Bathing at beach part 3

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After returning from the beach next two months once a month we visited the beach. The third month mother had annual leave for two months. One day my wife told me " my mother has suggested some thing also and asked your willingness. " I instantly asked " what is that?" Wife told " swapping of wives including among close family members are very common in the family of westerners. Among Indians also it must be there ,but as usual we Indians keep it as a big secret. Mom was asking whether we can proceed with the program ?" I was happy to hear that since after seeing at the beach in fully naked condition, I wanted to fuck mother in law. Automatically I will have to allow the father in law to fuck his daughter in law ( my wife). Wife continued " there are two options. One to carry out fucking in separate bed rooms and narrate the details to each other after the fucking. Second option is do the fucking in the same bedroom but in adjacent cot and bed.awe can enjoy seeing each other fucking. What option you prefer ?" I answered " Anyway we know I am fucking mother in law and father in law fucking you. So it will be OK if we fuck seeing each otherbfucking " So wife told her mother about my decision.Next early evening mother in law came with two bottles of Chivas Regal half a dozen bottles of soda and sufficient quantities of chicken burgers etc. It seems mother in law was quite thrilled about our plan. I don't know whether my wife also was equally thrilled about our plan Generally ladies are very secretive about these things.My wife also is not an exception .At around 7 in the night we sat together all consumed two pegs each of Chivas Regal which took away our shyness and embarrassment.After heavy dinner we moved over to the bed room. The bedroom lamps were on so that we can see each other clearly. We removed our dress and became fully naked. I closely watched mother in law's vulptous body.going around her. She wasbalso watching my reasonably huge cock. Father in law also did the similar things. His very huge cock started dancing.

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