Uncle and me

Written by , on 2018-04-27, genre incest

I know it’s wrong now, but just the thought of him coming into my room gets me so wet.
For about a year I used to wake up with my uncles hard cock on me, either him jacking off watching me. Sometimes he’d take my pants off sometimes he’d take my shift off. But he would be stroking his penis for hours just wanting my sweet innocent pussy. One night the urge and the thought of my sweet pussy being touched for the first time came over him; and I finally got woke up to him rubbing my pussy lips. He was rock hard, and so into it. He cam all over my tiny pussy lips, the next night coming into my room, he got a little more confidence , and told me to lick his pre cum. At the time I didn’t know any of this was wrong I was 12 he was 45. But man did it make my pussy tingle and the way he would look at me, and get off make me so fucking wet to think about. After while of him waking me up with putting his dick by me and and get woken up by how fast he was jerking his dick off I finally couldn’t stand it. I started rubbing my pussy. He seen that I finally was into it. So night after night he would try different new things. Letting my taste it, letting me jerk it, and sitting on his lap, so I could feel his hard cock on my ass. Most of the time when he came into my room I was already playing with my self; wishing he would have came earlier. I was so turned on I wanted him to try and put his dick into my virgin pussy....

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