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My Grandma Started it
genre: incest
A few years ago, my grandma then 61 (widow) came to live with us. She was getting very forgetful, and my mother 40 (divorced) decided it would better her mother live with us. Well off before and after the divorce and only having a bedroom cottage and my mother being a doctor put her mother in my room till another bedroom was finished being...
wrote on 2023-08-15 | by Good Grandson
I started a harem accidently
genre: straight
I married at 24 and at university and my wife wasn't pregnant at the time. We just decided we were right for each other and so we married. I come from old money as they say, my family have always been very well off and I had no interest in a city business life like my father. I had money already and was studying animal husbandry and planned to...
wrote on 2023-08-07 | by Harem man
It started with a Blowjob
genre: straight
I've a great career and a lousy love life and I'm not the most attractive man about. Still single at 32 and rarely going out at night. My life was going to work and doing whatever shopping I needed too on my way home and staying home on weekends. On my way home on a Friday evening, it was blowy and cold I need groceries, and, in the carpark, a...
wrote on 2023-08-02 | by Happy and married
I started a harem
genre: straight
As the largest local employer in the area, I had everyone wanting a job with me. I paid above the average locally, two reasons one I got the best employees and after paying to train them I kept them in my employ. At 54 and a widower and not on good terms with my 2 sons, I lived alone except for my house staff all female, ranging in age from 47...
wrote on 2023-07-21 | by Horny old Goat....
It started with a false rumor
genre: straight
A rumor started to do rounds of my company, it was false, but it started to take hold anyway. The rumor was major staff cuts, and the opposite was the truth more jobs were coming just not then. Anyway, everyone was on edge, and I told them I (38) wasn't reducing staff, but due to having to keep my expansion plans secret., Not wanting the price...
wrote on 2023-07-21 | by Never back away
It started with Loans to my sister
genre: incest
My sister 36 is always short of money, she is married and has 4 children already. Her husband works hard, but they live paycheck to paycheck. I'm her younger brother 32 and I got a good paying after university and I'm not a girl magnet, so I don't very often, but had lost my virginity by paying to lose. Near the end of their pay period my sister...
wrote on 2023-07-21 | by Happy and indebted Brother
Started my Career
genre: straight
I 26 finished at university and got a job with the professor 46 I'd been fucking for 2 years, she suggested I join her in her new job in research as her assistant. Having divorced her husband and getting head hunted for the research job. But to make it easier for us to live together she had me marry her daughter same age as me. Her daughter is...
wrote on 2023-07-09 | by Horny Son-in-law
Started a Family
genre: straight
I 34 then was a player and dated several women at a time and then I got a personal assistant after I was promoted 2019. She was divorced and great looking for 48-year-old woman, so I was happy with having a great looking woman as my PA. She had a daughter 23 and who was attending the local university and being with my PA quite a bit got to know...
wrote on 2023-06-29 | by Changed to a Husband
It all started with a loan
genre: straight
I'm 48 divorced and well off even after my divorce, I'm not socially active. Can't be bothered, anyway I met a man and his wife. Who I became friends with, after which I found the man 52 was a hardcore poker player. No concern of mine, his wife 46 looks good, but wouldn't stand out in a crowd. Mainly because she is dressed up as most women are,...
wrote on 2023-06-26 | by 2nd Time a Husband
Started a new Life
genre: straight
A relative I hadn't ever heard of died and I was his only heir. I had no siblings and was single, so I was made you could say. My cousin (mother side) was rich and had been a loner never married and had travelled the world doing whatever he wanted. What he wanted was money and he was very good at making money. But during his travels he picked up...
wrote on 2023-06-11 | by Shocked Heir
Bored and so, I started a family
genre: straight
I've always been very self-confident and done well dating but wasn't ready to settle down. I have a great career and at 34 I wasn't looking to marry or start a family. But I was bored as my usual women I dated were away and I wasn't in the mood to go cruising the bars to pick up a woman. But as luck happens a casual conversation with a...
wrote on 2023-04-23 | by Bored than Married
It started with the Fantastic Pandemic
genre: incest
During the lockdowns I was home with my parents and sister 25 as per usual. I'm 23 the youngest of 2 and mechanic and had no girlfriend either. We had bad storms come thru and knocked out the power for a day, it's a fairly regular occurrence in these parts and most people have a back generator. Our old neighbor widow 59 generator failed, and my...
wrote on 2023-04-15 | by Horny Mechanic
It started with the Covid lockdown
genre: incest
I live on my farm, and it is fairly remote and so I felt safe when the pandemic started. I have no siblings and parents were both gone before the pandemic and were lifelong preppers. In their late thirties when I was born. I'm now 34 and I went to school like every other person and so I got a fairly good education. Basic computers as they...
wrote on 2023-03-04 | by Covid Cousin fucker
It started because of a party
genre: incest
I 27 had been working late and got home and there had been a party and it was breaking up on my arrival home. I wasn't concerned about there being a party as it was the usual Saturday night thing for my sister 30 to go too or hold a party. We lived together as it was cheaper to share a place than each have our own place. My sister was clearing...
wrote on 2023-02-20 | by Party Brother
All started with a Promotion
genre: straight
I work for very large international company and have since I was recruited straight for university. So, I got promoted over the years and then I got promoted again that is how the story started. At 36 and single I was doing great career wise and hadn't put much effort into my personal life. But with the promotion had just taken up I got a...
wrote on 2023-02-08 | by Horny Boss 41
Pandemic Lockdown started my family
genre: straight
I'm not going to bore you with relationship history. The pandemic came and a lockdown was introduced. I lived alone and had no close neighbors living on the outskirts of town, luckily, I could continue working by computer from home. The first week I got my groceries delivered as per the rules of the local lockdown. I could call friends and work...
wrote on 2022-11-21 | by Happy Lockdown
Fun times started at work
genre: straight
I returned from interstate to my home state after several years away and got work there. I was recently divorced and returned to reset my life. I didn't want to date at the time and set about making my new life. Anyway I was the only unattached male there and there was several unattached women. I became the focus of their attentions getting...
wrote on 2022-08-30 | by Marvin C...
I started to use my Neighbor
genre: straight
Quick history. I'm quite well off and always have been, I bought a 4 bed 2 bath home in the suburbs to get away from the noise of the inner city. I can and do work from anywhere, I got everything I would needed done to the house and moved in July 2019. I'm not over active on the dating front and prefer my personal privacy. I met Lorraine 23...
wrote on 2022-08-17 | by Randolph...
It started with my Landlady
genre: straight
I'm Roscoe 28 working as a plumber for the city, I live in a rundown tenement. I earn extra cash doing plumbing jobs on the weekend. My landlady Tracey is 49 slender okay on the eye and her husband Kelvin is a drunk and woman chaser. As I found out likes cock a great deal, but because everything is in her husband name can't get caught fucking...
wrote on 2022-08-03 | by Roscoe.
Started with Aunt and led to my Mother
genre: incest
I'm Howard 20 and last year I was home reading, nothing to do till Monday back to work as a trainee carpenter. I live my mother Gloria 37 divorced and her sister Angie 34 single, none of us are centerfolds and don't date often any of us. Gloria was working and Angie was in her room and I was in mine. It was just a normal Saturday morning for us...
wrote on 2022-07-18 | by Howard M
It just started and progressed
genre: straight
I'm John 43 now married 2 on the way, last year I inherited a business from my uncle Frank. He was as far as I know my last living relative, the business was small and a good earner. So I left my employment as a carpenter and came to run my new business. frank was the oldest of my mother's siblings and the last to pass away. On arrival I moved...
wrote on 2022-07-13 | by John 3 lovers
This is How it all started (prostitution) (part 3)
genre: first times
By Dina Petro Continued from part 2 of same story Writer’s Note “Dear fans and readers, all characters in this story are of 18 years old and older, this is a genuine true story, but not of my own life, it is of a close friend’s life, all names and places mentioned are replaced by fake ones to protect the personalities of people involved,...
wrote on 2022-06-26 | by Dina Petro
This is How it all started (prostitution) (part 2)
genre: first times
This is How it all started (prostitution) (part 2) By Dina Petro Continued from part 1 of same story Writer’s Note “Dear fans and readers, all characters in this story are of 18 years old and older, this is a genuine true story, but not of my own life, it is of a close friend’s life, all names and places mentioned are replaced by fake...
wrote on 2022-06-26 | by Dina Petro
This is How it all started (prostitution) (part 1)
genre: first times
This is How it all started (prostitution) (part 1) By Dina Petro Writer’s Note “Dear fans and readers, all characters in this story are of 18 years old and older, this is a genuine true story, but not of my own life, it is of a close friend’s life, all names and places mentioned are replaced by fake ones to protect the personalities of...
wrote on 2022-06-26 | by Dina Petro
It started with an Okay
genre: incest
I'm Dennis 63 retired living on my country acreage, I'd a successful career in the city and retired when my wife Tara got ill with cancer in March 2019. We came to live in country with its better air and she done well for a short time. But it finally took her in July 2020, now alone alone I decided to stay here. Our children were all grown and...
wrote on 2022-03-29 | by Dennis K B
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