Making the most of every chance

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I 26 had great luck, albeit sad and on my late father's side. An uncle of his passed away and I was his only living heir, I went from just getting by too well off in a single day. My parents and younger sister had died in a major car accident in highway pileup, and I had been lucky as I was at work stacking shelves that evening. A month later the I was contacted by the law firm re my late great uncle. Which came as I was looking for another place to live, I couldn't afford the rent by myself. So as a house with my 5beds 3baths was part of the inheritance, I moved to live in it. It had a housekeeper and a gardener, but they left soon after my arrival. They had been well rewarded for their services by my late uncle. The house was far too big for me and so I sold it. I'd decided to return to small town then live in the city. I didn't return to the town I had been before, but a smaller town 35 miles away. I got a house with several acres on the edge of town and was content to take my time working out my future plans as I had no money worries anymore. I cleaned up the acres and burnt out a few old tree stumps. While doing that I overdid it and hurt my back, nothing serious just sore muscles. I saw an ad for massage and decided to give it a try. The woman (unattached) 51 not bad for her age and gave me a great massage and I enjoyed it a great deal, so it became regular thing for me to have a weekly massage. After several months of them we were on very good terms, anyway she had some financial problems crop up. Mother's death and the hospital and funeral costs, but most paid by her inheritance from her late mother with just under 3 thousand left to pay. As I usually got a hard-on during the massages, she offered to get me off for an extra payment off the books. I agreed, at first it was just her stroking my cock until I came. But with every massage it became a little more sexual between us. I put my hard under her dress and felt her up and she started to remove her dress. Then I put my hand into her panties, and she started to get fully naked thereafter. I asked her about letting fuck her and she thought for a while and finally said what the hell. So, we started fucking no extra cash paid, she said she wasn't a hooker. But all good things come to an end, and she got a job in the city and moved away. Lucky for me I met the new librarian 25 shortly after, being unattached and living in a strange town. I became friendly with her and asked her out, lucky for me she accepted, and one date became two then three and we slept together on the fourth date. But the local church ladies, didn't like a single young woman running the library. But I decided I wanted her to stay and made a change, I asked her to marry me. A bit surprised at first, but she accepted and whether or not the church ladies win and get her removed. She will be staying as my wife, and we marry next weekend.

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