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Working Nights
genre: straight
I'm Karl 32 single work nights from 7 pm to 5 am Monday night to Saturday night. Not many people around in my work area and so I do my work checking the machines and pipes there. Most are computer-controlled and I'm just keeping an eye on them. But the pipes are pressurized and must keep them from leaking anything, last month the company started...
wrote on 2019-09-12 | by Karl
My first night
genre: pulp
I had just turned 18 and my marriage was fixed to a 25 years old man who worked at a very influential govt post. Tall handsome and well built at 6’2” thick black hair while I was half his frame and just 48 kgs at 5’3”. He had agreed to marry me the day he visited my house with his parents, He saw me while was jumping up and down the...
wrote on 2019-08-29 | by Misty
All night long
genre: cheating
I'm a chubby girl and have been for the last forty-five years. I'm 5'6" 180 pounds of chubby girl. But, I'm not a sloppy chubby girl. I take care of myself. Try as I might though. I'm stuck being chubby. Sure I can loose it. But, it's a lot of work keeping it off. So instead of worrying about dieting all the time I enjoy life. I have a...
wrote on 2019-08-22 | by Janice Joe
Late night pleasure
genre: incest
Christine was setting on the couch doing her crossword puzzle enjoying the peace and quite when she heard the front door open. "Hey mom." She heard as she felt her son's lips on her cheek. "Hey son. How was your date." Christine asked as her only son came and set down on the couch with her. As Christine set and talked to her son she began...
wrote on 2019-06-27 | by Janice Joe
Marriage night husband 2husband, part III
genre: gay
Jason Black and I John Charles-jason Black are intensely, sensationally are engaging in the most intense husband-2-husband love and sex on our marriage night. Jason Black and I are having extra long intense sensational husband-2-husband love and on our marriage night. We would enjoy the action of love and sex until we would reach the brink...
wrote on 2019-03-25 | by DaddyforSon
Marriage night husband 2husband, partII
genre: gay
Jason and I have been dancing naked on our marriage night to soft contemporary love music and Jason and I been fingering each other's tight sweet puckered rosebud ass-ring as we dance and massaging each other's joyful button and we are getting each other intensely aroused. Jason Gaze's into my eyes and says affectionately to me, John it is...
wrote on 2019-03-24 | by DaddyforSon
A little spice after a night out
genre: romantic
Liz was sleeping. She woke up by a noise she couldn’t quite place. After a while she guessed it was Nat saying something in his sleep. He was doing this sometimes. A funny habit of him, funny because you couldn’t understand a word he said but he could be very loud and confident when talking gibberish. It was so contrary to his daytime habits...
wrote on 2019-03-24 | by Laura Ellric
Drunken Night
genre: incest
Last year I returned to my home town for a reunion and stayed with divorced mother Rachel 53. I'm John 27 single, I was staying a week. The high school football team reunion was on Saturday night and I arrived late Friday. I planned to stay the next week visiting mom. We both had plans that Saturday night, I left and went to the reunion and mom...
wrote on 2019-02-11 | by John
Midnight love
genre: incest
One day me and my brother were home alone for the fact the mom had to work and dad was in Mississppi with his new family. Mom had called an told us she would be back in a week which happens often because my brother is 17 and can take care of me but today was different, when he got home from football practice he told me mom was going to be gone...
wrote on 2018-12-08 | by Unkown UwU
Drunken Night
genre: incest
Early last year I and my sister were at the same party out in the country. She had come with her boyfriend now ex boyfriend and had an argument and he left her there and went off somewhere else. I was there alone, I wasn't in a relationship and just went along because the hosts were old friends. Robyn 23 my sister started drinking a lot, as her...
wrote on 2018-10-08 | by David
My night with the Boxing Champ
genre: cheating
To dear readers, I’m 36 years old, and my husband Tom and I have three lovely children. Now, until this episode I’m about to describe, I’ve only ever had sex with my husband Tom. Have never been with another man or had sex with anyone before or during my marriage to Tom. Until now that is. I never dreamt the day would...
wrote on 2018-10-02 | by Connie James
A Wonderful Night
genre: threesome
I was on a dinner date with W at an upscale hotel, I had several dates with him before this night. I was wearing a short skirt, low cut blouse and heels. He kept looking at my 37D's as we ate. When we were enjoying after dinner drinks a man B came to our table, he was an business associate of W and sat down and joined in our conversation. He...
wrote on 2018-09-17 | by Marlyn
Oh, those Saturday nights!
genre: incest
OH, those Saturday nights! by; Ty Maximus. It was fall time and the leaves had almost all fallen from the trees. I, John Henry, had just turned 40 years of age. At 40, I still had my Chestnut brown hair and at 6'1 and 225. I still carried my muscular body well. I was sitting on my back patio and...
wrote on 2018-08-16 | by Ty Maximus
Marriage Night Husband2Husband. Love, Part 1
genre: gay
As Jason and I continue to dance naked and Jason has his fingers inserted into my ass rectum, Jason begins to swirl his fingers around in my ass rectum and Jason's fingers are constantly rubbing my sensitive prostate gland. I have my fingers in Jason's ass rectum and I constantly rubbing and stroking Jason's sensitive prostate gland. ...
wrote on 2018-07-19 | by Daddy's Husband
A hot summer's night
genre: romantic
Chapter One – Devoured by the Beast There had been all these small moments over the evening when our eyes met filled with unsaid words and things we both wanted but never dared to speak out. Until now when it was time for a gentleman to say a lady goodbye and leave her standing alone and dreaming of what might have been. There he was,...
wrote on 2018-07-11 | by Lovinglupo
Marriage Night Husband2Husband. Love, Part 1
genre: gay
This 63 year old white bottom Daddy Jonathan and my masculine young Army husband Jason,my masculine Army husband Jason who is 28 years old and who is a masculine top have just experienced the most cherished-treasured day in our life. Jason and I have just shared our promise , commitment , love , marriage vows with each other and have just...
wrote on 2018-06-18 | by Daddy'sHusband
The night I fucked my brother in law's wife in the ass
genre: incest
I was on my way home from a business trip and I stopped by to visit with my brother in law's family. When I arrived, I found that my brother in law was actually out of town hmself, and his wife had just dropped off their daughter at her parents house. Since I hadn't eaten dinner yet, I ask if she wanted to go with me and get some dinner. After...
wrote on 2018-04-26 | by Hayseed6977@
A stormy night
genre: incest
Originally published on my first account under Snyper86 You are driving down a country road, late at night. There is a massive storm raging around you. Lightning splits the sky and thunder shakes the car. The storm came up suddenly. There is a light up ahead, you can see it between the lightning. the rain gets harder and harder, and you...
wrote on 2017-12-11 | by snyper1986
A night out with Monica
genre: fetish
I stepped out of the station with my colleague Monica. The tagline under the town's name read: the birthplace of the industrial revolution. I felt like I was walking into a history lesson. Monica glanced at her smartphone then pointed down a desolate high street. It's fair to say I never like working away, especially in towns like this....
wrote on 2017-09-06 | by maxwellspanx
Ruth's night
genre: fetish
We settled down for a while to relax and have a couple of drinks and to let Ruth recuperate from her ordeal when it was soon time to head for bed. I told Ruth to get into a nightie and panties and a pair of stiletto heels while I stayed nude. In the bathroom I was about to take a leak when I thought about how my wife Carmen took my piss in her...
wrote on 2017-04-12 | by railfannut
The end of the night
genre: fetish
Hearing the car leaving our driveway, I now heard footsteps in the hall. The club members had enjoyed themselves and left, and now I lay there in the dark and the quite of the living room, restrained to the table, my legs and stiletto heels spread by the bar, and clamped behind my ears. My wrists restrained, the low dull vibration from the...
wrote on 2017-04-10 | by voyeurclub
White Daddy Gets Married On Valentines Night.
genre: gay
Valentines night has arrived, the most Special, Treasured, Cherished night for this 63 year old white daddy and his 44 year old black-stud-partner and best friend always forever. On Valentines day this 63 year old white daddy and my 44 year old black-stud-partner pledged and promised our love, faithfulness, trust and devotion to each other...
wrote on 2017-02-11 | by DadmarryzDad
Black fantasy date night
genre: straight
This was an exciting moment for me. We had been planning this for months and we are finally living out our fantasy. Monica spent the last few days shopping for a dress for tonight. I sometimes wonder if that was necessary since her lover would only be interested in her. Usually my wife was a jeans and tee shirt kind of girl but tonight she went...
wrote on 2016-11-27 | by 425olds
Best night of our lives
genre: fetish
I feel like I need to write about the greatest sexual experience of our life which happened only 2 days ago and share it because to me it would be a crime not to… I have written the following from memory of the last couple days as best I can in the best detail I can give with my girlfriends help. Names may have been changed for privacy. Some...
wrote on 2016-08-23 | by JJ&Chels
Her fucked her virginity in a barn on a hot summer night
genre: first times
This story is based on my first time. It's an updated version of the original. Some details have been changed and some have been added. Enjoy! ----------- She was trembling in his arms. He embraced her, holding her innocent face tightly against his chest. As they laid on the old wood floor, the full moon shined through the window of the old...
wrote on 2016-07-21 | by La Isla Bonita
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