Bathing at the beach part 6

Written by , on 2023-12-01, genre incest

The next night afterbthe dinner we entered the bedroom at 9. Since the missionary position with male on the top and 69 pose were finished we thought of another pose namely fucking from behind ,not through thecass hole but through the pussyhole only through the asscrack. As per my suggestion mother in law kept her body from face to belly on the edge of the bed ,resting the portion from knee to the feet on the floor. I took the position behind her . She fondled and made huge my cock.I inserted my cock into her pussyhole through her asscrack and pushed it. It entered smoothly. Our activities continued until my cock cummed into her pussy.
I watched what the other couple were doing. My wife caught hold of the cock of her father in law and nade it huge and fully erected. Now it was 8 inches long with a diameter of three inches. He then inserted his extra large cock into her ass Crack. His extra large cock was a bit too much for her average sized pussyhole. So when he started to and fro motions she started screaming due to pleasure and pain. Seeing this scene,my cock which had become normal after fucking mother in law started dancing. Somehow I experienced a special pleasure seeing my father in law fucking my wife with his extra large cock. My wife was also watching me ( watching at her) and enjoying. We concluded our activities and slept.

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