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Married my cousin
genre: incest
Yes, I married my cousin it's legal here in my home state and I wanted to be married before moving overseas. I'd gotten a job after university, and it was aboard, and English was largely spoken there so no problem with language. My cousin several years younger than me, wasn't at university and jumped at the chance to travel aboard. I was already...
wrote on 2024-04-15 | by Married my Cousin
Gullible Cousin 2
genre: incest
With the birth of our healthy daughter in late February, Suzie says she is very happy with our relationship. Even those she knows I won a lottery prize and is a fulltime mother to our daughter and lover to me. But as penance for my tricking her, I've to keep up my wizard learning and have sex with a witch (Suzie) regularly. A punishment I enjoy...
wrote on 2024-04-06 | by The Gray Wizard
An affair with my Cousin
genre: incest
After finishing university and waiting for a job offer from one of the companies I had applied too to come. I seduce my cousin; she was 2 years younger than me and far too trusting of me. I got a job and left to start my career, a few weeks later I was shocked to have my cousin turn up at my apartment door. She was pregnant and as I was her only...
wrote on 2024-02-27 | by Horny user Cousin
Desperate Cousin
genre: incest
A second cousin of mine was desperate to have a child before it was too late for her. At 40 and single and a career first cousin of mine suddenly realized her clock was ticking and the alarm was getting close to sounding times up. A lawyer and well known as a ball breaker, not high on the list of men who knew as mother to their child. Most were...
wrote on 2024-02-11 | by Supportive Second Cousin
Gullible Cousin
genre: incest
My cousin Suzie 25 is a want a be witch, works at a diner as a waitress and is smoking hot. Like me she never went to university and believes most things especially about magic and witchcraft. I'm a plumber by trade and 2 years older than Suzie, I'm no chick magnet more of a chick Repeller. Anyway, I bought my own home when I was 20 on the...
wrote on 2024-01-02 | by The Gray Wizard
Horny Cousin
genre: incest
My cousin I'll called Wendy 47 recently divorced and out of work and needed a place to live. That's where I come into the story, I'll call myself Roger 39 also divorced, but I had a job and my own place. Albeit a little run down, I'm fixing it up, not dating and so I had Wendy come and stay with me. I soon found out Wendy was very horny woman...
wrote on 2023-12-31 | by Roger the Cousin Fucker
My Shy Cousin
genre: incest
I'd recently divorced after 23 years of marriage and returned to the town I was born in. I could work from so it was no problem workwise relocating. My parents were both deceased and only sibling 64 was on the other coast with his family. Back in my hometown there was just my aunt 78 and her daughter 60. I was 61 at the time and my aunt wasn't...
wrote on 2023-10-13 | by Horny Cousin Lover
My Beautiful Black haired cousin pt1
genre: incest
I'm 63 now but back when this happened, We both were 17, almost eighteen. My Aunt and Uncle would come up for the summer staying in house down the road near the river. Sue had beautiful black shiny hair, a pair perky melon tits which gave rise to my extended tent in my shorts when she was near. I could not hide easily, Sue did notice with a...
wrote on 2023-09-27 | by Wrknman
My Little Cousin
genre: incest
By little I mean short she is only 4'1" 23 and gorgeous, lives across the street houses down the street. I bought my house last year and my cousin was sharing the house with other girls she went to university with. I didn't buy the house because my cousin lived nearby, I didn't know where she lived at the time. Just that she lived near the...
wrote on 2023-08-14 | by Horny Father to be
My Cousin David
genre: incest
I'm 27 and going to university, away from close family and friends. I was always outgoing and at university I was out of my element and became introverted. I've an older cousin who works and near the university I attend. David 33 was the book worm type growing up and went off to university done very well and got a great job as a result. I knew...
wrote on 2023-08-09 | by Cousin Worshipper
His hottie cousin's tight little high waist bike shorts, her tummy, and sports bra!
genre: exibitionism
this is just a fictional story of a 21yo college senior, and his then 23yo pregnant hottie cousin! no real names were ever used at all. when his then 23yo cousin (he was just 21yo at the time) was like around 5 mos pregnant with her fiance's baby, she'd willingly sat next to him for a christmas eve dinner, he'd kept staring at her then newly...
wrote on 2023-08-04 | by big panties fan
Insanely hot cousin part 3
genre: incest
Read parts 1 and 2 ! Kissing each other in the bathroom was incredibly hot. Lindy had me pushed up against the sink and was pushing onto me with lust, our tongues meeting and hands all over each other. Her hands grabbing my waist and mine pulling her into me as she pushed against my erect cock. I knew she wanted it. She knew I wanted it....
wrote on 2023-07-29 | by Hard&Horny
My wife her aunt and her cousin
genre: straight
I married (2021) my wife at the age of 21 and she was 18, she wasn't pregnant. I wanted to marry her, I was 21 and had come into my trust fund. I got it at 21 because I wasn't a scholar and not going to university. I preferred working with my hands and worked as mechanic till I turned 21. My parents were both deceased boating accident 2014 and I...
wrote on 2023-07-15 | by Now a Large family man
Married my Cousin sort of
genre: straight
I recently married my cousin legally; she is my step cousin. My father remarried several years after my mother passed away; I was 8 at the time and my stepmother had a sister who had a daughter then almost 6. My father and stepmother got Covid, and it took them early in the pandemic fairly quickly as both heavy smokers and had lung problems. I...
wrote on 2023-07-03 | by Horny Stepcousin
My cousin's son part 2
genre: incest
We entered the bedroom and unrobbed each other in full bright light. Cousin's daughter in law ( son's wife) who was only twenty was extremely shy. But I commented " you have very big and firm boobs " I pressed hard her boobscand swallowed them. I lowered my mouth and and licked her pussy area. Simultaneously I inserted my middle finger into her...
wrote on 2023-03-10 | by Kunjumohamed
My cousin's son
genre: incest
My cousin's son was married three years back. He was not having any children. One day he called me and privately told me that he and his wife were worried. I told him to consult the doctor. He replied two years back doctor told him his semen was not perfect and gave him some medicine. But after twonyears of taking medicines no improvement. He...
wrote on 2023-02-26 | by Kunjumohamed
My cousin wanted sex with me
genre: swingers
My uncle and aunty moved in next door to us in the UK when I was around 17, and after awhile most times when I walked up our drive way, my cousin Kim who was around 16 then, would be dancing in their kitchen, and would smile at me and of course I would smile back, this went on for months, as she got home around 3.30 and me around 4 her parents...
wrote on 2023-01-25 | by Bryan
My reclusive cousin
genre: incest
My cousin became like hermit when his mother died and even family had trouble keeping in contact with him. I'm like him in several ways too, I'm an only child like him and I ended up being the closest relative left near him. He when off grid and built his own home out of local stone and used steel framing instead of timber. Slate tiles for...
wrote on 2022-12-24 | by Delighted Cousin
Helping my cousin.
genre: incest
I'm doing well in my career, but not so good in my personal life. Till I decided to assist my cousin Paula 26. She had just lost her job and was soon to lose her rented room as well. I'm Wallace 29 soon to be father of a baby daughter, that's because I got my cousin Paula pregnant. She had moved in with just before last Christmas and in the new...
wrote on 2022-12-11 | by Wallace/Paula
My Cousin continued
genre: incest
Holly was pregnant and had twin boys in October both very healthy and back in March we returned to the city and Holly changed her surname to mind and now wear her mother's wedding rings. Back on the farm we have settled into the local community and are accepted as a married couple. Holly wants a least one more child a girl and I said Well we'll...
wrote on 2022-12-11 | by Kevin P B
My cousin 's daughter and me
genre: incest
Some years back my mother was laid up due to some minor ailments.I was staying in my own house. That day I went there for two days' stay. That day my cousin's daughter came there for 2 days' stay. She was only sixteen. But she was reasonably fat and sexy. On my mother's instructions, we slept in a bedroom at first floor.I was in lungi and...
wrote on 2022-12-02 | by Kunjumohamed
My Horny Cousin
genre: incest
My cousin came to live with me in February 2020 and we were getting on okay. Then the pandemic came, lockdown enforced. I started working from home and my cousin lost her job, we were okay both health and financially. Only being unable to go anywhere, bugged us. I've dated fairly regularly with some success and my cousin dated regularly also....
wrote on 2022-10-07 | by Satisfied Cousin
Steamy days with cousins
genre: incest
Me and my cousins used to be always playing games hidden form the adults from the age of 8 itself. I have 2 cousins who are santhosh and kishore and I have to say they are younger than me by 2 years. Santhosh and me will unknowingly start smooching thinking its a game . He will touch me and kiss me in neck thinking I am sleeping.Attimes we will...
wrote on 2022-09-06 | by Swetha
My Cousin David
genre: incest
I found out my cousin David 30 was fucking my mother 46 Clare by accident, I had gone off to university and had left my assignment at home. So I returned to get it in a break between lectures. I arrived seen David car in the driveway and didn't think it odd as he was a regular visitor. On entering the house neither he nor my mother were in the...
wrote on 2022-09-02 | by Jennifer....
Fun with my Cousin update
genre: incest
Dave again and still living with my cousin Ellen and regularly fucking her, also Ruth has joined us. Now knows about our fucking each other and approves as she say her mother is very happy and that's what matters. Jake has taken to Ruth and will do anything she asks of him, he rarely takes any notice of me, except if I have food for him. So we...
wrote on 2022-08-18 | by Dave FH
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