Bathing at beach part 5

Written by , on 2023-11-30, genre incest

Next night after having usual quota of whiskey and dinner we entered the bedroom at 9. After becoming fully naked we climbed in our cots. I positioned myself keeping my mouth at mother in law's pussy. She kept her mouth at my flacid cock. Then she fondled it and nade huge and fully erected. I split the petals of her pussy and started licking it. Meanwhile She fondled and made my cock huge and fully erected. She swallowed it. It must have reached her throat. She nade to and fro motions until my cock cummed into her mouth.
We watched what the other couple was doing. Father in law split the petals of my wife's pussy and started licking it. She was screaming out of enjoyment. Meanwhile She swallowed father in law's very huge cock. She must be feeling suffocated when father in law's very huge cock entered her mouth. Anyway she continued until it cummed inher mouth. We concluded our activities and slept.

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