Seeding my Neighbor


Moved to new city and settling in my new apartment, at 34 single and had a great career. I dated before my transfer but hadn't found the one yet as they say. So, I was ready to start dating again, in my apartment building lived my supervisor 50 and his wife 38 no children but trying was the office gossip to have some. So, I had people in the building I knew somewhat and when my supervisor was away playing golf, his wife asked me to get her pregnant as her husband wasn't able to. I was of course shocked, but after thinking it over decided to agree. So, we slept together every time he was playing golf or away for some other reason. I did manage to get her pregnant and they had a baby girl. I then met the cousin of the wife, and we ended up marrying. She is pregnant with our first child, and we still live close to her cousin and my still supervisor. My wife knows of course who the father of her cousin's daughter is and we've a regular threesome sexual relationship. I've also so been asked to father another child with my wife's cousin and as I've done it before, I've agreed again.
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