My perfect Sunday

Written by , on 2024-06-18, genre incest

Long story short. My cousin 23 is the shyest person I've ever met, and he is very smart and the only member of our family to university. He got a prestigious scholarship; no other member of the expanded family went passed high school and only a few even finished high school. He has the brains but not the looks, so he is quiet and studies a great deal. Anyway, I was visiting my aunt 54 (mother sister) her only child is the cousin I'm writing about. While staying with them I saw my cousin naked, he was drying himself after a shower and didn't see me. But as they say I got an eyeful; his cock was just hanging down between his legs and almost reach to his knees and it was thicker than every other cock I've seen. I'm 29 divorced my loser ex-husband is in jail for 11 more years, lucky we've no children. I really like sex and after seeing my cousin's cock I needed to try it at least once. My aunt works several jobs and is out most of everyday, so as I was working nights, I started getting close to my cousin. Always wearing revealing clothes around him and finally last Sunday, I gave him a boner. It would've been impossible for me not to see it. Getting him horny I o0ffered to help and he just let me, at first, I just stroked it. Then started to suck it and finally mounting him and I really enjoyed fucking him. One problem the condom I used broke during the sex; it was too tight anyway. The second fuck I didn't bother with a condom. I always take the day after pill anyway; my cousin is putty in my hands. Willing to do whatever I want him to do, which is fucking me.

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