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Closing the Beach House
genre: gay
A follow-up to 'The Beach House' In early November, I took the bus to Redrock Harbor and arrived almost two hours before the ferry was to leave. I had arranged to help Rick close down his beach house. I would be gone for a total of four nights. Four nights alone with Rick. I walked around town and ran out of things to do and went to the...
wrote on 2024-02-08 | by HenrySeldon
The Beach House
genre: gay
My Aunt was a beautiful woman, much younger than my mother. She had a new boyfriend and they invited us to their beach house. My mother and I didn’t have much money. Dad had a new family and stopped supporting us when I turned 18. We couldn’t afford to go on vacation, so my aunt invited us to spend a week with her at her beach house in...
wrote on 2023-12-22 | by HenrySeldon
Bathing at the beach part 8
genre: incest
The next night we restarted fucking after swapping wives. We lay side by side in the same cot so that we could see directly each others' activities. That night we decided the pse missionary position withbfemale on the top. Mother in law jumped over me and agter fondling made my cock reasonably large and fully erected. She inserted my cock into...
wrote on 2023-12-02 | by Kunjumohamed
Bathing at the beach part 7 A
genre: incest
After the second night we decided to have the fucking session with out swapping the wives. After that we decided to go back to the usual swapping methods. So the second night after consuming whiskey and having non vegetarian dinner we entered the bedroom at 9. After discussions we decided to adopt missionary position with male on the top. We...
wrote on 2023-12-02 | by Kunjumohamed
Bathing at the beach part 7
genre: incest
Next day early evening father in law called me alone and said " For a change next few days instead of swapping their wives the real wife and husband will resort to fucking. First we will fuck through their assholes. So far any of us have not fucked their wives through their assholes. So this will give extreme pleasure. But we will keep it as a...
wrote on 2023-12-01 | by Kunjumohamed
Bathing at the beach part 6
genre: incest
The next night afterbthe dinner we entered the bedroom at 9. Since the missionary position with male on the top and 69 pose were finished we thought of another pose namely fucking from behind ,not through thecass hole but through the pussyhole only through the asscrack. As per my suggestion mother in law kept her body from face to belly on the...
wrote on 2023-12-01 | by Kunjumohamed
Bathing at beach part 5
genre: incest
Next night after having usual quota of whiskey and dinner we entered the bedroom at 9. After becoming fully naked we climbed in our cots. I positioned myself keeping my mouth at mother in law's pussy. She kept her mouth at my flacid cock. Then she fondled it and nade huge and fully erected. I split the petals of her pussy and started licking it....
wrote on 2023-11-30 | by Kunjumohamed
Bathing at the beach part 4
genre: incest
Through the corner of my eyes I looked at wife's reaction She was thrilled to watch father in law's very huge cock 8inches long with diameter of three inches. So far she had seen only my cock which was only 6 inches long with a diameter of two inches. We moved over tonour cots. I grabbed mother in law's large boobs . It was so large for me to...
wrote on 2023-11-30 | by Kunjumohamed
Bathing at beach part 3
genre: incest
After returning from the beach next two months once a month we visited the beach. The third month mother had annual leave for two months. One day my wife told me " my mother has suggested some thing also and asked your willingness. " I instantly asked " what is that?" Wife told " swapping of wives including among close family members are...
wrote on 2023-11-30 | by Kunjumohamed
Bathing at the beach part 2A
genre: incest
While changing over in the same changing place naturally we all became fully nude.I was seeing the mother in fully naked condition for the first time. She was also seeing me in fully naked condition for the first time. Father in law and his daughter in law ( my wife ) were seeing each other in fully naked condition for the first time....
wrote on 2023-11-30 | by Kunjumohamed
Bathing at the beach part 2
genre: incest
After the bath, due to heavy rush we couldn't get a changing place exclusively for us. For westerners it was not at all a problem. I found their parents along with their young daughters elder son along with daughter in law changing the dress.
wrote on 2023-11-30 | by Kunjumohamed
Bathing at beach wearing bikni
genre: incest
Many years back My wife and me stayed for six months in Ireksnd. Motherin law was an Irish citizen and married an Irish citizen. At that time father in law was aged 40, motherbin law 36, mybwife 18 and me 24. One day wife told me " before we came here mother in law and father in law had gone and bathed at beach wearing bikni and shots. She was...
wrote on 2023-11-30 | by Kunjumohamed
An erotic hard throbbing orgasm on the beach in his speedo!
genre: exibitionism
this story is just for fantasy fiction only, and that no such real names were ever used at all. on such a very erotic summer day, as he, at age 20yo, had walked along the beach in only his sexually erotic speedo, and had enjoyed just how soo very erotic his penis had felt inside it, this sexy hot 30'something yo pregnant gal in her over the...
wrote on 2023-08-25 | by big panties fan
Bree and the Beach
genre: straight
Will had always fantasised that one day he would fuck Bree. Will was a horny 19 year old, an athletic build with a 6.5 inch cock. Bree was almost a year older than Will and a total slut. She would fuck a different boyfriend every two weeks, but Will didn’t care, he was determined to have his turn. Bree would often post revealing pictures, to...
wrote on 2023-03-28 | by Timmy G
Beach adventure
genre: first times
This was during the 1980's in southern California. I would often walk to the next town 3 miles away San Diego is hot even in the first few months of the year I lived half a block from the ocean it was early but it was heating up fast my cut off shorts were worn out from lots of walking I had removed the rear pockets weeks before the...
wrote on 2023-03-11 | by Curtis Sloan
I turned into a prostitute on the beach
genre: group sex
In November, I went to Spain to enjoy the sunshine and peace of mind at work. I like to sunbathe naked, so I had to find the closest nude beach to the hotel. It's a pretty long beach, and I was the first one that day so I wrapped my towel and took off my clothes. It started to fill up and there was a clear split between one end and the other but...
wrote on 2023-02-21 | by Li Moon
Fun at the beach
genre: group sex
I loved taking my wife to the nudist beach, especially mid week, when it was mainly just guys there, we had found a nice spot just in the dunes where we could still see the water, but had some privacy, it didn't take long for the guys to know a good looking woman was on the beach, as often they would walk along with us, to see where we sat, I...
wrote on 2022-12-06 | by Bryan
Beach fun
genre: bisexual
We often went to our nudist beach mid-week, as we found more guys to have fun with. Our little hollow in the dunes soon become the meeting place as soon as they saw us walking along the beach each week. Most times we both got well fucked by the guys there - watching them fill my wife's holes with hot cum was always a big turn on. After some...
wrote on 2022-11-24 | by Bryan
Visiting nude beach with dad , mom and elder sister.
genre: incest
It happened many years back. I was 16 years old , sister 23, mom 40 and dad 45. We had started a tour program to some north Indian states for one full month. After two weeks we reached a city in Biharand occupied a three star hotel.fir three days.Next day morning, one agent approached dady and suggested would I like to visit one nudist beach...
wrote on 2022-07-22 | by Kunjumohamed
Family trip to nudist beach part 3
genre: incest
As per instructions of tourist guides,the bed in the opposite cottage was shifted to our cottage,so that in bright light of bedroom lamp, we both couples could see the activities of others very closely. Once inside the cottage,I told mother in law " Mom,We will have some filthy talks before starting today's activities " Mom agreed.I started "...
wrote on 2022-01-30 | by Kunjumohamed
Family tour to nudist beach part 2
genre: incest
After occupying our cottage I told mom " I feel inferiority complex by seeing your husband's cock size. His size is 7 inch.long and 2inch wide where as mine is only five and an half long and one and an half inch wide" Mom instantly replied " my darling, you don't have to feel inferiority complex. You know compared to Indians ,western gents have...
wrote on 2022-01-03 | by Kunjumohamed
Family visit to nudist beach
genre: incest
When this happened I was 30 wife 24 00mother 36 and her second husband ( Irish) 40.when we were married I was 26 and wife 20.Two years before our marriage when mother in law was only 30 ,the first husband ( Indian) was expired when he was 40.After 3 years mother in law ( she is an allopathic doctor ) got a good job in Ireland and got...
wrote on 2022-01-03 | by Kunjumohamed
Walk on the beach
genre: threesome
I like to walk on a beach especially when it is a secluded beach. I'm up the beach about a mile when I sit down on a comfortable log. I'm sitting about a half hour when I see someone walking the beach from the other direction heading my way. It is a young couple and they look hot,she is in a string bikini and he is in small baggy shorts. They...
wrote on 2021-07-28 | by Curious Man
The Beach
genre: gay
Summer on Long Island is the beach season. For those true sun worshipers there was no place better than the south shore, particularly the area by the Fire Island lighthouse. To add to the fun of the area is the fact that there is a section of National Seashore right by the lighthouse and this meant that nude sunbathing was allowed. Other...
wrote on 2021-04-16 | by Smooth & Lovely
My Beach Walk
genre: romantic
meeting on a beach and setting up for a picnic. Seeing her coming out of house and dressed in short dress. I had said I would bring the picnic basket. She had said she would bring the desert. She was carrying a beach bag and I figured she had the dessert in her basket. I found a secluded spot between some sand dunes. When she was setting up...
wrote on 2020-07-12 | by Allen Richards
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