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Bedding the Minster's wife
genre: straight
The church I 31 attend is the born-again variety and we've a holier than thou Minister 56 and his wife is 46 and their 2 children have moved on with their lives. The minister is always berating something or another, but not fucking his wife as often as she would like. I'm nothing special and I'm always ready and willing to fuck and I live right...
wrote on 2023-09-19 | by Women pleaser
My mother bought me a wife
genre: straight
I'm the quiet shy type and a nerd is what I was called at university, my mother widowed wants grandchildren and as her only child it's up to me to produce said grandchildren. But at 26 and no girlfriend my mother purchased me a wife 20-year-old okay on the eye and shy like me. But we get on very well together and my wife is pregnant and due in...
wrote on 2023-09-10 | by Lucky Son....
Fucking the Vicar’s Wife.
genre: cheating
The vicar never knew I was fucking his wife, he didn't have a clue I was pounding her pussy every time I visited their house. She was crying out for sex, and made sure that it was my cock that was filling her with cum as much as she needed. It all started about a month ago, I was working in my shed when someone knocked on my door, “ hello...
wrote on 2023-08-30 | by Honey Windowcleaner
The Minster's wife
genre: straight
Our local minister (57) is a real conservative type and a hail and brimstone preacher. Says he is strong and fit and ready to fight the devil's horde. But he isn't up to fucking his wife, if he's fucking anyone it's not his wife 49. How do I know because I'm fucking her, and I don't go to church at all. I (51) run a small shop near the church,...
wrote on 2023-08-13 | by Horny Shopkeeper
My wife's nite in adult theatre
genre: first times
Wife first time in adult theatre 1nite my wife and I went there as we walked in u could smell cum in the air my wife was a little apprehensive at first there was a film on of a woman getting gangbanged we sat down she snuggled up to me after about 10 minutes she said she was feeling very horsey and slid her hand down her panties she said I'm so...
wrote on 2023-08-06 | by Big dong
My doctor wife
genre: straight
I had an accident and met my now wife in the ER and after I had recovered, I asked her out. I had started watching her and knew her routine and after several request for a date she agreed. I'm 5 years older than her and was doing very well in my chosen career, we hit it off and became lovers and married as she was pregnant and ready to start in...
wrote on 2023-08-05 | by Happy Hubby
I bought my wife
genre: straight
12 years ago, I married my now wife 31 years old now. I was overseas and she was my translator and spoiled goods as they say. She had been pack raped and her parents and siblings murdered. Her uncle took her in, and she wasn't looked upon as suitable wife as she wasn't a virgin. As she spoke English, she became my translator. I liked working...
wrote on 2023-07-23 | by Wife buyer
Recovery Wife felt unloved
genre: cheating
It happened at a conference gathering where I was a newly elected committee member. This lady who was much older than me started paying attention to me and would give me light slaps on the arm. She was 62. I am 50 going on 51. We had settled in the hotel where this conference was being held. Her husband didn't come along so she bused it there....
wrote on 2023-07-18 | by G.F.
I had no idea that my wife was.
genre: cheating
Hey guys I need some feedback and opinions please. Well today I came home early from work and my wife was not home but her car was in the driveway. I didn't think much of it until I heard voices coming from our back yard and since our bedroom was the closest to the back yard it sounded like the voices were coming from our next door neighbor Mr...
wrote on 2023-07-16 | by Husband
My son picked my new wife.
genre: straight
My died of cancer 3 years after our son was born, I was left to raise him alone and so I worked from home. Starting him at school and I would take him, picking him up after school, no relatives close by, and we were getting very well. I wasn't looking for a new wife and was content to look after my son. My son enjoyed school and had met many...
wrote on 2023-07-16 | by Grateful Father
My wife her aunt and her cousin
genre: straight
I married (2021) my wife at the age of 21 and she was 18, she wasn't pregnant. I wanted to marry her, I was 21 and had come into my trust fund. I got it at 21 because I wasn't a scholar and not going to university. I preferred working with my hands and worked as mechanic till I turned 21. My parents were both deceased boating accident 2014 and I...
wrote on 2023-07-15 | by Now a Large family man
I caught my neighbor's wife
genre: straight
I'm still living at home and work as a mechanic for local bus company, working shifts. But most of the time its night work, day shift starts at 7 and finish at 4 and afternoon starts at 3 and finish at midnight, the dogwatch as it's call start 11 and finish at 8 every day of the week except Sundays. Not many buses run Sundays, there is another...
wrote on 2023-07-13 | by Mechanic/handyman
I fucked my friends wife under hypnotic suggestion
genre: cheating
A guy I hung out with had a really cute, 18 year old wife I really wanted to fuck. One day when we were alone, I asked her about learning to relax, and she seemed eager to learn, so using a Chinese method I had learned in Singapore, I,put her in a deep trance. I began asking her questions like did she like being fucked, of course she said...
wrote on 2023-07-12 | by Annonymous13
Watching my wife thru a 2-way mirror
genre: cheating
My wife was, at this time, young (19) and as a former homecoming queen, a real knock-out beauty. She was a virgin when we married so I was glad to not be compared to past lovers she had enjoyed. We had made several friends in our neighborhood, and one couple especially seemed to like us. I enjoyed watching M, our friends husband looking over...
wrote on 2023-07-10 | by Annonymous 12
My neighbor's wife
genre: cheating
I'm single and 34 and live on the outskirts of my town on 2.5 acres in a 3bed cottage. My home is in the front corner of the property closest to town and my closest neighbor house is only about 20 yards away from my home. He 32 and I don't get on and rarely speak to each other. His wife is a quiet woman 28 and I like her and speak to her as...
wrote on 2023-07-06 | by Horny Satisfied Neighbor
My wife's best friend
genre: straight
No Names used to protect the horny. I didn't cheat on my wife with her best friend, she asked me to fuck her best friend to get her pregnant. I'm 38 and my wife is 34 and her best friend is 36 and a lesbian till before the request to fuck by my wife. Her friend was in a long-term relationship with a woman who decided she wanted pastures new....
wrote on 2023-07-03 | by Agreeable Husband
My wife’s bff blows me and tells me about my wife cheating (redux)
genre: cheating
Thanks to all who read my first ever attempts at writing. So any have read the first chapter of this storie I decided to expand it a bit and include things I omitted in the first episode. As I said my wife’s bff was a movie star beauty. Just drop dead gorgeous and we ended up,fucking while my wife was at work. I didn’t know , at the time,...
wrote on 2023-07-02 | by Annonymous9
My second wife confesses fucking another guy
genre: cheating
While working in Africa, I re-married an attractive brunette who worked in administration on our shipping offices in Tangier.on our wedding night she told me about having a guy force her legs open and holding her while he ate her pussy. Her story got me so hot I cum quickly. She asked if I liked her telling me about men fucking her and I said...
wrote on 2023-06-25 | by Annonymous6
Wife’s bff blows me and tells me about my wife cheating pt 4
genre: cheating
My wife and I went out for drinks after I came back from my trip. I was debating asking her about the things K had told me, but she began to be a bit fuzzy and was obviously getting drunk so I took her home and put her to bed. I started kissing her and playing with her small, firm breasts and then began to play with her pussy. She started...
wrote on 2023-06-24 | by Annonymous4
Wife’s bff blows me and tells me about my wife cheating. Pt. 3
genre: cheating
In the bldg where we lived, there were 3-4 really good looking young wives. I was talking to two of them by the pool one day and invited them in for some iced tea. I began working on using the Chinese method of hypnosis and soon had them under, in a deep trance. I was curious so decided to experiment. I asked if they liked sex and both said...
wrote on 2023-06-20 | by Annonymous5
Wife’s bff blows me and tells me about wife cheating. Pt. 2
genre: cheating
The next day I was still in a little shock over what K. Had told me about my wife. She was so sweet and innocent, I never would have believed she let K. S boy friend fuck her. K. Came by the house while the wife was at work and asked if I had talked about it with my wife. I said no, not yet. As we talked she started stroking my cock and soon...
wrote on 2023-06-19 | by Annonymous3
My neighbor's wife
genre: straight
My neighbor thinks he is the smartest man around these parts, a loudmouth know it all. I'm 35 widowed and have a 3-year-old son, the neighbor is 33 and married to his 30-year-old wife and had no children. My so-called smart neighbor thought he knew the law better than the police and the judge. He had a minor accident and was ticketed by the...
wrote on 2023-06-16 | by Handy neighbor
Wife’s bff blows me and tells me about wife cheating
genre: cheating
My wife had a beautiful friend who, to me looked like a movie star. No exaggeration. When I met her she wore mink, had a huge diamond wedding ring, and drove a new Lincoln town car. She and I, to make it short, we’re soon fucking regularly. One day when my wife was working, this lady came over and soon she was giving me a great blow job. ...
wrote on 2023-06-08 | by Annonymous
Wife's Family
genre: straight
I met my wife (24) at university and after getting her pregnant married her. No problem I (25) came from a well-off family and had a trust fund. My wife had only her mother (46) and sister (20). We were still attending university along with my wife I bought a house and her mother and sister lived with us. My wife's scholarship paid only her...
wrote on 2023-05-28 | by Family Breeder
My wife new job part 4
genre: cheating
So I'm back with an update on my wife's progress with her new job as Mr Jones caregiver. She has been working hard on keeping all the black neighbors happy and healthy and for the record it has been a total of fifteen guys that on a daily basis have been fucking her pussy and it seems like her pussy never closes.
wrote on 2023-05-23 | by Husband
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