Night Shift


I finally got a job after finishing university, not ideal but better than nothing. It was all night work, monitoring computer system of the company. A boring job, but a steppingstone to better jobs later on. At least I wasn't alone, besides the security guards, I'd a supervisor. At 26 I was single and not dating anyone or had for that matter. I was surprised to find my supervisor was a woman 55, divorced and she supervised special projects as well as me. But 12 hours is a long shift and boredom I thought be my main takeaway from each shift. It was for the first couple of weeks, but that changed when my supervisor wanted me to fuck her. Calling her a nymphomaniac, is understating it as once she decides she wants you she really drains you. She more of a sex vampire, draining her victims of all their sperm. I thought she would tire of me. But she had me move in with her and now 7 months later, I'm regularly drain day and night and am taking vitamins to keep up with her sexual requirements. I really love the sex with her and have become addicted to fucking her.
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