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At a family get together, I (30) was getting on very well with my cousin (34). She like me were unattached and attending alone, the drinks flowed like a river, and we both got drunk. Next morning I awoke in a motel room and soon realized it wasn't mine, as the suitcase on the second bed had women's clothing in it. Whose room it was, escaped me for a short while. But finally remembering I had left the party with my cousin, being naked helped me remember we'd sex. Just then she came in from the bathroom still naked and straight asked me to fuck her again. Being a good cousin, I obliged and really enjoyed the sex with her. I stayed with her until we returned to our homes 3days later, having regular and great sex. A couple of months later my contract was up, it wasn't being renewed as the project was finished. I decided to visit my cousin while looking for another job. She was happy to see me and asked me to stay with her and share her bed. Then she asked me to be her PA, it would give me a Permanant job, and I could live with her and keep up our sexual relationship. But she said I could other women if I wanted too, she herself wasn't interested in marriage. Working with her was great and thru her I met my now wife 28 who worked in reception, and we started dating and having sex. My cousin started to join us in a threesome and my wife would move in with us and get pregnant shortly after I'd proposed. By mutual agreement, in the 7 years since we married, we'd 3 children together and my cousin started wanting a child of her own. So, with my wife's agreement I got my cousin pregnant, born a month before our second child. It works out great as my wife is a stay-at-home mother and cares for all the children. Only the 3 of us know of parentage of my cousin's child, the rest of the family and work colleagues think it was the result of a one-night stand. Also, her daughter refers to me as her father and also refers to my wife as mother as well, as well as her actual mother. Outside our little family group, it's put down as just following our other children. But we know different and won't ever try and change it. I believe I'm a very lucky guy.

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