Failure to Success

Written by , on 2024-05-11, genre straight

My love life was hookers and lucky for me I'm loaded, an only child born just before my mother turned 40. She had lot of trouble with my birth, so I was her first and last. My father was 12 years older than her and had stroke 2 years later and died, a lifetime of smoking, drinking and drugs was the cause. So, when my mother died at 62 (car accident) I was all that was left of my family no grandparents, aunts, uncles or cousins. None listed anyway, quite well off and felt awkward in personal relationships. Kept to myself at university mostly, on finishing university I moved to small quiet town and travel to the state capital to use hookers about twice a month. Not socializing much with locals, I was more like hermit while at home. Finally at 28 I got the break I needed; a local family fell on even harder times then they had been before. It was 2020 and the pandemic took the father and left the mother 47 and daughter 23 in debt and barely scraping by. They were average looking like me, I overheard about them while shopping and decided to help them a bit. I offered a housekeeper's job to the mother and turned into a live-in position. As their rent was behind and they were being evicted, the mother no other choice but to accept. Both on the quiet side like me and the daughter didn't date, not wanting to get pregnant like her mother had and forced to marry. Due to the pandemic lockdown my trips to the capital were well overdue. But I was waiting for the case numbers to drop a great deal more before risking it (even with the vaccine coming out). I was a little horny you could say and now having 2 women living with me, my mind started to wander. I heard them speaking of the daughter marrying, they weren't looking for love match but a more practical one. It was clear to me that I wasn't part of their husband's discussions. I'm not high on anyone's listings, I'm shy in personal situations, but not business ones. After thinking about what I'd heard for a few days, I decided to make an offer of marriage on my terms. Which were at least 2 children and strong prenup, they were a little shocked by offer at first. But didn't refuse it outright, asked questions of what was actually required. So, I said regular sex was required and few minor other things. I was a little taken aback by the daughter when asked was the sex required from both of them. I was quiet as I processed the question and said she would be willing if everyone else was. I looked at the daughter and she added me also, I just nodded, and the deal was done, not wanting to wait, we married as soon as it could arranged. Sex started on the wedding night and our first child arrived in March 2022 and my wife is now pregnant again due in August. I still make trips to the capital along with my wife, child and mother-in-law. We actually get on very well, better than I thought we might.

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