Best outcome ever

Written by , on 2024-02-09, genre incest

I'm the last of my family, my parents and only sibling are deceased. At 54 single no children of my own. My aunt then 78 my late mother's younger sister asked me to care for her daughter 51 after she passes away. My cousin an only child is the shyest person I've ever met, but at least she talks to me. I agreed as I'm quite well off and asked my aunt to move in with me as they rented, and I own my house. Which they did, my aunt wasn't well and passed away 5 months later. Now just me and my cousin, she clung to me after her mother death. But it didn't improve overtime, as she couldn't be out of sight of mw without getting destressed. I mean going to the toilet or showering she had to actually see me, or she panicked. Talking thru door with her didn't help, my cousin watching at first was a little weird. But the reverse was also required, she had to have me with her when she showered or used the toilet. I'm nothing special in looks, but my cousin is fairly attractive, and I started getting hard-ons. Having masturbate secretly (under a table) while still in full view of my cousin. Sleeping in the same bedroom separate beds, finally I decided to make the most of things as they were, unable to date as my cousin would have to join us. The old a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, well I'd my cousin and no worries about her getting pregnant. So, that evening as I went to shower, I told her to shower with me. Expecting some reluctant, but she joined me no resistant at all. I got her wash me and I washed her, and I dried her, and she dried me. Instead of dressing I took her still naked to my bed and made her my lover. Taking it slowly I was able to fuck her twice and she now sleeps with me every night. She is still clingy, but it's not as awkward anymore. Mainly as I can just make love to her anytime I want, she is happy, and we are never apart. She is smiling again like before her mother's passing. My decision to care for her, has turned out to be great for me as well.

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