The Training of P

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P, in a dress that compliments her perfect figure, spent the morning at the cafe on Basel St., working on her laptop while sipping steaming coffee and eating a delicious sandwich. Suddenly, the young waitress who served her placed a folded page in front of her and said - "They asked me to pass it over to you."
P turned away from the computer and glanced at the note that was written in a nice handwriting.
"We've been looking at you for a long time and covet you very much. If you have no experience in a "threesome" and especially if you have never experienced a relationship with a woman, we would be very happy to experience all of these with you. "
P began to breathe at an accelerated rate, while feeling the expanding wetness between her labia. The note contained another paragraph but she didn't hold back, turning her head back and to the sides, trying to guess who sent the note. Most of the people in the cafe at that time were either very young or very old and she began to despair of guessing. Suddenly, right behind her, her eyes fell on a very handsome couple, about 50-60 years old, dressed with care and elegance that are not typical for this time of the morning. The man had a slightly tanned face from which special green eyes shone. The woman looked very voluptuous and had a perfect body, her brunette hair was tied up and her veiled eyes were an almost turquoise shade, all of which spoke of authority and control.
P hoped and even began to fantasize but immediately came to her senses and turned to read the second paragraph in the note.
'We're Nadine and Alex - sitting right behind you. On our table is a laptop and an iPad. If you are interested in an adventure / experience that is out of this world - please go to the bathroom and stay only with the beautiful dress on your body. Thus, when only the thin fabric separates us from your body, take a walk between the tables of the cafe and especially in front of us back and forth. When Nadine signals you, come and join us at the table and we'll talk about the rest of the day.
P missed a beat and another beat; her underwear accumulates wetness. The thought of removing her panties and bra and standing in front of Nadine and Alex with only the dress on her body made her shiver more and more.
P felt torn between "What the hell!!" and the strong desire to obey the mysterious couple. She gasped and shivered, her mind conjuring images of her kneeling once with her head between Nadine's legs, once at Alex's feet and her head against his loins.
P returned to her work in front of the computer but was unable to fully concentrate. From time to time these images/fantasies would emerge and send waves of pleasure to the bottom of her stomach. She suddenly got up, packed the computer in her bag and started walking to the bathroom. Standing in front of the mirror at the entrance, she said to herself out loud, "What am I doing?"; A creak from a compartment that became vacant brought her back to reality and on a moment's decision she entered it, took a deep breath, unzipped her dress and removed her bra. And so, with her dress half rolled down, she quickly removed her panties, smelled them with a deep breath and buried them and the bra in her bag. A small improvement of the make-up and P walked into the space of the cafe. It seemed to her that they all knew she was naked under the dress and this thought, despite the embarrassment - stimulated her strongly. P noticed Nadine and Alex sitting at a larger table in the back of the cafe. She caught their eye and walked past them back and forth like a model on a runway. She knew that if the three of them were somewhere else, alone, she would lie on the floor at their feet, roll up her dress, spread her legs wide and bring herself to a wild orgasm. While hallucinating, P realized that Nadine was signaling her to approach them. Approaching their table, they both rose to their feet and spread their hands in a welcome gesture. They directed her to the center of the bench between them. Nadine circled P's thighs while feeling them as if to make sure that indeed P was not wearing her underwear. The physical proximity to Nadine ignited in P a fire of intense desire for the foreign woman. The three of them sat down and ordered another round of double espresso, Nadine and Alex sending a hand to another thigh of P, Alex gently caressing while Nadine stroked and occasionally poked her fingernails into P's flesh. Alex started the conversation and said that he and Nadine are partners together with a Russian investor (Arkadi) in restaurants and clubs in Ashdod, Netanya and Tel Aviv.
P was in heaven. She felt that her only desire at the moment was to bond flesh to flesh with Alex and Nadine.
After a while Nadine interrupted the silence and said – "should we move on? I have a rich minestrone soup that will suffice the three of us for a light lunch.
Alex paid the bill and the three of them walked to his car which parked nearby.
P walked behind Nadine and only now noticed the details of her perfect figure and toned legs in high heeled sandals. This sight aroused P and she caught up with Nadine, reaching out and hugging Nadine's waist. Alex opened the door for P to the driver's side seat. Nadine sat down in the back seat. The trip to south Tel Aviv was short, during which Nadine did not stop stroking P's neck from behind.
The short trip ended in front of the parking gate of a new Residential Tower. Nadine stopped stroking P's scruff, fumbled in her purse for the remote control, and opened the gate. Alex parked the car and the three of them made their way to the elevator.
When they got out of the car, P muttered. "I hope I didn't leave a puddle on your seat"......
"Oh, I love that!! I love you"... Nadine said to P and kissed her on the cheek.
Nadine pressed the button for the 14th floor and P, between Nadine and Alex knew she was going up not only to the 14th floor but to something she had never experienced before. Not only an orgy in three awaited her, but something much more powerful that even in her wildest dreams was never revealed to her.

The elevator reached the 14th floor and they entered the door marked 1417.
Next to the doorframe was a tool used to hold umbrellas and before they stepped inside Nadine and Alex pulled out two black riding whips. At that second P knew she was facing something completely different. For a split second some inner voice told her to run away, but she felt as if she is being pulled with uncontrollable strength towards this other something and decided to flow with it no matter what.
Nadine and Alex followed by P walked towards the living room where they sat down on three armchairs around a low table. Nadin asked Alex to put the soup into the oven and serve Gin Tonic to all. P was happy about the gin that would arrive as if she could hang her attraction to the increasingly bizarre event in the apartment on alcohol.
"Continuing our conversation in the cafe," Nadine began, "the 'Dungeon club' in Tel Aviv also belongs to us and Arkady. The club is a BDSM club and the gentlemen and ladies who visit it for a fee get to experience sessions of women-slaves' torture, refreshments served by them and sex in all possible forms. In short - one big and maddening orgy. Sometimes we broadcast what's happening in the club on Skype to Arkady in Russia."
"All the slaves are aware that they are our exclusive property and we send them from time to time to serve and please the patrons of the club in their homes according to their needs and according to their sexual preferences. Oh and one more thing... sometimes Arkady has his eye on one of the maids and asks us to fly her to him in Moscow for a long weekend to serve at the orgies he holds at his villa. Everyone who was there came back satisfied and with lots of gifts that Arkady showers on those he likes - mainly educated women who speak English and French."

Here P could'nt hold back anymore and decided to reveal her emotions even before the meal.
She stood in front of Nadine, quickly removed her dress and, fully naked, knelt down on her knees, kissed Nadine's sandal and said in an excited and panting voice from extreme arousal: "I want to be your slave, please. I will be completely submissive and obedient. I want to be your property. Want to be a sex slave in the club. I want them to torture me and fuck me." . "I want you to lead me with a collar and a leash like a sex bitch everywhere......please please"
Alex and Nadine exchanged glances; They couldn't expect more...
Alex turned to P: "Good, great, after the meal Nadine will give you an initial training." "Thank you, sir thank, you" P said and kissed his shoes.
"In the meantime, until food is ready, we would like to see your holes," said Alex. "Lie on your back and spread your legs."
P obeyed immediately and her labia produced more fluid. Alex brought the whip closer to the vulva, flicked it gently and ordered P to part her lips with her fingers. Alex and Nadine put their heads together and watched the play intently. Nadine ordered her to transfer fluids from the vulva to the circumference of her rectum while emphasizing "It must be clear that you are not allowed to cum without my permission!! "If you break this prohibition, you will be severely punished!"
"Yes ma'am, of course" answered P and a wave of happiness flooded her with the first use of the title "ma'am".
Alex turned to Nadine and said "Well that looks great but I think we'll have to send her to Robert for some pubic hair trimming." A slight tremor went through P's body. P, being the only naked participant at that moment felt that she was at the gates of both hell and heaven.
Alex stood up abruptly, went to the kitchen and returned with three plates of steaming soup. The three of them ate quickly knowing that they were in for an extraordinary evening.
Nadine moved closer to P, put a hand on P's shoulders and with the other hand caressed her stomach, from there she went down to her cunt and slid a finger along her wet lips. P was in clouds.
"Before we move on to the practical training, I have a few questions for you," said Nadine. "I understand that you've never been with a woman, right?" P confirmed by nodding her head
"Have you ever swallowed sperm during oral sex?".
"No, never"
"Do you have experience with anal sex?"
"No, no, it really scares me to death"
-"You must know that sperm swallowing and anal sex are ultimate demands from our slave girls. Without it you have nothing to look for here!'
"You have no idea what happiness it is to have one cock in your pussy, one in your ass and one in your mouth and they all cum together. The feeling is that you are the queen of the world, a sublime goddess. Believe me, I speak from my experience. In any case, I will introduce you to anal sex with great gentleness using a small anal plug. The club, our houses and the patrons' houses have tons of the best and healthiest lubricants so you won't have a problem after the first try.''
"As for swallowing semen, you will have to adapt to the fact that Alex and the Patrons will cum in your mouth and expect you to swallow it all. There are patrons who will cum on your face and demand that you lick the dripping semen. Some will order you to lick dripping semen off the floor, and most of the ladies, including me, usually do not like Cumming inside us and we will order you to stay next to us during sex, to wet us and the men by licking and sucking and then receive their portion of sperm in your mouth, or we will ask him to cum on our stomach and you will be ordered to lick the sperm from there.'
"Anyway, the day is still long and until it ends, I promise you that you will experience all of these, including a session of whipping. This will be your big day - if you stay here. "
P gasped quickly with excitement mixed with fear.
P. stayed...

Nadine approached with the whip in her right hand: "Before we start the training - a brief review of the basic positions. We and the patrons will throw at you a number that symbolizes a position even though over time you will adopt them as a habit.
It is simple and intuitive:
2 means on the knees
4 on four, that's how you move most of the time here and at the club
3 Kneeling position - buttock up and head on the floor at the feet of the gentleman or lady. That's how you kiss our shoes and feet and that's how you wait for the next command. In many cases we will order you to drop to 3 when we would like you to show off your holes or whip them.
-Is that clear?"
Yes, ma'am answered P.
"Okay" Nadine said and got to her feet. Come undress me, first the shirt and the bra and then the rest. I expect that in all stages of undressing you will worship loudly my body.
Yes ma'am said P with obvious excitement. She removed Nadine's shirt and unfastened her bra unveiling beautiful, erect breasts, and a pair of mocha-colored nipples. P gasped in excitement, kissed the nipples twice and leaned her head against Nadine's chest while muttering "You are so beautiful lady, so perfect. P dropped to her knees, unzipped Nadine's skirt, lightly kissed Nadine's sandals and waited for her to pull the skirt from her feet.
Nadine wore black mini panties that highlighted that part of her gorgeous body. Some of Nadine's pubic hair tickled through her panties and made P's heart beat faster. P slowly undid her panties and gazed in adoration at Nadine's perfect pussy - plump lips perfectly designed and a few thin and bright hairs adorning the place. P couldn't resist. Kissed the triangle and got drunk from the wonderful smell and began to move her tongue back and forth along the lips, longing for the moment when Nadine would spread her legs and allow her to eat her cunt in full. P moved on to kiss and lick Nadine's inner thighs while caressing her knees and shins.
Every now and then P muttered – "you are so beautiful and tantalizing madam. So beautiful. I want to be
Your slave, worthy of your control". While kissing the entire length of Nadine's shapely legs, P reached for the paws and her manicured fingers, eagerly kissed and licked her sandals and waited like a faithful dog in position 3.
A sharp and painful whipping landed on P's butt. She shouted and immediately came to her senses "Thank you ma'am, thank you" she licked Nadine's feet like a dog. Another whiplash and Nadine ordered "come after me". P vigilantly followed Nadine's footsteps to fulfill her order precisely. Nadine, followed by P on all fours, approached to a wooden door that looked like a standard closet. Nadine opened the two wings of the door and behind them a white wall was revealed with two thick iron rings stuck in it at a height of about 180 cm. Inside of the open doors hung leather straps and whips of different types. On narrow shelves stood other sado accessories such as nipple clamps, anal plugs and other materials. Nadine ordered P into position 2 and said "This is my private dungeon; one of my most delightful pleasures is whipping and torturing our slaves and I expect all of them to please me lovingly and obediently in this way if they want to be worthy of me." Here you will get your first taste of a whipping session of the type common at our club.- Get up and stand with your back against the wall and hold the iron rings. I want to attach tweezers to your nipples to give you an extra dose of pain as part of training you to extract pleasure from pain. Nadine lightly pinched P's nipples and squeezed her breasts. Then she moved with her hand from her chest through her stomach to P's cunt and stuck a finger between her wet lips. After taking it out she commanded P to suck it. P eagerly licked the nectar from her own cunt trying to imagine what Nadine's nectar would taste like. She was aroused and happy from the immediate physical closeness to Nadine. Nectar of her cunt began to flow onto her inner thighs.
Nadine walked over to one of the shelves and came back to face P with two clamps. She attached a clamp to each nipple, exerting a very strong and painful pressing force on the nipples. Nadine approached the closet door again and said – "I want to show you the whip that you will soon feel on your back and buttocks". This was a horse tail whip made of leather strips with a knot at the end of each of them. "This is my favorite standard whip; I got another similar one but with an interweaving of small metal beads instead of the knots. I use it when I want to harshly punish one of the slaves".
A cell phone rang and Alex answered, ending the call in a few seconds.
"It was Ella. She said she was sick with a high fever. She just came back from the doctor who gave her antibiotics. I don't think she will be able to fill the club duty tomorrow. Maybe if we prove by the end of the day that P is already eligible to serve in the club, we will suggest that she come tomorrow if she is free?
We'll see; Nadine answered.
P knew that in the next few hours her fate would be decided and she must be submissive and obedient in every move she does.
"Okay now turn around and stand facing the wall with your hands holding the rings and your legs apart. Usually, they will tie your hands to rings. Nadine moved away a little and began a series of hard whips on her back and butt
P moaned softly and pink whip marks began to appear on her skin. Nadine increased her pace and strength
P's lashings and moans became louder. At some point, Nadine changed the direction of the whipping and the leather straps whipped P's cunt and rectum. P enjoyed the whippings as well as the fact that she is controlled by Nadine and contributes to her mistress' pleasure . She was extremely aroused, the nectar of her pussy dripping to the floor. as far as she was concerned this session could go on forever. P was very close to cum, stimulated by the steady rhythm of the whip straps landing on her cunt and gasped quickly but remembered Nadine's warning and diverted her thoughts elsewhere. Nadine felt the pre-orgasmic state of P
but decided to keep it for the next stages.
The whippings stopped and Nadine said – "first stage passed successfully. The patrons will be happy to see you like this.
We'll move on to the stage you crave the most - pleasuring me by eating and licking my pussy. Down on 4 and come
After me to the bedroom". P happily obeyed and found herself in Nadine's bedroom which had a large window overlooking the roofs of Tel Aviv and the beach. But the real stunning view was the huge bed where Nadine lay down, her legs wide apart, with her whip and accessories she took from the dungeon, beside her.

"Come to me slave P and please me". P didn't know her soul from happiness - "Mistress added me to her list of permanent slaves! What supreme happiness" she said to herself. P climbed onto the bed and crawled towards Nadine's cunt,
She buried her face into the royal cunt, inhaled its scent to the fullest and began to trace the lips of the vagina with her tongue, searching for the best position that will best please her lady. Nadine stopped P's maneuvers and commanded her: "First of all start with my ass." She raised her pelvis slightly to allow P easy access to her ass. P began to lick Nadine's rectum at a steady pace while trying to penetrate it with the tip of her stretched tongue. Nadine slid lightly back and forth with the whip on P's back. She breathed lightly and said, "Good, that's good, excellent. Now move to my pubis." P hurried to carry out the order, Licking, sucking and eating Nadine's labia, her tongue penetrating deeper and deeper.
To her gladness she heard Nadine enjoying herself loudly and breathing deeply. P drank Nadine's nectar as much as possible, hoping that this liquid would be a regular part of the menu for years to come.
P desperately wanted to bring Nadine
to orgasm but on the other hand she didn't want this scene to end. Nadine was on the verge of orgasm but apparently
She wanted to keep it for later. She took the whip and caressing P's back turned into a rather sharp whipping -
"Wow, that was great, great. You're on the right track. Now we'll move on to the next step - we'll invite Alex, we'll put an end
To your anal virginity and we will both fuck you together - Alex with his great cock and me with my black dildo. If we decide that you deserve an orgasm, you will experience something huge and, in this case, as with all our slaves we demand to hear you scream with happiness, delight and gratitude to us.
P was almost as wet as Nadine and her whole body wanted something to enter her holes.
She crawled over to her, hugged her and kissed her on the mouth a long deep French kiss.
Nadine cooperated and even directed her pelvis so that both of their cunts would rub against each other. P was in clouds and just prayed that this moment would not end. So they lay in each other's arms for long minutes while squatting gently; "I love you so much my mistress, I want to be yours forever, your sex slave, your dog" P whispered.
Nadine got out of P's arms sat on the bed and called out to Alex. Alex appeared in the doorway
"Where have you been?"
" I was reading on my Kindle and listening to music - I wanted to give you quality time together so that you could test P if she is worthy of us" replied Alex.

Nadine reached for her whip, snapped P and commanded - get ready and undress Alex.
P quickly got off the bed, advanced on all fours towards Alex, kissed his shoes and began to take them and his socks off. Her eyes revealed smooth and well-shaped feet, manicured and immaculately clean claws. She kissed and licked his feet and fingers back and forth and said "Master, My Master". P straightened up on her knees, reached for the waistband of Alex's pants, undid the
the buckle and released the belt from his pants. Alex gestured with his hand that he wanted the belt - P handed it to him and he whipped with it a light whip on her back. P reached for the zipper of his pants, opened it and felt his erection. She hurriedly unbuttoned the pants, began to roll them up and pull them from his legs. Alex stood in front of her in black boxer briefs and his swollen penis filled them and stimulated her imagination,
His legs are muscular and masculine, hairy to the right extent, his stomach and chest are firm and almost smooth. In short – A perfect body that every woman dreams of. The sight of his erected cock made her head spin and she hurried to take it into her mouth, as deep as possible and suck him with growing desire while occasionally saying "Master, you are a Greek god", "a dream come true" "I want to worship you", "I will be your submissive slave" "I want to be your property" "I want you to fuck me in all the holes" "I want to taste your cum" P continued to suck Alex's cock and
added to the sucking motion a licking of his balls while trying to lick them from every possible angle. P hoped it wouldn't be long before the master and lady decided to fuck her.
Nadine commanded from her place on the bed: "Okay - come to bed, move to position 3 and spread your feet- we will take care of your holes. P obeyed immediately but felt a growing fear of what was in store for her sensitive rectum. Nadine felt her hesitation and said: "Relax, you have nothing to worry about, we will do it as gently as possible. don't be afraid and don't contract your ring muscles. relax them and your whole body."
And before we use a lubricant we will transfer your natural lube from your cunt to the ass - Nadine sent 2-3 fingers to
P's cunt put them back and forth and up and down and transferred the nectar of P's cunt to her ass as she each time lingers on the rectum and the pad of the finger presses it and gradually enters the circumference of the opening of the rectum.
P greatly appreciated Nadine's gentleness. She now felt some relief from the pressure she was under,
She relaxed her body and was right to accept with love what follows. Nadine took the anal-plug that was placed next to her and the bottle of LUBRICAT from which she took out a substance and covered the plug. she massaged the opening of P's rectum and when a really large amount of lubricating fluid was applied, she began to slowly insert the tip of the plug. P felt neither pain nor special pleasure except the pleasure of pleasing Nadine and Alex. Nadine played a little with the plug sideways and up down, she inserted two fingers into P's cunt and applied pressure with them towards the rectum so that the feeling was of mutual pressure, almost contact between the plug and the fingers - at this point P began to enjoy the situation, to her great surprise, and muttered to Nadine "more, more" Nadine responded, continued the movement of the plug and said "this is the pleasure I was talking about. This way you will feel when two cocks will be inside you" P felt that if this treatment continues, she would cum, but Again, she remembered Nadine's warning. After two minutes, Nadine stopped the movement and reported to P that she was about to slowly remove the plug and did so. P remained in position 3 and it seemed to her that her hole was gaping upwards like the mouth of a volcano or alternatively the opening of a large freighter chimney. The thought that in the future she might be in this position not only in front of Alex and Nadine but in front of many strangers gave her great pleasure and she was ready to move to the club floor right now if required.
Nadine excused herself, and came back from the dungeon with
a sort of a leather garter to which a black dildo shaped like a cock is attached.
Nadine was standing with her dildo by the side of the bed and said: "What we will practice now is a very popular position
in the club - you will suck Alex and lick me, then ride Alex with his cock in your pussy lifting your ass as high as possible and I will enter from behind with the dildo."
"Yes ma'am, thank you ma'am, I love you so much, do whatever you want with my body."
Your spirit please, please" P started sucking Alex's cock lying on the bed and from there she went on
Kneeling in front of Nadine sucking her dildo. After five or six such rounds and without waiting for the command
Next P got on the bed, riding Alex, feeling his cock pleasuring her inside the wet cup
hers, she kissed him on his chest, on his face, on his lips and on his forehead and felt an immense love for him spreading through all
body. All the while P made sure to raise her ass in anticipation of her lady's dildo. did not pass
A few minutes and she felt the dripping of the lubricant on her ass hole and immediately after the beginning
The slow and gentle insertion of the dildo. Alex's cock and the dildo were quite thick to produce the sensation
The pressure and the "almost meeting" inside P's pelvis, the same feeling that tormented her before - P moaned loudly
Overwhelmed with pleasure and wanted to exhaust this incredible pleasure through pelvic movements aimed at both
To enhance the arousal from the cock and to enhance the pleasure from the dildo.
Suddenly P heard Nadine say - "Good, good, what do you think Alex - shall we let her finish??"
"Yes, why not - she deserves it"
"Ok P, you can cum out loud, very loud !! got it??"
"Thank you, thank you, of course, ma'am"
Alex's member was still erect and hard as before and he together with Nadine's dildo drove P crazy for about more than 10 minutes.
Suddenly P let out a sharp scream that shook the bedroom, followed by a long series of very loud growls as if coming out of the mouth of a wounded animal. She had never experienced such a powerful orgasm. Waves of pleasure came one after the other with crazy intensity, she fell on Alex's body and mumbled "Thank you, sir, thank you, ma'am." She felt Alex's tireless erection. "He's not done yet" the thought crossed her mind and she hurried to take the beautiful cock in her mouth and suck it with great lust, with the aim of pleasing every centimeter of this wonderful tool that is now hers. Alex gently caressed her hair, P increased the pace of the sucking movements and added stroking of his balls. after a short while Alex began to moan. She felt the sides of his cock throbbing and it was clear he was going to cum in a matter of seconds. P remembered well the issue of swallowing the sperm - she continued to keep the cock in her mouth and waited -
Alex let out a loud moan and a burst of thick, warm liquid filled P's mouth, knowing that at this moment her fate as a slave might be determined she pulled herself and as if swallowing a bitter and disgusting medicine she collected the semen from both sides of her mouth and swallowed it in two short gulps.
With a smile of triumph and satisfaction on her face, P waited for Alex and Nadine to speak. Nadine said "You are really Great! We couldn't have expected more. I will add you to the list of weekly duty at my house like slaves Orna Irit and Liz.
You will get to know them.
At the first opportunity we will invite you to your first evening at the club. Before that We'll find an opportunity to go to the tattoo studio together and we'll mark you with a nice P on your ass and tie my collar around your neck, a sign that you are my obedient slave.
Ahh yes.... since all my personal slaves are on duty tonight at the club you will spend the night here in my bed and pleasure me until I cum. In the morning I will teach you how to serve me breakfast."
P was overjoyed - she kissed and licked Nadine's feet while muttering "Thank you
My lady, thank you, I am so happy, I want to be yours forever, your property, your dog"
Nadine interrupted P's plea with a whip and commanded "Follow me to the dungeon" P arrived on 4 to the closet
the accessories Nadine pulled from one of the hangers a brown leather collar with a small metal ring attached to it.
"Stand on 2 and stick your neck out"
P obeyed and Nadine wrapped the collar around her neck, closed the clasp and announced
"With this collar which will be on you all time, you are hereby declared my eternal slave"!! Alex laughed and symbolically clapped his hands.
P kissed Nadine's palms and said "Tank you Ma'am, this is a dream came true, I want to feel what it's like to be led on a leash Like a bitch, please, please"
Nadine pulled out a thin leather strap, attached it to the ring on the collar, pulled it and commanded "come after me"
P walked like an obedient dog by her mistress's side and they reached the large bathroom. Nadine commanded her
Wait in position 3. P wondered what is in store for her.
Nadine removed the dildo that was still on her waist, sat on the toilet and peed.
P didn't know what she should feel or do in a situation of such intimacy with her mistress.
Nadine finished and commanded " Come clean me thoroughly " she sat on the edge of the toilet, spread her legs and P kneeling on her knees began to thoroughly lick up the rest of Nadine's urine
"Thank you ma'am, thank you, I want to be your toilet paper, thank you, thank you"
The dildo that Nadine removed was lying on the floor and Nadine ordered P to take it in her mouth and on 4 to bring it
to the accessory closet.
Alex was sitting in the living room masturbating, with an erected cock. P got turned on - her cunt began to secrete nectar and she was ready for round two.

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