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A lucky encounter
genre: straight
Early March I found a rare part I needed for a restoration I was doing. But it was local pickup only no shipping and so I drove to the state where it was and checked it over. Which allowed me to check it over before paying for it first, it was raining on my arrival and my plan to start my return afterwards wasn't looking that good. Anyway, the...
wrote on 2024-05-10 | by Lucky Guy
Lucky Me
genre: straight
I'm nothing special in looks or build and not rich, I was raised to respect others. I had done moderately well with women and on leaving university I started my career. As per my life nothing spectacular, but good enough to give me a comfortable lifestyle. One day on a weekend I helped a woman with a flat tire, she was well dressed and so I...
wrote on 2024-03-27 | by Contented Man
Lucky Me
genre: incest
I was lucky born into a rich family with a lousy father who ignored my mother after she reached 40years old. He likes younger women, not over the hill women, he told me women are at the top of the hill at 40 and every day their 40th birthday they he said are over the hill. But we're rich my mother had me and my sister to raise as my father was...
wrote on 2024-01-10 | by Perfectly Happy Son
My Lucky Lucky Day
genre: straight
I'm not great in relationship with women but have a very good job and career. One of my pastimes is looking at nude women pics on the internet. Which isn't bad for my masturbating and I've my own home and lived alone. The day I call my double lucky day started as usual a Saturday I (33) did my washing shopping and any other thing needed to be...
wrote on 2024-01-08 | by Group manager
Lucky Accident
genre: straight
I 23 was walking home after working the late shift and at a crosswalk I started across with the green walk sign and a car clipped me. I wasn't hurt and more in shock than anything else. The car a very expensive one was being driven by a mature woman, drunk or high I don't know which. Anyway, she was terrified I would sue her or get the police...
wrote on 2023-09-22 | by Toyboy/gigolo
Lucky, he had a brother
genre: straight
I married last year at university and his family were rich and he was loud and thought the world revolved around him. I soon found out he married me so he could get his trust fund, he picked me because I was quiet and acceptable to his family. With his trust fund now released he went on as before, partying and ignoring me. His family were...
wrote on 2023-09-21 | by Second time wife
Roped In, lucky for me.
genre: straight
After years away I returned home and there was a family wedding in our long-term neighbor's family. They have been close friends of our ever since I can remember and are seen as aunt and uncle. Anyway, their youngest 10 years my junior wasn't in the bridal party and didn't have an escort. She okay on the eye and quite timid/shy, but as we had...
wrote on 2023-09-15 | by Very happy husband
My lucky day
genre: straight
After a few weeks of everything going wrong, I 48 finally got a break in my bad luck streak. But at first it didn't look that way, I was waiting to buy an instant lottery ticket and a woman pushed in front of me and got the same type of ticket I was to buy. But it was also the last one they had, so I bought another ticket. Later on, I was...
wrote on 2023-07-29 | by Lucky Guy
Big Problems, lucky for the pandemic
genre: straight
At the time I was 25 and worked for a know all asshole, he was into anything to make a buck. I was his mule his description of my job, I would pick up or deliver whatever he wanted. He was shady and bent the law, never broke it as he claimed it was too costly paying lawyers. He was 56 and his wife was 40 and daughter 18 and he had gotten so busy...
wrote on 2023-07-10 | by Horny Help
Travelling, then got lucky
genre: straight
I was orphaned at the age of 5 and adopted by a family and at age of 16 started travelling. My adopted family weren't sad to see me go as they weren't a loving family and had only taken me in for the money the state gave them. Once I left school and got a job the money stopped. I soon decided giving most of my pay to them wasn't doing me any...
wrote on 2023-06-13 | by Lucky, Lucky Man
Got Lucky at Party
genre: straight
I'd been away for some time and after I returned, I was more of a stranger than a local. But I still had friends and family in the town. At 34 I wasn't yet married and was doing very well career wise. Had no current girlfriend and was invited to a party and I decided to go, for no other reason than getting out of the house for a time. The party...
wrote on 2023-05-20 | by Meant to be
Bad Student gets lucky
genre: straight
I left school at 15, I wasn't any good and started to learn a trade (mechanic) which I have done well at. Then at 23 I net my old math's teacher 53, just by chance in carpark of the supermarket, she was having car problems. I got it started and told her it needed a good servicing more than anything else. But teachers don't get paid well in these...
wrote on 2023-03-04 | by Horny Mechanic
My Lucky Day
genre: incest
We're well as a family, but my father holds the purse strings tight. Both me and my sister at home and attend the local university. My father collects porcelain figurines, and he had one he especially liked. Then one day late last year I was home no lectures, and my father was home and somewhat unhappy. His favorite figurine was a fake, he...
wrote on 2023-02-28 | by Bad Brother
Lucky Last
genre: straight
I'm the last direct male in my family line and at 31 I wasn't married or dating anyone at that time. Two reasons I'm not good at small talk or chatting up females and I was really involved in my work at the time and excessive wouldn't be overstating it. But as the last direct male I was of interest to some family members. It's cultural and I...
wrote on 2023-02-03 | by Luckyme
Lucky Me
genre: straight
I wasn't doing that well relationship wise but had a good job/career and was buying my own home. I done the usual for our family by going to church every Sunday and my father's older brother is our minister. he has no children of his own and only married when he was 52, 7 years ago. His wife was 46 at the time and a war widow and already had 2...
wrote on 2023-01-17 | by Lucky Nephew.
I was lucky she wanted sex too
genre: threesome
The same time as I was having an affair with Kay, who I worked with, I dropped in to see a mate one day at his work, as we talked he said his mother in law was baby sitting his kid, and she was not happy at home with her husband, and that I should drop in and see her, so I said ok Id go visit her. When I got to his home Bev answered the door,...
wrote on 2022-12-24 | by Bryan
Lucky Me
genre: bondage
I'm nothing special to look at but do well financially and have my moments dating. Anyway, I was home on the holidays, with nothing planned and most of the neighbors were away. I noticed my neighbors light was on all night and thought nothing of it. But later on, I thought I heard someone calling out. So, I went over to see if anything was wrong...
wrote on 2022-10-25 | by The Master
Lucky Me
genre: straight
I'm a quiet type guy, nothing special about me. I done well at university and got a great job after finishing. So I got my home a 3 bedroom house in a quiet suburb and work from home mostly. I don't date as I'm not what women want in a man, anyway then the pandemic hit and I was okay. My neighbors didn't do very well, neither got sick before...
wrote on 2022-09-02 | by Shane neighbor fucker
Lucky Find
genre: straight
Saying I'm well off is an very big understatement. So I travel a great deal and on one of my travels I found an island not far off the coast(5miles). I fly about usually in my own plane and on seeing the island, I decided to have a closer look. It was uninhabited and about 5 to 6acres, turned out to be 7.5acres and was on the market. So I bought...
wrote on 2022-08-12 | by Thomas...
Damn Lucky woman
genre: voyeur
By Dina Petro I was on vacation when my boss called me in the afternoon saying, “Julie, I am sorry, I have bad news for you”. I said, “Just speak up Sir, what is it?” He said, “we have an emergency, and I need you to report to work by 8:00 am tomorrow morning please, would you be kind enough to do that for me?” I said, “If...
wrote on 2022-07-24 | by Dina Petro
My Lucky Day
genre: straight
It started as a usual day and I parked my car as usual and found a $20 bill and nobody around, so it was now mine. I got inside the workshop and the boss was there and as the first arrive I got the job. A very good client had car problems and I was to go out fix the the car. It was a 50mile round trip and told not to rush the job or the or...
wrote on 2022-07-14 | by Maxwell
Lucky Me
genre: straight
I'm John 32 married to Cherry 30 and we have 2 children, I'm not the choice of son in law Cherry's mother Carolyn 47 would have picked. But she didn't the chance to stop us marrying and so she had to lump it. Carolyn is for a better word a snob, she thinks she is perfect and never wrong. No wonder Patrick my father in law is always travelling...
wrote on 2022-01-06 | by John Lucky
Striking it Lucky
genre: zoophilia
I'm Dennis 28 single good job no luck with women till March this year. I've never been a sportsman or a ladies man and not handsome either. I have a good job that allowed me to buy my home in February this year. In an older suburb of the city I live in, mainly older people living in the suburb. Due to construction work at the company offices, I...
wrote on 2022-01-02 | by Dennis AT
Lucky Me
genre: incest
I'm Dave 26 single live at home with my parents and sister Christine 24, I work as a linesman for the local power company. Christine is at the local university and relies on our parents for money. Last month our parents were away and it was just the two of us home, nothing new about that. But Christine went to a party on Friday night and came...
wrote on 2021-09-26 | by Dave CS
My Lucky Day
genre: incest
I'm Walter 20 single, live with my mom Caroline 38 never married. My father Donald got Caroline pregnant and cleared out and she hasn't heard from or seen the arsehole since. I could say I'm handsome and well built, but I'm just average looks and build like my mother Caroline. I'm training to be mechanic and Caroline works in a lawyers office as...
wrote on 2020-05-14 | by Walter X
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