What a surprise

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At 20 I was called a nerd and was the only one in my family that done well at school. I made extra money tutoring other students and succeeded in getting a scholarship to the local university. While my 2 siblings worked as they called them crap jobs, while attending university I still tutored and was making more money than my siblings. The older my brother 22 was jealous of a nerd out earning him, but he hadn't studied and only had himself to blame. The younger my sister 18 wasn't jealous and we always had got on very well, she would ask for a loan of money and always repaid it. My brother never asked, as he believed it would make me better than him if he did and that he wouldn't never want to happen. Our parents both worked hard, and both died in the 2021 from the Covid virus. So, we split up and our older brother moved away to improve his chances. My sister and I stayed together renting a trailer together, neither dating. In late 2022 my sister lost her jobs, and we were getting by on just my earnings. Not really struggling, but money was tight and being together all the time, we became lovers. At university in my history studies, we done DNA tests to track our family heritage. I thought nothing of it, as I already knew we had mainly Irish, English and Dutch ancestors. Turns out I was wrong, there was mainly English, French and Scandinavian in my family. Which was a surprise to me and so I decided to check thru the family history. In an old suitcase that had belonged to our parents. Nothing found at first, then I found a sealed envelope. I opened it and found adoption papers and my name on them. I'd been adopted at the age of 3 and hadn't been ever told, it was quite a surprise to me and my sister. After checking everything in the suitcase, we found only I had been adopted as my brothers and sister's birth certificates were in the suitcase and the adoption papers for just me. Several months later, in a full relationship with my sister/girlfriend and even thinking of us marrying. I was contacted by the DNA company that done our classes testing, they had found a match as they called it and wanted to know if I was interested in contact with the match. Intrigued and so I agreed to meet, a few days later a couple of lawyers turned up at our trailer. A bit alarmed at first wondering why lawyers had come, but I was told they worked for my grandmother. Her daughter was my mother and had disappeared after finding out was pregnant and had the baby and put it straight up for adoption. Then returned home saying nothing, until she got very ill and died (2019) without saying where and what agency I was given too to be adopted out. With no details to follow DNA was used in the hope of finding me. Due to an accident at the DNA company our class DNA was added to the general archive and that how I was found. My mother had been a wild child and done everything she shouldn't have and ended up pregnant. On returning to the family, she still played up and got hooked on drugs that would finally cause her death. I went from having a brother and a sister only to having a grandmother (widow) and 2 uncles and 2 aunts and 5 cousins. My birth mother's family are very well off and so weren't struggling anymore. even my adoptive brother has better paying job now and is accepted as part of the family. My sister is my wife and is 5 months pregnant and my grandmother has us living with her and will stay with us near the university while I'm attending my final year.

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