Educated summer part 2

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I saw my neighbor getting her holes used by a pack of dogs and she sucked off one. The dogs were resting after they had blew a couple of loads and she got up to let them out and as she walked towards the gate the Rottweiler knocked her down and he jumped on her back and she said she didn’t want them to go and she said they could stay with her as long as they wanted. I saw her getting her hole used again but I was looking out the window and then I had made a noise that got her attention and she looked up at me and her face was blushing very red and she told me to get my ass down to her yard but don’t let the dogs out when I open the gate. I was standing in front of the window and was naked with my cock in my hand and I knew she had seen me so as I was pulling my pants up I heard her say she wanted me to come over without any clothes on. I knew no one would see me going to her house so I was very excited and I ran over and opened the gate and made sure they didn’t get out. So when I went around the corner and got my first close up I saw her being pounded with her tits rubbing on the brick walkway and her nipples were huge and were the size of one of my fingers and about 3 inches long then I got a look at her clitoris and that was bigger than my thumb then she was letting herself have the orgasm that was building up and her eyes rolled back and her legs were shaking and when I saw the dog his knot was going in and out and I told her he’s fucking her with his knot and she told me he’s got her g spot and then she was so weak in her legs she was impaled on the dog penis and she was hanging from it and he turned so he was butt to butt with her.. when the dog tried to get his dog cock out and it wouldn’t come out he started to drag her around her legs move under her and she was dragged by the dog cock in her pussy and she was orgasming as he dragged her she couldn’t get a word out and she just made moaning sounds like she was a perverted submissive toy and I asked her if she’s okay she said she’s going to have a good talk with me and I told her I’ve wanted to see her naked for a very long time and then I heard a very loud pop when the dog knot was out and I saw a river of ball cream running down her legs and I helped her up and she said take her to the table and get her the hose and she could get clean and she will talk to me. So I told her I’m bringing her to her bathroom and I will give her a nice warm bath. I was thinking about I’m going to have the opportunity to get my hands all over her body and she was still leaking and she said she didn’t want her dripping all over her house so I put my hand in her cunt and I told her that will stop the leaking and she grabbed my wrist and pushed my fist in deeper. My head was spinning from everything That was happening. I got her in the bathtub and she looked up and said she thought i went away with my parents. And i said that i was lying about going and she asked me why and she told me to tell the truth. I told her that i was hoping to see her naked and maybe playing with herself but i never expected to see what she did. She asked me how long i was watching. I said if i tell her i don’t want her to be mad at me. She told me she’s not going to be mad she just wanted to know how much i saw. I told her that i saw her put a bucket of water and she took off her clothes. She said so i saw it from the beginning and she said she’s got a lot of questions and she asked me if the dogs were still here and she asked to take a look and see. I looked out the window and saw them under a tree sleeping. I told her yes and I asked her why and she said she wanted me to keep what I saw our secret and she will do whatever I want for keeping it secret and she asked me if I wanted her to suck me off because she wanted me to be there for her. I told her yes she can suck me off and I told her that I’m going to do anything she wanted and she was the one that I had fantasied about when I jerked myself off and she told me she’s a swallower and I blew my load down her throat.

I asked her what her plan was and she told me she wanted the dogs to be there for the weekend and she wanted them to fuck her senseless. I asked if she ever did anything like that before. She said that back home in Germany she grew up on a farm with dogs goats pigs and very small ponies and she told me she was having sex with all of them whenever she was left alone and had time to do it. She asked if I got turned on when I was watching her and the dogs. I told her yes I got incredibly excited she asked me if it was a something I’ve seen before or thought about. I told her it was the first time I’ve seen or heard of it she asked if it was something that I would help her with. I asked what kind of help she wanted me for. She asked me to go to the garage and on a shelf is a box labeled vacuum pump she wanted me to bring it to the bathroom. I got it and asked her what it was for. I was so very naive about things like this and I was asking a lot of questions but as she was telling me things I was getting very excited and euphoric it’s the first time I felt a euphoria and I like it and she asked me to set the vacuum pump on the counter and she wanted the biggest tube and 2 of the next smaller ones she put the little tubes that was attached to the pump and she put them on the tubes in her hand she told me to turn the pump on and she put a lube on her nipples and she put a lot more on her clitoris and she put 2 on her nipples and I saw them getting sucked in and made them much bigger and then she told me to watch how big it makes her clitoris I saw the tube she was going to put on her clitoris was big it was about the size of an aspirin bottle around 3 inches in diameter and 5 to 6 inches long and I asked her if it was going to hurt her and she said just watch what happens and she put it on her clitoris and told me to turn the pump up to the highest level and I was watching her meat fill up the tube it was amazing to see it getting bigger and bigger as it filled the tube so I asked her what did it do for her. She asked me if I liked what it was doing and I told her yes she told me it made her clitoris a lot more sensitive and she’ll have much stronger orgasms she had the tube almost full of her clitoris and she told me to give her one of the rubber bands from the box. I asked what was the band for she said when she took off the tube her clitoris will not be as big as it is in the tube but the band was going to help to keep it big and she wrapped the band around the base of her clitoris and when she took the tube off her clitoris stayed very very fat and long then asked what did I think about it. I told her it looks very very hot and I wanted to suck on it. She said go ahead and she lifted her ass up to give me better access and I gave it a suck and I tasted a different taste but it was the first time I had my mouth on a pussy and she told me to keep sucking it and she told me to put my tongue in her hole and lick her out so that’s what I did and she grabbed my head and lifted my head to look at me and she asked how did she taste and I told her she’s my first time and she told me she’s full of dogs cum and I was cleaning her hole and eating dog ball cream she asked me if I ever fooled around with other boys like sucking on their penis and swallowing loads. She looked in my eyes and she asked again if I did and she said I know her secret and she wouldn’t tell mine. So I told her when I went to summer camp it was a sleepover camp and I was the youngest of my troop of an all boy camp and when we went on an overnight trip and after we set up a camp site and sitting around the fire and we played a game of truth or dare it was the first time I ever heard of it. She asked if they told me how to play it because she didn’t know. I told her you’re asked if you want a truth question or to do dare your asked and if you chose truth you have to answer the question truthfully and if you choose dare you have to do it because if you don’t do the dare or not tell the truth they will do whatever they want to you. I told her I don’t remember what the question was but I didn’t tell the truth and they told me I have to get naked and go in the woods and wait for him to come to me to tell me what my punishment was. So I’m naked in the woods and I know nobody’s else’s in the woods and going to see me. He came for me and told me my punishment he said they wanted me to be a dump bucket for them for the time on the hike he asked if I knew what that was. I told him no I didn’t. He told me that I was going to suck them off and if I do I won’t have any duties to do when we get back they all are going to get it done for me that’s my reward for sucking them off. I told him I never done anything like that he told me they’re going to teach me how to do it and not to worry. So for the next month I sucked and I learned to swallow loads of ball juice every night they set my cot up in the middle of the tent so they could have me suck and swallow every guy in my tent she asked how many of them there were and I said about 14 to 15 a night and it kept me awake so I wasn’t getting much sleep and during the day I would find a shade tree and take a nap and they were covering me because they wanted to get blown. She said what I was tasting was the dog cum and she wanted me to get used to the taste because she wanted to see me take it from the source and I asked her why she wanted to see me suck a dog off she said it’s her insurance she said I saw her and she said I was doing it so I know she could tell about what I did to the dogs. I said there’s no pictures for evidence and she told me she’s got a Polaroid and she wanted some of me and I can have some of her. She told me to go and feed the dogs and she’s going to finish up and then come down and we’ll get something to eat and talk about her plans.

She told me her plan for the dogs and she said that as long as they ate that’s what will bring them back again she was going to train them to to know that they can eat food and they were going to have a bitch to use nothing’s better than any other place they can go to she said once they know that she can get them to come to her house at night she said she’s going to try to keep them in her garage. She told me in about a month they are going to know exactly how to make her their bitch to gangbang her and her mouth is going to be sucking on the dog knot and she told me once they were blown they wouldn’t want another dog because dogs can’t suck cock they could only get sucked off by a human. I asked her how she knew that she told me back home on the farm she was getting used by the animals and she told me one day her grandma asked her if she was feeding the miniature ponies anything different and she asked grandma why’s she asking that. Her grandma said her friend was there to have her pony sired by her male and grandmas pony had no interest to do it and she wondered if it was the feed before she had a vet look at her pony and she told her grandmother no change in the food. She knew exactly what it was but she couldn’t tell her grandma so she told her she’s going to take him for a walk to see if she could see anything. She told me the pony is much to small to ride but he will follow her anywhere because he knows he will get her to suck him off. So she got her horse and then she got the pony and the pony followed her to the trails in the back of the house she told me she went to the big lake that was very private and no one goes there she said she had a very good spot she goes to and she said that’s where she takes the animals that used her. She said she knew exactly why the pony had no interest it’s because she was sucking him off and she sucked him off early that morning so she was going to try and get him to fuck her. She told me she got naked and she brought an inflatable cushion and she put it under the pony and she played with his penis and she told me she needed it to drop. She said once he dropped she got under him and she had his penis in her hand and lined up his penis with her hole and she got it in a few inches and she wrapped her legs over his back and she was able to rock herself on the pony cock. I asked her what did it feel like to have a pony in her hole. She told me it’s the most amazing thing she felt she was so excited she had a thought about what she had heard or read about it was what’s called belly riding I told her I didn’t know what that was. She said she wanted to be strapped in a harness under the horse and have his penis in her hole and he would walk around and she would be rocking back and forth and he was fucking her as he walked around. I asked if that pony was the only one she was doing. She said he was her favorite because his penis had the biggest flare and made her orgasm felt the best so as she was full of pony dick she told me she was talking very dirty about herself and she got a lot louder than she thought and she didn’t hear her grandma was approaching the pony made her crazy and she said she’s going to be spending a lot more time in the barn with him in her hole and her grandma said loudly now she knows why her pony didn’t have any interest in the other pony I asked her if she stopped what she was doing she told me no it got her even more excited that she was being watched doing something so nasty and degrading and doing something like that with grandma seeing that she’s into it. I asked her what did her grandma do. She said her grandma was old school and her example was if she got caught smoking cigarette the punishment was to sit and smoke a whole pack of cigarettes with the hope of getting sick from the cigarettes. So I asked her what was her punishment she said her grandma told her not to put her clothes on and she gets her butt in the barn and she will know what is going to happen when she gets as they walk grandma was asking her questions about what she was doing she asked if it was going on very long and she told her it’s the first time she let him fuck her but she told grandma she’s been sucking him off for a few months. Grandma asked her what other animals she played with. Everything she said got me hypnotized and my cock was so hard I could use it it to hammer nails and she saw me and she asked me to use my fingers and wipe the drip coming out from my penis and put my fingers in my mouth so I did it and I asked her to continue her story she asked if I liked it so far because she was going to tell me some of the nastiest most perverted things I probably ever heard of. I was feeling so euphoric and excited I told her I’ll make a deal with her and I said if she’s going to tell me her nastiest most perverted things I will do anything that she wants me to do and she asked me no matter how nasty and degrading it is I will do it for her. I told her yes I’ll do it.
Sorry for being so long and it’s the first time writing this but there’s more to the story than I thought so I’m making a part 3

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