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Buying back the Family Farm
genre: straight
I was 5 my father died and that when the family farm was sold and we moved to the city to live. I never could settle into city life, always restless and as I grew older the more restless I became. On finishing university which I studied veterinary sciences, I was determined to find a place in the country to live and work. But at first, there...
wrote on 2019-09-13 | by Gordon
Close Family
genre: incest
Our mother cleared out on us when I was 9 leaving my father Peter to look after us alone. My sister Kaye and I Alexander were left alone at night while Peter worked 2 jobs to keep us. When I was 19 and Kaye 17, Peter died in a work accident, a cable snapped and a heavy load fell on him. I was working as a plumbers assistant then and it was up to...
wrote on 2019-09-08 | by Alexander
Family Secret
genre: incest
I found out the family secret quite by accident, I came home from work early and found my mother Joanne in bed with her brother Ian. Ian had a heart attack or something had blacked out and was still on top of Joanne, she was distraught and I help get him off her. The ambulance took Ian to the hospital and he recovered fairly well but had to take...
wrote on 2019-09-02 | by George
Holiday with my Extended Family
genre: incest
Last year I went on holiday with my extended family, the families get together every five years and it takes a lot of planning. In all there 62 of us, uncles, aunts, cousins, and grandparents. It all started after world war 2 and the different parts of our family got together to give thanks to those who came back and to remember those who didn't...
wrote on 2019-08-02 | by Alan
Horny family
genre: incest
Hi i'm Suraj 61 yrs old with a 10 inch dick big ass a can of beer ,my wife Dyvia 58 yrs old slim short with big boobs and nice big ass , my Daughter Priya 39 yrs old with our son Kunal. It all start when i was 18 of age i was working as a mechanic in a factory was making good money. My dad passed away few yrs ago and my mom Sujata was always sad...
wrote on 2019-07-26 | by Marc
Family Holiday
genre: incest
I'm the oldest of 3, at 22 and single I went on the family holiday with some reservations. I thought I was too old for such things, as it was mainly for the younger children of families. In all, there were 15 in our family group 5 from my family and 6 from uncle Herbert and aunt Marie family any 4 from aunt Clares family. Her Husband Graham had...
wrote on 2019-07-23 | by Harry
Family Gathering
genre: straight
Last March at the yearly family gathering at the beach, I met my sister Rachel 26 friend, Linda 27 and during the party at the beach we ended up fucking behind a sand dune. We both had a few drinks and spend the night together, much to the annoyance of Rachel. Rachel is a lesbian and Linda is more bisexual than a full-on lesbian, anyway, I have...
wrote on 2019-07-15 | by David 28
Working for the Family
genre: straight
I'm Edgar 26 and have just married Donna 24, I met Donna thru work. I started work for family company and was in the section managed by Valerie 47 the matriarch of the family. Donna's mother, Donna is the middle child an only girl. I had to work closely with Valerie and found that she likes fucking. She and I went away for business and Valerie...
wrote on 2019-06-21 | by Edgar
Family reunion Camping trip
genre: incest
I'm Robert 25 single and self employed, last year I went on a family reunion camping trip for two weeks. Our family has these every 5 years, all come as it is great fun. Different place each time, we went to a mountain national park and camped by a lake. Not close to any town or homes, some brought there boats and we fished, hiked and swam...
wrote on 2019-06-20 | by Robert
genre: straight
I'm Dave 35 and own Auction house, I inherited it from my father Matt who passed away 3 years from bowel cancer. My mother I never knew and I know she remarried and moved overseas that's all I know. I'm accountant by profession and I could have sold the Auction business, but decided to keep it. I have twelve staff including 3 women who run the...
wrote on 2019-06-12 | by Dave
Family History
genre: incest
I'm Scott 34 and I done a DNA searches to see if I had any family. I was raised in an Orphanage a don't have any records of anything. As the records of me were stored at the Orphanage and it burnt down 5 years ago and all records were lost. Nothing had been computerised as the state didn't see the need. I went thru several DNA service providers...
wrote on 2019-06-11 | by Scott
Expanding Family
genre: incest
I'm Alex 36 married to Heather 34 and have 5 children. I was dating Hanna 32 and after we broke up I started to date Heather (Hanna's sister) we married a year later. Long story short, I bought a large block of land with money from my late father's father James when I was 20, who left everything to as his only relative. As my father Mike had...
wrote on 2019-06-07 | by Alex
Family Harem
genre: incest
I'm Alan 29 happy, I left home at fifteen after my father died and went travelling. My mother died years before when I was four, in child birth. I had no brothers or sisters and didn't like school. I got by on odd jobs and my wits, made crude carvings and burn them to make look old and then buried in wet clay and let it dry completely. I would...
wrote on 2019-05-27 | by Alan
My Family
genre: incest
I'm Augustus, not a usual name these days. My father was into roman history, hence the name. My father was 49 when he married my mother Susan who was 19 at the time and they had me a year later. My father passed away at 70 and I was twenty, he had left Susan very well off and I had a large trust fund. We lived together and later on her older...
wrote on 2019-04-22 | by Augustus
Sexy Family Christmas Part 1
genre: incest
For the first time since graduating high school I was returning home for Christmas. Christmas break had just started and I was eager to head home to see my family. I hadn’t seen my mother and sister in forever. My sister was 20 just a year older. She was built similarly to my mother. She had long blonde hair with light blue eyes. Her skin was...
wrote on 2019-04-21 | by Knifer
Reuniting with my Family
genre: incest
I'm Karl widow now 67 retired, have 5 grown children and all have left home. At the age of 5 I was fostered out. For 12 years I was away from my mother Joan and my twin sisters Kelly and Jodie. My father had died when I was 5 and that was the main reason I fostered away from my mother and sisters. The family I placed with moved away and my...
wrote on 2019-04-17 | by Karl
Family Of Love Chapter 6
genre: incest
As the three of them removed their panties my eyes stayed locked on my moms ass. I couldn’t believe how huge it was. It was firm too. When I smacked her ass it gave a little natural bounce. When she noticed my gaze she gave a little shake. I wanted to eat her ass and fuck her ass until she couldn’t walk. I glanced over to my sisters ass. It...
wrote on 2019-03-27 | by Knifer
Family Of Love Chapter 5
genre: incest
I looked back to see my aunt and sister looking at me filling my mom with cum. My aunt looked like she might kill someone for my dick. My sister looked intrigued. My aunts hand was already reaching to strip down. I motioned for them to come over to me. I grabbed my aunts shirt and ripped it in two. I pulled off her shorts and took off her...
wrote on 2019-03-26 | by Knifer
genre: straight
Everyone heard of keeping it in the family, well that what happens in my family. But it's not incest, mainly because I'm the only male and all the females are my wife's side of the family. Namely her mother, sister and aunt, we all live together and in a remote area. But we do go to town once a month, stay overnight and return late the next day....
wrote on 2019-03-26 | by John
Family Of Love Chapter 4
genre: incest
I woke up the morning after cumming in my sleeping sister. I couldn’t believe how lucky I’d been. I’d fucked my aunt sister and my friends hot mom. I still wanted more. I felt lust flowing through my veins. I wanted to fuck just about every woman I could imagine. I looked over to see my sister was already downstairs. I hopped up not even...
wrote on 2019-03-25 | by Knifer
Family Of Love Chapter 3
genre: incest
I sat on my bed. Now I couldn’t shake the thought of my aunt now. Her big ass rubbing my cock. I wished I would’ve fucked her. I wanted to go deep inside her and fill her with cum. I wanted to make her holes full of my jizz. I could still feel her body on mine. I now looked over to see my sister was asleep in her bed. It was late at night....
wrote on 2019-03-24 | by Knifer
Family Of Love Chapter 2
genre: incest
I sat alone in my room. I stared blankly at the ceiling. I still could hardly fathom that my friends beautiful mom sucked me off. I felt a lingering feeling of her mouth surrounding my cock. I couldn’t help but think of her sucking my dick until my sperm flooded her mouth. It was the only think on my mind. I decided to go take a shower to try...
wrote on 2019-03-24 | by Knifer
Family Of Love Chapter 1
genre: incest
I woke up in my bed. I checked my phone. It said 9 o’clock. I looked over at my sisters bed. She was already up. I got dressed in my regular shorts and a t shirt. I headed downstairs. My mom aunt and sister all sat around the table. They all turned to look towards the stairs as I walked down. “Morning sleepyhead,” my mom said. “Morning...
wrote on 2019-03-20 | by Knifer
Family Of Love Part 1 Intros
genre: incest
Main Characters Of The Story Me- 21 years old, 9 inch dick, only man in the house, virgin, single, attractive, athletic body, light brown hair Mom (Brooklyn)- 37 years old, single mother, divorced, single, DD Cup Breasts, athletic body type, round and firm ass, tan skin, almost black hair, hazel eyes, MILF Aunt (Carolyn)- 35 years old,...
wrote on 2019-03-20 | by Knifer
Broken Family
genre: incest
I come from a broken family, my parents divorced when I was 10 and I went with my father. I didn't see my mother again, last June I done one of those DNA tests. As far I knew I didn't have any siblings and as my father had no close relatives. I want to see if I had any cousins. My father passed away 4 years ago, I'm now 38 and widower with 1...
wrote on 2019-02-16 | by David
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