Daughter Becomes a Cum Slave

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Suck that cock you fucking bitch!… Uuhmm… Yeah!… Slurp on it slut… Fucking
slut!… MMMmm… Hey man!… Fuck this bitch’s ass harder than that!” The man
screamed at the helpless young woman bound on the bed.
Lucy peeked through the keyhole from the bathroom watching the four men relentlessly fuck the moaning woman. Lucy watched as the man fucked the woman’s mouth like a cunt. He used handfuls of her hair to rock her slobbering mouth up and down on his hard cock. Lucy noticed how the strands of spit seemed to connect the woman’s mouth to his cock even when he pulled it from her mouth.
The woman was on her hands and knees, face down on her bed, with her hands tied to her feet. The man who was brutally fucking her ass was fat and ugly. His face was contorted as he gasped and slobbered all over the woman’s back. Young Lucy
watched as the man fucking the woman’s mouth rolled his ass in a circular
He cackled as he pulled the woman’s hair, “Fucking cunt… You are one worthless whore! If we weren’t helping you, you wouldn’t be getting fucked nearly this well!”
He winked at the two smiling men who had tied ropes around the woman’s tits. They were pulling on the ropes, jerking her spasming body back and forth between the two men like a battering ram at a castle gate. Lucy moaned and pulled her fingers out of her little girl cunt. Lucy looked at the slime that coated her fingers for a moment, and then quickly stuck them in her mouth. As she sucked down her slime, she stuck two fingers up her ass and peeked back through the peephole into her mother’s bedroom. Lucy’s little cunt juiced even more as she finger-fucked her ass.

“AARRGggg!… I’M CUMMING SLUT!… UUUHHMM!… FUCKING CUNT!” the man fucking mommy screamed as Lucy saw his ass tighten. Lucy knew what that meant! The little girl had been spying on her mother for years. Some of her earliest memories were of her mother being gang-banged by dozens of men while she watched from her room.

She remembered once, peeking through the bars of her baby crib and watching
several men piss in her mother’s mouth. She even remembered the happy look on
her mother’s face as she turned her face from one pissing cock to the next. She
remembered how all the men were laughing.

Lucy watched the man fucking her mother twitch around, emptying his balls in mommy’s cunt. She couldn’t make out exactly what the grunting man was saying. But she knew he was calling her a ‘cunt’ and ‘slut’ and ‘whore’. That was something EVERY man did.

Lucy felt that funny tingling feeling in her hairless pussy and reached for the rag she had pissed on. The little girl shoved the dripping piss-rag in her mouth and sucked. She slurped her piss down her throat as she crammed her fingers back into her pussy. As Lucy felt the fingers from each hand through the thin membrane between her cunt and ass, she chewed on the piss rag. She used the piss rag for two reasons; to muffle the sounds of her orgasms, and she loved to taste piss when she masturbated.

“Fucking stupid slut! You let some of my cum come out of you nose!…I’ll fix you!”

Lucy heard in the distance as she ravished her young, swollen cunt. Lucy heard
her mother choking and gurgling. She knew that someone was pissing in mommy’s
mouth. Lucy started to cum. Lucy would cum anytime she knew her mother was being
used as a toilet.

“MMMmm… uhhnmph… fuck me… mmmm.”

Lucy mumbled around the wet piss-rag crammed into her mouth. Lucy thrashed around violently as her orgasm took control of her young, tender body. Lucy’s world went black as she came hard, bouncing her head off of the toilet. The last sounds she heard were her mother gulping piss, the laughter of the men, and her own frantic gasps around the piss-rag.


Lucy’s eyes opened to see one of the men staring down at her naked young body.

“Ha Ha Ha, Hey little bitch!… What have you been up to, huh?… Spying on your slut-mother, heh… Hey Mike!… Check this out!… Better yet… Drag that cunt in here!” the man laughed.

Lucy yanked her fingers from her cunt and ass as the piss wet rag dropped from her open mouth. Lucy curled into a ball behind the toilet to hide her nakedness from the leering man standing over her. She saw between the man’s legs her mother being dragged by her tits to the bathroom. Lucy whimpered and curled into a ball when her mother was kicked into bathroom beside her.

Lucy looked wide-eyed into her mother’s face. She then noticed how her mother was smiling and looking over her young body. Lucy looked around from one face to another as the other men crowded in the doorway. They all had the same look… Pure lust!… Even her mother. Lucy stared at her mother as she saw her mother began to finger her cunt. The men started slowly stroking their cocks. One of the men grabbed a handful of her mother’s hair and wrapped it around his cock as he stroked it.

His cock was less than three feet from Lucy’s frightened face. Lucy smelled the musky scent of his cock. Her eyes widened as she saw a small drop of liquid seep from his piss hole and drop into her mother’s right eye. Lucy’s mother just blinked and stared at her daughter’s wet cunt and licked her lips.

It was the first time young Lucy had seen a cock this close. She looked from one cock to the next in wonder. She thought they were the most beautiful things she had ever seen. Lucy looked at her mother and thought her mother was beautiful too. Thick ropes hung from each of her tits. They were tied tightly around the base of her mother’s huge tits causing her tits to stand out even firmer. They had even taken on a faint, blue tint. Except for the bright red, blood engorged nipples that had the little clamps on the tips. Cum dripped from every angle of her mother’s face. Some of the thick, white, musky cum dripped to her tits, and then stretched to the floor.

“Well little cunt…Tell your mother what you’ve been up to?…Do it little bitch!…You can’t lie your way out of this. Not when you’ve been caught wet-fingered!” the man said with a sneer as he stroked his thickening cock.

Lucy stared at the thin string of cum as it dripped from the man’s cock in a long strip.

” DO WHAT YOU ARE FUCKIN’ TOLD SLUT!!!” another man screamed, breaking the trance the cock had put Lucy in. Startled back to reality, Lucy looked back at her mother.

“I…I…I’m sorry, mommy…I didn’t mean to spy on you… Please don’t be mad at me… I promise I won’t do it again.” Lucy said as tears began to swell in her eyes.

Lucy’s mother looked at her young daughter and smiled. She leaned over to Lucy, with her fingers from her left hand still working in her cunt, and brushed Lucy’s hair.

“It’s OK Darling. I’m not mad at you. I love you.” She said putting her arm around her daughter.

Lucy looked up at her mother’s cum-coated face, “You’re not?… Really?… I’m not in trouble?”

Lucy’s mother threw her head back and laughed, winking at the four men staring at the mother and daughter. The men smiled evilly as they stroked their cocks.

“You stupid little cunt. I’ve known you’ve been watching for years…You have no idea how hot it made me knowing my little girl was watching her mother being the slut-whore she is…Actually Lucy, I hope you want to do more than just watch….” Mommy said looking down at Lucy.

Lucy suddenly knew what her mother was saying, smiled as she hugged her mother.

“Oh Mommy! Do you mean I can be just like you?… Do you really mean it?… You’re not teasing me are you?” Lucy exclaimed as she looked at her mother and the lusting men.

“Yes I mean it…If you really want to. You know I’m a slut, don’t you. I’m also a cunt… Does my little girl want to be a slut like her mother?” she asked Lucy as she hugged her to her tits.

Lucy rubbed her head in her mothers wet tit. Lucy knew that smell. PISS! As she looked at her mother’s huge tits, Lucy read the tattoos. On her right tit, Lucy’s mother had the word ‘PIG’. On her other it was the word ‘CUNT’. Lucy looked up at her mother, “PIG CUNT?” she asked.

“Yes darling… That’s my name… and that’s what I am. A pig cunt… I’m just a filthy pig-cunt whore.” She answered. Lucy looked questionably at her mother.

“Let me explain…A slut is a woman that will fuck anything, anytime, anyhow. And a cunt is lower than a slut is. A cunt will let anyone do anything they want to it… In fact a cunt is barely human… A cunt is a thing!… A cunt is just a thing for men to shove cocks into and dump cum into… That is the job of a cunt… Now… a pig cunt is even lower than that… That’s what I am… A Pig cunt!… And you are the daughter of a pig cunt” Mommy said. Lucy remembered the jolt that went through her little clit when her mother had called her ‘stupid little cunt’ and smiled broadly.

“That’s what I want to be mommy!… A pig cunt!… I want to be the BEST pig-cunt in the WORLD!!! Will you show me?… Will you teach me to be a good little pig cunt, Mommy?… Please!… I’ll do good… I promise… I’ll let anyone fuck me anyway they want to,” Lucy exclaimed.

Lucy reached down and took her mother’s hand that her mother had been playing with her cunt. Lucy stared her mother in the eye and licked drying cum off of her mother’s face as Lucy pulled her mother’s cunt soaked fingers to her face.

“YUMMY!… Mommy cum is GOOD!”

Lucy sniffed at her mother’s fingers and then started licking them. Lucy made loud slurping noises as she sucked. That brought a fresh round of sneers and lewd laughter from her mother and the men. Lucy winked at her mother when her mother slid two fingers from her other hand into Lucy’s tiny hairless cunt.

“Lucy baby… Uuhh… I mean Lucy cunt, let me show you something that’s a lot better than your pig-cunt-slut-mother’s fucked out cunt.” Lucy’s mother said as she winked to the man, Carl, in the doorway.

“The first thing a slut has to know is how to suck a cock. Sluts spend a lot of time sucking cocks and you’ll need to be a good cocksucker…. All men like to relax and have a slut slurp their cocks…. And it’s only fair that we cunts do all of the work… After all… We are the ones getting all of that wonderful cum…. Also I’ve found ALL men love to grab a cunt’s hair and jerk their heads around on their cocks. So the first thing you need to learn is how to turn your mouth into a cunt! We’ll cover the other things a slut has to know and do later… So, does my little girl want to be a good cocksucker?… Hmmm?… Do You, cunt?”

Lucy looked at her mother and said, “Yes Mommy. I want to be the best cocksucker in the whole, wide world… Will you teach me?..I promise to pay attention.”

Her mother smiled as she said, “Of course honey. Mommy will teach you.”

“Lucy-cunt meet Carl…Carl meet my daughter Lucy-cunt… Carl, would you be so kind as to fuck my daughters mouth?… Please?… Pretty-please?… Fuck my baby’s mouth?… My little slut daughter wants to be a pig-cunt like her mother, so let’s teach the slut… Now Lucy-cunt… Carl’s going to fuck your mouth like it’s a cunt. From now on Lucy-cunt, your mouth WILL be a cunt. Do you understand?”

Lucy nodded as Carl stepped closer.

“OK Lucy-cunt I’ll hold your head… Now open your fucking little mouth for the nice cock.”

Lucy stared at the huge cock intently, wondering how she could ever get one that big to fit in her tiny mouth. Lucy’s mother took Carl’s cock in her hand and rubbed it over her daughter’s face. They all laughed at the little girl when she opened her mouth trying to catch the dripping cock.

“OK Lucy-cunt, stick out your tongue… GOOD CUNT!… Now lick the cock… Yeah!… That’s the way… Nice and slow… Use lots of spit… That’s my baby… Men like a lot of spit… Now… Lick the piss-hole… Oh! You’re going to be a GREAT little slut.”

Lucy’s mother continued to finger her daughter’s wet little cunt as she gave her lesson. Lucy loved the feel and taste of the man’s cock. She was so happy that she’d been caught. Lucy slurped all around the hot cock as her mother encouraged her. Everyone chuckled at the cooing sounds the little girl made as she licked the cock and her mother finger-fucked her pussy. Lucy glanced over at her leering mother and winked.

“Enough of this teasing shit, pig-cunt. I’m ready to fuck your daughter’s fuck hole.”

Carl looked down at Lucy as the other men crowded around for a better look.

“Well little Lucy-cunt…Are you ready for some meat?…Is the baby-slut ready for some cum?” Carl asked as he spit in her young face.

The man’s spittle on her face caused Lucy to jerk. It also caused a small orgasm in her tiny body and she nodded, opening her mouth wider. Her mother laughed at the way Lucy said, “Yes Sir,” in her little-girl voice.

Lucy’s mother looked up at Carl grinning as she said, “Do it again Carl… My little cunt-bitch daughter liked you spitting in her face!…Look!…S ee how she’s holding her mouth open? Hmmm…I think I want to spit in her face too!”

Lucy held her mouth open as her mother leaned over and spit in her mouth. Carl laughed at the way Lucy shuddered. He leaned over and spit between her eyes… He was still laughing at the way little Lucy tried to scoop the spit into her mouth with her tongue as he crammed his cock into the little slut’s mouth. Lucy’s eyes went wide and she mewled at her first taste of cock.

“DO IT CARL! FUCK MY LITTLE GIRLS MOUTH!… Yeah!… That’s it… Ha Ha Ha…. Lucy-cunt LIKES it, Don’t you little bitch… Yeah choke my little bitch-daughter… Oh! This is going to be so much fun!… That’s it Lucy-cunt… Open your throat so Carl can fuck it… Yeah, Like that… That’s a GOOD little slut!… Fuck my daughter’s throat Carl…Make my little cunt of a
daughter take it… Here I’ll hold her head still… Now slam it to the slut!… Ha Ha Ha… YEAH! LIKE THAT!… Ha Ha Ha… This is GREAT! Fuck my little girl’s mouth… FUCK IT!… Use my baby’s mouth for a cunt just like you do mine… Isn’t this FUN little Lucy-cunt?… Does my little slut daughter love the way mommy holds your head for the nice cock?… Carl lets see if you can make my girl’s eyes water. Here… I’ll cram her mouth down your cock…OK now Lucy-cunt… Open your little fucking throat… Yeah… ummp… Yeah… huummpp… LOOK!… Lucy-cunt can take it all… Look at my little girls throat… SEE?… WATCH!… See how it bulges when I move her head back and forth…Oh mommy pig-cunt is SOO proud of her daughter-slut.”

Lucy struggled as her throat stretched around the huge cock. Her mother kept slamming her head up and down on the man’s leaking cock. Lucy swallowed the delicious juice that escaped from the man’s cock. One of the other men leaned over and started pinching her tiny nipples on her flat chest. Lucy winced in pain but she marveled how quickly the man’s rough treatment of her young tits turned to pleasure. Lucy rocked back and forth on her mother’s fingers as another orgasm shot through the little slut’s body.

“LOOK EVERYBODY!!!… LUCY-CUNT IS COMING!!!… That’s the way, my little daughter-cunt… Show the men you want to be their fuck-toy.” Lucy’s mother exclaimed as they watched the young slut slobber all over Carl’s cock.

Little Lucy’s cunt juiced even more as she listened to the crude comments of the men.

“Suck that cock, you little slut”

“I’m gonna fuck your ass, bitch!”



“Fucking little whore-dog!”

“Slobber on that cock, cunt!”

“Hey Carl, Hurry up man! Shit! I want to fuck that little slut’s mouth too!”

“Choke that little slut, man”

“YEAH! Ream that cunt’s throat!”

“Hey pig-cunt! Your daughter’s a natural slut. Proud?”


“Daughter-slut is like Mother- slut…Only smaller..Ha, Ha…”

Carl started to fuck into Lucy-cunt’s mouth harder. Her mother held Lucy’s head to meat the thrusts. That wasn’t enough for Carl. He grabbed Lucy’s long shiny, blonde pigtails and used them to jerk her head even faster. Lucy’s mother looked up at Carl with a twinkle in her eye.

“Yeah Carl. Fuck my slut daughter’s mouth HARD!”she screamed.

“TAKE.. .IT… YOU… FUCKING… CUNT!… I’M ABOUT… TO… CUM!” Carl rasped.

Lucy mouth stayed stretched in a perfect ‘O’, forming a cunt for the man. Tears were trickling down her pretty cheeks, both from the mouth fucking and the harsh treatment the other man gave her nipples. Lucy swallowed the tangy juice that leaked from the man’s cock, but now there was so much the little girl had to gulp it down.

Suddenly, another orgasm ran through her tender body and her pussy gripped her mother’s fingers like a hand. Saliva leaked from Lucy’s mouth forming a long wet rope that dangled and swayed from her chin. Everything else in the world seemed distant as the little slut concentrated on all of the sensations that electrified her body, As Lucy’s orgasm faded she heard her mother speaking in her ear.

“That’s the way, little Lucy-cunt… Breathe through your nose… Carl is about to cum… Keep it all in your mouth… Always keep men’s cum in your mouth, unless you’re told different… Let the man shoot his cum straight down your throat… That’s my little girl… Get ready!”

Suddenly Carl grunted.

“Aaaarrrggg… Fucking cunt… Take my cum bitch… Uuggh… Little slut-whore!”

Lucy’s eyes went wide as the first jet of Carl’s cum shot straight down the center of her throat. The next squirt bounced of the roof of the young girl’s mouth and coated her tonsils. Then several thick wads of cum landing on her tongue as Carl and her mother fucked her head back and forth on her first cock. That was when Lucy got her first taste of fresh cum.

“MMmmmnn” Lucy mewled.

IT WAS DELICIOUS! Lucy frantically rolled cum around inside her mouth marveling and the hick, wonderful sauce. Lucy formed a vacuum around the cock ad he tongue licked the underside of the pistoning cock instinctively.

Too soon the man’s cock quit spurting, but Lucy kept licking and sucking hoping the nice man would give her more. Carl laughed and used her hair to roll her head around as he slowly fucked Lucy’s mouth. The young slut made little mewling sounds of gratitude even when her mother’s fingers slipped from her pussy. One of the other men grabbed her mother’s head and started fucking her mouth. Carl tired of the game and jerked his cock from little Lucy’s mouth.

With her mouth still in a perfect ‘O’ Lucy looked up at Carl in shock. ‘Why did he take his wonderful cock from me’ Lucy wondered. Carl snickered as he pulled Lucy closer to him. Lucy looked back at his softening cock thinking he was going to give it back to her. Instead, Carl cleared his sinuses and spit in the ‘O’ of her mouth. On instinct, Lucy swallowed. And came. Carl slung her head down and kicked little Lucy in her slick cunt.

Again Lucy came. Even at her young age, she knew spit and kicks shouldn’t make her cum. But they did. As Lucy’s eyes focused from the double orgasm she saw a man fucking her mother’s mouth. As Lucy leaned closer to her mother, she took one of her mother’s huge tits in her hands and squeezed.

“OOHH MOMMY!… That was great!… I love to have my throat fucked!… Uuuhmm… And cum is SOOO GOOOD Mommy!… Can I have some more?… Please?… Mommy?… Can I
have the cock?… Please?… I need to practice to be a good cocksucker, right?… Please let the man fuck my mouth… You get lots of cocks mommy, let me have some, too… Please?… Mommy?” Lucy whined as she kneaded her mother’s huge tit.

Lucy-cunt licked her mother’s cheek as she watched the cock slide in and out of her mother’s grunting mouth. But it was useless. Lucy could see her mother needed the cock as bad as she did. She knew her mother wouldn’t share this cock. Lucy let go of her mother’s tit and looked at the man who had twisted her tiny nipples. Lucy smiled at the fat ugly man.

“Thank you for twisting my nipples. That was very nice… Maybe someday I’ll have big tits like Mommy… I know you’ve already been real nice to me, but you know I want to be a slut like Mommy. Mommy wants me to be a cunt too, but she’s busy… If you don’t mind… uh… could I suck your cock?… Please… You can fuck my mouth real hard… I think I’d like that!… So… Can I?” Lucy asked the leering man.

He laughed and looked at his friend.

“How would you like two cocks, little slut?… HHMMmmm… Would the little cunt like to try two? It’s twice the fun and twice the cum.”the fat man said. Lucy looked from one man to the next.

“I can do that?… Really?… Can I?… Can I suck both of you cocks?… Oh Boy!…T hat sounds like FUN!”

The other man looked at Lucy with a scowl on his face. He grabbed Lucy’s hair and pulled her toward him.

“Come here, cunt!… Little fucking slut is going to learn the right way… Right bitch?”

Lucy answered the man with an excited.

“YES SIR! Teach me how to be a good slut.”

He grabbed Lucy’s hair and jerked her head toward his cock. Lucy’s stared at the man’s cock as her head was pulled. She noticed his cock was a little smaller than the first man who fucked her mouth was. She also noticed the skin around his cock almost covered the whole head of it. Lucy’s mouth opened as his cock got nearer.

She caught a whiff of a cheesy odor as the cock speared her lips. Lucy-cunt hollowed her cheeks and lavished her soft, wet tongue all over the man’s slimy cock as he fucked her mouth. The taste of cock drove the young slut wild as she began to moan around the mouthful of cock.

“Suck it, pig!… Hey Mike!… Come on man… Lets double fuck this little baby-slut’s mouth.”

The man with the cheesy cock snorted. Mike the fat man stood by the cock slurping little girl. He chuckled as grabbed her ear and pulled on it to move her head to his cock. When Lucy saw it, she immediately started sucking it as wetly as she could. Even over the loud slurping sounds Lucy and her mother were making, Lucy’s little cunt thrilled at the nasty names, she and her mother were called.

“Suck it up , pig cunt! What kind of stupid slut teaches her daughter to be a cunt.”

“Hey! Let’s bring this little cunt to the party later… Let see how much she can take.”

” I want to do everything to this little bitch!…You know what I mean? Ha… Ha… Ha.”

“Fucking bitch.”

Carl removed his belt and started whipping the mother and daughter sluts. He whipped their backs and sides. He whipped their tits and legs. But when he whipped Lucy-cunt’s pussy, the little girl went wild. Lucy pulled her mouth off
of the cock she was sucking and shouted as she came.

“MOMMY!!..Carl is spanking my little cunt… Oohh Mommy… It’s making me cum… Look Mommy!…See your little girl cum from getting her pussy spanked… Does that mean I’m a slut?… Am I a slut yet?”

Lucy stared at the two cocks inches from her face. Suddenly, both of them erupted thick, hot cum. The men chuckled as their jizz splattered the little girl in the middle of her face.

“Oh Mommy look! The men are cumming in my face… Oh!… It feels so GOOD!… HURRY MOMMY… LOOK!… Watch them splatter my face!”

Lucy heard her mother start to gurgle. Lucy moaned and kept her mouth open as the two laughing men sprayed her face as Carl whipped her cunt. Cum splattered on her forehead and slowly rolled into her eyebrows. Her cheeks were coated in the tart slime.

When she opened her mouth, her teeth were webbed together with sperm. Lucy came so hard that she blacked out. When Lucy came to her mother had her mouth planted on Lucy’s. Lucy’s eyes went wide as her mother pushed cum into the young girl’s mouth. Lucy used her tongue like a snake as she worked cum down into her stomach. Lucy moaned into her mother’s mouth as she stuck three fingers into her mother’s wet, gaping cunt.

Mommy wiggled her ass and pulled her tongue out of her daughter’s mouth. She lapped up more cum off of her daughter’s face and cooed as she stuck her tongue in her daughter’s mouth, feeding more cum to her.

“Mommy…. Mommy… Cum is Sooo Goood!… I want some more. Can I have some more?…MMmmmmmm… Thank you, Mommy!” Lucy said as her mother pushed cum into Lucy’s mouth.

Carl grabbed the mother and daughter sluts and pulled them out of the bathroom.

“Come on you fucking sluts…Get you fucking asses in here…Max…Bill…Help me motivate these whores” Carl said as he dragged them into the bedroom.

Max and Bill helped by kicking the mother-slut and her young daughter.

“Mommy… They’re kicking me!… Is that OK?… Are they supposed to hurt me Mommy?”
Lucy asked as she was kicked and dragged beside her mother.

Max had slid his boot so that it Lucy’s young, hairless pussy rested on the top of his boot. He then would lift up Lucy by her pussy to move her along. Lucy didn’t know why, but her pussy seemed to get even wetter as he did it. Lucy stopped wondering why her pussy was juicing when her mother spoke to her.

“Yes, Lucy darling… It’s OK… We’re bitch-cunts… Sluts like us are supposed to be kicked… Tell the truth… Lucy-slut’s cunt is getting wetter… Right?… I knew it would… See.. Cunt’s like us are supposed to be hurt… I love it when they hurt me and you will too!… So, let them hurt you any way they want… That’s what we’re here for… OK?”

Lucy glanced at her mother. The man, Bill, was kicking her mother hard in her cunt. Lucy saw the dreamy look in her mother’s eyes and knew it was all right.

“OK Mommy… I’ll let the nice men hurt me anyway they want… I want to be as good of a slut as you are Mommy” Lucy said.

Lucy looked at Carl and said, “Pull my hair harder…Hurt me like you do my Mommy…I want to be a good bitch-cunt… Turn me into a good slut like Mommy… OK?… Mr. Max?… Would you kick my little pussy harder?… Please?… Treat me like a good little slut!… OK?… Oooohhhh!!!!… M.. M.. Mommy!… I think I came!… It made me cum when Mr. Max kicked my cunt!… Ooohhh… You’re right Mommy… It does feel good when they hurt me…. Oh!… Do it again Mr. Max… Kick my little pussy again!”

Max was glad to.

Carl threw Lucy’s mother onto the bed. Lucy was doubled over the foot of the bed looking at her mother’s dripping cunt. Carl grabbed Lucy’s head and pushed her forward. Carl looked at Max and said, “Want to fuck this bitch?” Max just laughed and got behind Lucy.

“I haven’t had any virgin ass in forever!… This is going to be fucking GREAT!… Spread those little legs, you fucking baby-whore… Time for your first ass-fuck!” Max snarled.

Lucy’s mother laughed as she spoke. As Max prepared to fuck the little girl’s ass, the other three men pulled up chairs to watch the little girl.

“DO IT!!! Fuck my little girl’s ass… Oh yeah Max… Cram your cock up my daughter’s slutty ass and fuck her in the dirt… You’ll like it Lucy-cunt… Men will want to fuck your ass a lot… They like fucking whores like us in the ass… And that’s good… Sluts like us need our asses fucked a lot. Now… Lucy-cunt… When he shoves his cock in your little ass, you star fucking him back… OK?… Make Mommy proud, little slut… OK”

Lucy looked up at her mother as Max spread her ass cheeks and rubbed his big cock up and down her crack.

“I will Mommy… I’ll let him fuck my little ass… I want to be a good little whore… I promise I’ll fuck him back… Go on Mr. Max… Cram my little ass… Show Mommy I can be a good pig, too!… Fuck me like a little bitch should be… Watch Mommy!… He’s sticking his cock in my little ass… Are you watching mommy?… Do you see me being a little slut?.. .OOOoohhh… He’s got his cock in my ass Mommy!… Ooohhh Mommy!… Mommy! It HURTS!!!… TAKE IT OUT!!! PLEASE!… PLEASE!…. MOMMY IT HURTS!!!… Oh Mommy… H… H… He’s fucking me Mommy!… Mommy!… HE IS FUCKING MY LITTLE ASS!!!… Uuggghh… Oh Mommy!… It IS good!… Fuck my ass Mr. Max… Fuck my ass harder… Mommy!… Get him to fuck my ass harder… Please?… Make him fuck my little slut ass harder Mommy… Oohh Mommy… Are you proud of me?… Am I being a good little bitch-whore?… Am I Mommy?… Am I?”

Lucy moaned and bounced her head on the bed. Max groaned.

“Yeah slut…Take my cum up you fucking ass… Nasty little slut!… Uugghh!”

Lucy’s mother laughed.

“Ha Ha Ha…Do it!…Cum in my little girls ass… Use my baby for your fuck-toy… Empty those balls in her virgin ass… Oohhh1…My baby is going to be such a GOOD little whore.”

Lucy’s young cunt creamed as Max came in her ass.

“Mommy!… He’s doing it! … He’s coming in my ass Mommy… Ooohhh!… I can feel it!… Mommy!… I can feel every squirt… Oohh… It’s Ssooo Gooooodd!… Uugghh… Don’t stop coming!… Keep coming in my fucking little-slut ass!… Mommy!… Make him keep coming in my ass… Please don’t let him stop… I LOVE it… Ugghh.. .Am I a slut now, Mommy?…
Am I?… Oohh Mommy! I’m cumming now!… ooooohhhhh….”

Lucy’s world went black. In the distance she could hear her laughing mother calling her names. She felt Max slid his spent cock from her ass. She heard the men deciding who would fuck her next. Lucy didn’t care who fucked her next. She just wanted fucked. She needed fucked. She loved it.

“Hey Jim. You want to fuck this slut next?” Max asked.

He looked at Lucy’s mother who was jamming fingers into her own cunt and asked her,

“Is that OK with you?… Do you want Jim to fuck your daughter next?”

“That would be fantastic!… Jim… Shove that big cock of yours into one of my daughter’s fuck-holes… Just cram it in… Show her how slut’s are to be fucked!”

Lucy’s mother laughed as she grabbed Lucy’s hair and raised her head. She looked at her little girl for a moment until Lucy’s eyes focused.

“Do you like this? Is this what you want, Lucy?… Do you still want to be a slut like me?… Do you want Jim to fuck you next?” she asked.

Lucy smiled at her mother.

“Oh Yes, Mommy!…Yes to everything…Yes, I want to be a slut like you!…Yes! I live being fucked and hurt!…Yes!. I want Mr. Jim to fuck me! She exclaimed.

Lucy looked over at the leering Jim. “Please Sir!… Would you fuck me?… Would you fuck me so my Mommy can see me being a slut? You can fuck me real hard, like you fuck Mommy!” Lucy told Jim and she started wiggling her young, tight ass.

Lucy’s eyes went wide as she looked at Jim’s cock for the first time. It was gigantic. It was a good 14 inches long and bigger than Lucy’s arm was.

“Oohh!…Mr. Jim! Your cock is so BIG!…Are you going to fuck me with it?” Lucy asked.

She looked at her leering mother and asked, “Mommy!… Look how big his cock is!…Will that fit in me?”

Lucy’s mother continued to fuck her fingers into her cunt and answered her daughter.

“Ha… Ha… Ha… Don’t be silly, Lucy-cunt! Of course it will fit… He’ll have to stretch you some, but that’s OK… Sluts have to be able to stretch their cunts REAL wide… Ha… Ha… Ha, you’ll find out!” She told her daughter.

Lucy steeled herself for the assault of the giant cock. Lucy was worried if it would fit or not. She wiped that thought with a shake of her pretty head. If Mommy said it was OK, then it was OK. Jim slapped Lucy’s little ass.

“Are you ready, little whore? Are you ready for some REAL cock?… Hold still..Hey, Is this little cunt going to make a lot of noise when I cram her ass?” Jim asked.

As Lucy stood there trembling, her mother had the answer.

“I’ll keep Lucy-cunt from making too much noise… Come here little daughter-slut…T his is something else cunts have to do… Mommy has a surprise for her little whore!” Lucy’s mother said as she grabbed her daughter’s blonde pigtails and pulled.

Lucy’s mother dragged her daughter’s head to her sopping cunt.

“Eat Mommy’s cunt. Little bitch… Stick your tongue in my fucking cunt. If Lucy-cunt digs in deep, she’ll find some cum… It’s old cum, but cum is cum. Dig in bitch”

Lucy’s mother smashed her head into her cunt. Lucy slipped her tongue from her lips and tasted her mother’s cunt. Lucy remembered hoe good her fingers tasted when she had pulled them from her mother’s cunt earlier. Besides, Mommy said there was some cum in her cunt. She just had to dig it out. Jim spread Lucy’s ass cheeks as Lucy licked her mother’s wet cunt. Jim cackled as he rubbed the head of his huge cock on the young girl’s asshole. Lucy raised her head from her mother’s cunt.

“Mommy!… Your cunt tastes GOOD!… This is fun! Can I eat your cunt all of the time… yummy… I want to eat your cunt a lot! Mr. Jim?… Are you ready to fuck my ass?… I’ll be POK. Mommy says it will fit. So go ahead… This is going to be FUN!… Eating Mommy’s cunt while you fuck me…Oh Mommy!… Thank you for teaching me to be a pig-slut… I love it… Oh Mommy!… Mr. Jim is teasing me!… He’s just rubbing his cock around. He’s not fucking me… Mommy?… Will you get him to fuck me?… Please… I want him to fuck me while I eat your cunt… OK?… Make him fuck me Mommy!… Uummmppphhh!” Lucy said as she lowered her head and drilled her tongue up her mother’s dripping cunt.

“YEAH!!!…Eat my fucking cunt, little Lucy-cunt!… Don’t worry, bitch! Mommy will let you eat her cunt all of the time… The only time pig-whores like us get their cunt licked is by another pig-cunt. Men don’t eat slut’s cunts…. Ooohhh Yeah, baby… That’s it… Oohhh, you’re a natural cunt-licker, Lucy-cunt.”

Mommie rubbed little Lucy’s face all around her cunt. Lucy’s mother gyrated her hips
looking from one man to the next. All of the men were grinning evilly at the display before them. Finally, Mommy looked at Jim who was laughing as he moved his cock up and down Lucy’s ass-crack.

“Uuhhmmm…. Jim… Go ahead!… Lucy-cunt can’t scream now! Ha, Ha, Ha!… Not with her face buried in her mother’s cunt!…Fuck my little slut-girl! Tear up my daughter-slut’s fucking ass!… Show her what happens to pig-cunts… Deeper Lucy-cunt!… Lick Mommy’s cunt deeper!. That’s the way, slut… Uuuhhhmmm… You’re eating Mommy’s cunt SOOoo GOOD!…Fuck her, Jim!… Fuck my little girl. Make my slut of a daughter howl into my cunt!… So GOOD!… Oohh, I’m cumming!… EAT IT, LUCY!!!… MOMMY’S CUMMING!!!”

Lucy’s mother screamed as she came. She grabbed Little Lucy’s head, smashing her chin against her cunt. Lucy lapped frantically at her mother’s cunt. Lucy savored the pungent flavor of her mother’s cumming cunt. Lucy loved the way her mother’s cunt seemed to grip her tongue. Jim laughed as he lunged forward. His huge cock speared Lucy’s virgin ass in one hard thrust. Lucy groaned into her mother’s cunt but stilled wiggled her ass as Jim pounded away. Luc’s mother laughed at the way Lucy’s groans vibrated against her clit. Lucy’s mother pulled her head tighter against her cunt.

“Fucking little slut… Like… That?… Huh?… You like… getting your… ass fucked?… Sure … you… do… little bitch… what’s wrong cunt?…. Your momma’s cunt got your tongue?… Ha… ha… fuckin’ whore… That’s it little pig-slut… Eat… Eat your mother’s nasty cunt, you fucking little slut-bitch!… Hey!… Mommy-slut!… What are you trying to do?… Shove your
little girl’s head UP your fucking snatch?… Is that what you’re trying to do! Ha, Ha… Fucking… sluts… You fucking crazy bitch!… Think you’ll get ‘Mother Of The Year’ now?… Fucking whore!” Jim shouted as he fucked her young, tight ass.

“Fuck her Jim.”

“Stupid fuck-meat LIKES getting her ass pounded!”

“Slam fuck the little bitch-whore,man”

“Harder…Fuck the whore!”

“Hey!…Lucy-cunt! Fucking cumrag…Eat your mother’s whore-cunt, you fucking slut.”

“Eat our cum out of your mother’s fucking cunt, you bitch.”

“Cum pig!”

“Dump your cum Jim…Do it man…. I want to fuck the slut’s ass into the dirt next!”

The men shouted as they laughed at the mother and daughter sluts. Lucy came, jerking her mouth from her mother’s cunt.

“Oh Mommy… SO GOOD!… Fuck my ass… HARDER!…PLEASE!!!… Oh mommy I love to get ass-fucked…Make him fuck me harder mommy!…. Make him… Please mommy!… Oohhh… fuck my little ass off!… Mommy!… Make him fuck me!” Lucy screamed just before her mother forced her head back to her cunt.

Suddenly Jim grabbed Lucy’s pigtails like the handlebars of a bicycle and jerked he head back hard. He used her long blonde pigtails to force her back onto huge cock. Jim screamed, “TAKE IT!!!… FUCKING LITTLE SLUT!!!… TAKE MY CUM YOU CUNT!!!… Aarrrgggh…”

Lucy orgasmed as she felt the man’s cock swell and fire his hot, thick cum into her ass.

“MOMMY!!!… He’s coming!… He’s cumming in my ass… My little slut-ass!!!… Fuck me! Oohhh… It feels so GOOD… PLEASE!!! Make him keep cumming, mommy… PLEASE!… uugghh… Cum in my little ass!… PLEASE!… Make me your cunt… Turn me into a slu…”

Lucy’s pleading turned into slurps as Jim pushed her head back into her mother’s sopping wet cunt.

“Ha,ha,ha… YES!… Cum in my daughters little whore-ass… FUCK HER!… Mmmmm… Cum in the little BITCH! Ooohhh…uughh…”

Lucy’s mother cackled as she started to cum again.

“Goddamn fucking SLUT!” Jim said as he pulled his cock from Lucy’s ass.

Lucy moaned at the loss of the cock fucking her and wiggled her ass hoping one of the other men wanted to fuck her. Bob came to her rescue. He fucked his cock brutally up her ass in a single thrust and pounded away. Lucy and her mother both moaned. Lucy because of the new cock…Lucy’s mother because of the way Lucy’s nose bounced off of her clit with every thrust of Jim’s cock.

It was all too much for the little girl. Everything went black as Lucy passed out. She didn’t know how long she was out. She didn’t know how many times she was fucked. But she dreamed. She dreamed of men…of cocks… of cum. She was dreaming she was a bitch-dog in heat and a pack of dogs were about to fuck her. One of the dogs was licking her dog-cunt and ass. She was started to cum from the dog’s licking and slurping. Slowly her dream faded into reality as her eyes fluttered open. The room slowly came into focus. She saw the men dressing.

“Noooo!!!!” Lucy wailed. “Don’t leave!… STAY!!!… PLEASE!!!… I want to get fucked some more!… PLEASE!… FUCK ME!!!… Nnnooo… Want me to suck your cocks? I will! I’ll suck your cocks so GOOD!!!… Please stay and fuck the slut some more! Don’t you like me?… I’ll try to do better… I promise!… Fuck me and I’ll be a really good fucktoy!… You’ll see!… Don’t leave!…P LEASE!!!… Fuck me some more… Mommy!!! Please make them fuck me some more… Please?”

Lucy started to cry as the men just laughed and left with out a single word. Through her tears she began to think maybe she was still dreaming. She could still feel the dog licking her ass and cunt. As her body shook with sobs she looked down. She was awake.Her ass and cunt were being licked.

Lucy’s sobs became moans of lust as she wiggled her ass on her mother’s face. Lucy’s mother had her tongue stuck as far up her ass as it would go. Lucy shuddered as her mother scooped cum from her ass and ate it. As Lucy started to cum again she grabbed her small tits and started to twist her nipples roughly. As the pain from her nipples seem to shoot to her little clit she came hard.

“Ohhh, MOMMY!!!… That was ssooo goood… Mmmmm…. What’s next?” She asked.

Lucy’s mother just swallowed and laughed into her daughter’s cum-dripping asshole. Lucy suddenly fell asleep as her mother buried her tongue deeper into the little girl’s ass.


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