The Bunnies

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I was allowed to visit my grandma and grandpa in the vacations after my exams. That was always a pleasure for me to visit them in their home on the countryside. Both were much happy to see me. It was about a year that I had visited them. There I found that now a day’s grandpa is doing farming of Rabbits. He had a few pairs of rabbits for breeding purpose and used to sell the rabbits when they were growing enough. Those rabbits and their babies were so cute. The adult rabbits were well grown and larger in size, specially the male rabbits. White, black and brown colored rabbits with very beautiful and soft fur on them. It was such a pleasure to hold them and play with them keeping them in lap.
One early morning I came out of the house in the backyard to play with the rabbits. I was wearing only my short skirt without panties and a small buttoned up shirt. I brought some vegetables and fruits along with me to offer those rabbits. I spread the food items on the grass at different places and opened their cages. The rabbits came out of their cages and started to run in the grass to search and eat the food. I was enjoying them playing and running in the backyard. I lay down on the grass and started to enjoy the site. After a while I opened my comic book and started to read it bending my knees up. this caused my skirt to drop down my knees and heap up around my hips on the grass. A very cool morning breeze started to touch my pussy giving me immense pleasure and it made me to open my legs more apart. It was such a pleasant sensation that while reading the book I unbuttoned my shirt and drop the flaps of my shirt on my sides and let the cool breeze blow on my naked chest and breasts causing my nipples to get stiff.
Suddenly I felt something touching my soft pussy. I jumped up and immediately looked between my legs. I found one large male rabbit sniffing around my pussy. My fear had gone immediately and I smiled on him and once again opened my legs for him. Perhaps he was sniffing some special odor from my puss. It was strange but new for me so I let him do it. His little mouth was touching my pussy lips and also trying to find some food items from my bush. Suddenly I got a touch of very little tongue on my pussy. I raised my self on my elbows and started to look at that large white rabbit between my pussy. It was now licking my pussy with its little tongue. His little tongue was moving inside my pussy hole and sometimes touching my clit. I wasn’t able to bear it and my juices started to escape from my pussy. I gasped again when his tongue entered my pussy and he lapped my pussy juices from my pussy. Very softly I took my one hand between my thighs and started to caress his little head very softly with my hand. He looked up in my eyes and then realized that I wasn’t a danger for him. He once again returned to his job of licking my pussy. I could see his little mouth shinning with my pussy juices. With other hand I was pinching my nipple. Suddenly I found another male rabbit around my chest and found him sniffing my pink nipple, assuming it some piece of carrot. I smiled and he tried to take it in his mouth. He tried to bite it softly. I gasped with that pleasure of his small teeth on my nipple. Soon he found that it was not a piece of carrot but he did not leave and started to suck it like a feeding bottle nipple. I was being pleasured by those male rabbits from both ends.
It was getting more than enough for me. I wanted something in my hot and wet pussy. I don’t know but how I pulled the rabbit between my thighs upwards. It was so intelligent that he immediately started to hump my pussy. I smiled and tried to keep it on my pussy. Soon I was feeling his very soft and small thing touching my pussy. I tried to look down below his body and I saw his small red dick. That was of my little finger’s size both in length and thickness and was glistening. Still I wasn’t ready to believe that this small bunny is going to fuck me with its little finger sized cock. But I was waiting for this to happen.
The bunny was humping me while lying on my lower belly. Its little dick was hitting on my pussy lips. It was such a sensation that my pussy was getting more and more wetting by discharging hot juices out of it. I gasped as the little bunny’s cock entered into my pussy. I moaned with pleasure and placed my hands on the little back of the little bunny and pulled it towards my pussy. That little dick was moving in and out of my wet pussy. The bunny was doing it so fast that only then I came to know the meaning of fucking like rabbits …….. hahahahahaha ………….. the little bunny was jerking his lower body and fucking my wet pussy with its dick. After only a few minutes I felt some warm liquid injecting into my pussy. OMG the little bunny has started to cum in my pussy, I gasped closed my eyes and with the warmth of that little bunny’s cum, my pussy too had its orgasm. The bunny humped its all the cum inside my pussy and then pulled his cock out of my pussy and ran away.
I remained there in the same position for a while taking long breaths. The other rabbit which was previously licking and sucking my nipples now moved between my thighs to take the position of the first one and after sniffing my pussy and his fellow’s cum from my pussy he too climbed over me and after a few jerks entered into my pussy. Ahhhhhh…… I gasped and supported him also to fuck my pussy. This too continued for a few minutes and he too ejaculated his semen in my pussy. After two consecutive fucking sessions and orgasms I got up and went back to my room. Yet I was unable to believe that I was fucked by two rabbits in a row in last half hour. But it was so sensational.
For the next couple of days, I continued to be fucked by those bunnies daily until on the 15th day, I had morning sickness and then vomited out. It was strange for me. I got exhausted after the vomits. Throughout the day I was having nausea and multiple vomits. When I couldn’t bear it I went to grandma and told him that I am not feeling good as I had got multiple vomits since morning, perhaps I am developing some sort of food poisoning.
Grandma looked at me from head to toe with screening eyes then gave me a small container to collect my urine in it. I was surprised and said, grandma what are you thinking, I am not into it dear.
She smiled and asked me to do as I was told. I moved to bathroom and filled that container with my urine and brought it back to grandma. She placed it on the table and then poured a few drops of my urine on a strip. I was also keen to watch and moved closer to her with fast beating heart. In a minute, grandma looked at me with a smile on her face and said, you are pregnant my dear baby.
I was shocked and cried, how is it possible grandma when I am not with my boyfriend or any male for a couple of months.
Grandma: are you sure that you haven’t been fucked in these days by any male.
Me: yes grandma I am fully sure that I haven’t been fucked by any male ………… my last words remained in my mouth and I couldn’t complete my sentence when the bunnies appeared in before my eyes humping my pussy.
Grandma: what happened, why did you get silent suddenly. Is there something wrong or something you are trying to hide from me. tell me who is he?
I was afraid now to share anything, ohh grandma ………. He …. He …..
Grandma: yes yes tell me, but don’t tell me that it is your grandpa’s faulty. Is that so?
Me: no grandma ……. That’s the fault of ……………… Bunnies ……… I murmured very softly with my eyes on the floor.
Grandma got stunned for a while, then smiled and hugged me. wow ……… that is great baby. So you have been fucked by that rabbit.
Me: grandma …… they raped me for the first time.
Grandma smiled: THEY…..??? how naughty creatures are they both …………… how they can rape you my child. They can only do it with your cooperation.
I bent my head down.
Grandma: Don’t worry my child.
Me: how grandma, why I shouldn’t worry. I am pregnant by the bunnies.
Grandma caressed my head and said, it’s not a big deal my child. It will be over in a period of about 6 weeks and you will give birth to bunny kits.
Me: no way grandma, I can’t breed the rabbit’s babies. What if anyone comes to know. It is not possible.
Grandma: why is it not possible? Do you know who are those two bunnies who made you pregnant?
Me: what?
Grandma smiled, they both are my kits.
I jumped of sofa………… what are you saying grandma………..
Grandma smiled: yes, they born to me after I had been fucked by their father rabbit. Now stop worrying and enjoy your pregnancy period.
Now I was feeling relaxed but shy.
I shyly asked: grandma would it hurt the kits inside my womb if I let them fuck me again and again.
Grandma smiled: no my child you can do it whenever you want to have them inside you. I smiled and jumped of my seat to go out in the backyard to meet my fuckers and to share this great news with them. In the evening grandma told this all to grandpa also while I was dying with shame but both grandpa and grandma were smiling to encourage me. in a couple of days, I could feel the worm like movements in my belly that was really like someone tickling me from inside. It was such a funny feeling. At the completion of 6 weeks I gave birth to 12 small kits of rabbits in the presence of my grandma and grandpa also. It was such a shameful feeling when the small rabbit babies started to come out of my pussy in the presence of my grandpa. But he wasn’t hesitant and he himself was facilitating and handling the birth process. I was happy to see my first liter of rabbit kits when my grandma handed those to me in a small bucket cushioned with cotton. I had a shy smile while looking at my grandpa and thanked him for helping me in their birth process. I was sure that it wouldn’t be the only liter of kits which I had given birth before going back to my home and I would definitely be going to have one more very soon.

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