept it there and whispered in her ear that I hoped everyone could come to the party. She didn't respond but I knew she understood.
The first guests arrived at about 6 and from then it was a trickle until about 7.30 when everyone had turned up, we ate and drank and danced and had fun and laughed, I kept an eye on my wife who seemed to be hovering near Nic, I didn't pay to much attention as I didn't want to burst her bubble and she was turned on and excited by it all. At the end of the evening it was just Nic, Wendy and myself left, pretty much how I had planned it, we sat talking and drinking in the lounge room, and after a while, Wendy excused herself and said she needed to go to bed, Nic and I looked at each other I knew we could take this further from that moment on.
Wendy didn't shut the bedroom door, I guessed why not, she wanted to make it as easy as possible for her fantasy. I went to the loo which was before our bedroom and on the opposite side, I saw the door open and the bedroom was in darkness, I got back to the lounge and said to Nic he should go to the bathroom but mutter something about being hard and horny while he was in there. He went to the loo and about 5 minutes later he came back, he told me said what I asked and he even made some noise stroking his cock, and he said, I am sure I heard Wendy moan, and make a wet sound like she was rubbing her pussy.
I told Nic to follow me I got up and walked down to the bedroom, making sure Nic kept quiet, Wendy lay on her side with her naked arse facing the door, I went over to her and kissed her cheek and said goodnight she love you, I said if Nic wasn't here I would have you and enjoy your body, then I said I might use my pussy anyway, you need a good fingering, I slipped my finger up inside a very wet and soaked pussy, she pushed back and moaned, I slid two fingers up her pussy and started finger fucking her, I said to her that Nic said he would like to say goodnight as well and thank you for a great night, I said I would send him in after I had finished finger her hole, to my surprise she said nothing but started pushing back deep on my fingers. I pulled them out and said goodnight and that I would send Nic down so she better cover up. I talked loud enough with Nic for her to hear and I said he could go and say goodnight and that she was in bed so she would be tired, I got up and we both walked down to the bedroom, to my complete surprise she hadn't covered her arse at all if anything she had shown more of herself, Nic saw this and smiled, I pointed to the door and left quietly so it was just the two of them in the room.
Nic walked over to the side of the bed, bent down and kissed her cheek, I stood watching at the doorway, then he reached down and felt her tit, I mean he squeezed it and grabbed it and used it, she didn't object at all, then he said cute arse and that is a wet pussy, must be mine to use no one else is here using it, then he rubbed her pussy and pushed his fingers up inside her, he told her to be a good girl and fuck his fingers for him, she never said a word she just started fucking his fingers, he said her cunt felt silky smooth and he hoped her mouth did as well, as he wanted his cock sucked when he was ready, again no objection, he started fingering her hard, she moaned and started to move her hips, he said the last time he saw her arse and wet pussy he emptied his balls all over it, but only after sliding his cock up inside her and fucking her for a while.
That night Nic and I fucked Wendy anyway we wanted and she did as she was told, and sucked and took every load we had to give, Nic licked her arse and rimmed her and then fingered her arse and eventually ending up with his cock up in her and filling her arse with cum, I ate her pussy after it had been used a few times, we fucked and sucked and did things born of lust and debauchery we stretched her pussy wide trying to get our fists up in it, Nic even pissed on her which she liked, we fell asleep with a smile, I awoke the next morning to Wendy sucking on Nics cock, I needed coffee I knew what my wife was getting for breakfast.

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