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Family Friend update
genre: straight
Last week my mother caught us fucking, Amanda and I were at first shocked and were little ashamed getting caught at first. But Amanda recovered and told my mother we were both adults and enjoyed sex and my mother agreed we weren't hurting anyone and hasn't told anyone else and we're still fucking whenever we can.
wrote on 2023-09-14 | by Harry B...
Sister is best update (Foursome)
genre: incest
Well, everything went as planned and I bedded my future mother-in-law Trisha as planned. She was very willing and still is months later and a with daughter from Shelly born in late January. After Shelly got home from hospital with our child, we had a party and the only adult not drinking was Shelly, Ruth wasn't as careful as usual and is now...
wrote on 2023-09-07 | by Vincent sister fucker
My life is just getting better Update
genre: straight
With 3 children another on the way I'm quite happy with how my life is going. A son and daughter to my mother-in-law Sharon and a daughter by my wife Wendy. Who has tested positive to being pregnant again. I've enlarged our house and was given an extra 40 acres by my family as a wedding present, and they know of my relationship with Sharon and...
wrote on 2023-08-29 | by Andrew H R B
Update Securing my Inheritance
genre: zoophilia
Names still Changed. Late last May my Grandmother Mary had fall breaking her hip and she had to have surgery and she died while under anesthetic. So, I got my inheritance and the dog I gave her I called him Roger. I also let him fuck me regularly and live in Mary's house and still not interested in marriage. I do date sometimes, but now with...
wrote on 2023-08-28 | by Lauren....
Boating with My Aunt update
genre: straight
Jefferson again my aunt Tracey returned late January 2022 and brought her goddaughter Emily 23 with her. Tracey was back and straight into my bed and had Emily join us. Emily was the only child of very close friends of Tracey and late husband Johnathon, and they were her godparents and Covid took her parents in early 2021. Emily is a shy woman...
wrote on 2023-08-22 | by Jefferson
Our Island Home update
genre: incest
Just to advise the changes in our life, my sister Kara missed her period, and our first thought was pregnant. But she got her next period and wasn't and during the time between we had come to like the idea of having children and instead of being delighted she wasn't pregnant we were saddened. Which is why Kara decided to try and get pregnant,...
wrote on 2023-08-17 | by Nelson
My Neighbor Shirley update
genre: straight
Shirley had our child a boy last year, we called our first James after Shirley previous husband. With my ex-wife living next door to me and Shirley and both Shirley and Lorraine getting on very well together and a gateway installed between the yards to allow Buddy to go back and forth my 3 children by Lorraine love him. But a problem I thought...
wrote on 2023-08-07 | by Morgan
George likes sex update.
genre: straight
Since last time, I'm continued as planned mostly. Andrea found out about my fucking Doreen; I was totally shocked when asked me straight about fucking my receptionist/Personal Assistant. My wife knows me to well and noticed I wasn't acting the same as before I got promoted. Meaning my wandering eye wasn't wandering as much if at all, she knew I...
wrote on 2023-07-29 | by George likes sex
Never miss an opportunity update
genre: straight
Suzie accepted my offer, and we had sex for a while and then as usual for me I moved on to the next. That was Lea 57 and we had some fun till she more on, just before Easter this year. Well, I decided to take Katherine and our daughter away for a holiday over Easter. We had a lot of fun and I fucked Katherine a few times as well and you guessed...
wrote on 2023-07-17 | by Percy the User
Getting Sweet Revenge update
genre: straight
Still working for the asshole Alister and regularly fucking his wife and still living in the warehouse. Which I've made more comfortable with the help of Anne, who wanted to be fucked on a better bed than I already had, and I got their old bed. She bought a new bed told Alister the old one had broken base and I was sent to remove the old one to...
wrote on 2023-07-10 | by Patrick the scrap man update
My sisters ass update
genre: incest
Jackie and I have continued to fuck regularly and had increased our sexual acts to include blowjobs and me doing her orally. But as she was still a virgin, I was wanting to take her virginity, but not game to ask her in case she refused and stopped all sex with me. But I bought a box of condoms and was waiting for the right moment to ask her....
wrote on 2023-07-10 | by Earnest the ass man
My Sister Helen update
genre: incest
As I had gotten both Jane and Helen pregnant and both having boys within weeks of each other. I married Jane and she is again pregnant, Helen takes more care, but is still sharing my bed every night and has become a second wife to me. She also continues her loving making with just Jane as before. Fucking my sister helped me marry my wife and...
wrote on 2023-07-09 | by David W T
I thought my brother was Gay update
genre: straight
Last weekend my brother David married Billy Jean and are now honeymooning. I'm getting on very well with my now sister-in-law and she insists me, and my children stay with them now that they're married. Which is really needed by me as I really need the help my brother gives me. Also, as David and Billy Jean work at the same place, she wants me...
wrote on 2023-07-08 | by Katherine the bad judge
Grandma knows me too well update.
genre: incest
James again and I'm still fucking my grandma Michelle and her husband Bill isn't at all interested in sex. Well, the big news is we got busted fucking with me up to my nuts in Michelle by my third Cousin Laura 23 who had gone to visit her grandma and Bill told her she over my place. Laura came over and walked in the unlocked backdoor as she...
wrote on 2023-07-01 | by James Michelle's Toy
My Dumb Neighbors update 2
genre: straight
I'm a father of twins both healthy and Tracey is back providing me with sex anytime I want it. Marge is still a willing sex partner and shares our bed every night. Our twins have very good lungs and are adored by my parents. I'm not taking any precaution with Tracey as I've decided to have about four children and as close together as possible....
wrote on 2023-06-16 | by David R T
Moved to the back blocks update
genre: straight
A month after my story Caroline missed her period and then missed another. She got tested and was indeed pregnant and in March had our son. I'm living with them both fulltime and fucking both Caroline and Jessica, I offered marriage and was rejected as she said there is no need to marry. Her getting pregnant wasn't planned but was warmly...
wrote on 2023-06-16 | by Martin T
My shy brother-in-law update
genre: straight
Catherine again I again pregnant to David and his mother Alison is delighted as his father who had realized it wasn't Eric getting me pregnant and had kept the secret from Eric. But there is no need any more as Eric has killed himself by being drunk and on drugs fell down the stairs February 2023. It was several hours before he was found, I was...
wrote on 2023-06-02 | by Catherine.....
My Aunt May update
genre: straight
Well May had our son and called him Donald after her husband and as was usual for him he got celebrating the birth of his first child fathered by me. Of which he didn't know, he was drinking heavier than ever and had a heart attack in January and it was fatal. May was shocked by his death, but it wasn't total surprise as it his third heart...
wrote on 2023-05-30 | by Wyatt baby maker
Living with my Grandmother second update
genre: incest
Hope wasn't pregnant but accepted my proposal and we married early 2022 and now live in Hope's home as it is bigger than Karen's old apartment. I'm still fucking Karen and Christine who has also moved in with me, Hope and Karen and is a regular sex partner still. Hope quickly got pregnant and we now have a son Paul. Karen and Christine share a...
wrote on 2023-03-16 | by Paul J
My Dream Girl is my Sister update
genre: incest
Shannon and I continue to have a very regular sexual relationship which led to her getting pregnant and she is due in about month, having a girl according to the doctor. She had every test there is and no problems were found, but we've relocated and now pass ourselves off as married. Shannon is providing me with oral sex and hand jobs at the...
wrote on 2023-02-20 | by Dwight
Riding my little brother's cock update
genre: incest
We're still living with Mark and Norman and as of last month I'm pregnant again. No idea if it's a boy or a girl yet, I'm spoilt by both Mark and Norman who are more like parents then employers. Little Mark is doing really well and no problems with his parents being brother and sister. I've been given an allowance by Mark and Norman for the...
wrote on 2023-02-07 | by Alma
I married my Step Sister Update
genre: straight
I married Marilyn on June 4th last year and Grace was indeed pregnant and had baby boy on January third this year. Marilyn had a girl on November 29th last year and we're all very happy how things are going, both children are healthy and I'm back fucking Marilyn and Grace joins in except for actual intercourse at the moment but is willing to...
wrote on 2023-01-23 | by Patrick family man
Pandemic Boredom update
genre: incest
I started fucking my mother during the lockdown and we've kept fucking regularly ever since. My wife who had custody of our son 9 got ill and died due to complications of the surgery she had to have; thus, my son came to live with me and my mother fulltime on the farm instead of just holidays. He is slowly coming to terms with loss of his...
wrote on 2023-01-22 | by George X
Fucking the Family update
genre: straight
Kristine and I married in April, and she was pregnant by July and not to be outdone her sister Janice got pregnant in September and their mother Carol is a bit clucky I think also. But I'm still get awesome sex from her not much from her daughters due to morning sickness and other things that affect pregnant women.
wrote on 2023-01-14 | by Randy George
Sore Balls update 2
genre: incest
I married Ann in July, and she is now 4 months pregnant, and Judy is very happy about becoming a first-time grandmother. I'm still regularly fucking both of them and tests show we are having a boy. So, we plan to name him after my late father.
wrote on 2023-01-14 | by Lionel G
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