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Mother in Law & Mother.
genre: incest
I'm Kevin 32 widowed 2 kids, I'm average build and a university admin supervisor. I live with my 2 children 7 & 5 in a 4 bedroom house a mile from the university. My wife died 3 years from cancer and I employed a live in housekeeper. But 10 months ago she left to get married and I put my children into after school care. I'm fairly well due to...
wrote on 2018-03-27 | by Kevin
My amazing mother
genre: incest
One day I was walking by my mother's bedroom and I got close to the room I could see the door cracked opened a little bit and there was the first time I saw my mom naked. She was standing in front of the closet with her back facing me. I was frozen in my tracks and just staring at her. She was looking at her cloths and was giving me a show that...
wrote on 2018-03-22 | by deniadaniya
My friend's sexy mother and sister - 2
genre: lesbian
Part 2 I was busy fucking my friend's sexy mom in a doggy position while her daughter -my friend's sister- entered the room and screamed in shock: "What the fucking hell is going on here? Mom?!!" Her name was "Naazanin" and she was 7 years older than me. They usually called her "Naazi". Naazi was a beautiful single girl, and I think she...
wrote on 2018-02-14 | by Shaadmehr
My friend's sexy mother and sister - 1
genre: first times
I was 18 years old when I first found out one of my school friends' mom and sister's high sexual intentions toward me. My name is "Shadmehr" and my friends called me "Shaadi", which has some points in it. The point is that I was a boy but the nickname they called me was a girls' name and that was due to my outstanding handsome face! I'm now 32...
wrote on 2018-02-04 | by Shaadmehr
A Grandmother's thanksgiving confession
genre: incest
I have to confess. This is bad. When my grandson was in school I went on his computer to look up some music on youtube that I did not want to buy on itunes. A few years ago my oldest grandson Charlie who is sixteen (now) taught me how to use this app on his computer called, well that is not important. Oh I am 62, I am 4'11" now. I use to be...
wrote on 2017-11-26 | by mistergarcia
Loving My Grandmother
genre: incest
I lived in town with my parents since I was born. I was an only child so I didn't interact with other kids very well, even at school. My mom and dad's marriage seemed pretty good during the first twelve years of my life but then, they started arguing and fighting a lot. This became difficult to live with. I had a grandmother in the country. She...
wrote on 2017-10-14 | by Pianoman Rodney
My Dear Mother and I
genre: incest
It all started a few years ago when i was 18. My dad had went out of town to Illinois for a week and it was just me and my mom in the house. Well, on a typical tuesday night, I was on my way to the kitchen to get something to eat, my mom was in there watching TV eating a banana. Now me, bieng a typical teenager going through puberty saw my mom...
wrote on 2017-10-12 | by deniadaniya
Mother & Sister
genre: incest
I'm now 34 and am still recovering from the Accident of 10 years ago. But I can now walk, even if it is with 2 canes. I was in an accident in the family's scrap steel yard. I standing near they were moving scrap and when it was dropped, part of it hit a piece rail and it catapulted a piece of scrap that hit my back. I was badly injured and was...
wrote on 2017-10-02 | by Mike
Grandmother gets her way, part #2
genre: incest
The next morning, I woke up late. As I started to come to, I noticed Jenny my faithful golden retriever, lying on her bed down beside mine. Jennie's a good girl, iv raised her from a 3 week old pup. As I wiped the sleep from my eyes, I thought back on yesterday, and gram and Sandy. It was quite a day! Grama, seem like a whole new person, to...
wrote on 2017-08-15 | by Ty Maxemous
Grandmother gets her way.
genre: incest
Hi, my name is Mike. I'm 35 now, but this took place many years ago, when I was a teenager. My grandfather had died in a accident, and my already wealthy grama, became even richer from a law suit and settlement. She was 60, but very healthy and strong.Gram had told my mother to sell our house and move in with her because of all the room she...
wrote on 2017-08-13 | by Ty Maxemous
Aunt and motherfucker
genre: incest
This is a story about how i seduced my married aunt Amber.i am james.16yrs old.muscular for a 16yr old.with an 8inch aunt is my moms little sister Amber.35yrs old.with 36dd tits and a huge bubble butt.she is married but her husband works out of town.he comes home once in a aunt always stays with us.goes home only when her...
wrote on 2017-01-16 | by Iya
A Mother's seduction
genre: incest
My road to incest. . I'm a 43 year old woman I make a decent living selling insurance. I'm brunette, petite but work out 3 or 4 times a week to stay fit.I consider myself fairly normal or at least I did.I've been single for about 10 years. Other than a few dates which I never let go anywhere there have been no men in my life. I was just focused...
wrote on 2016-11-24 | by Miss L
Taking care of the wife's mother
genre: incest
This is a purely fictional story. Sharon and I had been going out for around three months and still we had an air of uncertainty to us, we hoped a wedding would bring us closer together like some couples that have children, but like most of them we tried it and failed. We were brought together as more or less childhood sweethearts and a bond...
wrote on 2015-05-09 | by perv74
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