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Seeding my Neighbor
genre: straight
Moved to new city and settling in my new apartment, at 34 single and had a great career. I dated before my transfer but hadn't found the one yet as they say. So, I was ready to start dating again, in my apartment building lived my supervisor 50 and his wife 38 no children but trying was the office gossip to have some. So, I had people in the...
wrote on 2024-07-10 | by Willing Seeder
Neighbors Daughter
genre: voyeur
It was a Saturday morning,in the middle of summer, at this time I am around 30 years old.My truck is in the shop for repairs, and I have been riding to work with my neighbor Tony, we both worked at the same place.I usually go grocery shopping on Saturday so I called Tony and asked if he was going to town today,he said yes and that i could ride...
wrote on 2024-07-04 | by steven jones
genre: straight
We might be slow as they say, but we grew up living next to each other. Firm friends ever since we can remember, but we were 26 when we became lovers. We dated other people and having not found our perfect partner in life, having not considered each other as our perfect lover first. Finally discovered we were each other's perfect partner all...
wrote on 2024-07-01 | by Happy Neighbors
My Neighbor Teenage Daughter
genre: incest
Chapter 1 -- in which we meet Joe and Ginny Virginia (Ginny) McCormack showed up in my yard one Saturday morning in early August as I was mowing my lawn. A chunky kid, not fat, but certainly thick -- what you might call 'heavy boned'. She had just celebrated her ninth birthday a month before. I knew because she had invited me to attend the...
wrote on 2024-06-26 | by Baby Driver
My Mature Neighbor
genre: straight
Last October my divorce was finalized and moved interstate, after taking a transfer. I (32) moved into my new house a 3bed apartment with a balcony. My wife and I divided my assets 50/50 and so no alimony and having no children meant no ongoing child support. I settled quickly and not dating straight away, wanted to find the single person inside...
wrote on 2024-06-26 | by Greedy Neighbor
My Know all Neighbor's Daughter
genre: straight
My neighbor 57 thinks he know everything about everything, and he doesn't. But I'm not going to tell all his mistakes, it would take far too long for that. But he had one redeeming factor, his daughter a nice shy girl who is now my wife 25. I (28) realized quite early in our interactions to not challenge his statements. Thus, I became acceptable...
wrote on 2024-06-23 | by Son-in-law
Good Neighbor
genre: masturbation
"Hi there!" For a moment I thought the watered-down piss that passed for my beer had gone to my head, but it was only Sheila, the gorgeous young woman that had moved in next to my place, peeking over the fence at me. My muscles groaned in protest as I got up from my deck chair. The worksite had kept me all day, moving lumber until my back was...
wrote on 2024-06-22 | by siddiqua
My Neighbor
genre: straight
I'm 30 single and enjoy myself and in no hurry to marry if I decide I might do so in the future. My neighbor is 58 widowed 2020 and okay on the eye even at her age, the apartment building we live in is full of mainly couples married or just in relationships. Everyone is very friendly to each other, so get togethers happen at least once a month....
wrote on 2024-06-19 | by A Willing Cock
Troubled Neighbor
genre: straight
I'm 44 now and 2 years ago I moved into my now home after a divorce. My ex-wife got our 2 children and didn't want alimony or child support as she is very well off via her career and family wealth. I have a fairly good career, not as good as my ex-wife's career, so I asked for nothing off her and get limited access to the children (Christmas,...
wrote on 2024-06-10 | by Very Lucky Man
My Milf Neighbor
genre: straight
I (29) live on the third floor of an apartment building and straight across from door lives my 54-year-old neighbor. Reminds me of Alice from the Brady Bunch TV show, she and I get on very well and she lost one of her 2 jobs and that put a strain on her finances. Short with the rent I loaned her what she needed, and she paid me back out of her...
wrote on 2024-06-04 | by Neighbor Lover
Neighbors Dog
genre: zoophilia
Neighbors Dog: Some background: When I was growing up I had a male dog and an older girl friend of mine showed me how to enjoy sex with him. I dropped it when I graduated from high school and off to college, then marriage for 11 years then a divorce. Here I am, living in a small house with a nice garden. I was divorced for a couple of years at...
wrote on 2024-06-03 | by Trudy
Caught my Neighbor
genre: straight
At 43 recently divorced and in no hurry to have any type of relationship, I moved into an apartment, and it had a small balcony. Not mixing with the others in the building if I could avoid it. After several months, I took an afternoon off as I had just completed a project and wanted a break before starting the next one. I got myself a drink and...
wrote on 2024-05-29 | by Smartass Neighbor
The Neighbor's Son
genre: straight
At 55 recently divorced, I moved to be close to mt children and their families. Also to restart my life after the divorce, quite comfortable financially and no need to work I could indulge my passion for gardening. I bought a 4bedroom 3bath house with a large yard on the edge of town, almost halfway between my children's family's homes. No more...
wrote on 2024-04-22 | by Contented Neighbor
Helping my Neighbor
genre: straight
I'm 38 divorced (late 2020) 3 children who live with their mother and I rarely see them. Not that it worries me that much, they are spoiled rotten by her and so they prefer her to me. She had the money in the marriage, and we separated with what we had personally and no alimony or child support. I bought a rundown house and am doing it up, I've...
wrote on 2024-03-29 | by Helpful Divorcee
Owning my Neighbor
genre: straight
Long story short version. All names Changed. My neighbor Teegan 52 widowed recently and shortly after unemployed, left with a large hospital and funeral bills. She would've struggled even without the bills, but she was lucky I had the hots for her. I'm Steven 56 self-made and divorced and Teegan's closest neighbor. Anyway, I'm very well off...
wrote on 2024-01-30 | by Steven
My Horny Lonely Neighbor
genre: straight
I'm 45 divorced and live alone in a 2-bed apartment, I don't date much after a bitter divorce I've no real appetite for a repeat. My neighbors are in their fifties and are usually fighting over something or another. But he goes away and it peaceful till he gets back. I usually met her in the basement laundry and at first rarely spoke to each...
wrote on 2024-01-21 | by Willing Divorced Neighbor
Fucking the old Neighbor
genre: straight
I 32 live in an old-style shop, a small apartment on top of the store. I use the old shop as my office. It's the perfect setup for me, I've an old neighbor 60 on one side and an apartment building 7 apartments on the other. I don't interact with the tenants of the apartments much if at all. My old neighbor like to talk to me, and we got on very...
wrote on 2024-01-15 | by Willing to Help
My Neighbor
genre: straight
I've lived in my apartment for 6 years and don't socialize with the other tenants at all, the walls are paper thin and who hear everything in the next apartment. But I'm lucky as I have an apartment at the corner of the building and so only one neighboring apartment. Carpets on the floor cut out most of the noise from below and above. My...
wrote on 2024-01-09 | by Good Horny Neighbor
My weird Neighbor
genre: straight
My girlfriend Wendy and I married in March 2022, Wendy became good friends with Monica and also joined the ritual sex. Wendy now 29 is an only child and only had her mother Patricia 50 as her father departed years earlier came to live with us. Patricia also became good friends with Monica who seduce Patricia and got her join in with Wendy and me...
wrote on 2024-01-05 | by Gordon P
Fun with my Neighbor
genre: straight
I live alone on third floor of an apartment building and mostly work from home. At 32 and not in a relationship, I do fairly okay sex wise. Usually, one-night stands, but recently I cracked on to my neighbor 37 married to a 51-year-old and had no children. Seeing in the elevator regularly and both home most days alone. I got her into my bed and...
wrote on 2023-12-30 | by Selected Stud
The Neighbor's Dog
genre: zoophilia
I'm widowed and at 62 live alone my children visit during holidays otherwise I'm alone. Last year I got new neighbors, and they were always busy in their mid-thirties always going somewhere and same with their 2 children. They have a large dog, more for security than a pet I assumed as it was fed but never played with. Anyway, the dog found a...
wrote on 2023-12-18 | by Horny Granny
Lonely neighbor
genre: straight
I'm divorced and 38 one child 12 who lives with my ex-wife, I get her 1 weekend a month due to my work schedule. Anyway, I wasn't dating and content to work on my home as I got it cheap as it was in a bad state. But it almost finished now, the garden wasn't high on my list of priorities and my neighbor 60 widow loved gardening and she asked...
wrote on 2023-12-18 | by Mutual Satisfaction
The Neighbor's plaything
genre: straight
I still at home and mainly work from home, running my online business. At 27 I nothing special in looks or build and not great at interpersonal relationships. The neighbors on the right-side of our home are 2 women in their middle fifties and I thought they were lesbians (sisters). They were always togethers I'd seen them cuddling several times...
wrote on 2023-12-18 | by Contented Plaything
Servicing old black neighbor
genre: first times
Mr. William was an older black neighbor that lived about a half mile away. Ever since our family moved into our house Mr. William began visiting and often just hung out around our family farm. We did not farm, but there was always some work to be done in the garden or around the barn. But on occasions that we actually were doing something he...
wrote on 2023-11-24 | by Gennygurl
Using my Neighbor
genre: straight
Having recently broken up my girlfriend and had plans for the Labor Day long weekend, I wasn't interested in going out to find another woman. I just wanted a woman to fuck no hassles, hookers weren't an option either. I don't like paying for sex and wanted free sex with no conditions. Main reason my girlfriend decided we were thru; I couldn't...
wrote on 2023-11-02 | by Mercenary Employer
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