Bathing at the beach part 4

Written by , on 2023-11-30, genre incest

Through the corner of my eyes I looked at wife's reaction She was thrilled to watch father in law's very huge cock 8inches long with diameter of three inches. So far she had seen only my cock which was only 6 inches long with a diameter of two inches. We moved over tonour cots. I grabbed mother in law's large boobs . It was so large for me to grab her one boob I needed both of my palms. I grabbed her boobs one by one and started swallowing them . Mean while I watched what my wife and father in law were doing ? Father in law was sqeesing her comparatively small but very firm boobs. She was enjoying. As per my suggestion mother in law turned away from me and bent a bit forward. I licked the whole surface of her ass cheeks and inserted my tongue into her asscrack and made to and fro motions. It seems the other party was simply imitating our activities. Then I jumped over mother in law spread her thighs. As per mybrequest after fondling she made my cock huge and fully erected.I thoroughly licked her pussy surrounded by black thick and bushy pubic hair. She had trimmed the pubic hair. I pushed my fully erected cock into her pussyhole and nade to and fro motions. She started moaning out of pleasure. Now I directly watched the activities of the others. Father in law licked my wife's pussy surrounded by black, thick and bushy pubic hair. She had also trimmed the pubic hair. She caught hold of his cock fondled it and nade it fully erected and extremely huge. Then he pushed his very huge cock into her pussyhole through her asscrack. She started moaning out of slight pain and pleasure. His very huge cock was too much for her average sized pusy hole. We continued our activities until the cocks cummed into each of their pussies. After cleaning ourselves we stopped our activities. The next nights we wanted to do different poses of fucking.

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