Why not I thought

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I'm married but in the process of divorcing and living alone in my new apartment. Hired a cleaning lady 62 to keep it clean. At 44 I'm well off even with the divorce proceedings and it almost completed. Just waiting for the judge to sign off on the agreement, maybe next week if we're lucky. So, last month I was home working and the cleaner arrived to do her work. She's slender okay looking for her age and the quiet type rarely speaks. Anyway, I finished my work and feeling bored as watched her working. Then she bent over to pick up a cloth she had dropped. I got an instant hard-on, realizing I was really horny after months of no sex. Also knowing the cleaner was doing it tough as they say, just keeping her head above the water financially. Always short of money and looking for extra work to get ahead. Why not I thought and straight out asked her for sex. Shocked by my request but thought it over as well and then finally agreeing. Saying she need her job with me, so I fuck her and really enjoyed myself. Then she went back to her work, as she continued, I thought it over. So, when she was finished, I asked for another fuck, and she agreed. After I said I would help her out, not with money but with accommodation, she could move in with me having my spare room. I of course would want sex in return, and she agreed and moved in on the next weekend. Sex with her is regular every weekend once or twice during week. She is better off not having to pay rent, pay for power or buy food and she does enjoy the sex.

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