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Cousin Emma update
genre: incest
Recently I stopped Donald from hitting my cousin Emma and Donald ended up in prison, both for hitting Emma and a female judge at the police station. Emma returned home with me and we started sleeping together, only our mothers know about our sexual relationship so far. Last week Emma was confirmed as being pregnant and I couldn't happier, Emma...
wrote on 2019-09-13 | by Alex
Cousin Mandy
genre: incest
I'm Kevin 26 single mechanic by trade, I went to the coast for a holiday and saw aunt Rachel and uncle Ralph while there. They have 3 children Ralph jr 29, Graham 27, and Mandy 24, only Mandy still lives at home. When I visited them, Mandy, wasn't home and later she called me and wanted to catch up. We arranged to meet the next day for lunch and...
wrote on 2019-08-03 | by Kevin
Me , sis and my cousins 1st time together
genre: incest
Recap of my previous 2 experiences 1st incest experience was with my two cousins that are sisters at age 12 2nd incest experience was with my sister at age 15 . Now my 3rd incest experience Soon after I fucked my sister, I told my cousins about it. They got so fucking HOT from me telling them how it happened that they begged me to some how...
wrote on 2019-07-04 | by Tony G75
Cousin Alice update
genre: incest
My cousin Alice is now pregnant to me and we're sleeping together every night now. I was asked by my boss if I would take over as manager at our interstate branch. I decided it would be a good move and accepted, also I would be in the same town as my mother Karen and her husband Robert. The company bought my house, so I could purchase a new one...
wrote on 2019-06-30 | by Andrew
Cousin Emma
genre: incest
Cousin Emma 24 was and is a very timid woman by nature, she was married to Donald a brute of a man. I don't know why she married him, but she did 4 years ago. I Alex 26 mechanic and last April I went on holiday and as I was going to be in Emma's home town. I dropped by see them, I arrived as Donald was shouting at Emma in there front and then he...
wrote on 2019-06-21 | by Alex
Cousin Beth
genre: incest
My cousin Elizabeth 27 (Beth) was a tomboy when younger and made my life hell. I'm Alexander 29 and I've never been a sporty type person. I was the skinny child who read books and kept away from the other children. Beth was always playing sports with them and was pretty good at the games. Her and her family lived next door to us and Beth would...
wrote on 2019-06-14 | by Alexander
My hot cousin part 1
genre: incest
My life with my mom has been rough...I’ve bounced around a lot and never really had a place to call home. It got so bad that I ran to my cousins house for months at a time, and every time I went over there I would notice that her figure would get more and more refined (ending with perfect firm B cup Brest and a round tight ass) with me...
wrote on 2019-06-04 | by Rum Holiday
Affair between Cousins: Chapter 1: Bed Wetters
genre: incest
My Name is Allen, for the Longest time my Cousin Rose have always felt like brother and sister when we were little. Ever since then we were inseparable, always playing games watching TV, going to the Mall having sleep overs. We were born only 4 months apart on the same year and she was the older one born in April. Little did I Know My Cousin...
wrote on 2019-05-01 | by Uniboomer
My Cousin Dave
genre: incest
My cousin is the strong silence type rarely talks, but never takes a backward step. Last year at the wedding of sister Susan, his sister Betty was there with her husband John and John became angry and started to abuse Betty. But then he slapped her and Dave came out saw it happen and laid out John with one punch. Later on after John had...
wrote on 2019-04-29 | by Kathy
Cousin sucking my tits
genre: incest
it was the summer of 2018. My parents told me to spend my summer with my cousins. They where all boys ( age 18 & 19 ) I was 16 at the time. This particular cousin would always stare at my tits and ass ... i noticed so I stopped hanging around where he was cause I was so uncomfortable. One time i was in the bathroom brushing my teeth when he...
wrote on 2019-03-23 | by khloemilton
My little cousin
genre: incest
I was 19 when I fucked my lil cousin. It all started when I was chilling with my cousins and my girl cousin text me and said meet me in my room in 30 minutes and I did so we waited still everybody left. When I pulled my dick out she was so ready when I slowly put it in she was so wet but we had to cut it short her brother came back so before I...
wrote on 2019-03-10 | by Bob
Telling my family that im dating my cousin
genre: incest
My relationship with my cousin Carolina got pretty serious. I want to marry her and she feels the same way but she told me we should let our family get comfortable with the idea first before we start thinking about getting married. We have to tell our families. The next day, she invited me to have dinner at her house and we planned to tell her...
wrote on 2019-01-31 | by Cousinfuck
Young cousins
genre: incest
Growing up my family was always very close, we still are to this day but only a few people in my family know what really used to go on between me and my favorite cousin. We used to have slumber parties all the time. I'm only 2 years older than her so at the time she would be 7 and I would be 9. We always stayed up late and watched movies and...
wrote on 2019-01-29 | by Notzforzeveryone
Cousin Priscilla all along pt 2
genre: incest
This is part 2 of cousin Priscilla all along. So after the first time I fucked my cousin Priscilla on that Thanksgiving. me and Priscilla became very close Priscilla has a very happy bubbly attitude she is always smiling and she is never negative about anything. Priscillas personality makes her so much more beautiful then she already is. me and...
wrote on 2019-01-24 | by Jay ramrez
Cousin Priscilla all along
genre: incest
My teen hormones wanted something very kiknky to happened between me and my cousin Sabrina who was two years older then i.but no matter how hard I try she was not into the cousin Sex thing. but little did I know Sabrina's younger sister Priscilla felt for me the way I felt for Sabrina. So this is who it happened when I was thirteen and going...
wrote on 2019-01-24 | by Jay ramirez
Im back together with my cousin
genre: incest
I broke up with my girlfriend and I got back together with my cousin. We loved each other. In my state, we could legally be a couple if she was unable to have kids. And that's what we did. I got a vasectomy and it was the greatest decision of my life. We constantly had sex. She also invites my other cousins when we're in the mood for it....
wrote on 2019-01-06 | by Cousinfuck
Drunken cousin fuck
genre: incest
So after 3.5 years of the event itself taking place, I’ve decided to finally share my story in case there’s anyone out there that enjoys the story as much as I like thinking about it. I have to emphasise that this story is absolutely 100% true and is still very vivid in my memory. The only thing I’ll do is change our names, you know,...
wrote on 2019-01-03 | by Pennerz
Cousin Helen
genre: incest
My cousin Helen has always been a shy overweight girl. I'm Ross and I work in the city and when Helen had to come to the city for work, it fell to me to look after her. It was okay I've always like Helen and we got on well. Helen was still overweight, but had a figure and a large rack. Her main problem was the lack of any self confidence, she...
wrote on 2018-12-15 | by Ross
Cousin Alice
genre: incest
My Cousin Alice is the fictional dumb blonde, but she is not a blonde. She's brunette and has always been dumb. You can tell her anything and she would believe it, I once told her that Dinosaurs were now living in Australia and she still thinks it is true. I went into the army on leaving school and was away for years. I'm now 26 and Alice has...
wrote on 2018-12-14 | by Andrew
I needed my cousin
genre: incest
Im engaged but I have an affair with my cousin Gloria who I got pregnant. We've been doing it at least once every 3 days. She comes over, usually pretty horny. She says its because pussy isn't satisfying enough. (Even though I saw her strap on, its HUGE). Her girlfriend Carolina doesn't know we've been fucking but I don't think she cares since...
wrote on 2018-12-07 | by Cousinfuck
My cousin is pregnant with my child
genre: incest
I'm officially engaged with my girlfriend, Karen however a couple of hours before, I had sex with my cousin Gloria and I got her pregnant. Before, we've super careful but I messed up as I was SUPER horny. Gloria won't talk to me and I'm super scared. I'm not ready to be a father, I'm engaged to another woman, and who knows what complications the...
wrote on 2018-12-05 | by Cousinfuck
My cousin blowing me right before proposing to my girlfriend
genre: incest
I decided to propose to Karen. I bought a really nice ring and I talked to her parents. I still had no idea how to propose though. So I asked my cousin/rebound, Gloria to come over and help me plan my proposal. She came over and I opened the door for her and she came in. "How do you think you are going to do it?" she said as she removed her...
wrote on 2018-11-21 | by Cousinfuck
Fucking the cousin older than me
genre: incest
One weekend during my school holiday I went to spend the weekend at my cousin's house. She is 10 years older than me and ever since young I have enjoyed looking at her smoothly curved body, the perfect S lined body, with a pair of bouncy boobs and a juicy piece of ass. When she is at home she would always wear pants so short till the bottom part...
wrote on 2018-11-20 | by Lost
My Cousin
genre: incest
Early last year I was in a car accident and was left with 2 broken legs. I was in hospital for just over a month, on my release I returned home. But had to get around in a wheel chair, we are a well off family and my mother Grace decided to hire someone to look after me. She picked my cousin Jane 25 who was looking for work at the time, Jane is...
wrote on 2018-10-21 | by David
I ate my first cousins pussy
genre: incest
Let me start off by saying I'm 48 years old happy married to my wife for 25 years we have four grown boys from the ages of 21 27 I am a master diesel mechanic by trade back in 09 I got hurt and became disabled I now draw a disability check my wife works at a fast food restaurant in town I have a medical condition that causes me not to get a...
wrote on 2018-09-02 | by Dr.junior
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