Sex Addict

Written by , on 2018-10-23, genre incest

After I hit puberty, I became obessive about sex. I started spying on any female I could, my mother, grandmothers and sisters. As well as some neighbors, I was lucky I never got caught. I even found a place a school I could on the girls showers, but at 18 I was still a virgin. When I went off to university I didn't get lucky there either. On finishing university I went overseas and finally lost my virginity, not to a hooker but my landlady. She was 53 15 pounds overweight, but still had figure. She was a drunk and when she got drunk, she got horny and her husband was hardly there. I learnt a lot from her and after 4 years I returned home. My father had cleared out when I was 9, my mother Joanne 58 was slender and good looking for her age. Had never remarried and I knew from spying her, that she masturbated and used a dildo. On returning home and when I was alone I check her dresser draw to see if she still had a dildo. She did, so I was going to walk in on her when she was masturbating and see if I could fuck her. It was over a week after getting that I was able to hear her masturbating. It was a Friday night about half 9, I was in the bathroom between our rooms. I had had a shower and put a glass against the wall of her bedroom. I knew she hadn't showered yet and went into her on the pretext of telling her I was finished in the bathroom. I caught her well into her masturbation and she was shocked at being caught doing it. I told not to worry I wouldn't tell anyone and said That seeing her masturbating had made me very horny and pointing to my rigid cock poking out the fly of my PJ's. I then suggested that we help each other out. She said We couldn't that would incest and was very wrong. I said Bullshit, We weren't going to make a baby and no one would ever know. After a bit of talking I convinced her to let me fuck just this once. We stayed together alnight and showered together after we had sex. I talked her into another fuck in the morning, I was able to get her to have sex with me most times after that day. I met a nice girl Karen 23 at my work and was soon fucking her and we started to talk about marry. Her mother 54 Carol was a widow of 5 years and I started thinking of fucking her as well. She I thought would be difficult was a born again christian, but on the next new years eve I spiked the punch and got her drunk. She awoke next morning naked in bed with me, Karen and my mother Joanne all of us was naked and I had fucked them all. I also had filmed it all, I was then able to fuck her at will. No blackmail was involved, I had said That in the old testament they had more one wife. Also there was only Adam and Eve so any children had to mate with their siblings or mother. I added that I would only have sex with them and would be true to Karen. But I really think she was just horny like Joanne and any crap that she could use to justify having sex with me would do. That was how I manage to fuck my mother, mother in law and wife and live them all together in the one house.

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